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Friday Church News Notes, February 1, 2013 - The following is excerpted from “Ex-Iranian diplomat warns Israel,” The Times of Israel, Jan. 25, 2013: “In an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV, Mohammad Reza Heydari, the former Iranian consul in Oslo who resigned and obtained political asylum there three years ago, said that ‘if Iran is given more time, it will acquire the knowledge necessary to build a nuclear bomb within a year.’ Asked whether it would use the bomb against Israel, he said: ‘If Iran gets to the point where it has an atomic bomb, it will certainly use it, against Israel or any other [enemy] country.’
Heydari--who defected soon after he was asked to identify his son in photos taken during the protests that followed the 2009 vote in which Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was reelected--said the regime in Tehran was aiming to develop two or three bombs. It saw nuclear weapons as “insurance” to guarantee its survival.
Regime leaders ‘believe that when they acquire a nuclear bomb, [others] will start to behave toward them as they do toward North Korea,’ said Heydari. ... ‘They are busying themselves with ideological preparations for the arrival of the hidden Imam and are preparing the ground for that in a practical way; for this purpose, they are willing to spill much blood and destroy many countries.’ ... He was posted as consul to Norway in 2008. In 2010, he resigned and has stayed in Oslo since, in a location strictly guarded by the Norwegian authorities. During the interview, Heydari claimed that five other Iranian diplomats--in Brussels, London, Geneva, Milan and Paris--had defected recently.”
Continued: http://www.wayoflife.org/index_files/friday_church_news_notes_14_5.html

Monday, March 4, 2013 3:04 PM EST Share - WASHINGTON (AP) — Seeking to reassure anxious Israelis and their American supporters, Vice President Joe Biden vowed Monday that the United States won't back down from its pledge to use military action to thwart Iran's nuclear program should all other options fail.
"President Barack Obama is not bluffing," he said.
In a prelude to Obama's upcoming trip to Israel — his first as president — Biden told a powerful pro-Israel lobby that the U.S. doesn't want a war with Iran, but that the window for diplomacy is closing. He said prevention, not containment, is the only outcome the U.S. will accept.
But in a sign the U.S. is still reluctant to embroil itself in another Mideast military effort, Biden cautioned more than 13,000 Israel supporters at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual conference that if Israel or the U.S. acts too hastily, without exhausting every other reasonable option, they could risk losing the backing of the international community.
"That matters because God forbid we have to act, it's important that the rest of the world is with us," Biden said to muted applause.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to the conference by video link from Jerusalem, pushed back against such reluctance, reflecting the tension still present between the U.S. and its closest Mideast ally as they seek a united front to stave off Iran's nuclear program.
"From the bottom of my heart and from the clarity of my brain, words alone will not stop Iran. Sanctions alone will not stop Iran," Netanyahu said.
The U.S. and world nations have imposed crippling sanctions on Iran's oil and financial industries in hopes of forcing Tehran back to the negotiating table and persuading it to give up nuclear ambitions. Netanyahu has warned that the world has until this summer — at the latest — to keep Iran from building a bomb, and has repeatedly hinted at Israel's willingness to launch a military strike to stop it, an endeavor the United States likely would be dragged into. Continued: http://thehill.com/blogs/global-affairs/middle-east-north-africa/285975-biden-obama-not-bluffing-with-military-threat-against-iran

Friday Church News Notes, February 1, 2013 - The following is excerpted from “No Hebrew, Please, This Is Europe,” FrontPageMag.com, Jan. 7, 2013: “Israel’s ambassador to Denmark and the head of Copenhagen’s Jewish community have both warned Jews in that city that if they don’t want to be roughed up on the street by anti-Semites, they’d better not wear anything that would identify them as Jews--and, for good measure, they should also lower their voices when speaking Hebrew.
... a Jewish theological seminary in Potsdam has asked its rabbis not to wear yarmulkes in public. Pupils at a Jewish school in Berlin have been warned to speak German, not Hebrew, on school trips--and to wear baseball caps over their yarmulkes ‘so you don’t give stupid people something to get annoyed about.’ Jews at Rome’s main synagogue now remove their yarmulkes when leaving services; so do Jews in Malmö, Sweden.
A Jewish teacher at an adult education center in Kristiansand, Norway, has been told ‘that wearing the star could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school.’ ... [A] Paris Metro passenger was recently beaten unconscious by a mob who pegged him as Jewish because he was reading a book by Paris’s chief rabbi. ... [In a New Year’s Eve report in Haaretz] Joel Braunold admitted that Europe does indeed have “a serious anti-Semitism problem” now, and that “the number of safe European capital cities has shrunk to a tiny number.” ...
In a piece headlined “Anti-Semitism: a growing problem in France,” Public Radio International noted that the Toulouse school shootings last March were only the most widely reported of an alarming number of anti-Semitic attacks across France this year,’ PRI quoted anti-Semitism expert Sammy Ghozlan as saying that French Jews now ‘avoid going out late, going to certain neighborhoods, wearing yarmulkes.’” Continued: http://www.wayoflife.org/index_files/friday_

By Steven Shamrak - It is estimated that almost 900,000 Jews were forced from their homes in Arab and Muslim countries in the course of the 20th century. Even the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has twice affirmed that Jews who fled the persecution of Arab countries were indeed refugees in every legal sense of the word. It is estimated that Jews were robbed of more than $100 billion in personal and communal assets by Arab and Muslim governments. The Israeli governments ignored and refuse to use those facts to neutralize fictitious claims of the Arab propaganda war machine against Israel . As a result, unfortunately, the world only knows about so-called Arab refugees and their well-advertised fictitious claim on Jewish land.
Based on population poll information at the time (conducted by Ottoman empire and British later - not Arab anti-Israel propaganda) around 460,000 Arabs left currently controlled land by Israel, during the war of Independence in 1948. They were ordered to leave by Arab political and religious leaders. The plan was to expose Jews, who were facing the might of Arab armies, to complete their annihilation. It would make it easier to kill every Jew, without bothering about identification of Arabs. Another genocide of Jewish people was planned!
When Israel won the War of Independence, the number of so-called Arab refugees almost doubled over night by the end of 1948, after the UN announced that they are entitled to refugee status and international assistance! For several more years after the war, the world was still betting that the tiny Jewish state would disappear. International anti-Semites were hoping that Arabs would finish what they started in Europe!
Since then the Arab Palestinians have been 'milking' the international community for almost 60 years. This is the longest running UN 'humanitarian' program, designed to perpetuate Middle East conflict and keep the international anti-Semitic flame running. It has been assisting the mob of professional refugees in their 3rd or even 4th generation.
World War-II in Europe created almost 50 million refugees. Many of them received assistance and/or had been resettled. Now they and their children are living productive and independent lives in their own countries or somewhere else! This approach has never been applied to Arabs who left Jewish land. They are still not absorbed by the Arab countries, from where most of them had originally come since 1880's. The United Nations has never respected the state of Israel as an independent and equal state, not according to the record of the adopted resolutions, nor by attitude. The need of Jewish people to live in peace in their independent state, on the land of their ancestors is completely ignored! Jews must realise this international hypocrisy, and start to be creators of their own destiny!

The EU has become the largest single donor to the PA, contributing about €500 million per annum ($720 million). Europe also channels an ocean of money to the anti-Israel NGOs. By financing the war against Israel and sponsoring the Arab anti-Semitism, Europe is reawakening the centuries-old beast of Judeophobic (anti-Semitic) bigotry. European taxes are used to fund anti-Semitism of an intensity unseen since Nazi Germany… The European Union just announced a contribution of EUR 14 million for a programme in Gaza. Most of this aid goes through UNRWA. Many terrorists work for the UN agency, such as Issa al Batran, who was in charge of rocket production for Hamas and was also employed as a teacher in UN schools. Food storage facilities in UNRWA’s areas, funded by the European Union, have become munitions depots. UNRWA’s employees transported weapons and terrorists using the agency ambulances. Continued: http://www.shamrak.com

British, French FMs preparing plan to restart talks between Israel, Palestinians to be presented in March. 'It will drive us into a corner,' say Israeli officials
Itamar Eichner Published: Israel News - January 13, 2013 - The European Union is working on a detailed plan meant to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and establish an independent Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders with east Jerusalem as its capital, Yedioth Ahronoth quoted Israeli diplomatic sources as saying. The plan will set a clear timetable for a discussion on all core issues over the course of 2013. It will likely be presented in March after a new Israeli government is formed.
According to the plan, Israel and the Palestinians will enter peace negotiations after a brief interval. The plan will likely also include a demand to freeze settlement construction.
The initiative is promoted by the British and French foreign ministers, and has the support of Germany. Efforts are being made to internationalize the plan: The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton is examining the possibility of making the plan an all-European proposal. Similar efforts have been made in a Quartet meeting in Amman, Jordan, where the EU's representatives have asked to discuss their proposed peace plan. However, the US requested to delay the discussion until after the Israeli elections and the Obama inauguration. . . Full story: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4331732,00.html

By Nicola Nasser - Global Research, February 22, 2013 - The Israeli Prime Minister's Office released the official blue, red and white logo that will be on all documents and signs during Obama's visit late in March . . . "Unbreakable Alliance" written in English and Hebrew under combined Israeli and US flags . . . Hanan Ashrawi, the Palestinian veteran peace negotiator and member of the executive committee of the . . . PLO, Israel's partner in signing the defunct Oslo peace accords, said the first?term Obama administration "have just managed to buy more time for Israel" to "create facts on the (Israeli?occupied Palestinian) ground."
"Our experience has been really tragic with this American administration," which "started with such high hopes and tremendous promises," but "they backed down so quickly it was incredible," she added, to conclude: "The US has disqualified itself as a peace broker." Therefore, "there are no plans to celebrate" Obama's visit to Ramallah, because "they haven't forgotten the part he played" in aborting the PLO's efforts in 2011 to win the United Nations' recognition of Palestine statehood as a full member and in opposing its UN recognition as a non?member observer state the next year, according to Shlomi Eldar in Al-Monitor on February 14. Still, to make a bad situation worse, Obama will convey the same message to Abbas during his upcoming visit, because "our position has not changed" neither to Palestinian statehood nor to Palestinian national reconciliation according to US State Department spokeswoman Olivia Nuland on February 19.
Obama will visit on the backdrop of a two?year old simmering Palestinian?US political crisis, which potentially could explode in the aftermath of his visit. Full story: http://www.globalresearch.ca/palestinians-disqualify-

2 March 2013 Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA - If PM Netanyahu fails to form a coalition in the coming two weeks the
Lapid-Bennett bloc will advise President Peres which Likud MK they will support to form the government. That Likud MK will accept the tsk for the sake of the country and the party.
The following is a summary of the schedule:
Elections Publications of results
Max 7 days President assigns task of forming government after consultations
28 days first attempt to form government
14 days extension
3 days maximum before assign task to a second MK
28 days to form government by second MK
21 days for a majority of MKs to nominate third MK to form a government
2 days for President to announce appointment of the third MK
14 days for third MK to form government
President announces government cannot be formed.
Last Tuesday before the end of 90 days elections held
Basic Law: The Government (2001)
...Assignment of task of forming Government.
7. (a) When a new Government has to be constituted, the President of the State shall, after consultation with representatives of party groups in the Knesset, assign the task of forming a Government to a Knesset Member who has notified him that he is prepared to accept the task; the President shall do so within seven days of the publication of the election results, or should the need arise to form a new government; and in the case of the death of the
Prime Minister, within 14 days of his death.
(b) Should these consultation take place before the new Knesset is convened, the President will consult the representatives of the lists of candidates to be represented in the new Knesset. Continued:

Makor Rishon 26 Dec. 2012 - Friday, March 1, 2013 http://i1282.photobucket.com/albums/a540/IMRAPHOTOS/MakorRishon26Dec2012-LikudBeiteinudeniesthatdiscussing

by Steven Shamrak - Not long ago over 1000 people came to Jerusalem and participated in the 3rd Conference on Israeli Sovereignty. During his speech Moshe Feiglin, head of the Manhigut Yehudit (Jewish Leadership) faction of the Likud party, informed delegates that the amount of money Israel has spent on security since the Oslo Accords could pay every Arab family $500,000 to relocate from Jewish land (most of them would have happily moved out for much less)! The need for such expenditure is clear evidence that, in spite of all efforts and concessions Israel has made, the walls it has built and advanced weapons it has developed, Arabs will never agree to peaceful co-existence with Jews - not just Jews!
The Conference also exposed a vital problem the Zionist movement is facing and urgently needs to address. It is its lack of united vision for the future of Jewish people! Delegates expressed diverse views about the future of Israel. Some of them still naively hope for “peaceful co-existence” with Israel’s genocidal neighbours. Others suggested granting so-called Palestinians autonomy, ignoring the fact that it will legalise the occupation of Jewish land by Israel’s enemies.
Most of those who spoke about Eretz-Israel, fearful of being branded as an extremist, were very careful to avoid mentioning the fact that Jordan comprises 77% of the Jewish land and is currently occupied by Arabs and Bedouins. They also avoided any specifics related to the re-unification of the Land of Israel.
In order to unite Jewish people behind Zionist ideals, we need to set a true Jewish national agenda, including the reunification of all Jewish land and its liberation from enemy occupation. So-called Palestinians do not want and will never have peace with the Jewish state. This is well-proven, with the blood of many Jews - fact! We need courageous leadership, that will foremost care for the future of the Jewish people and could defeat not just enemies, this is the easy part, but withstand pressure from ‘friends’! http://www.shamrak.com

Rabbi Menachem Froman, the Rabbi of the town of Tekoa in Gush Etzion, has passed away after a bout with cancer. He was 68 - By David Lev - First Publish: 3/4/2013, 9:47 PM - Rabbi Froman was ill over the past several months, when he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer. Rabbi Froman received intensive treatment for the cancer, but kept up his regular schedule as much as possible, teaching classes for adults and youths in the mixed secular-religious town where he was spiritual leader. Rabbi Froman was best known for his unique approach to Jewish-Arab relations. He believed that people with strong a religious heritage could more easily achieve a meeting of the minds than politicians, and he met on a regular basis with local Muslim leaders. Throughout those meetings, he did not deny his identity, that of an Orthodox rabbi from a “settlement.” He also met with Yasser Arafat in Ramallah, and with Hamas' Ahmad Yassin. He also met with Turkush leader Erdogan in Turkey after the Marmara incident, in an attempt to find a way to restore relations between Turkey and Israel. His approach was much admired by some, while others criticized him for allegedly “consorting with the enemy,” although his gentle manner kept them from becoming antagonistic towards him. Rabbi Froman never backed down or apologized for his attempts to reach an understanding with Moslem religious leaders. Continued: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/165874

Former Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon cut short a visit to the Temple Mount after he personally witnessed the discrimination of Jews. - By Elad Benari - First Publish: 3/5/2013, 1:16 AM - Former Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon cut short a visit to the Temple Mount on Sunday, after he personally witnessed the discrimination by Israeli police towards Jewish visitors to the holy site. Speaking to Arutz Sheva about the experience on Monday, Ben-Simon said he was surprised, already at the start of his visit, to see that Jews are forced to wait in long, crowded lines to enter one of the holiest sites in the world.
Ben-Simon said that when he finally reached the end of the line-up after a long and unpleasant wait, he was told that the Temple Mount is closed due to what was described as “tension”. He later discovered that the source of this tension is a Quran that fell from the hands of a Muslim worshiper who came to the Temple Mount.
The Arab worshiper claimed that an Israeli police officer had deliberately dropped the book from her hand, but Ben-Simon expressed doubt at the truthfulness of the story and said it was unacceptable that the area was closed off to Jews because of such a minor event.
"Because of a fallen book they close the Temple Mount to hundreds of people who are waiting to get in?” he said. “The Minister of Internal Security must be summoned and asked about the reality in which the police are on high alert because of a fallen book. Who’s in charge here? All this is done without explanation.”
Continued: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/165876

In Forbes magazine's annual survey, the Ofer family top the list of wealthiest Israelis; Mexico's Carlos Slim Helu, with assets of about $73 billion, is the world's richest man for the fourth year in a row.
By Nadan Feldman - Mar.04, 2013 - 8:30 PM The second generation of the Ofer family are the richest Israelis on Forbes’ 2013 list of the world's billionaires. Together, the magazine said, Idan and Eyal Ofer are worth $12.5 billion.
Fifteen other Israelis also made Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires. Idan Ofer, who heads the Israel Corporation, is ranked 182 overall on the magazine’s list of the world’s richest people, with assets totaling $6.5 billion. His brother Eyal Ofer, who controls the Ofer family’s real estate business and overseas operations, is in 198th place with assets of $6 billion. Next in line is ISCAR founder Stef Wertheimer and his family, ranked 268 with assets of $4.4 billion. After him comes the first Israeli woman to make the list, Bank Hapoalim controlling shareholder Shari Arison, who placed 308 with assets of $4.2 billion. She shares that slot with film producer Arnon Milchan, whose wealth is also estimated at $4.2 billion. Continued: http://www.haaretz.com/business/seventeen-israelis-make-forbes-list-of-the-world-s-

RAWABI, West Bank - Even the founder of Rawabi, the biggest construction project in the history of the Palestinian people, says nobody in his right mind would invest here.
Standing on a wind-swept hilltop overlooking the biblical hills of Judea, a half-hour drive from Ramallah, Bashar Al-Masri points to the Palestinian flags flying atop the giant cranes that are building, with phenomenal speed, the first modern Palestinian town. “As a teenager, raising the Palestinian flag was enough to be shot and killed,” he says, immaculate in a form-hugging, thin-lapelled dark suit and narrow burgundy tie. “This is a small, symbolic way of how long we came along, and how much we will come along in the future,” adds Al-Masri, who as a teenager threw stones at Israeli soldiers. The largest flag is mounted on a pole facing the Jewish settlement of Atteret, a community of about a hundred families located across a small valley.
The flag is a deliberate statement.
“So that we can show our unfriendly neighbors who were violently against us that we're here, and we're here to stay, and we're not afraid of you, we will remain here,” Al-Masri says. Nation-building Two-thirds of the investment in this town comes from the government of Qatar’s investment fund, Al-Masri explains. The design, planning and construction are all by Palestinians, with outside help, and what appears to make him proudest of all, he says, there is no input from Israel.
He says there are more than 8,000 families interested in moving in, and the first few hundred apartments will go on the market in March, with the town’s inauguration in May. The cost of the apartments, depending on size and location, is between $75,000 and $140,000.
“This is about nation-building, this is about doing what’s right, this is my contribution that I know the best,” says Al-Masri. “The human rights activists have their contribution, the [Palestinian Authority] people are building capacity and building the government, we're all together as the Palestinian people building a state.”
There are two main practical problems for the new town. All the water has to be piped in, and there is no obvious source. “We are in this project, putting facts on the ground, and things will have to follow,” is Al-Masri’s answer, hoping for a miracle.
And access. The only road to Rawabi passes through what is known as Area C: that part of the West Bank that is fully controlled by Israel, administratively and militarily. It is a narrow, winding road that the Palestinians can use only with an Israeli permit, which must be renewed each year.
Al-Masri talks of a tunnel through the hills linking Rawabi with Ramallah, barely visible on the horizon. Will that ever happen? "Probably not,” he
On the nearest hill, looking at Rawabi from Atteret, the manager of the Jewish settlement, Noam Aharon, agrees. “They throw stones at us,” he says, talking about young Palestinians. “Just last month they smashed my windscreen. Stones can kill. And if they try to kill us, we will kill them.”
“What do you think of their new town?”
Leap of faith “It spoils the view. But they can have it — they can do what they want, as long as we can live here in peace. If we can’t, neither can they.”
Building a new town out of this scraggly, dry wilderness — from where on a clear day you can see the towers of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea — is a leap of faith, which al-Al-Masri does not deny.
It is being built against the opposition of many Palestinians who see any peaceful project as a way of affirming the status quo with Israel, of denying the Palestinian struggle. Continued: http://www.imra.org.il/story.php3?id=60248

Sunday, March 3, 2013 - Netanyahu, King Abdullah II discuss Mideast peace: diplomat
AFP , Saturday 2 Mar 2013 - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah II met in Jordan last week and discussed the Middle East peace process, a diplomatic source told AFP on Saturday. "Last week, Netanyahu travelled to Jordan and met King Abdullah II," the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity. "In the meeting, they discussed the Middle East peace process.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 Communicated by the Health Ministry Spokesperson
National Center for Forensic Medicine Director Prof. Yehuda Hiss, Health Ministry Medical Administration Director Prof. Arnon Afek, and Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer Pathology Institute Director Prof. Iris Barshack, today (Thursday, 28 February 2013), examined the microscopy findings for Arafat Jaradat.
It was found that the hemorrhages and fractured ribs found during the autopsy occurred close to death and are characteristic of the resuscitation attempts that were performed on the deceased by Prison Service and MDA medical staff for 50 minutes in an effort to save his life.
No signs of other contusions were found. The toxicology tests were also negative.
There were no signs of significant change due to illness in other organs that could indicate cause of death; therefore, further tests to determine the cause will be performed.
CPR often leads to broken ribs By Andrew M. Seaman NEW YORK | Fri Aug 3, 2012 4:02pm EDT http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/08/03/us-cpr-often-leads-to-broken-ribs-idUSBRE8721IF20120803