The Authorship of The New Testament Books – FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS (Calpurnius Piso) (DISCERNMENT ADVISED)

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There's a lot of interesting "stuff" within these pages - conspirators, conspiracies, secret codes, GREAT SECRETS - that I feel it is worth exploring. Be certain to put on your discernment goggles, helmet, and crash pads before starting!

The Authorship of The New Testament Books – FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS (Calpurnius Piso)

INNER RING is the most exclusive club in history.
It has consisted of those religious, political and literary leaders having knowledge of the GREAT SECRET: that the Calpurnius Piso family of ancient Rome created the fictional Jesus, the New Testament, the Church, and Christianity. In welcoming the general public to this knowledge, the following
introduction is appropriate.
Originally, this explanation was designed solely for Jews --for the purpose of preventing their conversion to Christianity. It was not intended for Christians nor other non-Jews. No exclusivism was intended; rather, concern for the faith of others.
The purpose of this booklet was to inform Jewish-Christians and Jewish-Jews Of the true account of the creation of Christianity. In the first century A.D., Jews were 10% of the population of the Roman Empire. Today,after 1900 years of suffering persecution, forced conversion, exiling, murder, and finally the Holocaust, the Jews are but 1/4 of 1% of the world’s population. And today Jews are being attacked by modern versions of the age-old problems.

Firstly, there are a number of groups of what are called "Messianic Jews" or "Hebrew Christians" or "Completed Jews" whose leaders are engaged in the twofold business of (1) collecting money from Christians, their churches, and their Christian organizations, and (2) using the money thus collected to evangelize the more confused and/or unsophisticated of their Jewish brethren into changing their religious affiliation to become Christians.

Secondly, still today other "Christian" groups continue to manipulate their readers and listeners by preaching hatred toward Jews. Some attack Jews by attacking the State of Israel. They claim the Holocaust was a lie created by Jews to justify Israel. They continuously present the account of the
1967 wartime attack on the USS Liberty, with their cry of Jewish "conspiracy."Other groups claim that
they, white Christian Americans, are somehow descended from the Northern Ten Tribes who were carried off by Assyria in
720 B.C.; and that they, and not Jews, are modern-day Israel; and that Jews are Satanic rejectors of Christ and have no right to exist. All this is done in the name of Christ (while the money continues pouring in!!) This hatred toward Jews seems reasonable to many only because 1900 years of stereotyping Jews has Conditioned Popular thinking to its acceptance. The hatred was deliberately created by the authors of the New Testament, as this booklet shows.

Thirdly, our Arab cousins have seized upon the world-wide negative image of the Jews to likewise manipulate for power. They and their Communist friends dominate the U.N. so that it spends 50% of its total time attacking Israel by every conceivable excuse. Many Christians (as well as Jews) have wondered at this continued manipulation of hatred. Christians have also wondered at just why the Jews did reject Jesus. They have doubted the Jesus story; but there were no answers available for their questions. Many have been clearly pleased to obtain and read this explanation. Therefore, it is to seekers of truth of all POSSible PERsuasions that we respectfully submit the information in this booklet.


A Challenging Proposal--If any group or person should feel its sincerity and/or honesty is being unfairly attacked by this booklet or should wish to challenge this thesis, we stand ready to publicly debate on the issues: (a) the
actual authorship of the New Testament, and (b) the proof that leaders know this great secret and use the information (which is code) in their writings.

The True Authorship of the New Testament.
1. Rome, Roman Empire, Roman History, Jewish History, Church History,
Christianity, Religion, Calpurnius Piso, Flavius Josephus.

I. The Great Secret 1
II. The Jews Reject The Story 3
III. The Authorship of The New Testament Books 4
IV. The Numerical Code Systems 5
V. Sounds, Animals and Allusions 11
VI. The Family In The New Testament 12
VII. The Creation of The Church 14
VIII. How to Find Josephus as The Author 17
IX. The Proof That Josephus Was Really Calpurnius Piso19
X. The Inner Circle 20
XI. The Truth Makes Free 25


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