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PA president says Palestinians recognize state of Israel, not its Jewishness; warns Islamic extremism could reach Israel if no deal.
By Tamar Pileggi April 4, 2015 - The Times of Israel - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said that he was ready to resume peace negotiations with Israel without preconditions, in a marked departure from comments made last month ruling out the possibility of negotiating a two-state solution while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in power. In an interview with the pan-Arab media outlet al-Arab from Ramallah, Abbas expressed his support for a two-state solution and peace with Israel: “I tell the Israeli people: our hands are outstretched to exist in two states. I hope that you do not cut down the outstretched hand of peace, because the alternative will be devastating for everyone.” Abbas said that he had “no problem” returning to negotiations with Netanyahu as the representative of the Israeli people — “without preconditions.” Continued:

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There may never be peace in the Middle East, but President Barack Obama is making sure that the countries of Israel and Iran know where they stand in his eyes. In a plea presented Friday to the State Department, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked that the Iran nuclear agreement have a strong and clear recognition of the Jewish nation’s right to exist. Although nice to hear, it’s clear that Obama and Netanyahu have very different ideas about what sort of nuclear deal with Iran is or is not a threat to Israeal. Moreover, for Obama to sign this deal so close to Passover shows a complete disregard for the strong relationship that has always existed between the United States and Israel.
Obama knows that requiring Iran to accept Israel’s existence would kill any hope of a lasting nuclear deal because Iran remains dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state.
Clearly, to Obama, a nuclear deal with Iran - one which will never stand the test of time anyway - is more important than the security of Israel. This is no surprise, but it’s a little shocking that the president would so clearly articulate his faulty priorities. Continued:

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By Alon Bernstein - 4.6.2015 Huffington Post - JERUSALEM (AP) — A senior Israeli government minister on Monday warned that taking military action against Iran's nuclear program is still an option — despite last week's framework deal between world powers and the Islamic Republic. The comments by Yuval Steinitz, Israel's minister for strategic affairs, reflected the alarm in Israel over last week's deal, which offers Iran relief from economic sanctions in exchange for scaling back its suspect nuclear program. Israeli leaders believe the framework leaves too much of Iran's nuclear infrastructure intact and could still allow it to develop the means to produce a nuclear weapon.
Steinitz, a confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's, said the government would spend the coming months lobbying the world powers negotiating with Iran to strengthen the language in the deal as they hammer out a final agreement. While stressing that Israel prefers a diplomatic solution, he said the "military option" still exists.
"It was on the table. It's still on the table. It's going to remain on the table," Steinitz told reporters. "Israel should be able to defend itself, by itself, against any threat. And it's our right and duty to decide how to defend ourselves, especially if our national security and even very existence is under threat."
Israel considers a nuclear-armed Iran to be a threat to its survival, pointing to years of Iranian calls for Israel's destruction, its support for anti-Israeli militant groups and its development of long-range ballistic missiles that could be armed with nuclear warheads. Israel — which is widely believed to be a nuclear power — says a nuclear-armed Iran would set off an arms race in the world's most volatile region.
The framework agreement was announced last Thursday in Switzerland after years of negotiations between Iran and world powers.
The deal aims to cut significantly into Iran's bomb-making technology while giving Tehran relief from international sanctions. The commitments, if implemented, would substantially pare down Iranian nuclear assets for a decade and restrict others for an additional five years. Iran would also be subject to intrusive international inspections.

March 28, 2015 - Russia will help Palestine in achieving its goal of becoming an independent state with the capital in East Jerusalem, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday in his address to the Arab League summit participants. “Russia will continue contributing to the attainment of this goal [Palestine’s independence], working through bilateral channels and through multilateral channels, including in the ‘Quartet’ of international mediators,” Putin said.
The Quartet comprising Russia, the United States, the United Nations and the European Union, was established in 2002, aiming to reach a long-term peace agreement between Israel and Palestinians.

April 9, 2015 - A sea change began within hours of the Israeli election returns. Thomas L. Friedman, who has devoted much of his life to promoting Palestinian statehood, declared in his New York Times column that the idea of a Palestinian state is “not possible anymore.” That was followed by his Times colleague David K. Shipler, another longtime advocate of a Palestinian state, announcing that the “the two-state solution looks dead.”
Just a couple of elite, pro-Palestinian journalists venting their frustration? Don’t bet on it. The American public is losing faith in “Palestine” too. Friedman and Shipler’s declarations merely echo the latest poll numbers on the American public’s view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll has found that Americans’ support for the idea of creating a Palestinian state has reached its lowest point in 20 years. Just 39 percent of Americans support it; 36 percent are opposed. That 39 percent is down from the 58 percent who backed Palestinian statehood in 2003. And the three-percentage point gap between supporters and opponents is the smallest such gap in at least 20 years.

Billionaire’s philanthropy funds anti-Israel boycott campaigns, fringe groups.
By Maayana Miskin - 8/7/2013 Billionaire George Soros’ philanthropy is bad news for Israel, according to an in-depth report from the NGO-Monitor watchdog group. The report listed the many causes in Israel, or pertaining to Israel, that are funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundations.
Among the top beneficiaries of OSF funding is Human Rights Watch, which has been criticized for targeting, and falsely libeling, the state of Israel. Another is J Street, which describes itself as “pro-Israel” but has been termed anti-Israel by others for, among other things, welcoming proponents of a boycott on Israel at its national conference and honoring IDF soldiers who refused orders.
Another recipient of OSF funding is the Institute for Middle East Understanding, which, NGO-Monitor reports, is headed by staff who have accused Israel of war crimes and have termed Israel an “apartheid state.”
NGO-Monitor expressed concern primarily over “problematic” OSF recipients in Israel.
Among the Israeli recipients is Adalah, which promotes the so-called “right of return” to Israel, which would allow millions of descendants of Arabs who fled Israel during the War of Independence to claim Israel as their home (without reference to the many more Jews displaced during the fighting and in the years that followed). OSF also funds Al Haq, an Arab organization based in the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Ramallah, north of Jerusalem. NGO-Monitor’s researchers described Al-Haq director Shawan Jabarin as “a human rights campaigner by day and a terrorist by night,” who is among the senior members of the PFLP terrorist group.
The extreme-left Israeli group B’Tselem also receives OSF funds. B’Tselem is notorious for publishing one-sided reports, and for inflating Arab civilian casualty figures. For example, the group included hundreds of Hamas policemen in Gaza as “non-combatants,” and counted Sheikh Ahmed Yassin – then the leader of Hamas – as not a definite combatant.
B’Tselem has listed OSF as a source of support, but OSF has not listed B’Tselem as a recipient, indicating that the grant may have come through an overseas entity.
The report listed several other controversial, far-left Israeli groups that receive direct or indirect OSF Funding, including Rabbis for Human Rights, Ir Amim, Yesh Din and the New Israel Fund.

Shake thyself from the dust; put on thy beautiful garments, my people. (Isaiah 52:2)
NEWS BRIEF: " PM Netanyahu Invokes Message of Prophet Isaiah to declare "New World Order" ", Breaking News Israel, April 16, 2015
"Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu invoked messages of the Holocaust and biblical prophecy as a warning directed towards the expansionist and violent actions of the Iranian regime."
'Seventy years ago, the bells of freedom rang in the free world. The horrific nightmare that had engulfed all humanity in the depths of blood had come to an end in Europe ... Leaders of modern countries realized that it was a propitious time to establish a new world order based on defending liberty, eradicating evil and opposing oppression."
I find it highly interesting that Prime Minister Netanyahu stated two facts about the New World Order:
1) This new Order began after World War II.
2) The basis upon which this New World Order was established was the peace and safety created upon the ruins of World War II.
Our Bible says something very interesting about declaring "peace and safety", does it not?
"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape." (2 Thessalonians 5:3)
In other words, some time after people begin declaring that the world has entered into an era of "peace and safety", world events will come crashing hard down around them. Indeed, the whole body of New Age writings declare that the New World Order will be produced by the "peace and safety" which the New Age Christ (Antichrist) will bring upon the world scene.
The Prime Minister continues to invoke the warnings of the Prophet Isaiah.
"Quoting the Prophet Isaiah, the prime minister evoked a message of warning from God 'as the civilized world is lulled into a slumber on a bed of illusions' ... For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples' said the Prophet Isaiah. The determination and lessons that were acquired in blood seventy years ago are now dissipating, and the darkness and fog of denying reality are taking their place', Netanyahu warned."
The clear-headed thinking that was forced upon the world by the shattering and bloody events of Nazi Germany is now being replaced by fuzzy wishful thinking concerning the true intentions of certain current leaders.
Whereas the key leader of the World War II genocide was Germany's Adolf Hitler, the key leader today is Iran's Ayatollah.
Both leaders were concerned about Israel's demise and the annihilation of her citizens. Leaders of the Free World must wake up, the Prime Minister warns, to realize that Iran is as much a threat to Israel as Hitler proved to be in World War II.
Netanyahu continues, quoting Isaiah again.
"With a message of hope, Netanyahu ended his speech by invoking the message of Isaiah 52:2, 'Shake thyself from the dust; put on thy beautiful garments my people'.
The very existence of tiny Israel, in the daily struggle against a vast array of enemies, is a testimony to God's Omnipotent power and His eternal promises. Netanyahu concludes:
The nation of eternity has shaken itself from the dust, returned home, stood tall, established an outstanding country and an outstanding army, the Israel Defense Force, in which our brave and courageous sons and daughters serve, he stated. We will remember those who were murdered, we will guarantee life.
"Nation of Eternity" is an apt description of Israel, don't you think?

President to hold talks on Iran, Yemen next month with leaders of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE
By AP April 17, 2015 - WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has invited the heads of Gulf Cooperation Council countries to the White House and then to Camp David. Negotiations over Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the turmoil in Yemen are topics high on the agenda. The White House said Obama will meet with the leaders of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in the White House on May 13 and then at Camp David, the presidential mountaintop retreat in Maryland, on May 14.
Obama has portrayed the Iran deal as necessary to reduce the chances of the combustible Middle East becoming even more unstable with the introduction of a nuclear-armed Iran.
The Sunni-majority Saudis have made veiled threats about creating their own nuclear program to counter Shiite-led Iran.

Initial agreement calls for penalties to be removed over time but president says ‘creative negotiations’ needed
By AFP April 17, 2015 AP and TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF - Iran accuses US of creating Islamic State, Boko Haram. Top general claims Washington sets up terror groups to harm Islam, bolster Israel; allegation comes as Obama weighs Tehran’s demand for full sanctions relief Iran vows nuclear enrichment ‘without limits’ unless sanctions end. Zarif warns world can choose ‘path of confrontation’ or ‘path of cooperation’

Military parade near Tehran features truck carrying banner calling for destruction of Jewish state; Rouhani sets out ‘strategy of deterrence’
By TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF and AP PM: Israel sees S-300 sale to Iran with ‘utmost gravity’
Also protesting Iran’s ‘Death to Israel’ incitement, Netanyahu warns at cabinet meeting: ‘Israel will do all that is necessary to protect’ its citizens
By Rahel Jaskow April 19, 2015 - Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said Israel treated Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to supply advanced S-300 surface-to-air missiles to Iran with “utmost gravity.”
“Israel views with utmost gravity the supply of S-300 missiles from Russia to Iran, especially at a time when Iran is stepping up its aggression in the region and around the borders of the State of Israel,” he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.
The prime minister also reiterated Israel’s stance about the framework long-term nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, saying it didn’t address Iran’s regional military aspirations.
“Israel also views with utmost gravity the fact that there is no reference to this aggression in the agreement being made between the major powers and Iran,” he said. “There is no stipulation that this aggression be halted, whether at the start of the agreement or as a condition for the lifting of sanctions. Yesterday we saw the military parade in Tehran and Iran’s exhibition of weapons to the world. Every year the missiles are bigger and enhanced – in accuracy, strength and deadliness; however, one thing does not change.
“What does not change is the inscription ‘Death to Israel’ on the missiles,” Netanyahu added. “Against the threats that I have described, Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend the security of the state and its citizens.”

F. Michael Maloof - Regional players have secret overseas programs to neuter pact's impact
Published: 04/04/2015 WASHINGTON – The nuclear “framework agreement” worked out between Iran and the Western powers has drawn a broad range of reactions, from celebration by the White House to cautious optimism from Tehran’s archenemy Saudi Arabia to strong criticism from Israel. President Obama said the interim deal is designed to insure that the Middle East doesn’t engage in a nuclear arms race.
He said it would “cut off every pathway” to Iran developing a nuclear weapon, and he hoped it would lead to a fundamental change in relations between the United States and the Islamic Republic.
House Speaker John Boehner, in contrast, warned that the “parameters” represented an “alarming departure” from initial U.S. goals.
He said his “immediate concern is the administration signaling it will provide near-term sanctions relief,” referring to a provision calling for U.S. and European Union sanctions relief once inspectors verify Iran’s progress toward the nuclear-related steps of the deal.
“Congress must be allowed to fully review the details of any agreement before any sanctions are lifted,” Boehner said.
Saudi Arabia, which has threatened to have its own nuclear program, gave cautious support for the framework.
“Everyone wants a serious agreement,” said the Saudi ambassador to the U.S., Adel al-Jubeir.
However, he wanted to wait for more details of the deal before commenting further.
Meanwhile, Iran’s nuclear negotiator, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, received a rock star’s welcome in Tehran following the announcement.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the framework agreement threatens the survival of Israel and legitimizes Iran’s nuclear program, adding that it “would not block Iran’s path to the bomb (but) would pave it.”

April 16, 2015 - David Daoud - Arab commentators are asserting that Obama's sympathy towards Iran is a result of his father being a Shiite Muslim. PHOTO: Wikipedia.
In a Middle Eastern twist on the unproven conspiracy theory that Barack Obama is a Muslim, Arab media commentators have claimed that the American president is supportive of Iran because his father was a Shiite, media watchdog MEMRI reported on Wednesday. During an interview on Hiwar TV, broadcasting from London, Syrian writer Muhyiddin Lazikani said, “Barack Hussein Obama is the son of a Shiite Kenyan father,” adding that the “childhood memories of the man who rules the White House are Shiite memories,” influencing his pro-Iranian foreign policy stance. He noted that, “this is why he is so anxious for Iran to emerge victorious,” and to see the Sunni Gulf states lose their regional influence.
Lazikani tried to stress that he was “not peddling some theory,” nor was he “being racist,” claiming that his assertions regarding President Obama’s Shiite pedigree were factual. “He spent most of his childhood in Mombasa, Kenya,” said Lazikani. “I visited this very area, and I can tell you that it is mostly Shiite.”

David Daoud March 24, 2015 - Switzerland has put together a plan to reconstruct the Gaza Strip which includes paying the salaries of Hamas operatives, according to Palestinian officials interviewed by Israel’s NRG website. The plan would also reestablish the status of the Hamas terrorist organization as the only authority in the Gaza Strip. In recent months, according to the report, Hamas has been faced with the danger of collapsing in Gaza, and turned to Swiss officials for help. Its relations with Egypt are at their worst ever, and funds intended to rehabilitate the coastal enclave after Israel’s Operation Protective Edge last summer have run out. Thousands of Hamas officials have not received their salaries for months, leading to weakening of Hamas’ legitimacy in Gaza, and raising the specter of protests against Hamas’ rule. The Palestinian sources told NRG that the Swiss jumped into the fray and promised to pay the salaries of thousands of Hamas officials.
The issue of salary payments for Gaza based government employees has been the source of tensions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas for some time.
The terms of the new Swiss program also reportedly include a resolution to this long-standing crisis between Hamas and the PA. Just last Sunday, a Swiss delegation arrived in the Gaza Strip with the goal of reconciling the parties.

4.18.2015 - Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri claims to have met the Messiah in vision. They call it the “Kaduri Revival” and reports over recent months have confirmed the teachings of one of Israel’s most venerated rabbi are leading Jews time and again to accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah.
And face persecution.
Baptist preacher and radio host Carl Gallups says the situation facing Messianic Jews right now in Israel is “reminiscent of what we read about in the New Testament – in the early days of the church.”
There, he said, Jews accepting a Christian faith were persecuted. And today, they “are facing the same hardships and persecution the early church faced,” he said.
“Gallups is the author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” which cracked the top 100 bestseller list on Amazon as a growing number of political leaders and media commentators are openly speaking about the end times.
But Gallups believes one of the least-reported aspects of this discussion is the rise of Messianic Judaism in Israel.
One of the key figures in this movement is Messianic Jewish Rabbi Zev Porat of Messiah of Israel ministries. Porat won another convert over Passover when a Jew named Yechezke proclaimed his belief in “Yeshua,” or Jesus. Yechezke stated, “This is my first real Passover. Now I know that Yeshua is the Passover Lamb.” Porat explained, “Yechezke’s salvation on the Feast of Passover is yet another confirmation that we are closer than ever to the return of our Lord and Savior Yeshua the Messiah.”
The key resource Porat and other Messianic Jews are using in their evangelism is Gallups’ book, “The Rabbi Who Found Messiah: The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime.”

Is the battle over Yemen about to expand to ocean warfare?
NEWS BRIEF: " Iranian 7-9 ship convoy moves toward Yemen", The Hill, April 17, 2015
"Iran is sending an armada of seven to nine ships some with weapons toward Yemen in a potential attempt to resupply the Shia Houthi rebels, according to two U.S. defense officials. Officials fear the move could lead to a showdown with the U.S. or other members of a Saudi-led coalition, which is enforcing a naval blockade of Yemen and is conducting its fourth week of airstrikes against the Houthis."
What is the composition of this naval "armada", because just the name given this convoy implies that some ships are "armed"?
"Iran sent a destroyer and another vessel to waters near Yemen last week but said it was part of a routine counter-piracy mission. What's unusual about the new deployment, which set out this week, is that the Iranians are not trying to conceal it, officials said. Instead, they appear to be trying to 'communicate it' to the U.S. and its allies in the Gulf."
In other words, the Iranians are getting bolder in their confidence that Saudi Arabia's war against Yemen will result in a disastrous defeat against the House of Saud. As we look again at the Pentagon's New Middle East Map of 2006, we can see that the planned result is that Saudi Arabia is not only going to be defeated, they are going to be humiliated!

April 19, 2015 - According to former Swedish prime minister and foreign minister Carl Bildt, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamanei is no longer correct to describe Israel as a “US chained dog” as things have now changed.
“When Iran Supreme Leader @khamenei_ir says that Israel is ‘US chained dog’ he has obviously missed key developments,” Bildt tweeted in Sunday, adding helpfully that the dictator needs a “reality check.”
Bildt was responding to a Twitter rant from Khamenei earlier in the day in which the leader of Iran said, “The cause of insecurity in the region is the Zionist regime which is the US chained dog.”
Bildt may have been referring to the recent distance that has developed between the US and Israel over differences of opinion in how to handle the Iranian nuclear threat and peace with the Palestinians.
Over the years, the Swedish politician has been a vocal critic of Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, sometimes taking to Twitter to chastise the Jewish state. Last year he became the subject of ridicule for tweeting a satirical news story about an Israeli travel ban on Sweden as news.

April 19, 2015 - To read the New York Times, one would think that the situation in the Judea-Samaria (West Bank) region in 2015 is the same as it was in 1985 or 1975. Israel is “occupying the West Bank,” Palestinians are denied the right to vote, and Palestinian violence is inevitable because Israeli control makes them feel hopeless. That was more or less the theme of the Times‘ March 31 feature story on the situation in the territories today.
But every once in a while, a Times reporter lets accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, and a discerning reader discovers that the truth is almost the exact opposite of what the Times is trying to convey.
Correspondent Diaa Hadid began her lengthy March 31 article on what was (for her) a hopeful note, pointing out that “the United States and Europe seem ever more ready to pressure Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank.”
Then, in the 12th paragraph, Hadid mentioned a fact that must have been confusing to Times readers. The Palestinian Authority held “a presidential election in 2005,” she noted in passing.
Wait a minute. We thought that the Palestinians have all been disenfranchised by the Israeli “occupation.” We were told –by the Times and most of the international news media - that Israel is preventing the Palestinians from exercising their democratic right to vote. Now it turns out that the Palestinian Authority did have an election in 2005 - and the only reason they haven’t held another one since then is because, as Hadid wrote, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas “has systematically snuffed out any challenges to his rule.”
In other words, it is the Palestinian Authority, not Israel, that is preventing Palestinian democracy. Interesting!

April 19, 2015 - – The Israeli economy grew 7 percent in the last quarter of 2014, its highest rate of growth in recent years, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported.
In the third quarter of 2014, the Israeli economy grew only 0.3 percent while the war with Hamas was ongoing. The economy grew 1.5 percent in last year’s second quarter. By the end of 2014, Israel’s total economic value crossed the trillion-shekel threshold and reached its highest-ever amount: 1.09 trillion shekels ($278 billion).
Also in the fourth quarter of 2014, new car purchases jumped 75.5 percent in Israel, while purchases of refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, and dryers all increased about 22 percent. Purchases of clothing and footwear increased 10.3 percent, while spending on airfare for trips abroad rose 8.1 percent. The growth figures indicate that Israel’s military operation in Gaza took a smaller-than-expected toll on the country’s economy.



While calling for Jewish pride and Israel advocacy, documentary portrays North American universities as anti-Semitic battlefields
By Cathryn J. Prince February 27, 2015 - NEW YORK - Sarah Abonyi no longer feels free to express her ideas in the classroom. The University of New Mexico student worries about grade reprisals from professors who she said routinely denounce Israel during their courses. “As a student the power dynamics are there. I feel powerless in a sense and very intimidated that these figures of authority and academic knowledge are basically invalidating everything I support,” she said.
Abonyi is one of several students featured in “Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism,” a new documentary film about the rise of anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitic rhetoric on North American college campuses.
“There is no longer a separation between fair criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism,” said the film’s producer Rabbi Raphael Shore, founder and CEO of Jerusalem U.

President says Washington will wait to evaluate support for Jerusalem at UN until after new Israeli coalition formed
By Lazar Berman Updated: March 25, 2015 - Lazar Berman is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.
US President Barack Obama expressed doubt Tuesday about the prospect of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians emerging in the coming years under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and indicated that no decision would be made about changing Washington’s policy of shielding Israel at the United Nations until a new coalition is formed.
Netanyahu “has a different approach” that rejects a two-state solution, making the possibility of a framework deal “dim,” Obama said at a press conference at the White House on Tuesday, a reference to pre-election comments made by the PM — since clarified - that a Palestinian state would not be created under his watch.
After the election, Netanyahu walked back on those comments, telling NBC: “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution” but stressing the grave dangers posed to Israel and the region and the rejectionist positions of the Palestinian leadership. The White House, however, has rejected Netanyahu’s clarification.
Regarding US support for Israel at the UN, which includes using its veto at the Security Council, Obama said: “We are going to do that evaluation. We’re going to partly wait for an actual Israeli government to form.”

Amman plans to finish construction of site in Amra in country’s north by 2022
By Sam McNeil March 25, 2015 - MMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan signed a $10 billion deal with Russia on Tuesday to build the kingdom’s first nuclear power plant, with two 1,000-megawatt reactors in the country’s north.
The deal, signed in the Jordanian capital, Amman, with Russia’s state-owned Rosatom company caps efforts of the energy-poor kingdom to increase energy sufficiency and reduce imports.
Jordan lacks any local energy sources and imports 96 percent of its electricity. The violence in neighboring Iraq and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has threatened and in many cases, completely cut off supplies.
The kingdom’s Petra news agency said Jordan plans to finish construction of the plant in Amra in the country’s north by 2022. There are also hopes it will be fueled with uranium mined in Jordan.
“As you know, we lost the oil from Iraq, natural gas from Egypt, and the country has been bleeding and losing on an average $3 billion every year,” said Khalid Toukan, head of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission.
“We aim to build a state-of-the art nuclear power plant that will be a showcase for the region and other newcomer countries,” Toukan said. He also referred to the kingdom’s large uranium deposits discovered in 2007 but still undeveloped.
“Nuclear power is definitely one of the solutions to graduate from total dependency on oil and gas,” he added. “I am optimistic that the raw materials, the yellow cake, will come from Jordan.”

The PM’s defense of his Election Day rhetoric doesn’t quite fit the facts, but the US president’s offensive doesn’t exactly match reality either
By Haviv Rettig Gur March 25, 2015, 6:18 am 37 week after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clinched the election, it’s increasingly looking like he may have lost something important when he won in the hard-fought battle for a fourth term. Netanyahu managed a victory large enough to ensure a right-wing coalition without meaningful ideological or political gaps among its members, a relief after the experience of his last government, which was fractured by widely divergent views. But his opponents won a kind of victory as well, handed to them by Netanyahu’s own campaign strategy, in which he may have been too savvy for his own good.
It is the White House, though, and not the Zionist Union party that has worked the hardest to capitalize on Netanyahu’s missteps, though the Americans’ strategy may turn out to be faulty as well.
In the wake of Netanyahu’s warning on Election Day that “Arabs are turning out in droves,” the prime minister’s defenders have insisted that Netanyahu was not race-baiting, but rather conveying a simple political fact: Arabs do not generally vote for the right, and higher turnout among leftists and Arabs meant the right’s continued rule was in danger.
Netanyahu’s comment was clumsy, his defenders acknowledge, but certainly not racist, they contend.
The only problem with that defense is that the “droves” comment came from one of the most politically savvy and careful politicians Israel has ever known, a man far too sensitive to have failed to notice that he was warning about “Arabs” exercising their right to vote rather than, say, “leftists” or “anti-Zionists,” with whom one might disagree on substantive questions.

US-Egypt relations have been strained since President Sissi’s 2013 overthrow of elected president Mohammed Morsi
By AP, AFP and Times of Israel staff April 19, 2015 - CAIRO - Egypt’s president has held talks with CIA director John Brennan in Cairo that touched on regional conflicts and terrorism.
A government statement Sunday said the meeting between Brennan and President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi focused on “ways of enhancing bilateral relations” and regional issues. It said both sides agreed to continue “consultation and coordination on issues of mutual interest.” The visit by Brennan was not previously announced.
Egypt remains a key US regional partner, despite tensions following el-Sissi’s overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in 2013, Egypt’s first-ever freely elected leader and a member of the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. El-Sissi has been promoting the idea of a pan-Arab military force to intervene in regional conflicts, and is active in the coalition against Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen.

Channel 2 news accidentally bestowed that honorific upon Obama Saturday night when reporting on a press conference by the US president. The mistake, in an on-screen ID tag, came at a time when Israeli concerns over the US-Iran relationship are particularly acute. Ties between America and Israel have grown strained in recent months as Obama attempts to work out a nuclear deal with Iran, on terms Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu furiously opposes.
Netanyahu has repeatedly protested that the emerging deal fails to dismantle Iranian nuclear facilities, and instead “paves the way” to the bomb for Iran. Obama insists that the deal is the best means of preventing an Iranian bomb, and has complained that Netanyahu has failed to present a realistic alternative.

Rivlin pans comments about Arab turnout before tasking PM with crafting government
By Lazar Berman March 25, 2015 - President Rivlin formally charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the task of forming the next government, and urged him to work to “heal the wounds” caused during a “hard election campaign.”
Earlier, a leading pollster said Netanyahu’s Election Day appeal to supporters to vote to offer the “droves of Arabs” casting ballots may have played a decisive role in his victory. Israel reportedly canceled key discussions on an East Jerusalem housing project for undisclosed reasons. Sources claimed that the meetings were held up because of a desire to not exacerbate tensions with the Obama administration. Meanwhile, the US Senate said it will bring an Iran sanctions bill to a vote if no framework agreement is reached by March 31. Iran-backed Houthi rebels drove Yemen’s president from his Aden palace, further consolidating their hold on the country.
The Times of Israel liveblogged events as they unfolded.

The new commander of the IDF Central Command, Gen. Roni Noma, assumes his post, replacing Gen. Nitzan Alon during a ceremony in Jerusalem. Noma, the former head of the IDF’s Depth Corps, says, “Our responsibility to the security of settlements is not in doubt. We must fight terror while ensuring the quality of life of both Israelis and Palestinians.” Alon says that Israel and the PA “are at the height of a strategic struggle: Politically, diplomatically, and legally.” Noma comes into the position as warnings abound about a possible eruption of violence in the West Bank, which is under the authority of the Central Command.

Netanyahu finally meets with representatives of ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism as he works to create a coalition. Netanyahu tells UTJ chief Yaakov Litzman and MK Moshe Gafni that he appreciates their efforts as deputy health minister and chairman of the Knesset Finance Committee during the 18th Knesset, and that he would like to see them assume these posts again, the Ynet news site reports.
However, the PM does not officially offer them the positions, as Kulanu chief Moshe Kahlon is angling for control of the Finance Committee post. UTJ lawmakers on principle refuse to assume full ministerial posts. President Rivlin is expected to officially task Netanyahu with forming a coalition today.

March 25, 2015, 2:12 pm Amid significant tensions with the Obama administration, Israel freezes a 1,500-unit housing project in the East Jerusalem Har Homa neighborhood, the Ynet news site reports.
The Housing Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality say that two discussions critical to the project’s advancement, scheduled for the coming week, were canceled for reasons that have not been explained to them.
Sources involved with the project tell Ynet that Netanyahu’s office held up the talks so as not to exacerbate tensions with the US president. The Prime Minister’s Office, on the other hand, says the project was never presented to them, denying the claims made by Jerusalem and the Housing Ministry.

Mike Lander, Pray4Zion Prayer
Shalom Dear Friend and Partner of Israel,
We send greetings to you and your family and pray God’s amazing abundant blessing and favour upon your lives each day. Thank you for being a great blessing to Israel through Pray4Zion we want you to know that you are making the difference. Every prayer for Israel, love and support for God’s Chosen people sincerely must please God.
Please don’t grow weary [...] We believe that March is going to be a very interesting and prophetic month! The speech which Israeli Prime Minister will be speaking in front of a joint session of Congress on the 03rd and falls out a day before the Jewish Fast of “Taanit Esther” (The fast of Esther). Each year before Purim Jews around the world fast to commemorate the three day fast days in the Book of Esther before Esther pleaded before the King not to kill the Jews.
Is it not symbolic that Netanyahu is making this historic speech at the same time that the Jews are fasting and remembering the story of Purim when the nation of Israel was almost destroyed?
Netanyahu is worried about Iran destroying Israel. Iran is modern day Persia and the story of Purim took place in Persia. Just like today, God was “hidden” in the story of Purim (His Name is not even mentioned once in the Book of Esther). Yet just like the story of Purim, we are convinced that God will come through for Israel, the Jewish nation.
If there is one thing that no one could dispute, is the fact that history repeats itself! Jewish Holidays come to teach us all a lesson that is relevant for every generation. As Bibi Netanyahu prepares for his speech in congress to try and halt modern Persia bent on Israel’s destruction… we need to remember this Scripture: Esther 4:14, “If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows that you have come to royal position ‘for a time such as this!”
Whilst US President Obama is supporting a boycott of Bibi Netayahu and not even the vice president will attend the talks. There are also conflicting reports he has stopped all contact with the Israeli government concerning the Iranian negotiations! Time will tell! On the 20th March we have the full Solar Eclipse which precedes the 3rd (of 4) Blood Moon Tetrad at Passover on the 04th April.
Obama speaks about extremism without labelling it Islam. He knows he can frame the debate where he can rope Christianity into the extremist debate. However, his version of Islam he is portraying in the media is very incorrect. Firstly, Islam that infiltrates ISIS, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others are filled with apocalyptic beliefs that motivate them to behead, burn, and destroy their enemies through force. This is not new in Islam. Islam is riddled with violence which traces their history all the way back to Mohammed. Mohammed was a general of an army as much as a religious leader. He encouraged the violence found in Islam that continues today. Islam’s history is full of lies, violence, and conquests. There is a reason why the history books call Mohammed’s influence the Muslim Empire. The Christian Crusaders fought back the Muslims in Spain and on the outskirts of Constantinople in the medieval times. If the Muslims did not fight their way into Europe, there would be no Crusades in the Holy Land. Satan has used Islam to destroy huge segments of Christianity in North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Today, Satan is using it to destroy Christianity in the Western World.
Obama is a man heavily influenced by Islam himself, ostracizes Christians and Jews, but this helps explain why ISIS bent upon their Radical Islam believes that this ideology should be accepted by all. It is as if Obama believes that it was Christians who were beheading Muslims in the Middle East…? The problem with the world is Islam, period! This narrative that Obama is painting is being used to eradicate Christian influence in Western society. What little Christianity is influencing society is certainly being eradicated by Obama and he could very well be one of the forerunners to the Antichrist bringing war to the mountains of Israel …God’s land and people just as prophesied in the Bible for end-times!
Friends, don’t be deceived. You were bought with a price, and your Lord will always be with you. Your life is more precious than metals, money, and the glories of this world. He has you… He forever has you, no matter how bad the world gets. God bless you always, Alf & Julie
Please pray with us :
1. We need to keep Israel in our hearts and prayers as this is the only civilized democratic nation in the Middle East fighting daily for its very existence. We are all called to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem!” Psalm 122:6 and God has promised us that those who pray for Israel will be blessed. When we pray for the peace of Jerusalem we are also praying for the return of our Lord since there will never be peace in Israel until the Prince of Peace returns!
2. Pray for PM Bibi Netanyahu for the upcoming elections on the 17th March as he is facing great backlash from the US Obama Administration for accepting this invitation by the US Congress to talk at their meeting on 4th March in the US about the dangers of Iran getting a nuclear bomb and Radical Islam. At the same time there is a conspiracy by Obama Administration who have sent Obama’s campaign manager to Israel to work with the opposition parties in Israel to prevent PM Netanyahu from being re-elected in the coming Israeli elections. He is facing a lot of opposition for his stance against terrorism so we need to pray that he will be re-elected and that he will stand strong in this very hostile neighbourhood. Please pray for his protection Psalm 91 and for Israel.
3. Please pray for the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria and across the Middle East as they are facing persecution of an unprecedented level from ISIS.
4. Please pray against the evil of anti-Semitism that is spreading across Europe… also against Christian persecution and the evils of Islamist organizations such as Hamas, Fatah, Al-Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Khorosan, Muslim Brotherhood and others… they are all from the same poisonous tree!
5. Please pray for our nation South Africa that God will raise up strong Godly leaders and those who will stand firm with Israel to be Biblically correct and our nation be blessed …rather than politically correct and be cursed (Genesis 12:3).
Should you need prayer : please feel free to contact me (Mike) as it is our privilege to stand in agreement with you for a breakthrough - We have had many praise reports! Once a month Alf & Julie go to pray in Jerusalem for Israel and ALL our partners… and place the prayer requests received on the Western Wall.
On behalf of our families to yours and on behalf of all of us at Pray4Zion … “May the LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.” So shall they put my name upon the people of Israel , and I will bless them.” Numbers 6:24 - 27
With best wishes always, Mike Lander, Pray4Zion Prayer and Communications Secretary Cell +27 84 602 2890 and Fax +27 86 6163974

March 29, 2015 - Algemeiner Staff - Clinton Israel Clinton Obama Conference of Presidents Israel Democratic Israelis and Palestinians Jewish leaders Malcolm Hoenlein US-Israel relationship. After weeks of escalating criticism of Israel by the Obama Administration, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and the leading 2016 Democratic presidential contender, on Sunday called for the renewal of the “special” relationship between the US and the Jewish state.
In a telephone conversation with Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Clinton said that she “thinks we need to all work together to return the special US-Israel relationship to constructive footing, to get back to basic shared concerns and interests.”
The Secretary said this includes “a two-state solution pursued through direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.” She further noted that, “we must ensure that Israel never becomes a partisan issue.”
Mr. Hoenlein, who initiated the conversation, said that, “Secretary Clinton’s views are of special importance and timeliness given recent issues in the US-Israel relationship. We note her call for direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, which, we believe, is the only possible route to a true peace.”
Clinton’s comments follow weeks of escalating criticisms from the Obama Administration mainly addressing comments made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu days before his reelection earlier this month. The latest attacks follow a pattern of aggressive language directed towards Israel’s leaders throughout the Obama presidency which has been marked by a number of stark policy differences between the Israelis and the White House.

MUST READ: OBAMA-JARRETT CONSIDER DE FACTO DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST ISRAEL Another concerted, anti-Israel effort is being conducted by the Obama-Jarrett White House and managing to fly under the radar. Stinging from their failed attempt to oust Benjamin Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister, reports are now circulating of the administration’s willingness to allow Palestine to move forward with international war crimes charges against Israel when Palestine becomes a member of the International Criminal Court. Such a move would in effect, be a de facto declaration of war against America’s once-closest ally in the Middle East.
The Palestinian Authority is set to join the International Criminal Court on April 1st. (Ironic choice of date, yes?)
Traditionally the United States has opposed Palestine’s request to be a member of the ICC due in great part to its direct ties to Islamic terrorist groups, namely Hamas which is a military offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. (An organization with strong ties to the Obama White House) Hamas has been designated a terrorist organization by such nations as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Jordan, and the United States. During the Obama-Jarrett years though, American policy has taken to being far more supportive of Hamas’s demands than previous U.S. administration’s.
In effect, if Palestine is granted a seat at the International Criminal Court, it will be an example of a terrorist organization being allowed to file war crime charges against Israel, “war crimes” that involve Israel defending itself against Hamas bombings against the Jewish nation.

WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF SPEAKS AGAINST ISRAEL'S "OCCUPATION" OF THE WEST BANK Friday Church News Notes, March 27, 2015 - David Cloud - Speaking at J Street's fifth annual conference, Denis McDonough, the White House Chief of Staff, called Israel's control of the West Bank "an occupation" that "must end" ("Obama's Chief of Staff Fires up J Street,", Mar. 23, 2015). J Street "was founded to disrupt the close U.S.-Israel alliance and to serve as an alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the powerful pro-Israel group."
Israel won control over West Bank and east Jerusalem during the 1967 Six Day War, though it has withdrawn from most Palestinian towns and returned control of the Temple Mount to the Muslims. Those who consider Israel an illegal "occupier" of any part of that land don't believe God's eternal promise to Abraham and his seed, and the fact that Israel is willing to bargain any part of the Promised Land for peace is evidence of her continued apostasy.
"And the LORD said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever" (Gen. 13:14-15). "In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates" (Gen. 15:18). "And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God" (Gen. 17:8).





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