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January 4, 2017 - In 1907, a book was published called "Lord of the World." This book is about the a U.S. Senator named Julian Felsenburgh, who quickly ascends to become "President of the World." Felsenburgh has unusual parallels with Obama including that they are both U.S. Senators, both charismatic speakers, and both have visited Paris for major conventions. Felsenburgh visited Paris and presided over a peace treaty as Europe spiraled into chaos. There was rioting in the streets, people dying, and protests, yet Felsenburgh quells all of it with his promise of peace. Last year, a major convention was organized surrounding the hoax known as climate change. This was nothing more than a reorganization of the world toward a new order. It was not about the climate.
Now, Obama appears to be pulling the strings behind a push for peace among Israel and Palestine. Firstly, he instructed Samantha Power at the U.N. to abstain from a vote condemning Israel for building settlements. Secondly, he orchestrates a Paris convention involving 70 countries gathering together to discuss peace in the Holy Land and a two-state solution. The catch is that neither Israel nor Palestine will be at the meeting.

Outgoing US secretary of state says relocation would also hurt Israel’s relations with Egypt and Jordan; PA instructs mosques to preach against move
By Times of Israel staff January 7, 2017 - oving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem would cause “an explosion” in the region and have a detrimental effect on Israel’s relationships with Jordan and Egypt, outgoing US Secretary of State John Kerry said over the weekend.
In an interview with CBS News on Friday, Kerry said the move promised by President-elect Donald Trump would cause “an explosion, an absolute explosion in the region, not just in the West Bank, and perhaps even in Israel itself, but throughout the region.”
It would also “have profound impact on the readiness of Jordan and Egypt to be able to be supportive and engaged with Israel as they are today,” he warned. [..]On Friday Abbas warned Trump not to move the embassy. He invited Trump to visit the Palestinian territories, but also said: “We call on you not to implement your statement… because we consider it as an aggressive statement, when you say you want to move the embassy to Jerusalem.”
The PA president said moving the embassy would throw the peace process into a crisis it would not necessarily overcome, according to Israel Radio.
The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as their intended capital. An American decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would signal US acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The status of Jerusalem is one of the core issues that would need to be resolved in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on Palestinian statehood.

"Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state of Israel, and that's where America's embassy belongs," Rubio said in a joint statement announcing the bill. "It's time for Congress and the President-elect to eliminate the loophole that has allowed presidents in both parties to ignore US law and delay our embassy's rightful relocation to Jerusalem for over two decades."
by Geoffrey Grider January 4, 2017 - Senate Republicans introduced a bill Tuesday to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and move the United States embassy to Jerusalem.
“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” Zechariah 9:2,3 (KJV)
G.GRIDER'S EDITOR’S NOTE: Over a year ago, I wrote an article explaining why a Bible believer would vote for Donald Trump for president. I told you all back then that the number one reason he got my vote was so the US Embassy would be moved to Jerusalem, thus recognizing the Old City as Israel’s capital. I also told you that it could very well trigger the Psalm 83 War. We are about to witness the single, largest advancement of the end times prophecy timeline since May 14, 1948. I’m so happy and excited I could literally cry. Jerusalem is the capital city of God’s holy land of Israel, and always will be.
The controversial plan, which President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly voiced support for on the campaign trail, is almost certain to further inflame tensions between Palestinians and Israelis. The bill was introduced on the first day of the new US Congress by Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, along with Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas — two senators who lost out to Trump in the primary race for the Republican nomination last year.

Netanyahu: 2nd UN resolution possible before Obama leaves; bars media from speech to top diplomats. There are currently efforts underway to bring another resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issue to the UN Security Council before US President Barack Obama leaves office on January 20, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday. The prime minister, speaking to a year-end meeting of Israel's ambassadors and chiefs of missions in Europe, said that while the planned Mideast summit in Paris on January 15 is “empty,” there “are signs that they will try to turn the decisions made there into another resolution in the Security Council, and that is already [something that is] not empty.”



By Junno Arocho Esteves - Catholic News Service - January 17, 2017 - Vatican City -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas thanked Pope Francis for his support of the country's new embassy to the Holy See.
"This is a sign that the pope loves the Palestinian people and loves peace," Abbas told the pope Jan. 14 before heading to the inauguration of the Palestinian embassy to the Holy See in Rome.
The pope welcomed Abbas with open arms, embracing the president and saying, "It is a pleasure to welcome you here."
"I am also happy to be here," Abbas replied.
The Vatican said the two leaders spoke privately of the contribution of Catholics in Palestine and their "promotion of human dignity and assistance for those most in need, especially in the fields of education, health and aid." [...] The pope and Abbas also discussed the peace process and expressed hope that "direct negotiations between the parties may be resumed to bring an end to the violence" and to find "a just and lasting solution." "To this end, it is hoped that — with the support of the international community — measures can be taken that favor mutual trust and contribute to creating a climate that permits courageous decisions to be made in favor of peace," the Vatican said.

January 16, 2017 - Friends, we have begun to witness the “Great Sign” of Revelation chapter 12. It is the only “Great Sign” in the Bible.
Watchman comment: In reference to Sept. 23, 2017 personally I do not think these events mean Yeshua is returning or the rapture will occur; however, I do believe September 23rd, 2017 will be historically significant to the Jewish people and Israel for some unknown but prophetic reason.
What is the “Great Sign”? It is the image of the woman (Israel) in the constellation of the Virgin or Virgo. The woman in Virgo is clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet. She wears a garland of 12 stars just like Joseph dreamed about in Genesis. The garland is composed of the 9 stars in the constellation Leo or King constellation and the planets of Mercury, Mars and Venus.
This alignment last on Aug. 5, 3915 BC, it will next occur on September 23, 2017 when the King planet Jupiter exits the woman’s womb. Now watch this, let’s go back 9 months to the King’s conception. What date was that Dec. 23, 2016 the same date the UN voted for the anti-Israel resolution 2334!!
2017 will be a historic year for Israel and the world. As I wrote in a previous post all the ruckus about Russian hacking and Trump is a distraction to take our eyes off of Jerusalem and Israel. We live in prophetic times!! Don’t tie your shoe strings too tight in case we are raptured. As Trump says “Get them out of here!”

Reader comment: A friend, sent me this very interesting video, concerning Israel news. It is very worth while, so I hope you can watch this. As is pointed out, why don't we have a two state solution with the Indians from whom we unfairly took land and also a two state solution with Mexico concerning the state of New Mexico, and yet as this pastor explains, we should also be divided, yet it's only Israel that should be divided? May God open the eyes of all those who are for this two state solution, to see how we are hypocrites in this political move. May God open the eyes of our government and the world to seeing how this two state solution only in Israel is unjust. May God forgive our president and his administration for dividing Israel.

TEL AVIV – In a dramatic development following the Paris peace summit on Sunday, the United Kingdom refused to sign a joint declaration calling for a two-state solution, saying the document may “harden” the Palestinian stance on negotiations.
The UK was notably absent from the conference, which convened representatives and foreign ministers from around 70 nations, including Secretary of State John Kerry; it sent only a junior delegation to act solely in an “observer status.” According to the Guardian, this was a deliberate decision in order to “stay close to Donald Trump’s administration.”
The confab did not include representatives from either the Palestinian or Israeli leaderships, prompting a British Foreign Office spokesman to say London had “particular reservations” about its outcome. He further added that London was opposed to the conference taking place against Israel’s expressed wishes and “just days before the transition to a new American president when the U.S. will be the ultimate guarantor of any agreement.”
“There are risks therefore that this conference hardens positions at a time when we need to be encouraging the conditions for peace,” he added, noting that the UK did not sign the conference’s final declaration issued Sunday evening.
“We will continue to support efforts to improve conditions on the ground to enable negotiations to resume and look forward to working with the parties, the new U.S. Administration and other countries represented in this conference to make progress in 2017 and beyond,” the spokesperson said.

By NICOLE WINFIELD January 14, 2017 - Associated - VATICAN CITY (AP) -- The Vatican stressed the sacred nature of Jerusalem on Saturday as the Palestinian leader warned that prospects for peace could suffer if the incoming Trump administration goes ahead with plans to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
The developments came as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with Pope Francis and inaugurated the Palestinian embassy to the Holy See. Abbas said he had only heard through news reports of the proposal by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump to move the embassy to Jerusalem. The Palestinians strongly oppose the embassy move, saying it would kill any hopes for negotiating an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement and rile the region by undercutting Muslim and Christian claims to the holy city. "We hope that this news is not true, because it is not encouraging and will disrupt and hinder the peace process," he said. He urged Trump to open a dialogue with both Israelis and Palestinians.
Trump hasn't yet laid out a clear Mideast policy, but has signaled he will be more sympathetic to Israel's hard-line right than previous administrations.

Israeli mystic says, 'Media will discover Obama is a traitor'
January 15, 2017 - WND - WASHINGTON – President-elect Donald Trump is getting some encouragement on the eve of his swearing in this week from a prominent Israeli mystic spiritual leader who says, “When Trump takes office, he will receive help directly from heaven that will enable him overcome these obstacles, and bring peace to the world.”
Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, who has a dedicated following in Israel, made several other stunning predictions.
“The media will discover that outgoing President Barack Obama is a traitor,” he told Kikar HaShabbat, a Hebrew-language news service for Orthodox Jews. “Obama, like an injured beast, helped Hillary Clinton whose sole intention was to continue his agenda.” The rabbi said that while outgoing President Barack Obama will attempt to thwart Trump, it won’t work.
“Before he leaves, Obama wants to destroy everyone and everything Trump loves, so that when Trump does take power, it will be difficult for him to cope with everything that Obama ruined,” Ben Artzi predicted. “This is Obama’s revenge on Trump.” The rabbi noted the White House announcement last week that it had approved the sale of 130 tons of Russian uranium to Iran, enough to make 10 nuclear bombs. But Trump will overcome seemingly implacable problems, he said.
“When Trump takes office, he will receive help directly from heaven that will enable him overcome these obstacles, and bring peace to the world,” he declared. “And for this reason, Trump will succeed greatly.”


February 3, 2017 Shevat 7, 5777 - After Israel announces 2,500 new West Bank homes, PA president said working to have international forums impose a halt
By Times of Israel staff and AFP January 26, 2017 - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said there would be “dangerous consequences” following Israel’s announcement on Tuesday approving the construction of 2,500 housing units in settlements in the West Bank, Israel Radio reported Thursday morning. Speaking at a meeting of his Fatah party in Ramallah, Abbas also reportedly said that Palestinian diplomats will work to try and put a halt to the construction and that he is in consultations with officials from both Arab and other unspecified countries on how to introduce the subject in international forums. Following Tuesday’s announcement, numerous Palestinian officials condemned the move, including Palestinian Liberation Organization Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi. “Such a deliberate escalation of Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise constitutes a war crime and the flagrant violation of international law and conventions, in particular UN Security Council Resolution 2334,” she said, a reference to a resolution from last month that condemned Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem as “a flagrant violation under international law.”

The Times of Israel - February 3, 2017 Shevat 7, 5777 - Security Council meets on Israeli announcement of 2,500 new homes, but does not decide on immediate response
By AFP and Times of Israel staff January 25, 2017 - UNITED NATIONS, United States — The UN Security Council met behind closed doors on Wednesday to discuss Israel’s plan to build new settler homes in the West Bank, but took no action.
Council members heard a report from UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov after the Israeli government approved a major expansion of 2,500 homes, a month after a UN resolution that demanded an end to settlement construction.
The United States refrained from using its veto on Resolution 2334, abstaining from the vote in late December and allowing the resolution criticizing Israel to pass during the final weeks of former president Barack Obama’s administration.

President preparing executive orders that would also stop payments to organizations linked to terror-sponsoring states, NY Times says
By Eric Cortellessa - January 26, 2017 - The Times of Israel. - WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is reportedly preparing two executive orders that would halt US funding to the UN and other bodies that grant full membership to the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, the New York Times reported Wednesday. The orders would reduce the United States’ role in international bodies, including the United Nations, and start a review process that would seek to potentially withdraw from multilateral treaties, the report said. Trump has been spending his first days in office signing a series of executive actions, including on abortion, immigration and border control.
According to The New York Times, a first draft order, titled “Auditing and Reducing US Funding of International Organizations,” would drastically reduce or terminate funding for UN agencies or other bodies that meet any one of several criteria. Among them: Agencies that “give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organization,” support abortion programs, or engage in any activity that skirts international sanctions against Iran or North Korea.
Federal law already requires the US to withdraw US funding from UN agencies that “accords the Palestine Liberation Organization the same standing as member states.” That statute, enacted in 1990, is what required former president Barack Obama to defund UNESCO, in 2011, after it accepted a Palestinian bid for full membership.

Over 70 countries — but not the UK — declare negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security is the only way to achieve enduring peace
By Times of Israel staff - January 16, 2017 - Joint declaration issued at Paris’s Middle East peace conference on January 15, 2017, backed by all the 70-plus participating countries, with the exception of the United Kingdom:
I) Following the Ministerial meeting held in Paris on 3 June 2016, the Participants met in Paris on 15 January 2017 to reaffirm their support for a just, lasting and comprehensive resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They reaffirmed that a negotiated solution with two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, is the only way to achieve enduring peace. [...]
They underscored the importance of the Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 as a comprehensive framework for the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, thus contributing to regional peace and security.
They welcomed international efforts to advance Middle East peace, including the adoption of United Nations Security Council resolution 2334 on 23 December 2016, which clearly condemned settlement activity, incitement and all acts of violence and terror, and called on both sides to take steps to advance the two-state solution on the ground; the recommendations of the Quartet on 1 July 2016; and the United States Secretary of State’s principle on the two-state solution on 28 December 2016.
They noted the importance of addressing the dire humanitarian and security situation in the Gaza Strip and called for swift steps to improve the situation.
They emphasized the importance for Israelis and Palestinians to comply with international law, including international humanitarian law and human rights law.
II) The Participants highlighted the potential for security, stability and prosperity for both parties that could result from a peace agreement. They expressed their readiness to exert necessary efforts toward the achievement of the two-state solution and to contribute substantially to arrangements for ensuring the sustainability of a negotiated peace agreement, in particular in the areas of political and economic incentives, the consolidation of Palestinian state capacities, and civil society dialogue. Those could include, inter alia:
– a European privileged partnership; other political and economic incentives and increased private sector involvement; support to further efforts by the parties to improve economic cooperation; continued financial support to the Palestinian Authority in building the infrastructure for a viable Palestinian economy;
– supporting and strengthening Palestinian steps to exercise their responsibilities of statehood through consolidating their institutions and institutional capacities, including for service delivery;
– convening Israeli and Palestinian civil society fora, in order to enhance dialogue between the parties, rekindle the public debate and strengthen the role of civil society on both sides.
III) Looking ahead, the Participants;
– call upon both sides to officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution, thus disassociating themselves from voices that reject this solution;
– call on each side to independently demonstrate, through policies and actions, a genuine commitment to the two-state solutions and refrain from unilateral steps that prejudge the outcome of negotiations on final status issues, including, inter alia, on Jerusalem, borders, security, refugees and which they will not recognize;
– welcome the prospect of closer cooperation between the Quartet and Arab League members and other relevant actors to further the objectives of this Declaration.
As follow-up to the Conference, interested Participants, expressing their readiness to review progress, resolved to meet again before the end of the year in order to support both sides in advancing the two-state solution through negotiations.
France will inform the parties about the international community’s collective support and concrete contribution to the two-state solution contained in this joint declaration.

French conference and UN Security Council resolution, both derided by Israel, to form basis of working lunch on pushing Israeli-Palestinian talks forward
By Times of Israel staff and AP - January 16, 2017 - European foreign ministers are set to discuss pushing forward Israeli-Palestinian peace talks Monday, a day after an international summit called on the sides to commit to the two-state solution as the only path to peace.
The European Union’s Foreign Affairs council is slated to hold a working lunch on the issue during its first meeting of 2017, though the bulk of the conference will be devoted to Syria.
Among the topics of discussion will be the results of two events hotly contested by Israel: Sunday’s Paris peace conference and last month’s UN Security Council resolution, which called settlements “illegal.”
“Ministers will discuss the way forward to achieve a comprehensive peace deal, preserve the viability of the two-state solution and reverse ongoing negative trends on the ground,” a statement on the meeting read.
In remarks at the start of the meeting in Brussels, EU Foreign Policy head Federica Mogherini said she and EU diplomats will discuss the body’s work toward resolving the conflict, “especially trying to lay down the conditions for the parties to do their part and re-start serious talks.”
Many of the bloc’s 28 foreign ministers were in Paris for the peace conference a day earlier, where they urged both sides to “officially restate their commitment to the two-state solution” and disassociate from voices that reject this.
A closing statement also warned the sides against taking one-sided actions that could hurt talks, an apparent reference to Israeli settlement building. Britain, breaking ranks, criticized the conference and refused to sign the joint statement.
While the Palestinians welcomed Sunday’s declaration, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the conference “rigged” and cooked up behind Israel’s back to force it to accept conditions against national interests.
However, Israeli diplomats also said the text had been significantly softened from verbiage used in UN Security Council Resolution 2334, with no direct mention made of illegal settlement building, attributing the “victory” to pressure from Jerusalem.
Resolution 2334, was adopted on December 23, was supported by 14 out of the 15 members of the Security Council. The US abstained but did not use its veto power to block the resolution, which says Israeli settlements are in violation of international law and have no legal validity and demands an end to settlement building in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The resolution also denounced terrorism and incitement to violence.

Europe’s foreign policy chief says newly announced plans for thousands of West Bank homes mark ‘very worrying trend’
By AFP and Times of Israel staff - February 1, 2017 - Israel’s latest announcement of new settlements in the West Bank risks making a two-state solution impossible, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Wednesday.
Israel unveiled plans for 3,000 new homes for West Bank settlements, the fourth such announcement in the less than two weeks since US President Donald Trump took office.
The announcement “marks a very worrying trend, posing a direct challenge to the prospects of a viable two-state solution, which is increasingly difficult and risks becoming impossible,” Mogherini warned in a statement.
The European Union “deeply regrets that Israel is proceeding with this, despite the continuous serious international concern and objections, which have been constantly raised at all levels,” she said.
Israeli construction in both the West Bank and East Jerusalem are viewed as illegal under international law and major stumbling blocks to peace as they are built on land the Palestinians envision for their own state.
Mogherini said continued settlement expansion “goes directly against” EU policy and the recommendations of the Quartet, which is made up of the EU, the United States, the United Nations and Russia.
in this Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 file photo, A Jewish settler looks at the West bank settlement of Maaleh Adumim, from the E-1 area on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Sebastian Schooner)
Illustrative: in this Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012 file photo, A Jewish settler looks at the West bank settlement of Maaleh Adumim, from the E-1 area on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem. (AP Photo/Sebastian Schooner)
“A negotiated two-state solution is the only way to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of both parties and to achieve enduring peace,” she said.
While the international community considers settlements illegal, US President Donald Trump has signaled that he will abandon the policies of his predecessors and be far friendlier toward Israeli construction in the West Bank. He has appointed a prominent US supporter of the settlements to be his ambassador to Israel, and a delegation of settler leaders was invited to his inauguration.

After another 3,000 housing units okayed in West Bank, Palestinian envoy to UN decries ‘extreme barrage of illegal behavior’
By AP and Times of Israel staff - February 2, 2017 - UNITED NATIONS — The Palestinian UN ambassador accused Israel of an “extreme barrage of illegal behavior” over the last 10 days and demanded that the UN Security Council take action.
Riyad Mansour said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s approval to build 6,000 new homes for settlers over recent weeks is “unprecedented,” saying it exceeds the number for all of 2016.
Mansour said Netanyahu is “destroying the two-state solution by the continuation of this illegal behavior.”
Mansour and the head of the Arab Group at the UN spoke to reporters Wednesday after meeting with Ukraine’s UN ambassador, Volodymyr Yelchenko, the current council president, to protest the action on new settler homes and call for the council to implement the resolution it adopted in December condemning Israeli settlements and demanding a halt to new construction.

January 23, 2017 - by - Palestinian, Jordanian Leaders Meet to Discuss Thwarting Potential Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and King Abdullah of Jordan met Sunday in Amman, the Jordanian capital, to discuss the potential relocation of the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the Trump White House.
A joint statement from Abbas and Abdullah said they “have agreed on a series of moves should the new Washington administration decide to go ahead with the [relocation].”
The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said that, should Trump decide to move the embassy, it “would effectively close the door on the two-state solution and will destabilize the entire region.” February 2, 2017 - Sources: US Expected to Impose New Sanctions on Iranian Entities Following Ballistic Missile Test. The United States is expected to impose sanctions on multiple Iranian entities as early as Friday following Tehran's recent ballistic... Last week, Abbas warned that such action could lead to the Palestinians rescinding their recognition of Israel. Abbas has said a delegation of senior Palestinian officials, joined by Jordan’s king, will travel to Washington and Moscow in the coming days for meetings with high-ranking American and Russian officials to thwart a relocation plan. Trump repeatedly promised throughout his campaign that he would move the embassy to Jerusalem — which Congress demanded in the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, but has been delayed by all presidents since. On Sunday evening, White House press secretary Sean Spicer announced that discussions on the relocation of the embassy were in the beginning stages.

By Avi Abelow CEO of 12 Tribe Films - February 5, 2017 - The evictions of the residence of Amona was illegal from the beginning and the media has covered up the truth. Tonight special guest from Israel Avi Abelow with 12 Tribe Films to fill us in on the illegal evictions of the Israeli families of Amona Israel.
Standing strong for truth, justice and Israel, in a crazy PC world that dangerously ignores reality, Avi Abelow is CEO of 12Tribe Films/ where they use video & social media marketing with the truth about Israel the media prefers to ignore. He can be found on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat as Avi Abelow





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