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Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney delivers a speech in Jerusalem, Sunday, July 29, 2012. (AP Photo - Charles Dharapak) KASIE HUNT From Associated Press
July 29, 2012 5:18 PM EDT - JERUSALEM (AP) — Standing on Israeli soil, U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Sunday declared Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish state and said the United States has "a solemn duty and a moral imperative" to block Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.
"Make no mistake, the ayatollahs in Iran are testing our moral defenses. They want to know who will object and who will look the other way," he said. "We will not look away nor will our country ever look away from our passion and commitment to Israel."
The presidential election hovered over the speech. The Old City formed a made-for-television backdrop behind Romney, while some of his campaign donors listened in the audience.
Romney's declaration that Jerusalem is Israel's capital was matter-of-fact and in keeping with claims made by Israeli governments for decades, even though the United States, like other nations, maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv.
He did not say if he would order the embassy moved if he wins the White House, but strongly suggested so in a CNN interview.
"My understanding is the policy of our nation has been a desire to move our embassy ultimately to the capital (Jerusalem)," he said, adding, "I would only want to do so and to select the timing in accordance with the government of Israel."
His remarks on the subject during his speech drew a standing ovation from his audience, which included Sheldon Adelson, the American businessman who has said he will donate millions to help elect Romney to the White House.
Romney's embrace of Israel was on display throughout the day when he met with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and other leaders. He also visited the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site, where he was mobbed by worshippers. In addition, Romney met with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.
In his remarks, Romney steered clear of overt criticism of President Barack Obama, even though he said the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran "has only become worse" in the past five years. Continued:

Friday Church News Notes, July 27, 2012 - Since the destruction of the Second Temple, Jews have observed Tisha B’Av (meaning ninth of Av) as the day of mourning over their loss. The practice began after the destruction of the First Temple by the Babylonians and was reestablished in 71 A.D, for the first and second temples were destroyed on the same day, 655 years apart. The observance falls in July or August of the Gregorian calendar.
This year it is on July 28, so the observance is deferred until Sunday July 29. On Tisha B’Av, the Torah is draped in black. There is fasting and mourning with various rituals and the reading of the book of Lamentations and Jewish poetry called kinnot. In some Jewish communities the book of Job is read. Orthodox Jews believe that Tisha B’Av will be kept until the Messiah comes, at which time it will become a celebration.

Kadima Leader Angry Over Ultra-Orthodox Draft Panel
By Haaretz - Published July 02, 2012.
Mofaz threatens to break up Israel's unity cabinet, as Netanyahu disbands panel on Haredi IDF service
Premier cites Plesner committee's inability to form a proposal that would pass in the Knesset; opposition official: Kadima has long since lost its reason for being.
By Jonathan Lis | 16:43 02.07.12 | 4 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disbanded a state-sanctioned committee charged with forming a new law on drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the Israel Defense Forces on Monday, in an apparent blow to coalition partner Kadima...
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disbanded a state-sanctioned committee charged with forming a new law on drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the Israel Defense Forces on Monday, in an apparent blow to coalition partner Kadima, which joined the premier’s cabinet based on an agreement that the government would formulate a new Haredi enlistment law.
The committee, headed by Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, was dissolved after a reported disagreement over the wording of the new bill, which was geared to replace the so-called Tal Law after that was struck down as unconstitutional by the High Court.
Last week, coalition partners Yisrael Beiteinu and Habayit Hayehudi announced their withdrawal from the committee, over what they said was the the committee’s refusal to accommodate their demand to draft all Israeli Arab citizens when they turn 18.
In fact, the Plesner Committee at the time agreed to adopt a model of universal service that would also include the Arab community, but it did not go far enough for Yisrael Beiteinu and Habayit Hayehudi.
Read more:

Photo credit: AP | Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman addresses the media after he attended the EU Israel Council at the European Council building in Brussels. Lieberman is on a two-day visit to meet with the EU Council. (July 24, 2012) - Published: July 25, 2012 10:52 AM - By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - JERUSALEM - Israel's foreign minister warned on Wednesday his country will act immediately if it discovers Islamic militants are raiding Syria's chemical or biological weapons stocks, while Israelis rushed to stock up on gas masks as the bellicose rhetoric swells.
Israeli political and security leaders have been watching the intensified bloodletting in neighboring Syria with mounting concern, afraid that Lebanon's Hezbollah and other militant groups could raid these arsenals should the central government in Damascus collapse. In recent days, Israeli political leaders have said they would be prepared to strike weapons depots to prevent this from happening.
Reflecting the fears, Israeli officials reported a run on gas masks in recent days. Demand has almost doubled in the past few days, to 4,200 requests on Tuesday from a years-old average of about 2,200, said Merav Lapidot, a spokeswoman for the Israeli postal service, which distributes the masks. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told Israel Radio that the government would not tolerate seeing Syria's chemical weapons fall into militant hands as tensions rise along his country's northern border. "For us, that's a casus belli, a red line," he said.
Israel's military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, however, counseled restraint on Tuesday, warning that an attack on Syrian chemical weapons depots could drag Israel into a broader war. Continued:

After Caterpillar Win, Boycott Groups Look to Presbyterians
CAT Fight: The boycott Israel has won a victory over Caterpillar, which has provided bulldozers used by the Israeli military. Now it is pushing a Presbyterian group for a tougher stand.
By Nathan Guttman - Published July 02, 2012, issue of July 06, 2012. - Washington — The high dam mounted against the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel has sprung its first significant leak — and for opponents of the BDS movement, as it is known, the timing could not be worse.
In its general assembly, taking place between June 30 and July 7, the largest Presbyterian denomination in the United States will vote on divesting its investment portfolio of companies deemed to be supporting Israel’s policies in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, and in East Jerusalem. It’s the final showdown of a long and drawn-out process in which many Jewish groups have been involved, adamantly combating the proposed portfolio purge.
But on June 25, just as BDS opponents were gearing up for this challenge, MSCI, a financial analysis firm with more than 6,000 clients worldwide, made a startling disclosure in a public statement: Controversy over the use of Caterpillar Inc.’s bulldozers in Israel’s occupied territories had been a “key factor” in MSCI’s March 1 decision to drop the heavy-equipment manufacturer from its index of socially responsible companies.
That MSCI move had at least one immediate practical consequence: In March, TIAA-CREF, the leading retirement assets management firm for workers in the academic, research, medical and cultural fields, quietly dropped Caterpillar from its socially responsible investment portfolios, selling off some $72 million worth of Caterpillar stock from these funds. Read more:

Community Plans Ceremony To Remember 11 Munich Victims
Cheers and Tears: Much of Britain is gripped by Olympics fever. For London’s Jews, the excitement is tempered by plans for memorials to honor victims of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre.
By Miriam Shaviv (JTA) - Published July 02, 2012. - For the British Jewish community, the most memorable moment of the London Olympics may be a somber one. On Aug. 6, several hundred people are expected to attend a commemoration for the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches murdered by Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics. “From conversations across the community, the key thing people are engaged in around the Olympics is that they want to see a commemoration of Munich,” said Peter Mason, director of the London Jewish Forum.
Memorial for Munich 11 Unveiled in New York
While a ceremony organized by the Israelis and the local community takes place during every Olympic Games, this one marks the 40th anniversary of the massacre. The International Olympics Committee continues to reject international calls for a minute of silence during the opening ceremony on July 27.
But the community also has made a point of joining the general air of celebration sweeping London in the run-up to the Games. In the past year, nearly every Jewish school, youth group and charity has run Olympics-related activities. And during the Olympics, London’s Jews will welcome thousands of Jewish visitors with social events, synagogue services, guides to Jewish London and, in the Olympic Village, pastoral care.
The welcoming efforts are being coordinated by the Jewish Committee for the London Games, which was established by the London Jewish Forum and several other community organizations. Continued:

By FARES AKRAM and ISABEL KERSHNER - Published: July 2, 2012
GAZA — The Hamas-run government in Gaza suspended the work of the Palestinian Central Elections Commission on Monday, a day before it was to start registering new voters, abruptly halting one of the few tangible steps toward reconciliation with the rival Fatah Party.
The move pushed off the prospect of presidential and parliamentary elections. Though considered long overdue, no date had been set for them. The latest delay added a new complication in a reconciliation process that began more than a year ago with an accord brokered by Egypt that was described as historic but has mainly resulted in new rounds of talks, more documents and broken deadlines. Hamas said it was temporarily halting the work of the commission for several reasons, among them what it said was the unfair treatment of Hamas supporters in the West Bank, which is governed by Fatah. Continued:

Hamas leaders in Gaza announced that a young child, Ali Muataz al-Shawaf - 4y.o, had been killed in an Israeli airstrike. Pictures of the childs bloody body were published in Palestinian Authority media outlets. However, IDF officials later revealed the story as a lie. There was no Israeli airstrike in the region in which the child was killed, they said. (In Jenin, PA took bodies from a morgue and dug them from their graves to boost numbers of 'civilians' killed!)

Published today (updated) 03/07/2012 20:44
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) -- Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Ramallah on Tuesday calling on the Palestinian Authority not to negotiate with Israel. Protesters gathered in Manara square, chanting "The people want to bring down Oslo," referring to the 1993 agreement that established the PA as a 5-year interim administration to govern until a final treaty was reached.
Demonstrators headed to President Mahmoud Abbas' headquarters, the Muqata, carrying Palestinian flags and denouncing talks with Israeli vice premier Shaul Mofaz. Abbas had been scheduled to meet Mofaz in Ramallah, sparking protests on Saturday, but the meeting was canceled. Palestinian police violently shut down Saturday's protest, leading to a second protest Sunday against police brutality, which police also violently suppressed.
Tuesday's protest ended peacefully. Security forces in civilian clothes took photos of protesters and police and presidential guards were stationed at the Muqata but forces did not intervene in the demonstration.
A government source told Reuters that police were under orders on Tuesday to allow the protesters to take their message to the gleaming stone walls of Abbas's compound, which is also the burial place of previous president, Yasser Arafat.
"The streets are open to us today, and that's the result of a political decision. They realize the violence before made them look bad," said Ali Nakhle, a student who joined approximately 400 other, mainly youthful protesters in downtown Ramallah.
Activists demand accountability
As well as demanding an end to negotiations with Israel, activists also called on the PA to end its security coordination with Israel which was established in the Oslo Accords. In a statement, the Palestinians for Dignity group which participated in the protests called for a new strategy of resistance to achieve Palestinian independence.
The group also demanded the formation of an independent committee to hold security forces accountable for attacks on protesters over the weekend. "We remind the Palestinian Authority that we still toil under the yoke of Israeli occupation, and that it is unacceptable under any circumstance to brutally repress the rights of people at a time when we are facing Israeli aggression all around us," the group said.

Committee headed by Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Edmond Levy recommends legalizing West Bank settlements
Mon, Jul 09, 2012. | ROY TOV - " ..... Netanyahu announced he will respect the decision, but also that the homes will not be destroyed, but rather will be moved to a military area within Beit El. He announced also the construction of additional 300 homes in Beit El, 117 in Ariel, 92 in Ma’ale Adumin, 144 in Admam, and 84 in Kiryat Arba. Overall, this is many times the number of Ulpana houses to be moved; Netanyahu claimed a political victory.... The Levi Committee had been headed by Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Edmond Levy, eventually as a result of the 2005 Sasson Report which had ruled 120 settlements and outposts as illegal under Israeli law. Unlawfulness in the West Bank has various layers. The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this. The international community considers Israeli settlements a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention’s prohibition on the transfer of an occupying power’s civilian population into occupied territory. Thus, they are illegal under international law. Israel disputes that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the Palestinian territories as they had not been legally held by a sovereign prior to Israel taking control of them. This view has been rejected by the International Court of Justice and the International Committee of the Red Cross. The vast majority of West Bank settlements are in between these definitions; they are considered illegal by the entire world, but legal by the Israeli government. However, sometimes they are considered unlawful even by the Israeli government. Now, this is about to change.
The Levi Committee ruled that the State must devise ways to legalize contested settlement and outposts in the West Bank. Moreover, it recommended easing land acquisition and zoning protocols for Jews residing in the area. This is important since many of the purchases are highly questionable. For example, in Migron, most of the land occupied by the outpost belongs to several Palestinian families living in the nearby villages of Burqa and Deir Dibwan. The Associated Press discovered in 2008, that Abd Allatif Hassan Sumarin, who supposedly sold a plot of land to the Binyamin Regional Council owned Al Wattan Ltd in 2004, had been dead since 1961. It is unclear if the new committee accepts such events as legal. It doesn’t matter, they are clearly illegitimate and unacceptable. A regime sanctioning such crimes renders itself illegitimate..". Whole story:

Dispute over military conscription for ultra-Orthodox Jews reaches incendiary point.
July 17, 2012, turned out to be a historic day. Israel’s Kadima party left Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government in a dispute over military conscription for ultra-Orthodox Jews. By July 31, the Knesset must pass a new law on the conscription issue, after the “Tal Law” was nullified by the Supreme Court this February. Netanyahu had offered Kadima a compromise on the new law; 50% of ultra-Orthodox Jews (Haredim and Hasidim) between the ages of 18 and 23 would be drafted by the IDF, while the others would be drafted into civil service between the ages of 23 and 26. “It is with deep regret that I say that there is no choice but to decide to leave the government,” Shaul Mofaz—Kadima’s leader—said afterwards. In this trivial way ended Kadima and Likud’s 70-day partnership. In this trivial way, Zionism may have reached the point-of-no-return towards its end.
Supreme Court
Since its legislation on July 23, 2002, the “Tal Law” kept most ultra-Orthodox Jews out of the IDF. Several lawyers and the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel asked for the nullification of the Tal Law since it discriminated between ultra-Orthodox Jews and secular Jews, by giving the first group the choice to enroll in the IDF voluntarily. Israel’s Supreme Court of Justice is an unusual law establishment; it usually operates as the highest appellate court in the country, but it features also a special operational mode as a court of first instance, called in Hebrew bagatz (acronym for High Court for Justice, not to be confounded with the formal name of the court: The High Court). In this instance, everybody under the jurisdiction of the court can initiate a process against the State of Israel, if he feels one of his rights has been legitimately oppressed by the State. This can happen because Israel lacks a Constitution; thus, the Knesset can legislate laws that anywhere else would be considered illegitimate (for example Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People). Accordingly, on February 21, 2012, the Supreme Court annulled the “Tal Law,” with a majority of 6 justices against 3. Dorit Beinisch, then president of the court, supported the decision: “we can help to bring a gradual change,” she said. Asher Dan Grunis, the current one, opposed the decision. He said that he thought that the Court will bring Haredim to serve in the IDF is “an illusion.” “It doesn’t help the status of the Court, we won’t bring change,” he added. He was right. Continued:

The Washington Post, July 19, 2012 - ANTAKYA, Turkey — Government forces were reported to be shelling several neighborhoods of Damascus on Thursday, a day after a bombing that killed three senior military figures brought the bloodshed that has engulfed Syria to the heart of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
The blast, which targeted a mid-morning meeting of top security chiefs charged with suppressing Syria’s 16-month-old uprising, appeared to have been meticulously planned and executed, suggesting that rebels have managed to infiltrate Assad’s security apparatus in ways that call into question his regime’s capacity to survive.
The attack seemed to mark a pivotal moment in the revolt, the first time that the regime’s tightly controlled and fiercely loyal inner circle has been punctured since Syrians first took to the streets to demand reforms in March 2011 and then later took up arms. Among those killed was Assef Shawkat, the president’s brother-in-law, who was widely feared as one of the chief enforcers of the brutal tactics that have been used in the effort to quell the unrest. Continued:

May 30, 2012 - Many Jews are profoundly out of touch with their own truth. - by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(revised from April 2003) The Jewish people have been deceived (or have deceived themselves) on two counts:
1. Most do not descend from the Biblical Jews. They are Khazars, from southwest Asia.
2. Judaism is not a religion. At best, it is a racial credo, designed to maintain racial cohesion, in this case the Khazar bloodlines. In the absence of a more satisfying religion, many Jews sublimated their religious idealism into Communist and left-liberal causes designed to undermine host societies. They have been duped and manipulated by Masonic Jewish financiers (“organized Jewry,” Zionism) into advancing a totalitarian “New World Order” aka “Globalism” “world government.”
Many Jews are witting and unwitting pawns, profoundly out of touch with their own truth. They are foot soldiers and cannon fodder in a diabolical multi-generational plot to destroy Christian Civilization.
KHAZARS Continued:

Posted by JoeSettler at 7/02/2012 03:43:00 PM
Last week, a German court felt brazen enough to declare that Bris Milah, religious circumcision is against German law.
Yesterday, the Jewish Hospital in Berlin (not really a Jewish hospital) suspended all religious circumcisions.
Since the Shoah, Germany had the [fill in the word] to suppress their anti-Semitism.
But now it seems that whatever it is that controlled it, has begun to wear off.
Some people claim that this is the action of one judge, and just one hospital just following orders.
But it's not.
Because besides a token German minister or two saying something, we should be seeing major public acts of contrition on the part of Germany in the face of this most blatant of anti-Semitic acts.

By: Lori Lowenthal Marcus - Published: July 22nd, 2012 Shahar Zubari is part of the Israeli Olympic team in London. But London has been unable to tell the difference between a real country (Israel) and an imagined one (Palestine).
At this year’s Olympics in London, there will be some unusual competitors. For one thing, for the first time there will be an Olympic competitor without a country. For another, there will be an Olympic team with a country, but no capital.
Guor Marial is a sleek runner from the newly-formed country of South Sudan. His country seceded from Sudan in a bloody civil war and is so new it has not yet had time to create a national Olympic committee. The International Olympic Committee decided to allow Marial to compete as an independent athlete in clothing that does not have any flag or national identification. He will race under the Olympic flag. Continued:

Posted by Jameel @ The Muqata at 3/27/2011 08:00:00 AM - The following fascinating article was translated by The Muqata from YNET. Update: After receiving a personal thank you letter from the South Korean Embassy in Israel for this blog post, I have made a few minor updates to the article below at the Embassy's request, to better reflect Talmud Study in Korea YNET has reposted an updated version as well. Close to 50 million people live in South Korea, and almost everyone is taught the Talmud at home by their parents. "We tried to understand why the Jews are geniuses, and we came to the conclusion that we think it is because they study Talmud," said the Korean ambassador to Israel, Mr. Young Sam Ma. And this is how "Rav Papa" became a more well known scholar in Korea than in Israel.
It is doubtful if the Amoraic scholars, Abbaye and Rava imagined their discussions of Jewish law in the Beit Midrash in Babylon would be taught hundreds of years later in East Asia. Yet it turns out that the laws of an "egg born on a holiday" is actually very interesting to the South Koreans who have required that Talmud study be part of their compulsory school curriculum. [Note from Jameel: The Korean Embassy in Israel probably received alot of complaints about Talmud being part of the compulsory school curriculum, and requested that the statement read: “Yet, it turns out that… is actually very interesting to the South Koreans who encourage Talmud learning at home”.] Continued:

by Reza Kahlili - Jul 23, 2012 11:39 PM
(a pseudonym of a former CIA operative in Iran's Revolutionary Guards)
Iran 's supreme leader, for the first time, is telling his nation that it must prepare for war and "the end of times" as it continues to develop nuclear weapons...
Shi'ite theology holds that great wars must engulf the Earth, during which one-third of the world' s population will die in the fighting and another third from hunger, lawlessness and havoc. Israel is to be destroyed, and only then, will the 12th imam, Mahdi, reappear and kill all the infidels, raising the flag of Islam in all corners of the world. Under the guidance of Khamenei, several centres have been established in Iran on research and information on the coming of Mahdi...
"Today we have a duty to prepare for the coming... If we are the soldiers of the 12th imam, then we must be ready to fight," Khamenei said... Referring to the Quran, Khamenei said the coming has been promised by Allah. "There will come a time when all the oppressive powers of the world will be destroyed and humanity will be enlightened in the era of Imam Mahdi."
...The latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency indicated Iran continues to enrich uranium at both the Natanz and Fordow facilities and now has enough nuclear material for at least five nuclear weapons. After a decade of negotiation with Iran , the West has yet to make any inroads in stopping the regime's illicit nuclear program.
While a majority of Iranians oppose the mullahs' brutal regime, Western sanctions have not curtailed its pursuit of nuclear weapons, which not only could lead to the collapse of the global economy but the killing of tens of millions of innocent civilians, including those in Iran .
Must the World Wait for Nuclear Iran?
Sir John Sawers, head of the British MI6 spy agency, said that covert operations by British spies had prevented Iran from developing nuclear weapons in 2008, but it would likely achieve this goal by 2014.

By Richard Silverstein - Global Research, June 27, 2012 - - Richard Silverstein reports on newly published accounts in the Hebrew language journal, Maariv, that the US and Israel will conduct a massive war game/military exercise "of immense importance" in October.
Silverstein interprets this war game in the context of the tension between Israel and Iran and the US presidential election. In his first sentence, Silverstein says the war games will be "a 'dress rehearsal' for the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran."
But further into his analysis, Silverstein examines other possibilities. For instance, that the war game might be cancelled if Israel does, indeed, attack Iran, or that the exercise represents "tacit acceptance that Israel won't attack Iran until the (presidential) elections." While Silverstein's analysis is so broad as to be indeterminate, he is convinced that the timing of the war games is predicated on the US presidential election and the heightening tensions between Israel and Iran. The most likely interpretation is that posited in Maariv, that the war games will represent an aftermath to an Israeli attack on Iran scheduled for September or October as originally reported in the Guardian last January.
Israel’s daily Maariv reported yesterday that the long delayed war games between U.S. and Israeli forces will take place in October. It noted that some commentators are calling it a “dress rehearsal” for the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran. IDF sources quoted in the article called the exercises “of immense importance.”
These will be the largest such military maneuvers in the history of the joint U.S.-Israel relationship. They were originally scheduled for several months ago but were canceled abruptly, according to some, at the behest of Ehud Barak, who wanted to send a message to the U.S. that Israel might be planning an attack and prefer not to have such an event interfere with it.
Three thousand U.S. Air Force personnel and a larger IDF contingent will focus on air warfare and missile defense. The primary goal is to prepare for the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran and the expected counterattack against Israel. Continued:

As a small country with limited natural resources, Israel depends on its most important natural resource -- its people.
Israel's achievements are uniquely its own, a mixture of high idealism, ingenuity and self-reliance.
In almost 60 short years, Israel has accomplished what many nations haven't been able to do in centuries.
Israel's one natural resource is its brainpower, with a driving demand for survival and success against all odds, Israel developed an energetic and ambitious society.
On the occasion of the soon 60th Day of Independence, I take the opportunity of listing together some of the outstanding facts and achievements of our beloved Israel.
Enjoy! Holly

Posted by Charles E. CarlsonJuly 28, 2012 - Israel continues to act on the premise that if they tell their chosen story often enough and loud enough, they do not have to tell the truth. On July 26, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in the New York Times “the attack (in Bulgaria) was carried out by Hezbollah, the long arm of Iran.” (“Bulgaria bus blast linked to Hezbollah“)* “Unnamed US officials” also so stated, but no one offered a scrap of hard evidence, or even a rumor, as to why or how the governments of Iran or Lebanon are involved. Sadly, our own government is gradually adopting the Zionist practice of saying what they want you believe, swearing to it, and repeating it until most people accept it. A few months ago I published a feature article I hope you will reread, entitled “Operation Cast Lead: It’s Zionese for Burning People.” It began with “Zionese is the unofficial spoken language of the State of Israel.” Zionese is not a language of letter, syllable, and punctuation. It is the delivery of a few so-called “truths” that must be learned and repeated consistently without reservation. The trick is in the delivery. Zionese is the art of telling a story that most would reject, and repeating it as if most believe it. If either Israel or the U.S. has evidence, why not share it with those they are trying to convince, as any sane person does when trying to persuade a skeptic? I hope you will take time to read, pass on and post The Arab Swede “Terrorist” from Guantanamo, and Israel’s Call to Bomb Iran.” It would not surprise me if Netanyahu and the “unnamed US officials” will next decide the Colorado theater assassin and Norway’s Anders Breivik were also working for Iran, too. The bigger the lie, the easier to believe, and as long as it works. That is the language of Zionism, and we need to learn how to identify it.
Bulgaria, the Arab Swede “Terrorist” and Israel’s Call to Bomb Iran, JULY 24, 2012
Israel and USA warmaking factions are jointly attempting to fashion an irrational bombing incident by a seemingly disturbed Guantanamo prison victim, into an excuse to bomb the people of Iran. President Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Clinton have long made it clear that both are looking for an incident…any incident to justify starting it. The real question is not about Mehdi Ghezali, or why he chose to be a part of attacking vacationing Israeli civilians, if indeed he did it. But why does the USA, and its attack ready Zionist, pit bull, Israel want this war? Israel wants conquest of valuable land…they want to be the occupier of Iran and Iraq. Its arrogance is reminiscent of an incident I wrote about that made a truly far fetched effort to convince the world there was a tie between in Mexico and Iran to a ne’er-do-well, used car salesman from Texas in an alleged plot to kill an Israeli diplomat, supposedly while eating in a Mexican restaurant in Washington. After a burst of publicity on prime time TV the scheme talk evaporated, but the Administration used the incident to ramp up sanctions that stings working class Iranians.