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From Associated Press - December 04, 2013 1:23 PM EST
Senior Hezbollah commander Hassan al-Laqis was assassinated early Wednesday in southern Beirut — a sharp blow to the Iranian-backed Shiite group. Hezbollah has no shortage of rivals eager to strike at its strongholds and leadership:
ISRAEL: Hezbollah quickly blamed Israel for al-Laqis' assassination, saying it had tried to kill him several times already. Israeli officials denied the accusations. Still, the Jewish state could view the fallout from Hezbollah's armed intervention in Syria — and the long list of enemies it has created — as cover to move against a senior figure.
Enmity runs deep between Israel and Hezbollah. The Lebanese group waged an insurgency against the nearly 20-year Israeli military occupation of southern Lebanon before Israel withdrew in 2000. The Israelis have killed — or have been suspected of killing — high-ranking Hezbollah figures for decades. In 1992, Israeli helicopter gunships ambushed the motorcade of Hezbollah leader Sheik Abbas Musawi, killing him, his wife, his son and four bodyguards. Eight years earlier, Hezbollah leader Sheik Ragheb Harb was killed in south Lebanon. But one of the biggest blows came in 2008 when Imad Mughniyeh, a top Hezbollah commander, was killed by a bombing in Damascus. Continued:

By Michael Snyder, on November 5th, 2013 - If Israel and the Palestinians do not agree on a “two state solution” by the end of this year, the Obama administration plans to propose its own solution and force it on the two sides in early 2014. For Obama, the goal is to have this agreement in place in time to influence the November 2014 mid-term elections. Unfortunately for Israel, the Palestinians have absolutely no incentive to move off of their current demands because Obama has been promising them a Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital since very early in his presidency. So the Palestinians have no motivation to negotiate in good faith since they already know that they are going to get what they want in the end anyway. Ultimately, Obama plans to force Israel to give up the West Bank, East Jerusalem and control over the Temple Mount in exchange for a “promise of peace” that is not even worth the paper that it will be printed on. When it comes to Israel, the arrogance that Obama is displaying is absolutely appalling. For example, Obama made the following statement about Israel earlier this year…
“Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.”
Oh, but Obama does?
Not only does Obama believe that he knows what is best for Israel, he also plans to force them to do it.
According to IDF Radio, the U.S. government plans to submit “its own solution” and force the two sides to agree to it if negotiations do not produce an agreement by the end of this year… Continued: http://thetruthwins.com/

Cal Thomas - Nov 12, 2013 - In Geneva, Switzerland, the United States and other major powers appeared close to a deal with Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for lifting some economic sanctions against the terrorist-sponsoring state. Negotiations, however, fell apart at the last minute when France and Iran balked at the final wording on the interim draft. Talks are expected to resume within a few weeks, but it is worth pausing to consider what was nearly agreed to and what the outcome could likely be.
President Obama has pledged to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America has Israel's "back." Who knew he had a knife? An agreement that trusts Iran's promises and allows it to surreptitiously complete development of nuclear missiles would stab Israel in the back.
North Korea promised former President Jimmy Carter during his 1994 visit to Pyongyang it would close a nuclear reactor at Yongbyon in exchange for food and humanitarian aid. The reactor was subsequently re-opened. Memo to the Obama administrations: tyrants lie.
Unlike North Korea, an officially atheist state, Iranian mullahs have repeatedly said they have a religious duty to annihilate Israel, not to mention America. How do secular diplomats negotiate with people who, in their minds, would be violating "Allah's will" by making deals with the "great Satan"?
While the negotiations between Secretary of State John Kerry and Iran were taking place in Geneva, writes Ynetnews.com, "...the Iranian government sent a different message with a broadcast on state television of a simulated missile attack on Israel." How much more evidence of Iran's intentions and ultimate objective are needed?
Last month, Kerry and Netanyahu met for seven hours in Rome. Caroline Glick of the Jerusalem Post, citing the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, writes, "The secretary of state told the prime minister that he heard from his European friends ... that if the negotiations (with the Palestinians) fail, Israel can forget about participating in the European research and development program 'Horizon 2020'." Kerry is then quoted as saying, "And that will only be the beginning."
Doesn't Kerry have this backward? Sanctions might be lifted against Iran for a promise that won't be kept, but possibly imposed on Israel if it won't agree to what amounts to assisted suicide? Continued: http://townhall.com/columnists/calthomas/2013/11/12/the-coming-betrayal-of-israel-n1744683/page/full

November 12, 2013 - Jonathan F Keller - See also: Can Israel Survive Obama?
Forty years ago last month the Israeli government faced a critical decision -- whether or not to launch pre-emptive strikes on Egypt and Syria. Israeli intelligence had belatedly determined that the Arabs were about to begin a coordinated surprise attack on the holy day of Yom Kippur. The always ready Israeli air force could have launched pre-emptive strikes on the enemy, disrupting their final preparations and robbing them of the initiative. The government of Golda Meir held back, requiring the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to absorb the initial Arab blows at a substantial cost in men, munitions and equipment. There was really only one reason for this Israeli restraint -- the Israelis knew that the United States opposed such a strike, and that strong American support would be critical in the coming war.
Today the government of Benjamin Netanyahu faces a similar dilemma, though not on the same perilous time frame of mere hours and minutes. But if the time pressures are not as critical as they were on the morning of October 6, 1973, the stakes are just as high. A nuclear-armed Iran is probably more dangerous to Israel than were the massed Syrian and Egyptian armies on that long-ago October day, and the calculations that the Israeli government must make are similar. What will be Netanyahu's solution?
There are many parallels between Israel's situation on the eve of the 1973 war and now, and also substantial differences. Let's examine the similarities. Israel is and was perceived as a dominant, almost militarily invulnerable power, before the outbreak of hostilities. The opposing Arab/Islamic governments were and are historically unstable, and have consistently seen conflict with Israel as a convenient way to divert attention away from domestic problems and crises. Domestically weak, indifferent, even hostile presidents (Nixon and Obama), head American governments, supported by cold and ambitious secretaries of state (Kissinger and Kerry). Finally, in both cases, the Soviet Union/Russia plays a heavy and destabilizing role in support of the Arab/Islamic axis.
Continued: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/11/a_dangerous_time_for_israel.html

Sources say Iranian agents caught plotting rebellion against U.S. allies
Published: 09/16/2013 at 7:56 PM - Aaron Klein - NEW YORK – An Iranian cell has been caught in Saudi Arabia attempting to provoke a Shiite rebellion against the Saudi kingdom, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials. The security officials said interrogation of the cell of seven Iranian agents caught in an eastern Saudi province revealed the existence of a second cell in Bahrain also attempting to destabilize the country by plotting a Shiite rebellion. The security officials stated Saudi Arabia passed information to the Obama administration warning that the U.S. outreach to Iran has already emboldened Tehran to press ahead with a campaign to attempt to weaken moderate Arab regimes that are U.S. allies.
A Jordanian source, meanwhile, told WND that moderate Arab moderate countries are “very worried” over Obama’s diplomatic gestures to Iran. They fear any U.S. deal could expand Tehran’s future influence in the Middle East, including via proxies like Hezbollah.
Yesterday, it was reported that an exchange of letters between Obama and Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, may result in a possible meeting between the two leaders at a U.N. summit next week. Any such meeting would mark the first face-to-face encounter between a U.S. and Iranian head of state since Iran’s 1979 revolution.
The diplomatic outreach to Iran follows a U.S. deal with Iran’s ally, Syria, that would place the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons arsenal under international custodianship to avoid a U.S. military strike on Damascus. http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/saudi-king-next-on-mideast-rebels-target-list/#TLb20Y4ZAd9qYCVM.99

Warns Tehran will soon possess nuclear weapons beyond reach
Published: 03/11/2013 at 12:13 PM
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a “very short period of time” to decide whether to strike Iran’s nuclear infrastructure before Tehran possesses nuclear weapons, warned former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton in a radio interview last night.
“Obviously, in the short term, Israel is focused on forming its own government,” stated Bolton. “But I think, assuming it’s Prime Minister Netanyahu forming that government, he has a very short period of time in which to determine whether Israel will use military force, knowing that the United States will not, or whether Israel is prepared to allow Iran to get to the point where it has nuclear weapons.”
Bolton said he doesn’t know what Netanyahu’s decision will be but warned “every day that goes by allows Iran to put its nuclear capabilities beyond Israel’s powers to destroy.”
Bolton was speaking last night on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio.
The former diplomat told Klein he doesn’t believe the Obama administration will take any military action against Iran.
“I don’t think it will come from the United States, that’s for sure,” Bolton said. “The question is whether at some point Israel acts in its own self defense as it has twice before when it struck Saddam Hussein’s reactor in 1981 and the Syrian reactor in September of 2007.”
Bolton’s comments come a week before President Obama is slated to visit Israel, with the topic of Iran likely to dominate discussions with Israeli officials. http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/bolton-israel-has-short-time-to-strike-iran/

Prompted by concern over U.S. outreach to Iran
Published: 18 hours ago 11.13.2013 Aaron Klein - TEL AVIV – Concerned over U.S outreach to Iran, the Kingdom of Jordan has proposed the creation of an organization consisting of senior intelligence officials in the region, including Israel, to coordinate efforts to prevent Tehran from building a nuclear weapon. Informed Middle Eastern security officials told WND the proposed intelligence network is actually the initiative of Saudi Arabia. However, the Saudis have asked Jordan, for political reasons, to serve as the public front. The security officials said Turkey was not enthusiastic about the concept, instead advocating dialogue with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. The Saudis are deeply concerned over Western talks with Iran set to continue in Geneva later this month, the officials said. Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday accused Tehran of backing away from a deal at last week’s Geneva talks. http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/desperate-arabs-propose-united-front-with-israel

'Once you give in to these people, they won't take an inch. They'll take a mile'
Published: 2 days ago today 11.13.2013 - Radio America - Six nations reportedly agree on the framework of a deal that would ease international sanctions on Iran in exchange for its verifiable compliance with steps to prove it is not developing nuclear weapons. Iran is rejecting the deal, but the the international discussions in Geneva, Switzerland, follow last last week’s revelations that President Obama secretly eased U.S. sanctions aimed at Iran month ago. The framework adopted by the U.S., Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany would funnel billions in monetary assistance into Iran in exchange for promises to cease activities that could lead to nuclear weapons and allow a more open inspection process.
Obama’s overture reportedly came as a result of a new tone offered by new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani following years of inflammatory rhetoric from former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Retired U.S. Navy Capt. Chuck Nash is an expert on the Iranian nuclear threat. He told WND even starting down the road to a diplomatic agreement is a fool’s errand. “This is all about appearances,” he said. “They will appear to be more open, but you cannot do a deal with the Iranians. They are totally untrustworthy. They have been since 1979. They are not changing. They are just wearing down our will.” Of the six nations, France seems to be driving the hardest bargain, demanding that Iran not enrich uranium beyond 20 percent. Nash said even that is giving away far too much.
Continued: http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/analyst-iran-now-building-a-plutonium-reactor

Iran’s nuclear program presents a clear and present danger to the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews, and to the existence of the Jewish state.
The evidence accumulated by Israeli and other western intelligence agencies has confirmed Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons and not just nuclear energy, as it claims.
For more than 20 years, Israel’s leaders – from Yitzhak Rabin to Shimon Peres to Ehud Barak to Ariel Sharon to Ehud Olmert – have continually sounded the alarm against the menace rising to the east, and appealed to the international community to step in.
Benjamin Netanyahu himself has warned, repeatedly and with increasing intensity, that Iran is set on going nuclear and that, once obtained, its atomic warheads will be aimed first at the State of Israel, but not only at this state.
The accumulated effort of these successive Israeli prime ministers has been that an often reluctant and vacillating world – with the nudging of one or two leading nations – slowly ratcheted up sanctions, bringing Iran almost to its knees.
But now US President Barack Obama – after acting to prevent an Israeli military strike on Iran’s program in the past year – has opted for what it calls “responsible diplomacy” in an effort to circumvent military action.
The route taken by the administration has already eroded the effect of the sanctions; Washington has given Iran reason to believe that it can get billions of dollars pumped into its economy without ending or even partially reversing its nuclear drive.
Alarmed by the developments, Netanyahu continues to loudly decry the dangerous potential of the Obama-led road.
On November 13 he cautioned that the tabled plan was a “very bad deal” that could lead directly to war.
Even before the talks with Iran in Geneva, Netanyahu put the international community on notice that Israel will not let its fate be decided by third parties as, for example, Czechoslovakia had its future determined by the world powers of its day.
Since September, the prime minister has spoken on the carpeted floor of the White House, in the United Nations General Assembly, at the University of Bar Illan, and on widely watched media like the Charlie Rose Show, NBC’s “Meet the Press,’ and CBS’ ‘Face the Nation.’
On October 1 he spelled it out to the UN: “I want there to be no confusion on this point. Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.”
The world – it appears – either dismissed that warning, or was galvanized by it into appeasing Iran.
Nonetheless, in a sharply worded message to US Secretary of State John Kerry on November 8, Netanyahu let it be known that his country would not be obliged by any deal worked out between the world powers and the Iranians – that it was resolved if it had to, to go it alone.
“Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself; to defend the security of its people,” were his words.
The world has been clearly warned: Israel must act. Israel is poised to act.
Israel will certainly act to ensure that Iran will not be allowed to acquire a nuclear bomb.

posted at 2:31 pm on November 30, 2013 by Jazz Shaw
It’s been clear ever since the deal was struck that Israel was no fan of the six month “temporary arrangement” being cooked up with Iran. Bibi Netanyahu was out in front of the press calling it an historic mistake and refusing to have his nation bound by any such agreement. His criticism – along with that of many of Israel’s supporters – hasn’t tapered off since then, even though the White House seems to have bought itself six months to come up with something more palatable. But the President isn’t one to just ignore the concerns of a valued ally like Israel, so he placed a call to suggest to Netanyahu a new plan for moving things forward. Hey… how about you just shut up?

November 2013 Breaking News Netanyahu has been warned now or never on military strike. by Aaron Jay

Stan Goodenough, Jerusalem Watchman - Our nations are progressively lining up on one side of the fence, leaving Israel increasingly isolated on the other. The day is drawing near – has already arrived, in fact – when we will have to choose between being loyal citizens of our own nations, or unfaithful to them. If you have not already made up your mind about this, do. Or you will not be prepared to stand with Israel when she stands alone. You may even be tempted to join ranks with those who stand against her. The Israeli government – it is quite possible – will soon use the Israel Defense Forces to try and stop Iran from sustaining its pursuit of nuclear weaponry.
Employing every available avenue, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been warning the world – warning US – that a nuclear Iran poses an existential and thus insufferable peril to his country. He has alerted the international community to the probability of an imminent Israeli strike to remove this threat. Led by the Obama administration, the P1+5 group of world states has moved to stymie any defensive Israeli military action by diplomatically engaging Iran the aggressor.
Israel believes that, if successful, the plan proposed by these powers will leave the Iranians on the very verge of nuclear weapons development; able to speed towards bomb building within weeks. Once signed, the agreement would make it practically impossible for Israel to launch its attack without bringing an avalanche of international fury on its head. In fact, the commencement of efforts to find a political out has already made highly questionable the chance of any IDF action against Iran.
In resorting to force now, Israel will appear as an opponent of diplomacy. Already – with inflated hysteria – the media and officials to the East and the West are charging Israel with warmongering. Netanyahu (and thus his nation) is now stuck between a rock and a very hard place. Either he must leave Iran (now facilitated by the world powers) to come within attainable reach of fissile material, or he must order a preemptive action to prevent this.
An Israeli strike could trigger a regional war with unknown consequences. Certainly it will unleash wall-to-wall political condemnation of this nation, perhaps provoking an international decision to punish her. Christian allies of Israel need to rally as never before around this endangered nation and its reviled prime minister.
We should pray:
* That the Lord will protect and defend Israel.
* That the Lord will unmask and bring to naught the plots and plans of the Enemy.
* That ‘the Captain of Armies of the Lord’ would direct Prime Minister Netanyahu – and give him courage, wisdom and skill to do what is best for His people.
* That the plans of Israel’s military strategists under Chief of Staff Benny Gantz would be ingeniously devised and effectively enacted at the right time. And we should without delay contact our political representatives, telling them:
* We expect them to take a stand against any plan to ease sanctions against Iran until that state agrees to dismantle and do away with its nuclear program.
* We expect them to go on the record as being in support of a military response should Iran fail to immediately agree to close down and dismantle its nuclear enrichment facilities.
Understanding that the world’s hostility towards Israel is destined to intensify – whatever happens with Iran today or in any other situation tomorrow – we should equip ourselves to take the side of this nation against our own governments, communities, even churches and family members. When, in the end, all nations come against Israel and against Jerusalem, we need to know where we will stand.
Stan Goodenough, Jerusalem Watchman [Jerusalem Watchman is STAN GOODENOUGH, a South African Gentile Christian resident in Israel for 25 years. A journalist, commentator, speaker and licensed Israel tour guide, he writes to help Christians understand the biblical context of events affecting Israel; to encourage prayer as well as action in support of the Jews in their God-given land. Email: jerusalemwatchman@gmail.com]

Nov 14, 2013 10:55 AM - Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman - Liberty Counsel
Hamas leadership has called on Arabs to unite in a Holy War and “uproot the Jews” from Israel. They declared that a third intifada (uprising) is coming. Not surprisingly, a parade of thousands of Hamas operatives in Gaza took place while our own government is taking actions that embolden Israel’s enemies – fanatics who swear to annihilate the Jews and take over Israel.
Last week, Secretary of State John Kerry engaged in several actions that severely undermine our relationship with Israel. In Geneva, Kerry represented the United States in negotiations with Iran. In a proposed “interim” deal, sanctions against Iran would be relaxed in return for production limits being placed on Iran’s nuclear program, stopping the weapons-grade uranium enrichment, and allowing for increased inspection and monitoring.
Although a deal was not reached, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “This is a very, very bad deal…
Israel is not obliged by this agreement and Israel will do everything it needs to do to defend itself and the security of its people.” Secretary of State Kerry was also engaged in meetings with Palestinian and Israeli leaders to initiate “peace” talks. Kerry, speaking on behalf of the Obama administration, obviously sides with the Palestinians in deeming that the “West Bank, the “disputed” territories, belong to them – contrary to Israel’s views.”
In one question and answer session during his recent visit to Tel Aviv, John Kerry dared to ask Israeli officials, “Why do you want to build in what will eventually be Palestine? We do not believe the settlements are legitimate.”
This comment and others further exposes the Obama administration’s views on the “disputed” territories between Israel and Palestine. It includes East Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Israeli leadership has been explicitly clear that NO peace talks will include the failed tact of “land for peace” deals and the division of Jerusalem.
++The Obama administration is systematically undermining Israel’s best interests. [Email]

Haman the son of Hammedatha, the enemy of the Jews - Esther 9:10
Lawyer Yoram Sheftel won the first battle of this article without even knowing that it was being written. While calling US Secretary of State John Kerry "Enemy of the Jews" in an interview with Settler Channel 7 published on November 15, 2013, Sheftel used a Hebrew term from the Book of Esther that is not easily translated into English.
"Shrewd!" I said. There was nothing else to expect from such a prominent lawyer. Few English speakers would care for being called "tzorer."
Attorney Yoram Sheftel
Defending 'Ivan the Terrible': The Conspiracy to Convict John Demjanjuk
I was worried about including a lengthy explanation of the Hebrew term since every word would cost me readers.* Refusing to surrender to Sheftel's first successful strike, I opened the English King James Bible translation, and in pure delight read: "Haman the son of Hammedatha, the enemy of the Jews"—Esther 9:10.
Sheftel chose a boomerang as his weapon and missed the target. Is he in time to wear a helmet?
Haman Who?
According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus, planned to kill the Jews.** Following an intricate string of events, his plans were thwarted by Mordecai and Queen Esther. Afterwards, the Jews killed not only their would-be executioners, but also their wives, children and relatives. Altogether, 800 were killed in Susa—the capital city—alone, and 75,000 in the rest of the empire. The following day was declared feast, the genocidal Purim we still can see being celebrated today. Continued: http://www.roitov.com/articles/sheftel.htm

State Department rejects Israeli estimate that sanctions relief offered to Iran in Geneva is worth $40 billion to Tehran.
By Haaretz - Nov. 14, 2013 - 1:23 AM - The State Department rejected on Wednesday Israel's assessment that the deal offered to Iran by the world powers in Geneva could be worth up to $40 billion to Tehran.
Iran and the P5+1 - the United States, France, Germany, Russia, Britain and China - edged close to a preliminary accord on Iran's nuclear program during negotiations last week. The world powers are considering a temporary and limited relief of international sanctions in exchange for steps taken by Iran to halt most of its nuclear program.
Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Wednesday that the sanctions relief package offered to Iran could be worth as much as $40 billion to Tehran.
But when asked about Steinitz's estimate, State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki criticized Israel and said that Steinitz's "number, I can assure you, is inaccurate, exaggerated, and not based on reality." Psaki did not offer an American assessment, but did say it was considerably lower than that of Israel.

by Richard Silverstein on November 13, 2013 - on Mideast Peace - John Kerry’s letter requesting safe-passage for Gaza-bound humanitarian mission. An indication of just how low the Israel Lobby can go in its efforts to smear U.S. government officials who defy their wishes can be seen in today’s Maariv. It features an article by Israel’s leading smear-monger rightist reporter, Ben Dror Yemini, calling John Kerry a supporter of “radical ultra-leftists” and “Israel-haters” like Jodie Evans (a co-founder of Codepink) and Ali Abunimah (Electronic Intifada). The (false) headline:
Scoop: John Kerry Supported Organizers of the Gaza Flotilla
Letter of Recommendation Given to Anti-Israel Group Raises Question About Kerry’s Discretion and Conduct Concerning Iran Negotiations
The background: in 2009, the Free Gaza Movement organized a series of flotillas and humanitarian missions designed to break the Gaza siege and bring humanitarian relief to Gaza. In 2010, the Mavi Marmara attempted to break the Gaza blockade.
As Greta Berlin, a founder of the Movement notes in a comment below, a separate entity was the Gaza Freedom March. Its mission was to bring humanitarian relief overland to Gaza via Egypt. Yemini has confused the two entities.
Among those supporting the March, according to Yemini, were Jodie Evans and Ali Abunimah. In fact, before one of these missions (December 2009) someone in Evans delegation secured a letter from then-Sen. Kerry’s office asking for safe-passage from any government officials they might encounter. Kerry asked that the group be treated with respect and allowed to complete its work.This letter, one of hundreds Kerry has undoubtedly written over the years, is designed to ensure the safe passage of his constituents who travel into regions where such a letter might carry some weight. Thus, a harmless pro-forma letter becomes an indictment of both the aid groups themselves and John Kerry for supporting them. Continued: http://www.richardsilverstein.com/2013/11/13/israel-lobby-smears-kerry-as-

By Washington Times (DC) November 22, 2013 12:15 pm Politics make strange bedfellows, as we all know, and sometimes it's a weird bed, indeed. You can bet that when Israel and Saudi Arabia snuggle under the covers together, it's a king-size bed, and there's an enormous bundling log between them.
The governments in both Jerusalem and Riyadh, each with a wary eye on Tehran, have separately concluded that Barack Obama and the Americans are unreliable partners in peace. These Arabs and the Jews have begun, on their own, planning a realistic response to the Iranian bomb that portends only catastrophe for everyone in the Middle East.
Once enemies, Israel's Mossad intelligence agency and the Saudi government are working on contingency plans for destroying Iran's nuclear-warfare facilities, if necessary, after the West - sans France - and Iran conclude a deal later this week in Geneva to appease the Iranian appetite.
"Both the Israeli and Saudi governments are convinced that the international talks to place limits on Tehran's military nuclear development amount to appeasement and will do little to slow the development of a nuclear warhead," The London Sunday Times reported over the weekend.
Continued: http://www.gopusa.com/freshink/2013/11/22/bedtime-in-the-middle-east/?subscriber=1

This extraordinary text was said today, October 21, 2013, by Israel's Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni, who opposed the new Jerusalem Law approved on the same day by the Ministers' Legislation Committee.+
The misleading, awkward logic behind the clumsy sentence reflects the wrong spirit of the new law. Comfortably sitting in her Jerusalemite bunker, Minister Livni is detached from reality. I am glad to inform the honorable minister that from Thailand to Bolivia, I have met many people in the world that do not know what Jerusalem is. Thus, they do not love it. The Minister's statement, which implies that the entire humanity loves Jerusalem equally, is false.

Minister of Justice Livni
Nobody loves Jerusalem more or less than us. The Irrationals
Wrong Law
The new bill is short, with just two clauses. The first one states that the government or anyone acting on its behalf cannot conduct negotiations with a view to partition Jerusalem or hand over any part of it without a majority of at least 80 Knesset members, i.e. a 2/3 majority. Cont'd: http://www.roitov.com/articles/jerusalemlaw.htm

Friday Church News Notes, October 11, 2013 - Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was defiant in his speech to the United Nations on October 1. He quoted the Bible five times, and proclaimed his faith that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would establish Israel in her land according to His promises. He cited the Persian king Cyrus's edict for Israel to return to the land and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, and called upon Iran, the modern incarnation of Persia, to stop fighting against Israel. Netanyahu said that "presidents of Iran have come and gone, and (yet) we re-established our sovereign state in our ancestral homeland, the land of Israel" ("Netanyahu prophetically correct at UN," Israel Today , Oct. 3, 2013). Israel's Prime Minister boldly exposed Iran's terrorism and denounced it as a "rogue regime." He said that if necessary, Israel would stand alone in dealing with Iran's nuclear threat. He quoted from Deuteronomy 33, which promises that the eternal God is Israel's refuge, that Israel will dwell in safety alone, and that Israel's enemies will be found to be liars. Netanyahu concluded by saying, "The people of Israel have come home never to be uprooted again." He quoted Amos' prophecy of the restoration of Israel to the land (Amos 9:14-15), but what Netanyahu does not understand is that Israel is back in the land today in an apostate condition and that she is still under God's judgment for rejecting her own Messiah. The Messianic prophecies will not be fulfilled until Israel receives the Messiah. The glory of God left Israel before the destruction of the First Temple and it has never returned. After Israel accepts the Antichrist's lying peace program and rebuilds her temple, she will again be scattered during the Tribulation. Netanyahu quoted from Jesus in his speech (calling Iran's leader a "wolf in sheep's clothing"), but if Netanyahu believed in Jesus as the Messiah he would understand these things, for Jesus prophesied of Israel's history in the clearest of terms in Matthew 24. "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains. ... For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be" (Mat. 24:15-16, 21). http://www.wayoflife.org

Pope Francis has called for a fair and lasting solution to "the complex political and social situation in the Middle East" during a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has invited the pope to Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu met Pope Francis on Monday as part of his visit to Rome, where the pontiff called for progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.
The pope appealed for a "fair and lasting" Middle East peace deal, with the Vatican saying that the 25-minute meeting focused on "the complex political and social situation in the Middle East, in particular on the restart of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations."
The Vatican announced in a statement published after the meeting that it hoped for "a fair and lasting solution as soon as possible, respecting the needs of both parties."
Negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians resumed in July after a lengthy hiatus, but broke down over issues including settlement building in the occupied West Bank. DW.DE
Israel's fears over Iran nuclear dealThe interim agreement on Iran's nuclear program is seen by many as a milestone, but not in Israel. The government there is especially strident in its criticism. (26.11.2013)Netanyahu also invited the pope to make his first visit to Jerusalem since replacing Benedict XVI at the head of the Roman Catholic Church. No date has yet been set, but sources on both sides indicated that Francis could go to Jersualem before President Shimon Peres' term ends in July. The Vatican and Israel established full diplomatic relations in 1993.
Continued: http://breakingthenewstoday.blogspot.com/

Seeks Complete Palestinian rule over Judaism's most sacred site

Hatem Moussa/AP - Gazans protest in Gaza City on Sept. 24 against visits to a disputed Jerusalem holy site by religious Jews, claiming it is a desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque. The hilltop compound is revered by Jews as the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and by Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, the third-holiest site in Islam.
December 4, 2013 ? A small but growing movement by Jewish activists demanding the right to pray at the site of their destroyed temple, in the heart of this disputed capital's Old City, is creating a potentially explosive clash with the Muslim world, which considers the spot holy and bans Jews from public worship there . . . Their proposals, long dismissed as extremist, are now being debated in the Israeli parliament and embraced by an expansionist wing in the ruling coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. These political leaders, many in Netanyahu's party, want Israel to assert more, not less, control over the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Old City, including the place known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif, or the Noble Sanctuary.
"We're looking for it to be divided between Jews and Muslims," said Aviad Visoli, chairman of the Temple Mount Organizations, which claims 27 groups under its umbrella. "Today, Jews realize the Western Wall is not enough. They want to go to the real thing" . . . For Palestinians and much of the Muslim world, any mention of changing the status quo at the site, the third-holiest in Islam, is incendiary . . . Uri Ariel, Israel's minister of construction and housing, told reporters after a recent visit: "The Temple Mount is ours, and it cannot be argued about or negotiated. .?.?. It must be open for prayer at every hour, to every Jew". . .
[Comment: Do you see Zechariah 14:1-2 and Revelation 16:19 on the near horizon?] Whole story:

December 1, 2013 "The Tribunal is satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that the first defendant, (General) Amos Yaron, is guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide, and the second defendant, the State of Israel, is guilty of genocide". . . this case breaks the tradition of immunity of nation-states from criminal prosecution under international law. The decision introduces a legal basis for international action to protect minorities from genocide as a lawful alternative to the current response of so-called humanitarian intervention, invasion, occupation and regime change, which have often been as illegitimate and more destructive, and in some cases as genocidal as the original violation being punished.
The Kuala Lumpur Tribunal based its momentous decision on the 1948 Genocide Convention, which prohibits and punishes the killing, causing of harm and deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a group of people, targeted for their ethnicity, religion or race. In instances of genocide, these criminal acts are done with the specific intent of destroying as a part or in whole the targeted group, as in this plight the Palestinian people.
In contrast with previous special courts involving genocide charges, this Tribunal left the time frame of events open-ended, by starting just before the creation of the State of Israel until the present and, presumably, into the future until Israel ceases its expansionist campaign against the Palestinians and offers instead justice and reconciliation. . . The Kuala Lumpur Tribunal asserted that the modern Jewish state, in contrast to other cases, had since even before its inception pursued a genocidal program as a consistent feature and indeed a foundation of state policy. Therefore, genocide in the Israeli case cannot be solely attributed as the isolated action of a leader, political party or elected government but remains the responsibility of the state itself . . . a planning group of top-ranking Jewish military leaders in the Haganah militia, led by David Ben Gurion (who later became Israel's first prime minister) devised an ethnic-cleansing program to rid the future Israel of its Arab predecessors. Called Plan Dalet (the letter "D" indicating the fourth plan of a colonialist agenda) was to be activated as soon as the British suspended the Palestine Mandate.
With the declaration of Israeli statehood in 1948, a coordinated armed campaign by Israeli military forces and paramilitary units against hundreds of Palestinian urban neighborhoods and rural villages led to the flight of an estimated 700,000 refugees from Palestine and parts of neighboring Trans-Jordan, including Jerusalem. Although the Israeli intent was to intimidate the Palestinians into relocating outside the borders, but before long village populations that refused to flee were mass murdered. . . That policy, however, soon metamorphosed into a systematic campaign to destroy Palestinians, that is, genocide. . . The Israeli record of massacres, extrajudicial killings and daily harassment of Palestinians comprises a continuum of criminal behavior over the past 67 years. . . piles of bullet-riddled bodies and in one case, a pregnant woman whose belly had been slit open and her dead unborn child left on top of her corpse. . . refugees were rounded up from their homes and lined against walls for summary execution by automatic weapons fire. . . ambulances were intercepted and their drivers shot dead. . .
Barely addressed in just one paragraph of the Tribunal opinion is the reality that powerful states oppose any dilution of their absolute state immunity with the unspoken objective of preserving their war-making powers. The dominant Atlantic allies have cited genocide solely as a pretext to expand their global domain though invasions under a broad and vague "responsibility to protect" principle and have imposed new constitutions on defeated adversaries authored by foreign legal scholars while guised as the ideals of domestic political revolutions. Meanwhile, their own genocidal state structures, centered in the national-security structure and military command, categorically reject any international controls over extralegal interventions operated under the cover of humanitarian operations.
. . . in limiting its call for remedial action to reparations from Israel, the Tribunal wasted a precious opportunity to demand full justice for the Palestinian nation. What is realistically required is an international peacekeeping force to guarantee the withdrawal of the Israeli military and police force from Palestinian territory until a domestic law-enforcement and security force can take over; the elimination of wall-fences, checkpoints and other barriers to the free movement of citizens; the return of occupied land in Palestine; financial restitution for the loss of lands and property inside the boundaries of Israel; and an official apology for the countless crimes committed.
Furthermore, the continuity of genocide perpetrated by the core state structure and abetted by the complicity of much of the Israeli population demands that the offending state must be reorganized under a new constitution free of religious bias and racial discrimination to ensure legal norms that prevent a repetition of genocide. This objective should require an international occupation of Israel in event that powerful elements in Israeli society refuse to comply with international law. Israel should be spared the violence unleashed against the Third Reich, but stern justice and strong rule of law are nonetheless required in situations of ideological conformity based on the goals of genocide.
The Tribunal verdict raised not only a legal challenge to supporters of the Zionist cause in the United States and Europe but also appealed to universal moral principles . . . a giant step forward not only for dispossessed Palestinians but also for humanity as a whole. Full story:
[Anthony Grigor-Scott Comments: Historical facts featured in this trial and its precedents illustrate the enmity of Genesis 3:15 projected upon the innocent German nation in the cruel psyop of two holocausts of six million so-called Jews in World Wars I and II and the false claim against the peoples of the USSR of a further holocaust of six million self-styled Jews when in truth their Jewish rulers conducted the real and bloody slaughter of sixty-six million nominal Christian civilians plus the Hodolomor. Since the non-Semitic Rothschilds initiated the colonization of Palestine to the present day Cain's enmity has roused from psychological projection upon Hebrew and Arab natives in Palestine to flagrant genocide by self-styled Jewish impostors bolstered by the immunity of their nation-state and their lewd holy (sic) book the Babylonian Talmud that asserts non-Jews are animals in human form and may be killed immunity (Bereshith, 25a; Kiddushin 66c; Soferim 15, Rule 10).
The bolded paragraphs reveal the future following the utter defeat of the Israeli criminal state when UN Resolution 181 is enforced and the Judaeo-Roman Universal church rules one world government from Jerusalem as prophesied in Scripture.

December 01, 2013 ? - Anthony Grigor-Scott - Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retains all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel"!
Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for "Guardians of the City." The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident in which R. Yehudah Ha-Nassi (Rabbi Judah the Prince) sent R. Hiyya and R. Ashi on a pastoral tour of inspection. In one town they asked to see the "guardians of the city" and the city guard was paraded before them. They said that these were not the guardians of the city but its destroyers, which prompted the citizens to ask who, then, could be considered the guardians. The rabbis answered, "The scribes and the scholars," referring them to Tehillim (Psalms) Chap. 127. (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Hagiga. 76c). . .
The group was founded in Jerusalem, Palestine in 1938, splitting off from Agudas Yisroel. Agudas Yisroel was established in 1912 for the purpose of fighting Zionism. Gradually lured by money and honor they sold out to the "Golden-Calf" (Exodus, XXXII) of Zionism. . . Neturei Karta oppose the so-called "State of Israel" not because it operates secularly, but because the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish Law . . . the entire concept of a Jewish state is in direct conflict with a number of Judaism's fundamentals . . . we are forbidden to rebel against the nations and that we should remain loyal citizens and we shall not attempt to leave the exile which G-d sent us into, ahead of time.
Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars. . . The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism. The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them. . . The world must know that the Zionists have illegitimately seized the name Israel and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people! Full story: