News Israel continued For November 2023

Media Worst: Israel's Enemies Get Away With Murder-And Human Shields and Genocide - Nov 12, 2023
Modern Palestinians are NOT Descended From Ancient Philistines -- Implications? November 14, 2023
Exclusive: Rep. Ilhan Omar To Introduce First Bill To Block U.S. Weapons For Israel Since Gaza War Began - US strikes Iranian assets in Syria for third time in weeks - 11.13.23
Israel 'days away' from hostage deal, Hamas pushes for five-day truce - 11.14.23
Jordan's king rejects any Israeli plan to occupy parts of Gaza - 11.13.23
Biden Giving Your Tax Money To US Mosques That Seek Total Annihilation Of Jews - November 14, 2023
US Launches Third Wave of Airstrikes in Syria - November 13, 2023
U.S. sent Palestinians $1 billion under Biden administration - November 11, 2023
Biden Expected to Greenlight Fresh $10 Billion for Iran - 11.14.23
'Zero appetite' in Israel for cease-fire with Hamas, embassy official says - November 14, 2023
Israel Ministry of Intelligence Leaked Document: Occupation of Gaza and Long Term Population Transfer -
Explosive Interview: The Hidden Agenda for Gaza - November 6, 2023
Mansour Abbas is not giving up: is considering sanctions against the MK of Ra'am, (denied babies slaughtered by Hamas) who is not resigning for the time being
Security tensions remain high on Israel-Lebanon border - 4,305 views 11.12.23
Ben Shapiro's Israel Thing - 34K views 11.11.23
Video: "Wiping Gaza Off The Map": Big Money Agenda. Confiscating Palestine's Maritime Natural Gas Reserves - November 04, 2023
Iranian Christian Leader's 'Absolute Armageddon' Question: 'What Happens if Hamas, Taliban, Hezbollah, and ISIS Join Forces?' 11.10.23
Suicide drones attack US forces in northern Syria as fears grow Iran-backed militias seek to widen Israel-Hamas war into regional conflict
New Fighting Erupts Along Israel's Northern Border As The U.S. Bombs Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Targets For A 3rd Time
Douglas Macgregor, 11.06.23, Monday, Great Intel "A Major Counteroffensive"
700 Club News - 11.12.23
What Happens in Israel Before Jesus Returns? (Prepare for False Peace) - 146K views 11.9.23
News organizations deny advance knowledge of Hamas attack - 11.10.23
55 Global Nations Do Not 'Recognize' Palestine, 29 Don't Recognize Israel - Nov 10, 2023
Russia turning against Israel, growing dangerously close with Iran, says Israeli Minister Gideon Sa'ar
Iranian President Will Travel to Saudi Arabia for Islamic Summit on Gaza - 11.10.23
Netanyahu, in a Confrontation With France, Warns a Waffling Macron That If Hamas Is Not Stopped, Terror Will Come to Paris - 11.11.23
London police estimate 300,000 Palestinian supporters marched against Israel - 11.11.23
Israel said more bullish on limited hostage deal as families mark 5 weeks of captivity - 10 November 2023
The IDF Is Making Major Progress In Gaza, And That Makes Intervention By Hezbollah Much More Likely -
Yemen's Houthi Terrorists - Delisted by Biden - Shoot Down $30 Million U.S. Drone - 11.9.23
Damascus Int'l Airport Shut for a Month Following Reported Israeli Strikes - 11.10.23
Erdogan to declare Israel 'war criminals' as Turkey rallies behind Hamas terrorists - 11.9.23
White House Says Israel Agrees To 4-Hour Daily 'Humanitarian Pauses' In Gaza Fighting - Nov 9, 2023
Palestinian Authority Open to Gaza Role if U.S. Backs 2-State Solution - Nov 9, 2023
Appeasement vs Power: What Israel And The World Can Expect In The Near Future - November 10, 2023
Amid the Onslaught Against Jews and Israel, Don't Lose Hope - 11.10.23
UN Adopts Eight Resolutions Condemning Israel, Refuses to Condemn Hamas for Terror Attacks - 11.10.23
Blinken: More can and should be done to protect Palestinian civilians in Gaza - 11.10.23
United Nations Chief Slams Israel, Claims Hamas-Provided Death Tolls Prove Something Is 'Clearly Wrong'
CNN Reporter Took Part in Hamas Terror Attacks, Had Prior Knowledge of Assault on Israel - Nov 9, 2023
IDF spokesman: Troops 'deepening' move into Gaza City, 50,000 Gazans moved south today - 8 Nov.2023
Video: Blinken: Israel Cannot Run Gaza Indefinitely - Nov 8, 2023
Many nations cutting links to Israel over its response to terror attacks - November 7, 2023
Biden Backdoors Israel in the U.N., Rescinding Trump's Recognition of Sovereignty over the Golan - 9.6.23
Egypt says NO to Israel's push for Gaza's 2+ million residents to be forced into the Sinai Peninsula
Biden Seeks To Buffalo Israel Into Letting the Palestinian Authority Rule Gaza - 11.8.23
VIDEO: Hamas now slaughtering Gazans if they try to evacuate! - November 8, 2023
Israel-Gaza war: Assassination attempt on Palestine president Mahmoud Abbas kills one - 11.7.23
Saudi Arabia to host 3 summits on Israel-Hamas war in coming days - 11.8.23
'We Have Each Other, We Have Israel': More Than 10,000 Gather for Pro-Israel Rally in New York City
House Votes To Censure Rashida Tlaib Over Anti-Israel Comments - 11.7.23
Hamas's Leaders Are Worth Billions, Thanks To Foreign Donors And Taxes on Smuggled Goods - 11.7.23
Qatar in talks to free up to 15 hostages in exchange for 1- to 2-day halt in fighting - 11.8.23
US opposes 'reoccupation' of Gaza after Netanyahu talks of 'indefinite' control - 11.8.23
Thousands of Gazans use humanitarian corridor to move south as IDF presses offensive - 11.8.23
Congressional Democrats Urge Joe Biden to Facilitate Entry for Thousands of Palestinian Nationals into the US - Nov. 8, 2023
Schumer proposes $1.22 billion in security spending for targeted synagogues, mosques, churches - 11.7.23
Israeli Police Collect Eyewitness Testimony of Gang Rape During Hamas Attack - November 7, 2023
Settlements Israel/Biden denies settler's protection against next Hamas massacre - 11.7.23
Don't fall for the Islamophobia scam! - November 6, 2023
Iran Proposes Creation of Islamic Army Against Israel and the US - 11.1.23
"Israel is LOSING this war and Netanyahu is done" - Redacted News - 255,626 views 11.6.23
Biden Regime Deploys Over 17,200 Military Personnel to Middle East Amid Rising Tensions - Nov. 6, 2023
Israel Gaza war: Hamas-run health ministry says Gaza death toll passes 10,000 - 11.6.23
Israel-Saudi Normalization Is 'Inevitable' - 06 November 2023
U.S. Plans $320 Million Precision Munitions to Israel - November 6, 2023
Yemen's Iran-Backed Houthis Launch New Wave Of Drones Against Israel - Nov 06, 2023
UN chief: Gaza has become 'graveyard for kids'; Israeli envoy calls for him to resign - 11.6.23
Netanyahu: Israel set to maintain security control in Gaza 'indefinitely' after war - 11.7.23
Thousands of Gazans waving white flags head south along IDF evacuation route - 11.7.23
The Israel we knew died on October 7. The new nation will be scarred for generations - 11.7.23
Brighteon Broadcast News, Nov 7, 2023 - Gaza being exterminated to make way for lucrative Ben Gurion CANAL that will cut across Israel to the Red Sea - Nov 7, 2023
Hamas claims responsibility for rocket barrage from Lebanon - November 7, 2023
IDF: 'We are working on one tunnel after another, demolishing them' - November 7, 2023
What is the war really about?
US tells Israel: "Use smaller bombs against Hamas" - November 7, 2023
"Slouching Toward Kristallnacht-Right Before Our Eyes" - November 7, 2023
Anti-Israel Protests in America Claim Their First Death Since Outbreak of War - 11.7.23
Massive Pro-Israel Rally Planned for Nov. 14 in Washington, DC - November 6, 2023
Canada could take in 500,000 Palestinian refugees according to proposed plan - Nov 5, 2023
Israel's war with Hamas to cost over $50 billion, Finance Ministry says - 11.5.23
Former President Barack Obama Likens Hamas' Terrorist Attack to "Unbearable Israeli Occupation"
IDF's AI-Powered Strikes Hit 11,000+ Gaza Targets Since the 'Black Sabbath' - November 3, 2023 |
With Gaza Cut in Half, Which Hamas May Not Have Seen Coming, Israeli Forces Move In for the Kill
In rare announcement, US says guided missile sub has arrived in Middle East, a message of deterrence to adversaries
As Antisemitism Wave Sweeps Over World, Rio de Janeiro Adopts IHRA Definition With CAM Support
Netanyahu: 'No ceasefire without return of the hostages' - November 6, 2023
Here's how the liberal money machine is fueling pro-Hamas activism - November 6, 2023
SPLC Staff Sign Anti-Israel Letter Alleging 'Eliminationist Assault' on Palestinians. - 11.6.23
Algerian parliament authorizes President Tebboune to support Gaza amid Israeli assaults
Pro-Palestinian protesters block naval ship in Oakland: 'Joe Biden… we charge you with genocide'
IDF still surrounding Gaza City, kills 'numerous' terror operatives, destroys tunnels - 3 November 2023
Hezbollah uses new weapon on Israel, IDF hits back in Lebanon - Nov 4, 2023
Obama calls for end of 'occupation,' security for Israel, state for Palestinians - November 4, 2023
CRY MORE, LIBS: Democrats Break Down IN TEARS After House Approves Bill Slashing IRS Funding and Approving Aid to Israel to Fight Hamas - Nov. 3, 2023
U.S. and Israel Split Over Gaza Goals, Muddying War's Endgame - Nov. 4, 2023
Reports: US officials warn Israel it has limited time before support for war wanes - 3 November 2023
Five in Ten 11/3/23: The Friday Five - What Comes After Hamas? - November 3, 2023
Watch: Massive Airstrikes Level Large University In Gaza - Nov 04, 2023
Thousands rally in Tel Aviv for hostages; Netanyahu critics renew Jerusalem protests - Nov 5, 2023
Blinken blasts settler violence, tells Abbas Gazans must not be 'forcibly displaced' - 11.5.23
Daily Briefing Nov 4: Day 29 - Blinken talks to Arab allies, will visit Turkey too - 4 November 2023
Pro-Palestinian rallies in Washington, London and elsewhere accuse Israel of genocide - Nov 5, 2023
165 Nations Want the DEATH of the State of ISRAEL, God Help Us All.. - 36k views 11.4.23
There Has Never Been A More Urgent Need For Pastors To Proclaim Israel's Right To The Land - 11.1.23
Palestine - March 10, 2020
Pope says two-state solution needed for Israel-Palestine - November 2, 2023
Iran's appointment to chair UN rights meeting draws condemnation - November 2, 2023
Netanyahu Appears to Rebuff Blinken's Request for 'Humanitarian Pauses' - Nov. 3, 2023
With Blinken at Tel Aviv, Some Fissures Become Visible in Washington-Israel Alliance - November 3, 2023
Israel Rejects Ceasefire, Hezbollah Leader Defends Attacks on U.S. Troops - November 3, 2023
Israeli troops fight 'fierce battles' against Hamas in urban areas deep inside Gaza - 31 October 2023
UN Agency In Gaza Says Urgent Cease-Fire Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Millions Of Palestinians
Report: Jews in Berlin Forced to Consider - Is It Time to Leave Germany? - Oct 31, 2023
Hamas has infiltrated America - October 31, 2023
Thousands protest in Tel Aviv as Blinken visits, demanding hostages' return - 3 November 2023
Israelis urged to reconsider overseas travel amid rising antisemitism worldwide - 11.4.23
Hamas Vows to Repeat October 7 Attack 'Again and Again' Until Israel 'Annihilated' - November 3, 2023
Glenn Beck writes letter to Netanyahu begging for Israeli citizenship - November 2, 2023
Yemen Just Declared War On Israel; What Does This Mean For The Region?
Gaza City-what you can't see from above
Don't fall for the Islamophobia scam! - November 3, 2023
Leading Rabbis and Knesset Members call for National Day of Prayer this Monday - November 3, 2023
Vladimir Putin turns on Netanyahu as he sees Israel 'as Russia's enemy' - Oct 30, 2023
There Has Never Been A More Urgent Need For Pastors To Proclaim Israel's Right To The Land - 11.1.23
One Sick War - November 2, 2023
Media freedom group accuses Israel, Hamas of war crimes over deaths of 34 journalists - 1 November 2023
1,000 Americans Left Behind as Last US Charter Plane Leaves Israel - Nov 1, 2023
Protest leaders, ex-security chiefs step up calls for Netanyahu to resign amid war - 1 November 2023
China Agrees to Nuclear Arms-Control Talks With US - Nov 1, 2023
Iran's Leader Khamenei Urges Muslim Countries to Boycott Israel - November 1, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: US has 'crucial decision' to make as Hezbollah's 150,000 missiles could devastate Israel
A UN envoy says the Israel-Hamas war is spilling into Syria, adding to growing instability there
House Passes Israel Aid Bill Funded By IRS Cuts - 11.2.23
Biden Calls For 'Pause' In Israel-Hamas Conflict To 'Get The Prisoners Out' - Nov 2, 2023
Hamas rockets hit Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon; IDF: Fuel for Gaza hospitals if needed - Nov 2, 2023
You'll never believe what the CIA is hiding for Israel - 202,396 views 11.1.23
Israel Reassessing Ties With Turkey After Being Called 'War Criminal' - October 31, 2023
Blinken Admits Hamas Will Get Hands On U.S. Aid
Israel strikes dense Gaza camp, says it kills Hamas commander - October 31, 2023
About the Hostages - November 1, 2023
Dozens allowed to leave Gaza into Egypt - 11.1.23
WATCH: Hamas threatens terror on civilians in Israel 'again and again' - November 1, 2023
Dem Dark Money 'Arabella' Group Has Funneled $10M To Pro-Hamas Protesters.- 11.1.23
Nevada man federally charged after allegedly threatening to kidnap, assault or murder Jewish US senator
80% of people in Lebanon support Hamas's Oct. 7 massacres in Israel, poll finds
This Is The Missing Information On The War In Gaza!!! - 18K views Oct 31, 23
Israel agrees to allow 100 trucks of humanitarian aid into Gaza each day - official
WORLD WAR III WATCH: Biden Regime Announces New Nuclear Weapon MORE THAN 20 TIMES More Powerful
Fmr Amb. David Friedman to Newsmax: 2-State Solution 'Insult' to Jews - Oct 30, 2023
WWIII ALERT: Erdogan Threatens Invasion Of Israel & Netanyahu Calls For Total Gaza Bloodbath - 64,973 views - Oct 29, 2023
Surge in antisemitism amid Israel-Hamas war marks 'frightening time' for Jews - Oct 29, 2023
Jared Kushner claims Jews 'safer in Saudi Arabia' than on US college campuses - Oct. 29, 2023
Report: Groups Behind Pro-Hamas Protests Funded by George Soros - 29 Oct 2023

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