News Israel continued For April 2024

Pro-Hamas Protests Could 'Escalate' into 'More Extreme' 'Summer of Protests' Ahead of Elections, Report Warns - 4.17.24
Netanyahu dismisses calls for restraint, saying 'Israel will defend itself' - 1,230 views 4.17.24
For more detailed information about the present situation in Israel - 4.16.24
War cabinet said to favor hitting back at Iran but divided over when and how - 15 April 2024
UN Security Council committee unable to agree on Palestinian bid for full membership - 16 April 2024
Israel welcomes EU move to impose sanctions on Iran following its attack - 16 April 2024
China Tells Iran Cooperation Will Last After Attack on Israel - 4.16.24
From proxies to gas pumps, Israel's retaliation could hit Iran in myriad ways - 4.17.24
Iran vows to strike with weapon 'never used before' as Israel pledges they won't 'get off scot-free' after missile blitz
Biden scrambles to impose new penalties on Iran after letting weapons sanctions expire - April 17, 2024
Israel Says Readying 'Imminent' Attack On Iran As Airlines Cancel Flights To Region - Apr 16, 2024
Join Us May 15 - Global Prayer for Israel - 4.17.24
Blinken to Gantz: US does not want to see escalation with Iran - April 17, 2024
With attack, Iran breathes life into nascent US-led alliance from Qatar to Israel - 16 April 2024
IDF shows remains of Iranian ballistic missile that fell in Dead Sea - 4.17.24
Exclusive: Google Workers Revolt Over $1.2 Billion Contract With Israel - 4.10.24
Biden hosts Iraqi leader after Iran's attack on Israel throws Mideast into greater uncertainty - 4.15.24
Saudi Arabia says it helped defend Israel against Iran - 4.15.24
Israeli war cabinet meets to discuss response to Iranian attack - 4.15.24
About 50 Survivors of Nova Music Festival Committed Suicide, Survivor Tells Israeli Lawmakers - April 16, 2024
Iran LOST Its Biggest Trump Card! Israeli Jets Struck an Unexpected Blow! Total Desperation! - 6,792 views 4.16.24
Mike Johnson takes risk on separating Israel and Ukraine aid - April 16, 2024
Saudi Arabia says it helped defend Israel against Iran - 4.15.24
Iran strike on Israel was 'decoy' as Tehran could launch attack that is '10x bigger' - Apr 15, 2024
Israel warns of 'imminent' revenge strike as Iran vows to unleash '1,500 missiles' - risking all-out war in Middle Eas
The Mid-East Fuse Has Been Lit - 4.14.24
Israel Using AI Kill-Bots - Drones Powered By AI Committing Mass Murder. - 4.16.24
Tucker Carlson: The OTHER kind of Christian - 4.16.24
Keep God's Land: Christian/Jewish Leaders Gather in Washington to join forces against "Two-State Delusion" - 4.16.24
ISRAEL'S SKIES ARE BLACKENED BY DRONES! Swarms of thousands of Iranian UAV rained on Jerusalem! - 8,767 views
Iran in SHOCK! Jordanian and Israeli jets BLOCKADE Iranian missiles all at once! Total Desperation! - 743,113 views
Israel's message to Biden, interpreted: 'Pound sand' - April 15, 2024
A pawn in a dangerous game: Hezbollah's role as an Iranian proxy - analysis
Saudi Arabia says it helped defend Israel against Iran - report - APRIL 15, 2024
'No Longer A Shadow War': Iran Says Attack On Israel Marks Strategic Shift - April 15, 2024
Israel warns of 'imminent' revenge strike as Iran vows to unleash '1,500 missiles' - risking all-out war in Middle East - Apr 15 2024
U.S. Deploys Warships to Israel in Response to Iranian Threat - 4.12.24
'The U.S. MUST STAY AWAY!' Iran warns America against helping Israel - April 14, 2024
Israel's War Cabinet favors retaliating to Iranian attack - April 15, 2024
Israel 'came out far ahead,' senior US officials say of Iran attack - April 15, 2024
Iran Furious! US and Jordanian Jets intercept many of Iranian drones and missiles toward Israel! - 284,793 views 4.14.24
Russia moves supersonic missile warship to Middle East after Iran attack on Israel - Apr 14, 2024
IMMINENT THREAT: US Evangelical leader warns Tehran not to attack Israel or face 'horrific ending for Iran' - April 13, 2024
Airspace closures throughout the Middle East ground, divert flights as Iran launches drone attack on Israel - Apr 13 2024
99% Of +300 Iranian Aerial Threats Shot Down; Israel Mulls Response To Iranian Attack Amid Fears Of Regional War - 4.14.24
Biden: US won't support Israeli response to Iran attack - April 14, 2024
US warships repositioned, on high alert ahead of expected Iranian attack on Israel - April 13, 2024
Biden Says U.S. Will Not Participate In Counter-strike Against Iran, Meets With G7 Leaders To Discuss A Diplomatic Response - 4.14.24
Israeli and US jets destroyed dozens of Iranian drones in air after Iran attempted to strike Israel - 231,956 views 4.14.24
Breaking News: Iran's Attack and Israel's Response - 11,849 views 4.14.24
IRAN STARTED WAR! The Great Offensive Houthis On Israel! - 98K views 4.14.24
Dozens of Israeli Jets and US Navy Intercepted Majority of 250+ Drones After Reckless Iran Attack! - 33,389 views 4.13.24
Missiles smash Israel to 'overwhelm Iron Dome' before Iranian attack 'soon' - 12 Apr 2024
Israel to destroy Iran's NUCLEAR facilities if Tehran follows through on retaliation threats - 04/12/2024
US repositions warships in expectation of Iranian attack - report - APRIL 13, 2024
April 10: American official says US will help defend Israel if Iran, proxies launch attack - 10 April 2024,
Tension at Al-Aqsa Mosque is deepening with each day of the Israel-Hamas war - April 10, 2024
Hamas leader Haniyeh thankful for the 'honor of martyrdom' granted to his sons - 4.10.24
Hamas tells negotiators it doesn't have 40 Israeli hostages needed for first round of ceasefire - April 10, 2024
Iran has launched over 100 drones at Israel; IDF working to intercept them en route - 4.13.24
Report: Iran Launches Dozen Of Drones Towards Israel - 4.13.24
DOOMSDAY NIGHT FOR ALL MANKIND! Iran launched the largest missile attack on Israel ever! - 8,692 views 4.13.24
It's Beginning. Join me in decreeing Psalm 91. - 1,408 views 4.13.2024
World lost 'moral compass' on Gaza, deputy UN chief says - 10 April 2024,
US Sen. Warren: World Court has 'ample evidence' to find Israel guilty of genocide - 4.9.24
US says 'no evidence' of Gaza genocide, but wants Israel to deliver on aid long-term - 4.9.24
Bible prophecy says the world will turn against Israel in the 'last days' - is it happening now? - April 9, 2024
How Biden is Sabotaging His Peace Deal Between Israel and Saudi Arabia - April 10, 2024
Full power: Iranian troops succeeded in destroying an Israeli Merkava tank - 409K views 4.12.24
Israeli Media Says Iran Postponed Attack 'At Last Minute' Due To Threat Of US Intervention - Apr 12, 2024
Indonesia To Normalize Relations With Israel - April 11, 2024
REPORT: World's largest Muslim-majority country to normalize relations with Israel - April 12, 2024
'Hamas counting on victory through Biden,' warns former intelligence official - April 12, 2024
'Let my people go': Hostage families stage Passover-themed demonstration near Gaza border - 4.12.24
Now It's OVER! Hamaz' Central Bank Manager Was Caught! Israel Surrounded That City! - 2,234 views 4.11.24
Iraq's Worst Tragedy: Is this the Wrath of God? Is it a Sign from God? - 19,630 views 4.11.24
LIVE: Iran In TURMOIL As Israel ELIMINATES Haniyeh's Islamist Family - 4.11.24
The LAST SACRIFICE of The RED HEIFER In ISRAEL Will Cause ARMAGEDDON and Take DARK Turn? - 2,406 views 4.10.24
BREAKING: Three sons of Hamas leader 'killed in airstrike' | Israel-Hamas war - 3,994 views 4.10.24
Israeli air attack kills 3 children, 3 grandchildren of Hamas leader Haniyeh: Report - 8,726 views 4.10.24
Sad News for Israel! Hamaz Reveals All Secrets in Negotiations! Historic Moment for the IDF! - 4.9.24
BREAKING: IDF Withdraws From South Gaza; Houthi Rockets INTERCEPTED Above Israel - 164,650 views 4.9.24
Elizabeth Warren says she believes Israel's war in Gaza - 4.8.24
Israeli citizen arrested for online plot to assassinate Netanyahu - April 08.2024
Hamas says it won't compromise on key demands as US leans into hostage talks - 8 April 2024
6 Months of War: Did Israel Just Lose to Hamas?! - 69K views 4.8.24
Nova festival survivors share Oct. 7 horror stories on US campus tour - April 8, 2024
Only 1 in 4 UK Muslims believe Hamas committed atrocities - April 8, 2024
Son of Terrorist Exposes Hamas on Dr. Phil - 72,711 views 4.8.24
The West refuses to understand Hamas - April 9, 2024
Netanyahu: Date set for Rafah offensive, essential to victory - April 8, 2024
After U.S. Pressure, IDF Leaves Southern Gaza; Hamas Declares Victory - 4.7.24
Netanyahu Says A Date Is Set For Rafah Offensive; Iran FM Threatens Israel During Symbolic Visit To Damascus - 4.9.24
Israel Withdraws Ground Troops From Gaza - April 7, 2024
Netanyahu after Gaza pullout: We will destroy Hamas, including in Rafah - 4.7.24
The only deal on Hamas's table is defeat of the Jewish state - April 7, 2024
The Red Heifers: Who Will Sacrifice Them and When? - Rabbi Eliyahu Berkowitz Explains
In Caesarea, protests outside Netanyahu's home burst bucolic calm of plush beach town - 8 April 2024
Gazans return to devastated Khan Younis as Israeli troops pull back - 8 April 2024
The only deal on Hamas's table is defeat of the Jewish state - April 7, 2024
As Hamas sticks to demands, Israeli officials warn Cairo talks likely an 'empty show' - 4.6.24
Car rams protesters, injuring 5, as large crowds in Tel Aviv demand hostage deal - 4.7.24
Halevi: IDF is fully prepared to deal with Iran 'in attack and defense'
IDF withdraws ground troops from south Gaza, leaving just one brigade in whole enclave - 4.7.24
A.I. Deciding Who to Kill for Israel - April 5, 2024
Israel protests spark chaos in Tel Aviv as thousands call for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign - 4.7.24
Pelosi joins call by 37 Democrats for Biden to halt transfer of US weapons to Israel - 4.6.24
Yes tell me more
CIA 'warns Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours' as revenge for consulate strike - 4.4.24
After six months of war, Israel's isolation grows with no end in sight - 4.4.24
Israel's war cabinet meets over threat of 'imminent' attack by Iran amid fears Middle East crisis could spiral into WW3 - Apr 4 2024
Israel's Protest Movement Re-Emerges With Focus on Bringing Down Netanyahu - 4.4.24
Iranian General Killed In Israeli Strike Was Architect Of October 7 - 04/04/2024
Polish-Israeli tensions deepen over Israeli ambassador's 'outrageous' comment - 4 April 2024,
Chinese weapons found in Gaza, report claims - 4.4.24
War with Hezbollah and Iran May Have Just Begun - 47K views 4.4.24
Iran's supreme leader openly threatens Israel, says 'evil Zionist regime will be punished' - April 3, 2024
Top Israeli official Ron Dermer began yelling during a meeting with U.S. officials about Gaza, officials say - 4.3.24
'The machine did it coldly': Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets - 4.3.24
Hamas won't budge on hostage deal demands, including end to war; Qatar says talks stuck - 4.3.24
srael Braces for Iranian Attack on Friday…Russia Issues Threat to Paris - 4.4.24
Netanyahu Says Israel Acting Against Iran, Will Defend Itself as Country Braces for Attack - 4.4.24
Israeli Security Services Thwart ISIS Terrorist Attack in East Jerusalem - April 4, 2024
Iran and Hezbollah Vow To "Punish" Israel for Strike that Killed Top IRGC General - April 3, 2024
Iran, Syria Ordered To Pay $191 Million Over Hamas Killings In Israel - April 3, 2024
Report: White House Using 4-Part Plan to Overthrow Netanyahu - 4.3.24
Why the world has turned against Israel - April 3, 2024
Iran Issues Threat: 'Soon We'll See More Deadly Attacks Against Israel' - April 3, 2024
'We Will Cut Off the Hand': Abbas's Fatah Party Slams Iran for Interfering in Palestinian Affairs - 4.3.24
Brazil's Lula: 12.3 million children died in Gaza during war - April 4, 2024
Hamas chief reiterates demand for permanent truce, IDF withdrawal - April 4, 2024
Six months after joining War Cabinet, Gantz calls for early elections - April 4, 2024
Shin Bet says it foiled plot by Arab Israelis, Palestinians to assassinate Ben Gvir - 4.4.24
US signals opposition to renewed Palestinian bid for statehood status at UN - 4.4.24
Daily Briefing April 4: Day 181 - Israel braces for possible retaliatory Iran strike - 4.4.24
Trump says he's not 'loving the way' Israel is conducting war in Gaza - 4.4.24
Amid retaliation threats from Iran, IDF cancels home leave for all combat troops - 4.4.24
Russia Deploys MORE Forces to Israel/Syria Border; Iran's REVENGE Coming? - 113,347 views 4.3.24
Erdogan's Islamist Party Suffers Historic Defeat in Mayoral Elections in Turkey After 22 Years - Apr. 1, 2024
F-35 missiles near Iranian embassy: How senior Iranian commander was eliminated in Damascus - 4.1.24
IDF ends Shifa Hospital raid, says it killed 200 terror operatives, arrested 500 more - 4.1.24
We Are Just One Step Away From An Apocalyptic War In The Middle East - April 1, 2024
South Africa: Safe-haven for Hamas, Islamic State and al-Qaeda Terrorists - April 2, 2024
Palestinian Authority pushing for full-fledged UN membership - April 2, 2024
Red Heifer Conference in Shiloh; First hand - 11K views 4.1.24
Israel: Ultra Orthodox Men To Be Drafted Into The Military Starting April 1, Supreme Court Rules - April 2, 2024
Israel's Premier Says 'Unintended' Strike Killed 7 Aid Workers in Gaza (Video) - April 2, 2024
Head of aid group struck by IDF: 'Israel is better than the way this war is being waged' - 4.3.24
This is WAR! Iran readies "MASSIVE STRIKES" in response, Baltimore Bridge attack update | Redacted - 198,218 views 4.2.24

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