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[Ednote: Israel has a President (Peres) and a Prime Minister (Netanyahu) while the U.S. only has a President (Obama)]
June 11, 2014 Kevin Lees - Benjamin Netanyahu wasn’t running for Israel’s largely ceremonial presidency on Tuesday, but he’s emerged as the clearest loser after waging an unsuccessful campaign against the man who ultimately won, Reuven Rivlin, and he may have hastened his own political demise in the process.
In some ways, Rivlin has been the frontrunner for the presidency for the past seven years, in light of his finish as runner-up to Shimon Peres in the 2007 election. Israeli presidents are elected by the Knesset, Israel’s 120-member unicameral parliament.
Rivlin defeated Meir Sheetrit, a former Likud MK who now belongs to Hatnuah (The Movement Party), the party founded in November 2012 by the centrist former foreign minister Tzipi Livni. On the final ballot, Rivlin won 63 votes against 53 for Sheetrit, who emerged from among four challengers as the chief ‘anti-Rivlin’ vote, attracting support from centrist and left-leaning MKs.

Attempts over the last month to find a method of madness and understand why prime minister ran amuck to prevent Rivlin from being chosen as president bring to mind a series of past incidents in which the Netanyahus thought he was personally hurting and humiliating him instead of supporting him.
Tzipi Livni made an aggressive speech against Netanyahu. Mrs. Netanyahu said that Tzipi Livni should not have been allowed to speak. Rivlin ended up without his job as speaker due to Netanyahu's humiliating comments.
Since returning from Japan, Netanyahu was fully committed to undo the 'right wing' Rivlin election but failed to delay the election. Whole article at:

Posted on June 16, 2014 | Israeli Knesset has elected its Speaker Reuven Rivlin as the new President to replace the [...] Shimon Peres who is due to retire in July 2014. It was another blow to Netanyahu’s political clout at the home front. Netanyahu campaigned against Rivlin’s candidacy as he did in 2007 in support of Peres.
In a desperate move to stop Rivlin wining the presidency, Netanyahu tried to persuade Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid to support the Holocaust fabricator Elie Wiesel, neither a citizen nor a resident of the Zionist entity to become its new president.
Rivlin who was born into an Austrian Jewish family in occupied Palestine is considered a “Dove” by his war-mongering Likud mafia. Rivlin is one of those few Zionist leaders who believe that treating the Arabs more “humanely” while living on lands stolen from them, would be good for the long interests of the illegal Jewish settlers. That’s why I call him the “Righteous Zionist”. I can list his following actions in support of my claim.
1. In December 2011, Rivlin supported a bill in Israeli Knesset asking Washington to recognize Armenian genocide committed by Turkish Crypto Jewish elites.
2. His father professor Yosef Yoel Rivlin was the first Jew who translated Holy Qur’an in Hebrew. He also translated ‘One Thousand and one Nights’.
3. His cousin Lilly Rivlin, who lived in United States for a while, is a writer and producer of film, ‘Can You Hear Me?: Israeli and Palestinian Women Fight for Peace’.
4. He is dead against the American “two-state solution”. He supports one democratic Jewish state of Israel with equal rights and freedom of speech to all its Jewish, Muslim and Christian citizens.
5. He has criticized politicians, rabbis, sport fans, etc. for racism based on religion and ethnicity.
6. He has disapproved Netanyahu’s anti-Iran rants and criticism of the so-called “P5+1? negotiations with Iran. Rivlin believes that no American administration would dare to throw Israel under the bus.
7. He protected Native Palestinian Knesset member Hanin Zoabi when the Jewish-controlled Knesset tried to sanction her for taking part in the Gaza flotilla and even elevated MK Ahmed Tibi, the Palestinian Israelis most love to hate, to deputy-Speaker.
8. In March 2009, Rivlin acknowledged the “great suffering and real trauma” endured by Palestinians in 1948 and called for compensations for the Nakba.
Rivlin will be Israel’s first president who is not linked with Israel Occupation Force (IOF). Shimon Peres is known as the Father of Jewish Nuclear Bomb.
Israel’s presidency is a symbolic with no executive powers like India’s president Shri Paranab Mukherjee. It wields no power, but huge prestige. And Rivlin will know what to do with it.

By Anna Momigliano - June 10, 2014, 1:55pm [...] Rivlin is definitely a vocal opponent of the Oslo accords. He rejects the very idea of giving the occupied territories away. But, on the other hand, he also proposed giving Palestinians Israeli citizenship, full civil rights and the right to vote in a much-discussed Haaretz interview back in 2010.
Just like Netanyahu, Rivlin would like Israel to keep the West Bank. But unlike Netanyahu — whose agenda works to maintain the status quo, making the occupation permanent — Rivlin suggests making the West Bank into part of Israel and its inhabitants into full Israeli citizens. That’s not a minor deviation. [...] As an Israeli columnist once explained to me, Israel’s largest conservative party is essentially divided between those who see Israeli democracy as something “expendable” and those who do not. Netanyahu clearly belongs to the first faction. He’s convinced that the birth of a Palestinian state would endanger Israel’s own survival; on the other hand, he’s not willing to give Palestinians voting rights, because he fears that will also endanger Israel’s existence. The result is that he sees permanent occupation as the only viable solution. This, incidentally, also means keeping more than two million Palestinians under the control of a government over which they have no voting power. And it means endangering Israel’s own democratic nature. It’s not that Bibi doesn’t value Israeli democracy — it’s just that he considers it an expendable asset.
But others inside the Likud do not share Netanyahu’s value system. Some Likudniks, like Rivlin, see democracy as a non-negotiable issue. They may share Bibi’s view that the birth of a Palestinian state is a danger to Israel, but they’re willing to pay the price of keeping the territories while protecting Israel’s democratic nature. This, as Rivlin candidly admitted in his Haaretz interview, means giving full rights to Palestinians under Israeli control. Whole story:

Jim Wald - March 18, 2014, 11:34 pm - Jerusalem and Zhitomir, 16 March/Adar II 14
(Our Russian and Ukrainian correspondents Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass also contributed to this story, delayed due to the crisis over the Crimean referendum.) Fast-breaking Developments
Followers of Middle Eastern affairs know two things: always expect the unexpected, and never write off Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who has more political lives than the proverbial cat.
Only yesterday came news that Syrian rebels plan to give Israel the Golan Heights in exchange for creation of a no-fly zone against the Assad regime. In an even bolder move, it is now revealed, Israel will withdraw its settlers from communities beyond the settlement blocs—and relocate them at least temporarily to Ukraine. Ukraine made this arrangement on the basis of historic ties and in exchange for desperately needed military assistance against Russia. This surprising turn of events had an even more surprising origin: genetics, a field in which Israeli scholars have long excelled.
A Warlike Turkic People—and a Mystery
It is well known that, sometime in the eighth to ninth centuries, the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine. What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that empire around the eleventh century has been a mystery. Many have speculated that the Khazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews.
The Khazar Empire, from M. J-H. Schnitzler’s map of The Empire of Charlemagne and that of the Arabs, (Strasbourg, 1857) Continued:

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 25 May 2014 - Here is the opportunity to apparently know more about this interview than MK Shaul Mofaz and many other Israelis did when they claimed that Netanyahu might have meant that he was considering unilateral withdrawals:
OK. take a deep breath and have the attention span to read the following words that apparently many Israelis don't have the patience to read in their entirety:
"NETANYAHU: .... Many Israelis are asking themselves if there are certain unilateral steps that could theoretically make sense. But people also recognize that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza didn't improve the situation or advance peace -- it created Hamastan, from which thousands of rockets have been fired at our cities."
Netanyahu Says Obama Got Syria Right
By Jeffrey Goldberg - Bloomberg May 22, 2014 10:36 PM EDT
OK dear reader.
After reading this would you rush to join those who claim Netanyahu is considering the option of unilateral withdrawal?

Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies that in the last days, Gog, demonic ruler of the land of Magog, shall come against Israel, which is brought forth out of the nations. He shall come like a storm and shall conquer this land of unwalled villages, and take them hostage.
Who is Gog? Where is the land of Magog? Now, with new and astonishing archaeological and genetic discoveries, we have amazing evidence that, in fact, Magog is situated in Southern Russia, in the Caucusus, and Gog is the name of the great ruler of the Kingdom of Khazaria. Khazaria is the land of the non-Semitic, Turkic peoples who falsely claim to be Jews. From Khazaria, in the eight century, these pagan peoples, having converted to Judaism, fled to Europe to escape invading Russian warriors.
In 1948, the Khazarians went on to Palestine, where they conquered the peaceful Palestinians and set up a pretentious, new “Kingdom of Israel.” The Khazarians, claiming to be “Jews,” are from Magog. Led by Satan’s Gog, in the last days they are destined to plunge the entire world into bloodshed, chaos, and war. Ezekiel 38-39 is fulfilled in front of our eyes!

"Malignant psoriasis" was the funniest thing said yesterday by Ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting Israel's new Conscription law.* They aimed the colorful expression at Religious Zionists $ ahead of the largest protest in Israel's history. I had no doubt that the Zionists would hit back while devoutly scratching their boils.
"The Sixty Ribo Gathering," Jerusalem, March 2, 2014
[...] Today,
March 3, 2014, I opened Hebrew media looking for reports from the event. The two most important Zionist newspapers completely ignored it. Considering the size of the protest, this was an odd attitude for newspapers. What Angela Merkel said about Vladimir Putin was more important. Jewish actors having been ignored at the Oscars were more important. The largest Zionist newspaper reported the event while openly insulting the Ultra-Orthodox. "Interesting," I thought and rushed towards the main Ultra-Orthodox website, Kikar HaShabat. [...]
Hungary 1930 & the Forgotten History of a Mass Protest
Seldom do they disappoint. Today they provided all the information and plenty of images from the event. While touring the site I even noticed that a poll had been placed in its main articles. "Guilt on the persecution of the Holy Torah is on-" was the provocative title.
The options were PM Benjamin Netanyahu, his main partner and fanatic humanist Yair Lapid, his second most important partner and leader of Religious Zionism Naftali Bennett, and the IDF.

It was an attempt to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. What is happening to Israeli and Jewish organizations in Ukraine? Are they pro-Russia or pro-Europe? "Have you read the latest on Iran? Don't ask about Ukraine! The BBC had said everything that was needed to be said" was the attitude. In other words, "We are involved, do not spoil the party."
In the shifting geopolitics of this decade, Israel found itself struggling against sanctions imposed by the European Union on products from the West Bank.* Europe is the main market of Israeli exports. The annexation of Ukraine by the EU would mean a further weakening of the Israeli position.
Not for the first time, Israel and Russia found themselves on the same side of a conflict. One of the oddest signs was the emphasis that was given to the claim that the forces in the Crimea did not belong to the Russian Army but were mercenaries of unclear allegiances.
Did they mean that they were like the Syrian Free Army composed by Western et al. paid mercenaries? This was not explained, but it looks like a clear attempt to buy time for Russian authorities. "I can't comment now, I must check whom these mercenaries are being paid by."
Israel had collaborated with Russia in the Sochi Winter Games by providing the War Room controlling the theater. Were the technologies passed by Israel used in the Crimea? Incredibly, Hebrew media were silent on these issues.

Yisrael Eichler at the Knesset, Feb. 17, 2014 - The Films of Leni Riefenstahl
Yisrael Eichler is a Member of the Knesset for the Ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party. On February 17, he spoke at the Parliament against Karnit Flug, the first female Governor of the Bank of Israel.
The gender is relevant here. She is Zionist, secular, humanist, and feminist. She rejects all who doesn't agree completely with her. She is so unresponsive to society, that she keeps a surname that cannot be written in Hebrew, a language where words cannot start with "f." If unaware that it is a name, Hebrew speakers will pronounce "pilug," which in a fashion appropriate to today's topic means "to make factions." She could have adopted her husband's surname as it usually happens, but she is a feminist.
She hates religion and would make everything to destroy it. Every manipulation is kosher; every aggression is permitted. Principles of law can be trampled in her holy Western war to destruct religion. She represents the secular state and believes that she can violate everybody. After Ultra-Orthodox parties were left outside Netanyahu's coalition, she attacked them wildly. Eichler answered clearly.
Eichler Speaks: "Today, here, we are confronting an existential threat. More and more people are delegitimizing over one million Ultra-Orthodox Jews and one million Arabs [referring to Palestinians with Israeli citizenship]. This happens by people holding positions in the government; we cannot keep silent. If they don't know history [Zionists are infamous for their partial education], I will tell them that in Europe Jews were blamed for stopping growth and stopping the economy due to their being unfit human capital."

[Ednote: Pope Francis likens himself to be representing CHE GUEVERA OF PALESTINIANS]
Published on May 25, 2014 - Pope Francis, mediator, intercessor, spiritual advisor, financier, and I am sure the list goes on, all for the Palestinian People. For Israel he is the antigonizor, thorn in the flesh, re-buffer, loan shark, False prophet. Need we say more?
As this report was going to press, King Juan Carlos of Spain announced he was abdicating his throne, thus joining the King of Belgium, the Queen of the Netherlands, and pope maledict in quitting recently.

BBC- 2 June 2014 - Last updated at 17:06 ET A new Palestinian unity government has been sworn in, marking a key step towards ending a major rift between factions in the West Bank and Gaza.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hailed the event, saying "a black page in history has been turned forever".
The two sides had governed separately since Hamas, which won elections in 2006, ousted Fatah from Gaza in 2007.
The US has said it will work with the new government, a move that Israel described as "disappointing".
Israel insist it will not deal with a Palestinian government backed by Hamas - which is sworn to Israel's destruction.
Following the Palestinian announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet said it would hold Mr Abbas and the new Palestinian government accountable for any rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
In a statement, Mr Netanyahu urged world leaders not to "rush to recognise" the new government.

Spanish newspapers published special editions on Monday evening to react to the abdication
2 June 2014 Last updated at 22:26 ET The Spanish cabinet is to discuss the next steps in the process of King Juan Carlos's abdication and the accession of his son, Crown Prince Felipe. The king announced on Monday his intention to abdicate after nearly 40 years on the throne. Ministers will discuss the steps needed to approve Crown Prince Felipe's accession to the throne.
Juan Carlos was seen as popular for much of his reign, but recently many Spaniards have lost confidence in him.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said the cabinet meeting would aim at carrying out the "constitutional measures" needed to clear the way for the succession. The Spanish constitution does not have a precise law regulating abdication and royal succession, and ministers will discuss the special legislation that will be necessary for the process.
The two main parties in parliament remain loyal to the monarchy. Prince Felipe will become King Felipe VI and will inherit an institution whose reputation has been tarnished by scandals in recent years. King Juan Carlos said his son Prince Felipe would "open a new era of hope" Continued:

[Ednote: Suddenly John | May 31, 2014 | The Euphrates originates in eastern Turkey before flowing into Syria and Iraq. It’s the longest river in Western Asia and has been critical to the region for thousands of years, even being mentioned in the Book of Genesis and helping form the Fertile Crescent of Mesopotamia. With most of the water forming the river coming from Turkey, the Islamist (member of NATO) is in quite the position of power over its neighbors. In 1987, a bilateral treaty was signed between Turkey and Syria ensuring a flow of at least 500 cubic metres per second from Turkey into Syria. In 1989, a similar treaty between Syria and Iraq guaranteed 60 percent of the amount Syria receives from Turkey. Two weeks ago, the Turkish government has cut off the flow of the Euphrates to Syria and Iraq after reducing its flow over the past month and a half. The move is already having affects on Syria, where a manmade reservoir named Lake Assad has lost millions of cubic meters of water. As the water levels drop, locals are considering shutting down the dam to preserve the water that is left. If they do this, there will be no flow from the Euphrates through the rest of Syria and Iraq. One way or the other, unless the full flow is returned, there will be severe humanitarian consequences for already fragile areas of Iraq and Syria.
I find it amazing that this is getting almost zero press. It seems likely that Turkey is trying to provoke a response from Syria so that it can in turn invade. Its also sure to cause a lot of instability in Iraq, a nation already on the edge from attacks by the ISIS. It makes me wonder if Turkey, with the backing of the Obama administration, has plans to take over parts if not all of Turkey and Iraq. It could be spun as a way to end the crisis in those nations and put them under the control of a NATO ally. The really scary thing is that it would feed right into end time prophecy if one believes the empire of the Antichrist is an Islamic caliphate and the recreation of the Ottoman Empire. In fact, Revelations 16:12 states:

Suddenly John | May 28, 2014 | Pope Francis recently spent some time in the Holy Land. I reported on it in a previous article before he left, along with my fears of what the trip might entail. Now that things are wrapping up, it seems like he hit most of the points that will damage Israel and advance a Palestinian state with the International community. He visited the West Bank, he referred to Mahmoud Abbas as the president of the State of Palestine, and he did everything on a political level to advance a Palestinian State. Its puzzling and disappointing, especially after he stated that his trip was a religious one and not political in nature. This pope was billed as one who had worked against communism, yet he talks about redistributing wealth through the United Nations. Now, he strives to give legitimacy to a Palestinian State in the area that God gave to Israel. To show how politically correct the Pope was during his visit, he referred to the Palestinian leadership as “brothers.” While this sounds nice in a “lets all get along” way, lets remember who these “brothers” are. For instance, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was one of the leaders in attendance. Here he is two years ago discussing what his people would do to the Jews.

Posted By: Jordon - Date: Sunday, 1-Jun-2014 21:02:50
Dahboo7 – ISIS Militants Have US Passports! Wednesday, June 18, 2014 14:51

With respect.- Steven Shamrak: Congratulation Rivlin - Shame to Netanyahu - Reuven Rivlin has been selected as the 10th president of Israel, ending an ugly and hard-fought campaign to replace the outgoing head of state, Shimon Peres. Rivlin is a former Knesset speaker and a member of Likud, the party headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Netanyahu reportedly opposed Rivlin aggressively. He spent weeks trying to delay the election and recruit candidates to run against Rivlin. At one point he tried to recruit Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, who is not even an Israeli citizen. (One traitor, Peres, is out! Next step is to get remove the wimp, Netanyahu, from Likud leadership. Why is it that leader of Likud, Benjamin Netanyahu, is more comfortable with political enemies, Shimon Peres, than the members of his own party?)
Greetings from the PA Unity Government! 'Very Concerned' is not Condemnation!
Three yeshiva students were kidnaped in Judea and Samaria on Thursday. One of them is an Israeli-American. A covert Hamas cell in Hebron is believed to have perpetrated the abduction. The White House ‘concerned' - not outrage! Imagine the reaction if US citizen was kidnaped by Jews!
Three Rockets Fired at Israel from Gaza! Four rockets fired towards the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon on Sunday night. An Iron Dome missile defense battery deployed in the area intercepted two of the rockets.
Don't Blame Abbas - Blame Fake Palestinians
Economy Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett said that the blame on the Hamas-Fatah unity government should not be placed on Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, but rather on the Palestinian Arab people.
“The anger against Abbas over the Fatah-Hamas unity government is misplaced The problem is not Abbas. Rather, it is the Palestinian public that does not accept the State of Israel,” wrote Bennett on his Facebook page.
“How do I know this? In the only free elections that have ever been held, Hamas won 76 seats out of 132. Clear majority! Fatah (another terrorist organization) won 48 seats,” he pointed out.
“This means the majority of the Palestinian public voted for an anti-Jewish terrorist movement that aims to destroy Israel through Jihad.”
“So what do we do about it? We get stronger, and we raise our heads up high. We apply Israeli sovereignty over the territory of our country. We will continue to build our magnificent country,” wrote Bennett. (But Bennett, as many half-way Zionists, is delusional thinking that “there will be new generations on the other side who hopefully will choose a path other than terror.”)
Right Direction, Bad Plan - Economy Minister and Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett officially presented his annexation plan. Under the plan, Israel will gradually annex Area C of Judea and Samaria, where 400,000 Israelis reside alongside some 70,000 Arabs, while creating an enhanced autonomy in the remaining areas with full freedom of movement. The first area to be annexed would be Gush Etzion. The second part of the plan includes offering Israeli citizenship to 70,000 Arab residents living in the areas to be annexed. (Why would any country grant citizenship to people who despise its existence?) [...]
Egypt Shuts Rafah Crossing
Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah El-Sisi has strengthened the siege on its Gaza partner, Hamas. Cairo insists that the Rafah crossing stays shut unless Hamas hands control over to the PA, which will never happen. (No international ‘outrage’, as it is done not by Israel!)
UNESCO Removes “Israel”, Promotes Fake Palestine
Six months ago UNESCO canceled an exhibition about the Jewish people’s connection to the Land of Israel, following the Arab pressure. A ‘revised’ exhibition was opened last Wednesday at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Most strikingly, the word “Israel” has been deleted from the exhibition’s title and replaced by “Holy Land.” An exhibit that was initially called “The 3,500 year relationship of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel” is now entitled “The 3,500 year relationship of the Jewish People with the Holy Land.” (They also removed panels about the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries after Israel’s founding.)
Islamic Barbarism - Wife Electrocuted for Having a Girl - A Turkish man is charged with electrocuting his wife as punishment for giving birth to a girl. The case was the latest example of what rights activists say is a failure by EU hopeful Turkey to protect women from domestic violence. Men killed 214 women and 10 children in Turkey last year. (Genetically men are respectable for a child’s gender. Why didn’t he kill himself?)
Israeli Farmers to Give Fields a Rest
Following Rosh Hashanah in September - the beginning of the Jewish New Year - the agricultural Sabbath year, shemittah, begins. Rooted in God’s command given to Moses at Sinai, agricultural fields, vineyards and orchards are to be worked and harvested for six years, but in the seventh year they are to be allowed to “rest and lie fallow, that the poor of your people may eat; and what they leave, the beasts of the field may eat.”
Israel’s 'Friendly' Neighbors
Terror groups have managed to replenish their supply of missiles, a year and a half after Israel delivered a crushing blow to Hamas in Operation Pillar of Defense, said Itai Brun, director of research in the IDF Intelligence branch. There were hundreds of long-range missiles in Gaza - and that between Hezbollah, Hamas, and the other Gaza terror groups, now there are 170,000 missiles aimed at Israel.
Hamas is Planning the Next Confrontation - Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned that despite the reconciliation agreement it reached with the Fatah movement, Hamas is preparing for its next confrontation with Israel. “…make no mistake: Hamas is preparing itself for a confrontation with Israel, training forces and storing missiles and rockets. It already has thousands of missiles and rockets pointed towards Israel.”
Playing for Time was Always the Intention of Iran - Iran's talks with six major powers on curbing its nuclear program in exchange for an end to Western sanctions could be extended for six months if no deal is reached by a July 20 deadline agreed by all parties, a senior Iranian official said. (At the same time, unwillingness to stop nuclear program of Iran was always the intention of the Western powers.)
Abbas will do Nothing About Rocket Attacks - The US State Department condemned the rocket fire from Gaza, but also said that Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas cannot do much to stop the attacks, despite having signed a unity pact with Hamas. Abbas ‘condemned’ the rocket fire from Gaza, but not because of the threat to human or Israeli lives. Rather, he said, such attacks are a threat to the Hamas-Fatah unity pact and Palestinian Arab security. (It is amazing how the US administration is eager to justify actions and inaction of the terror-infested PA and its hate and aggression against Jewish state!)
Assad and Iran are ‘Good Guys’ Now - Assad offers to help Iraq rid itself of al-Qaeda group which took over Mosul, saying 'Damascus ready to cooperate with Iraq to face terrorism, our common enemy'. (After dismal failure of the bogus West-lead “War on Terror”, a new player emerged, who actually can do the job!) Iranian military forces are fighting ISIS in Iraq. Al Qods Brigades chief Gen. Qassem Soleimani arrived in Baghdad ahead of the Iranian troops now fighting in Iraq.
Abbas Tricking the Americans as Arafat Did! - by Ari Yashar - A former Hamas government spokesman revealed on Sunday that Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has said in private meetings he is lying in public statements to "trick the Americans." Continued:

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik Thursday, May 8, 2014 Hamas warns Israelis to leave or die, in latest Hamas video taunting Israelis and Jews. Animated video sung to tune of Israel's national anthem promises Israelis will be expelled to Germany and Russia
Hamas' military wing, the Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, has produced a Hebrew language video mocking Israelis, sung to the tune of Israel's national anthem "Hatikva" ("The Hope"). It was posted on its website and on Hamas' TV's YouTube channel, to coincide with Israel's 66th Independence Day earlier this week. The animated video named "The End of Hope" shows Hamas soldiers conquering Israel and expelling Jews to Germany and Russia.
Click to view
Palestinian Media Watch has documented Hamas' use of videos addressing Israelis, at times in Hebrew, as a propaganda tool. More examples are included at the end of this report.
This latest propaganda video asserts that "the Zionists' army is made of wax and "is melting." A child is seen throwing a stone that causes Israel's Parliament Knesset to crumble. The song promises that all Jews will be forced to leave Israel while "the fool who insists [on remaining] - his fate is sealed - [he'll end up] under the ground," sung to pictures of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi who was murdered by PFLP terrorists in 2001, and Israel's current Defense Minister Moshe Ayalon with a target around his face. Israelis are then forced by Hamas soldiers to board ships to their "country of origin," as signs point to "deportation to Russia" and "deportation to Germany," while in the background are the bodies of Israeli soldiers. The video ends with Jews fleeing the Western Wall and Hamas soldiers standing victorious over the Dome of the Rock Mosque, which is flying Palestinian flags. The song announces that Jerusalem's name will be the Arabic "Beit Al-Maqdis" and not "Jerusalem." The final picture shows a burning Israeli flag with words "Israel will surely disappear."
A few weeks ago, Hamas produced a video showing Israeli soldiers being killed by a sniper, while text warned: "You will end up in Hell" and "Our harvest is your heads." Click to view
In 2009, during the time Hamas held Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit hostage (2006-2011), the terror organization produced a video promising more kidnappings - "You [Israelis] will all be 'Gilads,' we'll capture you." Click to view

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), May 5, 2014] - Friday, May 9, 2014 - Former PM says America "is perceived to have been weakened" over the last several years, but could still destroy Iran's nuclear arsenal in operation he said would be easier than planned campaign against Syrian chemical weapons.
By MICHAEL WILNER The Jerusalem Post 05/08/2014 22:13 WASHINGTON – An American military attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities would take a “fraction of one night” to complete should US President Barack Obama choose to order one, former prime minister Ehud Barak said in Washington on Thursday.
Speaking to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Barak said such an attack would be easier for the United States than last year’s planned campaign against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons infrastructure.
“It’s a simpler operation to get rid of the [Iranian] arsenal,” Barak said.
Nevertheless, he issued a harsh condemnation of the White House, charging that Obama had changed the goal posts on what he would find acceptable from Tehran.
“The American administration changed its objective from no nuclear military Iran to no nuclear military Iran during the term of this administration,” Barak said, adding that the US “is perceived to have been weakened” over the last several years. Barak endorsed negotiations between Iran and the international community in Vienna, while expressing skepticism that Iran had a genuine interest in a good deal. Iran benefits, he said, from a continuation of a halfstep deal, as was achieved in Geneva over the fall.
Barak was speaking in conversation with Dennis Ross, a former diplomat under the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations who is now with the Washington Institute. In the wide-ranging discussion, Barak said that international crisis management had become a “gestalt, where everything depends on everything else.”
Conflict with China over the Senkaku Islands complicates participation on Iran, he said. “When the attention is drawn to Donetsk [in Ukraine],” he added, “there is no room for real cooperation on Syria.” He conceded the difficulty facing the US on Syria, while commenting that Assad had “saved himself” by using chemical weapons on his own people. He was referring to the deal Assad made to rid himself of his chemical arsenal in exchange for effective immunity from US attack.

May 11, 2014 SOURCE: Saudi Gazette 11 May ’14:”Experimental vaccine developed for coronavirus [MERS]” SUBJECT: Vaccine for coronaviruses SARS and MERS - WASHINGTON – Maryland University and Gaithersburg biotech Novavax announced that an experimental vaccine for combating coronavirus has succeeded in stopping infection in laboratory studies. It is based on a platform for a vaccine candidate that is said to protect against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, or SARS; both MERS and SARS are coronaviruses. “You’re blocking the attachment of the antibody to the human cell,” said Dr. Gregory Glenn, the senior vice president of research and development at Novavax. “When you have an immune response to the virus, the virus is destroyed.”
The company’s work on MERS was published in the most recent issue of the journal Vaccine.

Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said Thursday al-Rahi was not part of the official delegation heading to the Holy Land and was going on his own initiative.
Naharnet (Lebanon) 11 May ’14:”Hizbullah Delegation to visit Bikirki to ‘Dissuade al-Rahi from Jerusalem visit”, by Naharnet Newsdesk: A delegation from Hizbullah is expected to visit Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Tuesday[13 May] on the occasion of Liberation Day and a time of heated debates over his visit to Jerusalem, reported the Kuwaiti daily al-Anba on Sunday [11 May].
The daily said that the delegation will indirectly attempt to persuade the patriarch against making the trip or thank him for canceling it should he do so before Tuesday[13 May].
Liberation Day, marking the end of Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, falls on May 25.
President Michel Suleiman had recently informed al-Rahi that it was preferable for him not to visit the Holy Land later this month over controversy over the planned trip.
The president also expressed readiness to provide political cover to any stance made by the Maronite patriarchate to go back on the decision to go ahead with the visit. Al-Rahi had however reportedly defended his decision to accompany Pope Francis to Jerusalem and hinted that he would not change his mind, saying that as Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, it is his duty to welcome the Pope in any country in the region.
Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said Thursday al-Rahi was not part of the official delegation heading to the Holy Land and was going on his own initiative. Al-Rahi would be the first patriarch to travel to Israel since the Jewish state was created in 1948.

Jordan Times 11 May ’14: Agence France Presse; “an annual pilgrimage that draws Jews from around the world to Tunisia’s ancient Ghriba synagogue” — Censure motions against two Tunisian ministers accused of promoting “normalisation” with Israel were withdrawn late Friday, just before deputies in the Islamist-dominated parliament were to vote on them. The motions were filed last month against Tourism Minister Amel Karboul and Deputy Interior Minister for Security Ridha Sfar, with documents purporting to show that the latter gave written authorisation for Israeli tourists to enter Tunisia earlier this year. Karboul was also accused of receiving an Israeli delegation. It is an open secret that Israelis have been visiting Tunisia for years on the quiet. And the parliamentary debate came just a week ahead of an annual pilgrimage that draws Jews from around the world to Tunisia’s ancient Ghriba synagogue.
A vote had been expected in the evening but “the two motions of censure have been withdrawn”, assembly president Mustapha Ben Jaafar announced to the assembled deputies.
“It was not our intention to attack the ministers. We wished to say that the normalisation of ties with Israel is a red line,” explained centrist deputy Iyed Dahmani, an avid supporter of the motions just hours earlier.
Leftist deputy Faycel Jadlaoui said the decision not to vote on the motions was due to the responses of the two ministers and the fact that half of the 80 signatories to the motion had withdrawn their support. However, the news came as a surprise to some deputies in the chamber and led to heated exchanges.
‘We do not deal with Israel’ Karboul denied receiving an Israeli delegation. She also defended her comments supporting the entry of tourists regardless of nationality, to boost a key sector of the Tunisian economy that was battered by the turbulence that followed the 2011 revolution. [...]
The debate came just weeks after Israeli tourists aboard an American cruise ship were denied entry.
In response, Miami-based Norwegian Cruise Line announced its ships would not return to Tunisia in a potentially severe blow to a struggling economy three years after the ouster of autocrat Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.
And earlier last week, Holland America Line announced that it was cancelling a port call by one of its ships on Saturday “due to ongoing issues regarding the requirements of visitor visas for some of our guests”.
While expressing disappointment that the itinerary had to be adjusted, the company said “we continue to work with local Tunisian authorities and expect that future planned calls will operate as scheduled”.
Like most other countries in the Arab world, the North African nation does not recognise Israel, primarily out of solidarity with Palestinian demands for a state of their own. [...]
But Tunisia is one of the Arab world’s most liberal countries, and still has a small Jewish population of about 1,500.
More than half are on the southern resort island of Djerba, where the Ghriba synagogue, the focus of the three-day pilgrimage that begins next Friday[16 May], is located.

Sunday, May 11, 2014 - Newsweek's articles only point out hypocracy and ignorance in a US intelligence community that harbors a vindictive attitude towards Israel. Ron Ben-Yishai - Ynet Published: 05.11.14, 00:42 / Israel Opinion ??
The second Newsweek article on Israel's alleged spying efforts in the US, titled "Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the US Mostly Hushed Up", embarrasses its author and sources almost more than the original piece published last Tuesday.
It serves as additional proof to what anyone who has ever worked in Washington DC and with the White House knows – American analysis of events pertaining to foreigners is at times distorted or even downright mistaken.
US security and intelligence officials have a tendency to judge the actions of others as if they were undertaken by the Americans, resulting in the pot calling the kettle black.
The US intelligence community, which eavesdrops on every corner of the known world, attributes the same to us at times, especially when it serves US interests. The best example of this is actually the incident regarding Israel's alleged attempt to place a spy in Al Gore's hotel room, the incident which opens Jeff Stien's second Newsweek's article.
The article cites a Secret Service man who reportedly secured the then-vice-president's hotel room in Jerusalem, probably, the Kind David Hotel, and made sure the room was free of wire taps.
As is protocol in such cases, and this is well known to Israel's security and intelligence officials, one Secret Service man remains in the hotel room to make sure it remains 'clean' and no would be assassins attempt to enter while the room is vacant.
According to the Newsweek report, the bodyguard was alone in the room when he suddenly heard a noise from the air-condition vent and saw its cover being removed from within the vent. Someone was allegedly attempting to enter the room through the now open duct.
The Secret Service agent then coughed to alert the intruder of his presence and the "Israeli spy" whom he reportedly caught red-handed, did an about-face and returned up the vent to whence he came. That is the article's proof of Israel's "aggressive" spy tactics. Anyone in the loop knows that if Israeli intelligence services wanted to spy against Al Gore, it could have done so in numerous ways, especially while in Israel where they enjoy a home field advantage.
In this case, sadly and embarrassingly for Newsweek, it is probably no other than a hotel maintenance worker taking care of the AC system. It was probably nothing but a routine examination, one conducted in anticipation of the State visit of such a senior ranking figure.,7340,L-4518128,00.html

Monday, May 12, 2014 Dear Susanne KIEFER - PRESS OFFICER, COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, Foreign Affairs; Development Cooperation Tel. +32 (0)2 281 94 42 GSM +32 (0) 473 92 33 08
Further to our telephone conversation: Paragraph 5. of the Main results of the Council 12 May 2014 Middle East peace process reads: "Such a government should uphold the principle of non-violence, and remain committed to achieving a two-state solution and to a negotiated peaceful settlement of the Israeli Palestinian conflict accepting previous agreements and obligations, including Israel’s legitimate right to exist. The EU's engagement with a new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments. Reconciliation on these terms is an important element for the unity of a future Palestinian state and for reaching a two state solution and a lasting peace. The EU welcomes the prospect of genuine democratic elections for all Palestinians."
Question: The Palestinians committed under the terms of the Interim Agreement with Israel to restrictions on weapons in the Gaza Strip. The rockets now in the Gaza Strip are in violation of this commitment. Since "The EU's engagement with a new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments" does this mean that the EU's engagement will be based on the removal of the illegal rockets from the Gaza Strip in fulfillment of the Palestinian commitments? Thanks. Best regards, Dr. Aaron Lerner -

12th Council meeting Foreign Affairs Brussels, 12 May 2014 9542/14 President Catherine Ashton High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy PROVISIONAL VERSION
Main results of the Council 12 May 2014 Middle East peace process
The Council discussed the state of play in the Middle East peace process and adopted the following conclusions:
"1. The EU is extremely concerned at recent developments related to the peace process. The EU has fully supported and praises US peace efforts deployed by Secretary of State Kerry and his team. The extensive efforts deployed in recent months must not go to waste.
2. A negotiated two-state solution remains the best way to resolve the conflict once and for all. The EU regrets that despite US efforts, greater progress has not been made by the parties to date in the talks. The EU urges the parties to use the coming weeks to find the common ground and political strength needed to resume this process and to make the necessary bold decisions. The EU remains determined to do all it can to support that goal, including through the offer of a Special Privileged Partnership, which will ensure unprecedented economic, political and security support for both parties in the event of a final status agreement.
3. The European Union recalls previous Council conclusions which have laid down its vision for a two-state solution resulting in an agreement on all final status issues, ending all claims, and fulfilling the legitimate aspirations of both parties. A one state reality would not be compatible with such aspirations.
4. The EU calls on all sides to exercise maximum restraint and to avoid any unilateral action which may further undermine peace efforts and the viability of a two-state-solution, such as continued settlement expansion. The European Union will continue to closely monitor the situation and its broader implications, and will act accordingly.
5. The EU has consistently supported intra-Palestinian reconciliation on clear and certain terms. The EU looks forward to continuing its support, including through direct financial assistance, for a possible new Palestinian government composed of independent figures that commits to the principles set out in President Abbas' speech in Cairo on 4 May 2011. Such a government should uphold the principle of non-violence, and remain committed to achieving a two-state solution and to a negotiated peaceful settlement of the Israeli Palestinian conflict accepting previous agreements and obligations, including Israel’s legitimate right to exist. The EU's engagement with a new Palestinian government will be based on its adherence to these policies and commitments. Reconciliation on these terms is an important element for the unity of a future Palestinian state and for reaching a two state solution and a lasting peace. The EU welcomes the prospect of genuine democratic elections for all Palestinians.
6. The EU underlines that Mahmoud Abbas, as President of the PLO, remains fully in charge of the negotiation process and is mandated to negotiate in the name of all Palestinians and that the peace negotiations can and must be resumed."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Palestine: Kifah Ziboun Asharq Al-Awsat Ramallah
A meeting between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and US Secretary of State John Kerry planned for Thursday in London “does not mean” US-led peace talks between Israel and Palestine will resume, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee told Asharq Al-Awsat.
Rather, Thursday’s meeting came “at the request of the Americans to discuss a number of important issues,” said the Executive Committee member, Wasel Abu Youssef. He said the talks would also cover the Hamas–Fatah reconciliation agreement and the formation of a technocratic unity government to oversee the West Bank and Gaza, and American–Palestinian relations.
Kerry will be in London to take part in the Friends of Syria conference. His meeting with Abbas will be the first since Israel announced the suspension of negotiations in response the accord signed by Fatah and Hamas on April 23, in which both sides agreed to form a Palestinian national unity government headed by Abbas.
The deadline in the latest round of peace talks expired on April 29, and in the intervening weeks American officials have expressed a desire to rethink their involvement in the longstanding conflict. Speaking about the purpose of Thursday’s meeting, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement on Monday: “While the door remains open to a peace process, the purpose of the meeting is to discuss our ongoing relationship with the Palestinians.”
Abu Youssef said: “There is no change at all in the Palestinian position regarding the return to negotiations, and the president will inform Kerry of the conditions to restart them, which are the release of the fourth batch of prisoners held since before the Oslo Accord, an immediate and complete end to settlement activity, and the recognition by Israel of the 1967 borders as borders of the Palestinian state and a reference [point] for the negotiations.”
Abu Youssef added that this was the also position announced by the PLO’s Central Committee, and downplayed chances of a breakthrough in London, saying it was an “evaluation and consultation meeting.”
He also played down fears that the US would cut its funding of the Palestinian Authority—typically worth around 400 million US dollars a year—if Fatah forms a national unity government with Hamas, which the US considers a terrorist organization. Continued:

Friday, May 16, 2014 Arabs: (reaction to sentencing of PM Olmert)
Arabs by Khaled Abu Toameh May 16, 2014 at 5:00 am "How many Arab leaders would be left if they went on trial of similar cases of bribery and corruption?" — Zuhear al-Karim, Arabic CNN. "If Olmert were in Kuwait, his case would have been shelved and he would have received a senior position in government." — Yasalam, Al-Aan.
"Law is above all and this is real democracy. Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East." — Saad Sayad, Arabic CNN.
The Tel Aviv District Court's decision to send former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to six years in prison for corruption has prompted calls in the Arab world for endorsing Israel's standards of accountability, transparency and justice. Reacting to the sentencing of Olmert, many Arabs expressed hope that the day would come when their countries would learn from Israel that no one is above the law, even if he or she is a president or prime minister.
Sufian Abu Zayda, a leading Fatah official and former Palestinian Authority minister, praised the court verdict; he said it shows that in Israel, no one is above the law.
"This verdict provides further evidence that the judicial system in Israel is fully independent in the wake of the separation between the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, as well as total freedom of the media," said Abu Zayda, who is considered an expert on Israeli affairs. The praise for Israel's democratic system does not mean that Abu Zayda and other Arabs have become pro-Israel and are willing to recognize Israel's right to exist.
But while they continue to hate Israel and seek its destruction, many Arabs do not hesitate to express their admiration for the independence of Israel's judicial system. [...] Comments: Libya: "We Muslims are in great need of a decent judicial system to punish our thieves and corrupt leaders. May God help us." [Al-Quds Al-Arabi][5] Hassan Jamal: "I wish Arab countries do the same for their corrupt leaders. I wish the Arab people will do the same for their countries and get rid of corrupt officials, including presidents and kings." [Al-Quds][6] Mohammed: "Of course Islam is the best religion. But the regimes that claim to endorse Islam are practicing repression and corruption. Meanwhile, Israel is among the democratic countries and is better than all the Arab and Islamic countries when it comes to respecting its people and combating theft of resources." [Al-Wasat News][7] Whole article:

Published 18/05/2014 GAZA CITY (AFP) -- A new Palestinian "consensus government" to be named by the PLO and Hamas is to be finalized within days, a senior official in the Islamist movement said Sunday. Bassem Naim, an adviser to Hamas' premier for the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, said a senior member of President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah movement, which dominates the PLO, would meet with Hamas officials in Gaza this week to conclude negotiations. Azzam al-Ahmad is "arriving in Gaza on Wednesday and Thursday to meet with the Hamas reconciliation delegation to hold consultations," Naim told AFP.
"We expect the government to be announced by (Abbas) early the following week," he said, and will then be presented to the Palestinian parliament for a vote of confidence. Hamas signed a reconciliation deal last month with the PLO in a surprise move which aims to overcome a years-long intra-Palestinian split. Hamas has dominated the Palestinian parliament since winning a landslide victory in the last parliamentary election, held in 2006.
But the US and Europe have since backed the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority under Abbas and boycotted the Islamist movement, which advocates armed conflict with Israel.
Under their April 23 reconciliation deal, the two sides are to form an "independent government" of technocrats, headed by Abbas, paving the way for long-delayed elections. Representatives from the rival factions have held several rounds of talks to heal the bad blood since Hamas expelled Fatah from Gaza in a week of deadly clashes in 2007.
The reconciliation deal has incensed Israel, putting the final nail in the coffin of faltering US-led peace talks between Israel and Abbas' administration.

Peres to Be Asked to Secure Pollard’s Release
Hamodia Staff - Hamodia [NY] - May 19 2014 - Jonathan Pollard’s wife Esther is expected to meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres before he leaves for Washington to urge him to make another direct appeal to President Barack Obama for her husband’s release from prison on humanitarian grounds, The Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday. Peres is seen as the only Israeli official close enough to Obama to persuade him to use his power as president to authorize Pollard’s release. The news comes after the prospect of Pollard’s release as a gesture to Israel to facilitate a deal with the Palestinians faded along with the peace talks.
Peres is scheduled to meet with Obama on June 25 in the White House, officials said Sunday. Pollard’s health has been reported as extremely precarious, and that if not freed from prison soon he may never leave it alive. An Israeli official working for the release of Pollard noted that when he was prime minister, Peres took a historically unprecedented step of incriminating his own agent by returning documents with Pollard’s fingerprints to the U.S. The documents were considered to be the only hard evidence that the U.S. had against Pollard.
“This is a golden opportunity for Peres, not only to save Pollard but to repair his tarnished legacy,” the official said. “If Peres were to bring Pollard home with him now, his legacy would be assured.”
Last December, Peres publicly announced that he would devote the rest of his time in office to securing Pollard’s release. But the last time he went to Washington in June 2012, Peres returned home with the presidential medal of freedom from Obama but not Pollard. “Success for Peres in this matter would demonstrate that Obama’s esteem for the Israeli president is not just empty rhetoric and gold-plated medals,” the Israeli official said. An American source close to the negotiations for Pollard’s release said that now that there is no diplomatic process with the Palestinians, there was no reason why Pollard could not be released as a gesture to Peres.
“President Obama has crossed the Rubicon on Pollard,” the American source said. “He did so when he demonstrated that it is now possible to free Jonathan Pollard as part of a diplomatic process.” In an interview with Ha’aretz, diplomatic correspondent Barak Ravid, a White House official, said Pollard’s release had been indefinitely taken off the table. “Pollard’s release is something that was discussed in a certain context and this context is over,” the White House official said.
Nevertheless, Labor MK Nachman Shai, who heads the Knesset’s pro-Pollard caucus, expressed confidence that Pollard is off the table diplomatically only so long as the diplomatic process is suspended, and that Pollard will be back on the table as soon as talks restart.

Al Arabiya News 21 May ’14:”Pope says Middle East trip will be ‘purely religious’ by Agence France Presse
Pope Francis on Wednesday[21 May] said his upcoming trip to the Middle East would be “purely religious” and aimed mainly at improving relations with other branches of Christianity and praying for peace in the region.
“It will be a purely religious trip,” the Argentine pope told some 50,000 pilgrims at a general audience in St Peter's Square ahead of three-day trip to Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territories starting on Saturday[24 May].
Francis said the main reasons for the trip -- billed a “pilgrimage of prayer” by the Vatican -- were to meet with the Orthodox Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I and “to pray for peace in that land which has suffered so much”.
The visit kicks off on Saturday[24 May] when Francis flies to Amman and meets Syrian refugees. He will then travel on to Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, wrapping up the visit on Monday[26 May] with a mass in the place where Christians believe Jesus had the last supper with his disciples.
Francis will meet with all the main Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian leaders but only briefly and there has been opposition from ultra-orthodox Jews over perceived Vatican designs on holy sites in Jerusalem.

Jordan Times 21 May ’14:”Around 50,000 people expected to attend Saturday’s Pope-led Mass”, by Rula Samain Saturday 24 May - AMMAN - Almost 50,000 people from around the world are expected to attend Saturday’s mass at the Amman International Stadium at Al Hussein Youth City, which marks the climax of Pope Francis’ one-day visit to the Kingdom, according to official estimates. “It’s not any mass... it’s a once-in-a-lifetime mass with the pontiff,” Wafa Naffa told The Jordan Times, adding that her whole family already have the free tickets that the Catholic Church is distributing, and are looking forward to “that very moment of seeing His Holiness up close”.
Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Jordan on Saturday[24 May] and will be the third Pope to hold a mass in the stadium, after Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, and Saint Pope John Paul II in 2000.
According to Father Rifat Bader, director general of the Catholic Centre for Media and Studies and the visit’s spokesperson, several Arab and foreign bishops will attend the event, where 1,400 children will receive their first communion.

Naharnet (Lebanon) 21 May ’14: Associated Press ”China gets supplies that could help to ease gas shortages in the world’s second- largest economy and reduce reliance on coal” China signed a long-awaited, 30-year deal Wednesday[21 May] to buy Russian natural gas worth $400 billion in a financial and diplomatic boost to diplomatically isolated President Vladimir Putin. Negotiations on the price for the gas had continued into the final hours of a two-day visit by Putin to China, during which the two sides had said they hoped to sign a deal.
The agreement calls for Russia's government-controlled Gazprom to supply state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. with 38 billion cubic meters of gas annually, Gazprom spokesman Sergey Kupriyanov told The Associated Press. Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller told Russian news agencies the contract was worth a total of $400 billion.
CNPC announced it had signed a deal but it gave no details. Putin, shunned by the West over Ukraine, met Tuesday[20 May] with Chinese President Xi Jinping while negotiations on the gas deal continued in private. Putin wants to expand Russia's dealings with Asia and diversify markets for its gas, which now goes mostly to Europe.
The Ukraine crisis and sanctions imposed by Washington and the European Union on Russia had raised expectations Moscow would compromise in order to secure the gas deal.
China gets supplies that could help to ease gas shortages in the world's second-largest economy and curb reliance on coal. The price appears to be closer to the level Russia wanted, according to analyst Xizhou Zhou of IHS Energy. In exchange, the two sides dropped a requirement for prepayment that was a feature of Chinese purchases of Russian oil, he said.
"This higher price level reflects China's willingness to pay more for cleaner fuel," said Zhou in a report.
China and Russia have been negotiating the deal for more than a decade but had been hung up over the gas price.
"Gazprom is under increasing geopolitical and competitive pressure to diversify its market toward the East, while China's gas market remains supply constrained as demand continues to surge," said Zhou.
The U.S. treasury secretary, Jacob Lew, appealed to China during a visit last week to avoid taking steps that might offset sanctions. However, American officials have acknowledged China's pressing need for energy.
Plans call for building a pipeline to link China's northeast to a line that carries gas from western Siberia to the Pacific port of Vladivostok. Putin was in Shanghai for an Asian security conference.

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 25 May 2014 - Here is the opportunity to apparently know more about this interview than MK Shaul Mofaz and many other Israelis did when they claimed that Netanyahu might have meant that he was considering unilateral withdrawals:
OK. take a deep breath and have the attention span to read the following words that apparently many Israelis don't have the patience to read in their entirety:
"NETANYAHU: .... Many Israelis are asking themselves if there are certain unilateral steps that could theoretically make sense. But people also recognize that the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza didn't improve the situation or advance peace -- it created Hamastan, from which thousands of rockets have been fired at our cities."
Netanyahu Says Obama Got Syria Right
By Jeffrey Goldberg - Bloomberg May 22, 2014 10:36 PM EDT
OK dear reader.
After reading this would you rush to join those who claim Netanyahu is considering the option of unilateral withdrawal?

Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA 25 May 2014 - Below we have the Pope calling Mahmoud Abbas a "man of peace".
At the same event, Abbas repeated his demand, in the Pope's presence, that any Palestinian who murders an Israeli today must not be punished.
Yes. That's what Mahmoud Abbas said.
He said that Israel must release all Palestinian prisoners.
That's ALL prisoners - regardless of what they did and when they did it.
Let's make this simple: if the Palestinians mark the visit of the Pope by slaughtering Israeli babies live on television and Israeli forces capture the Palestinian murderers it is the DEMAND of "man of peace" Abbas that Israel release these murderers. That's release. Not transfer to the PA for prosecution.
Pope to Abbas: 'You are known as a man of peace' Published today (updated) 25/05/2014 11:22