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Date: May 11, 2020 at 9:20:27 AM EDT

Dear Pastor Begg,
As you would already know, you admirably refute infant baptism and you employ musical instruments in worship in your church. I AM GLAD!!! But what is baffling and confusing to me is that you also glowingly promote and endorse John Calvin. But Calvin burned people at the stake for opposing infant baptism and declared that use of musical instruments in worship is an abomination. Did you know that? This brings me to the following questions:
1. Why would any kind of Baptist not totally reject John Calvin and have no association with even his name who burned people at the stake for opposing infant baptism? This is what you and I would look like were John Calvin to get his hands on us:
2. As you know, The Netherlands is where Reformed Theology TULIP originated then spread throughout Europe, Africa, and America. But of the billions of tulips sold from there every year, wasn't there at least one wise among them to inform them to inform them that a tulip has only 3 petals and to this day no one has exposed this?
3. Conrad Mbewe a black leading pastor in Zambia is championing Calvinism taking over Africa. But Calvinism is responsible for Apartheid white supremacy Dutch Reformed Church in Africa and corrupting Curse of Ham racism plague, resulting in the death of 21,000 Blacks that also infected America my country such as Calvinist Presbyterian Pastor Robert Lewis Dabney who stated: "colored men . . . should not be ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry, simply because they belong to the negro race."…1.5 million died in the Civil War, almost destroyed our country. So what would Dabney say to Moses whose second wife was a Black woman from Ethiopia (Cushite)?
Better yet, what would and should have Moses done to Dabney? I can tell you what the Lord did to Miriam, effectively saying them "so you don't like Black, let see how you like white with Leprosy for judgment seven days!" (Number 12:10) At least Aaron repented, Dabney never did! Had Abraham Kuyper, Dabney and a host of Calvinists done what Philip did by cozying up in the Black Ethiopian's chariot for his first church service, we might have avoided Hamite theology path of destruction, and The Third Reich Holocaust since Calvin was vehemently antisemitic. Can you explain this? So shouldn't we be fleeing Calvin, not embracing him?
4. Calvin banned and condemned the use of musical instruments in worship, calling it an abomination. So why do so many Reformed, and all other Baptist Denominations and so many other denominations, use musical instruments in worship in defiance of John Calvin? This was punishable according to Calvin, so I also wonder what would happen to you and all of the musicians in your church, and me as a guitarist who has ministered in concert in 43 States? (see my website below).

But what does Calvin say about the Psalms?

"Nowhere is the method of praising God delivered more fully; or are we stimulated more powerful to render him this office of godliness...sounds of string instruments...and song in four parts do not in the least suit the majesty of the Church, and only greatly displease God" John Calvin

Another quote from Douglas Bond, citing Calvin:

"John Calvin urged that "all human inventions in worship be removed and driven from us, which God himself justly abominates." Far from aping the world, Christian men ought to stand against the impulse to reinvent worship so it looks and sounds like the world."

"Musical instruments in celebrating the praises of God would be no more suitable than the burning of incense, the lighting of lamps and the restoration of other shadows of the Law. The Papists therefore have foolishly borrowed this as well as many other things from the Jews." John Calvin
5. I note that you conduct Certified Biblical Counseling at or through your church in which people would pay fees for spiritual/soul counseling both directly as well as through Fieldstone Counseling posted on your church website. But John Calvin said this about Simony:

"I maintain that, in the Papacy in the present day, scarcely one benefice in a hundred is conferred without simony, as the ancients have defined it." John Calvin (Calv. in Art. 8:21)
6. Calvin committed the sin of the Leaven of Herod in Ecclesiastical Ordinances and Consistory. He claimed to be against merging church and state, but, de facto, that is precisely what he did. Have you exposed this, or will you?
Will you run these questions by your congregation?
I look forward to your responses!!
Thank you.
Kindest regards in Christ,
James Sundquist

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