News Social Issues continued For June 2022

Federal grand jury subpoenas firm that merged with Trump social network - 06/27/22
Jan. 6 committee announces last-minute hearing for Tuesday - 06/27/22
‘God, What Have I Done?’: Man Suing Health Care Provider Over Trans Surgery, Says ‘Avalanche’ of De-Transitioners Coming – 6.27.22
'2000 Mules' allegations prompt calls for 2020 election probes – 6.28.22
These deaths are on Biden': Death toll in Texas migrant tragedy rises to 50 as Gov. Abbott says President's 'deadly open border policies' are responsible for America's deadliest human smuggling tragedy ever - 6.29.22
GHISLAINE MAXWELL SENTENCING LIVE: Virginia Giuffre says in a statement the socialite deserves to be 'trapped in a cage forever' as sentencing starts
'Ghislaine must die in prison.' Epstein and Maxwell sexual abuse victims arrive at NYC court to see her sentenced - with one saying 'I tried to kill myself twice after being turned into their sex toy' - 6.28.22
London’s First Insect Farm Wants People To Eat Worms - 419,610 views - Sep 8, 2018
Senate sergeant at arms who oversaw January 6 found dead - June 28, 2022
Mexican Cartel Gunmen Kill 6 Police Officers at Texas Border - 27th June 2022
Another Food Processing Plant Closes amid Long List of Closures across U.S - 28th June 2022
Large chicken producer abruptly announces closure of U.S. plant, catching locals off guard - June 26, 2022
Warning - The Coming Shortage Of Diesel Fuel Could Cripple Our Economy - June 28, 2022
Anti-Israel Pastor Appointed Head Of World Council Of Churches - June 28, 2022
Biden Will Do Everything He Can To Prevent Return Of Netanyahu - June 24, 2022
Bill Barr: Western Civilization Facing Deepest Crisis Since Jesus Christ - 28th June 2022
A global food shortage “catastrophe” is unfolding, warns UN chief - June 25, 2022
Russia’s deployment of Iskander missiles to Kaliningrad is major threat to NATO: Here’s why - June 26, 2022
What Christians Should Know about the Year of Jubilee
Food Processing Plants Burning Down All Over the World, as Europe, Australia Prepare for Fuel Rationing - June 11, 2022
U.N. Secretary-General warns of ‘real risk’ of ‘multiple famines’ this year and next - June 26, 2022
Ghislaine Maxwell sentenced to 20 years for 'horrific' sex trafficking - 6.28.22
Now 85% of American adults think the country is on the wrong track under Joe Biden and 79% say the economy is poor in yet another dire poll
I Tried Warning You 200,000,000 Are Coming... add to rita adams and 2020report - 936,691 views - Jun 18, 2022
Elon Musk refuses to respond after mom tweets Happy Birthday wish: Is something wrong? - June 29, 2022
Supreme Court rules the EPA does NOT have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emission caps in 6-3 ruling that deals a huge a blow to Biden's climate agenda
Supreme Court rules FOR Biden in his bid to dismantle Trump's Remain in Mexico border policy: Republicans say decision will lead to more crossings, 'more fentanyl on streets' and more tragedies like the 53 migrants found dead in truck
Ex-Convict from Ghislaine Maxwell's New Prison Reveals 'Hell' That Awaits Her Child sex trafficker heading to Federal Corrections Institute Danbury
The Top 10 Creepiest & Most Dystopian Things Pushed By The World Economic Forum - June 07, 2022
Russia Demands Lithuania Lift "Openly Hostile" Blockade; Panic Buying Ensues - Jun 21, 2022
Twitter Board Unanimously Approves Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Purchase - Jun 21, 2022
Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorists Destroy Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Smashing Doors and Windows - Jun 22, 2022
Home health agencies would lose $810 million in Medicaid payments in 2023 under a CMS proposal released - June 17, 22
Mexican President Calls on Joe Biden to Free Julian Assange Lopez Obrador calls Wikileaks founder 'the greatest journalist of our time' - 6.22.22
New Biden Regulations are Putting American Travelers at Risk and Forcing Thousands of Flights to be Canceled (VIDEO) -
Another US Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames - Jun 14, 2022
WEF’s Top 10 Scary Ideas — And How They Could Affect Your Future
UNLOCKED: What Russia Thinks Will Happen Next
It’s Not a Turndown, It’s a Takedown – Catherine Austin Fitts - 6.19.22
Jerusalem Post Science - JUNE 22, 2022
Swimmers Blast Lia Thomas' 'Champion' Title as 'Illegitimate' after FINA Rule Change - 22nd June 2022
Biden Mocks Oils Company's Plan to Lower Gas Prices as American Families Suffer - 22nd June 2022
Federal Reserve chairman needs just one sentence to dismantle Biden's narrative on inflation crisis - June 22, 202
Democrat Andrew Gillum, DeSantis’ 2018 Opponent, Indicted on 21 Counts, Faces 45 Years in Prison - June 22, 20222
Ghislaine Maxwell Comes Clean about Working with Clinton Global Initiative in Bid for Leniency - June 22, 2022
Cross still stands after fire destroys Texas church: ‘A sight to behold’ - June 20, 2022
Christian content censored on popular workplace app - June 20, 2022
Tens of Thousands Flee San Francisco As Liberal Leaders Struggle With Crime and Homelessness - June 20, 2022
Texas GOP rejects 2020 election and contends Biden was ‘not legitimately elected’ - June 20, 2022
Video Shows Police Were Inside Uvalde School With Ballistic Shields And Rifles But Waited An Hour to Engage Shooter -
‘Disinformation’ Police to Silence ALL Non-Government Narratives, Warns Former Fed upload rita
No One Can Believe The Latest Crimes Committed By The J6 Committee make page jan 6
Putin: Sarmat Ballistic Missile Must Be Deployed by End of 2022 - 21st June 2022
Mexican chief brags about plans to lobby Biden for superstate 'America' - June 21, 2022
Caller Drops Massive TRUTH Bomb on FDA - June 19, 2022
Swimming's World Governing Body Slaps Total Ban On Transgender Athletes - Jun 20, 2022
Supreme Court Hands Huge Win to Conservatives, Rules Public Funds Can Be Used for Religious Education - 6.21.22
The Controlled Demolition Of America - Jun 20, 2022
Elon Musk's kid Xavier did WHAT to publicly shame HER dad? - June 21, 2022
Situation Update, June 21, 2021 - NATO pushing for Kaliningrad CATASTROPHE by provoking Russia - 14810 views -
Death claims up $6 BILLION: Fifth-largest life insurance company paid out for 163% more working-age deaths in 2021 after covid “vaccines” were unleashed - June 20, 2022
Video Shows Police Were Inside Uvalde School With Ballistic Shields And Rifles But Waited An Hour to Engage Shooter - J
Not now Zoom! Video-calling service goes down in the UK and US leaving thousands of users unable to join conferences
MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Says It’s ‘Violent’ To Oppose Drag Queen Story Hour make page woke - June 17, 2022
French Guiana Pastor Killed, Church Torched - June 17, 2022
Nigeria’s Army Questioned As Islamic Militants Kill Dozens Of Christians (Worthy News Investigation) - June 19, 2022
Hungary Blocks Biden’s Global Tax Plan In European Union - June 19, 2022
Abortion Activists Soaked in Blood-Stained Clothes Protest Outside Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Home - Jun 20, 2022
US Laws All Secretly Changed to Enable Mass Genocide - 3,932 views - June 19, 2022
Google Worker Fired For Blowing The Whistle on ‘Spiritual Organization’ Within Company That’s Been Accused of Sex Trafficking - June 19, 2022
Over $3 trillion in retirement savings has been wiped out this year - Jun 19, 2022
Biden's open door to criminals, pushers and human traffickers - June 20, 2022
Hillary Clinton Warns Democrats to Back Away from Transgenderism - 20th June 2022
Deleting My Channel upload to Adams - 21,802 views - Jun 20, 2022
Experts hoped Ukraine would score quick victory, now they predict long conflict - June 20, 2022
Forbes: The economy is going down - 43,086 views - Jun 20, 2022
Ex-Obama Economic Advisor Larry Summers Warns ‘Recession Is Ahead’ - June 20, 20221
Tucker Carlson Demands Answers on Joe Biden Showering with Own Daughter - June 20, 2022
Eighty percent of those DYING from “covid” in Canada are fully jabbed - June 18, 2022
Why do military aircraft keep falling out of the sky? New analysis provides answers - June 18, 2022
Antifa Extremists Chant 'You're Gonna Die' at Women’s Rights Activists – WATCH - 20th June 2022
EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell touted her connection to Bill Clinton and how she helped launch his Global Initiative to prove her ‘desire to do good in the world,’ as she seeks a lower sentence for trafficking underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein
Moment Putin's 55th colonel was killed when his helicopter 'was blown out the sky by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile'
Republicans Introduce Bill to Defund ‘Climate Tyrant’ John Kerry - 20th June 2022
Portland's open-air drug market is laid bare as people smoke heroin on the streets and needles litter the sidewalks as city officials start homeless sweeps: Nearby city's mayoral candidate 'wants to round them up and use 'Japanese-style pods' to house them
You HAVE To HEAR What This Grocery INSIDER Said To Me! - 77,273 views - Jun 18, 2022
Most Damning COVID Evidence Bombshell the World Has Seen (Video) - June 16, 2022
Emmanuel Macron loses absolute majority in legislative elections - 6.19.22
Hillary Clinton Calls It Quits, Refuses to Run against Trump in 2024 - 20th June 2022
U.S. Air Force General Names The Traitors & Plot To Destroy America! - June 19, 2022
UK Health Secretary Orders NHS Use Word ‘Woman’ Instead of ‘People with Ovaries’ - 6.19.2022
From Bitcoin Obituaries - "Bitcoin is Dead" Declared 400+ Times
The Black Lives That Don't Matter: 50 Christians Murdered in Their Church - June 14, 2022
No Matter What The Midterms Bring, Without Revival We Have Lost - June 14, 2022
MAGA Drag Queen to Parents: ‘Getting Your Children Involved in Drag is Extremely, Extremely Irresponsible’ - 1,974 views
EU chief recommends making Ukraine a member candidate to join Union - 17 June 2022
House panel builds case against Trump over US Capitol riot in first week of hearings - 18 June 2022
Trump: Jan. 6 panel is ‘one-sided witch-hunt,’ weak Pence was ‘human conveyor belt’- 18 June 2022
Biden Bites The Dust! EO To Outlaw Gravity Coming! - On The Fringe - June 18, 2022
Jan 6 Committee Censored by YouTube for Showing Footage of Trump Claiming Voter Fraud - 18th June 2022
Bill Maher Defends Gov DeSantis amid Leftist Attacks - 19th June 2022
Ep. 2801b - Did Trump & Barr Just Trap The J6 Unselect Committee Hearing?How Do You Expose It All? - June 16, 2022
Pete Buttigieg brags about $48K EV to people who can't afford gas, looks even dumber when Ford recalls EV
What Are Red Flag Laws, the Gun Control Measure Uniting Republicans and Democrats? - June 6, 2022
Published June 15, 2022
Michigan AG says 'drag queens make everything better,' suggests 'drag queen for every school': report double??? -
Nancy Pelosi Refuses to Say if She Agrees With Pope Francis That “Abortion is Murder” - Jun 16, 2022
Caterpillar flees Illinois for Texas, costing Chicago yet another major company - June 17, 2022
David DuByne and Mike Adams discuss mass cattle deaths and global crop failures - 8180 views
Poisoned human DNA to cause suffering for generations - 6.17.22
Number of Americans who believe in God drops to all-time low, liberals have the least faith: Gallup poll - June 17, 2022
Environmentalist drag queen helps National Audubon Society promote climate change alarmism: - June 16, 2022
Bishop says school cannot be called Catholic anymore over its refusal to take down LGBTQ and BLM flags - 6.16.2022
GOP Rep Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Defund John Kerry’s ‘Climate Czar’ Role - June 17, 20221
Kraken CEO on paying 'triggered' employees to quit - 38,115 views - Jun 17, 2022
Ministry of Truth 2.0: Biden Launches Kamala Harris-Led ‘Disinformation Task Force’ - June 17, 20221
10,000 Cattle Die in Kansas amid Food Shortage Crisis - 16th June 2022
Michigan AG Pushes 'Woke' Agenda: 'A Drag Queen for Every School' - 16th June 2022
George Soros-Funded Prosecutor Banned from Case for 'Deliberately Misleading Public' - 16th June 2022
Inmate ‘Offered Money’ to Strangle Ghislaine Maxwell in Her Sleep - 17th June 2022
Walmart Drops MyPillow Products from All Its Stores - 17th June 2022
‘Woke’ Twitter Employees Implode after Elon Musk Declares 'All Lives Matter' - 17th June 2022
Julian Assange's wife and lawyers warn the WikiLeaks founder will kill himself if extradited after CIA 'plotted to poison him' and vow to 'spend every waking hour fighting until he is free'
UK Government Approves Julian Assange's Extradition to US - 17th June 2022
China Warns US Could ‘Spark World War III’ by Dumping Country’s Mineral Supply - 17th June 2022
FDA authorizes Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines for children as young as six months old
Dan Crenshaw Crushes 'Squad' Democrat for Pushing False Claims about Elon Musk - 16th June 2022
Trump demands EQUAL 'air time' during the January 6 hearings and tears into the 'low-rated, one-sided and slanderous' committee for repeating 'lies and falsehoods'
Biden to Send Another $1 Billion in Weapons to Ukraine as Inflation Soars - 16th June 2022
Curt Schilling to Hillary Clinton: You Should 'Thank the Lord You’re Not in Jail' - 16th June 2022
"They're Pulling The Plug... It's Game Over" - Jun 15, 2022
CNN anchor exposes massive problem with Biden's threatening letter to oil companies: 'But that’s the problem' - 6.15.22
NY Times: The Fed delivers biggest interest rate hike in decades to combat surging inflation - JUNE 15, 2022
Abbot baby formula plant shuts down for a SECOND time in four months as severe flooding hits the building - just two weeks after it restarted production amid crippling crisis
Situation Update, June 15, 2022 - The whole house of cards is COMING DOWN - 40470 views
Food Shortage Fears Mount as PA Farms ‘Crushed’ by Record Diesel Prices. 'No diesel fuel, and I can’t afford to get any' - Feds seize 478,000 counterfeit fentanyl-laced pills, charge 26 with drug trafficking and other crimes - 6.14.2022
Conservative and religious groups slammed the laws
WATCH: Pride Parade Clips Show Shocking and Bizarre Moments — with Children in Attendance
Exploiting Young People for Profit:’ 8 Lawsuits Target Facebook
Report: Only 5 of 50 Senate Democrats Commit to Biden in 2024 - 6.14.2022
World's 500 wealthiest people just lost $206 billion Monday and $1.4 trillion in 2022 - June 14, 2022
Abortions Increase as More Blue States Promote Abortion, 930,000 Babies Were Killed in 2020 - Jun 15, 2022
Radical Abortion Activists Declare War on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, Threaten More Violence - Jun 15, 2022
Bitcoin and nearly all other crypto PLUMMET amid crashing markets - June 15, 2022
WATCH: Catholic Churchgoers Drag Nearly-Naked Abortion Activist Out of Their Church - Jun 14, 2022
Nokia CEO Says Humans To Be Implanted With 6G Chips
Capitol Police Chief Debunks J6 Committee Conspiracy Theory - Jun 15, 2022
Video: Local Heroes Drive Vile Drag Queen From Library Story Hour - June 14th 2022
Red wave incoming: Republican Mayra Flores flips Texas region that Democrats have controlled for 150 years - 6. 15.22
Pentagon Defies Putin: 'US Will Arm Ukraine for Years to Come' - 15th June 2022
Elon Musk Says He 'Voted Republican' for 'First Time': 'Massive Red Wave in 2022'
The View: Kamala Harris & Pete Buttigieg Would 'Obliterate' Trump or DeSantis in 2024 - 15th June 2022
'Woke' Democrat Rep Warns of 'Violence,' 'Even Civil War' If GOP Wins Big in Midterms - 15th June 2022
Another US Food Processing Plant Bursts into Flames - 15th June 2022
Trump's Education secretary: 'I don't think the Department of Education should exist' - June 15, 2022
10 major universities to launch 'climate justice' course - June 15, 2022
China quells protest by turning smartphone 'virus passports' red - June 14, 2022
Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda
DON'T COUNT ON YOUR RIGHT TO FARM - The Movement Against Farms - 284,823 views - May 28, 2020
Biden's Food Crisis | Did He Do It? - 49,548 views - May 10, 2022
Biden reverses Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – Report - Jun 12, 2022
This should make your skin crawl - June 7, 2022
State's largest Planned Parenthood facility shuts its doors for good - June 15, 2022
Two American volunteers are captured by Russian soldiers in Ukraine: US Army vets taken as prisoners of war last week - Trump releases 12-page response to Jan. 6 hearing - 06/13/22
Pentagon Quietly Admits Funding 46 Biolabs In Ukraine After Months of Dismissing Russian Allegations As Propaganda
MUST-SEE: Mortician Finds Massive Hand-Sized Clots In Cadavers After Vax Release
Show Trial Mistrial: January 6 Chair Says No Criminal Referral of Trump, After All; Liz Cheney Disagrees
Situation Update, June 14, 2022 - Crypto CONTAGION and clot shot CARNAGE
STOCK MARKET COLLAPSE! - This Is HUGE! - Great Reset Agenda Playing Out AS PLANNED!
Mass Exodus From America Happening Now! Hordes Rush To Escape Pending Catastrophe! - 1560 views
Sen. Rick Scott: Joe Biden Is ‘Unfit for Office, He Should Resign’ - 14th June 2022
Thousands Flee California to Mexico in Search of More 'Affordable Living' - 14th June 2022
56 Pedophiles Arrested during Major Child Sex Abuse Raids in Florida - 14th June 2022
NYC Schools Spent over $200K Taxpayer Money on Drag Queen Shows - 13th June 2022
'World War III has been declared': Pope Francis says global conflict has started and suggests war in Ukraine was 'perhaps in some way provoked' as he denies being pro-Putin and slams 'cruel' Russian troops - 14 June 2022
Ethics Professor Calls for Pedophilia to Be Taught in Schools as ‘Innate Sexuality' - 14th June 2022
Putin looks unsteady on his feet with his legs shaking as he appears at awards ceremony in latest sign Russian leader is suffering health problems - 14 June 2022
BIG Things Coming! Kash Patel: Pelosi Wanted a J6 Massacre! PLUS Agenda 2030 & Weather Modification! - June 13, 2022
Pelosi reaches AMAZING new level of pandering, tells drag queens why they're what 'America is all about' - 6.13.2022
Crypto firms Celsius, Binance halt withdrawals as bitcoin plummets - 06/13/22
Radical Abortion Activists Try to Shut Down Supreme Court, Block Streets to Prevent Access - Jun 13, 2022
Catholic Bishop Tells Joe Biden You Can’t be Catholic and Pro-Abortion - Jun 13, 2022
Abortion Activists Firebomb Another Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Fourth Bombing in Weeks - Jun 13, 2022
Ex-Obama Adviser Warns Biden's Age Is a 'Major' Red Flag - 13th June 2022
Biden Warns Law-Abiding Gun Owners: ‘You’re a Danger to Yourself’ - 13th June 2022
Life of luxury: Afghan officials who fled country now living in opulent U.S. mansions - June 13, 2022
Evidence Is Piling Up,“We Caught Them All”, Stealth Bomber Incoming,Sting Of The Century - 156,092 Views - 6.12.22
China causing supply chain collapse of MEDICAL SUPPLIES across the USA - 11880 views - 6.13.2022
The Truth About January 6th’ (2022) – Full Documentary - 1,542 views
Gov. Gavin Newsom: America Has a ‘Red State Murder Problem' - 13th June 2022
Ilhan Omar Accuses Fox News of Being ‘Accomplices’ in Jan 6 Riot - 13th June 2022
Canada’s Trudeau: Guns Must NOT Be Used for Self-Defense - 13th June 2022
LGBTQ Advocates: Children ‘Need’ Pride Month Drag Events - 13th June 2022
Jim Jordan: January 6 Committee ‘Has Lied to the American People’ - 13th June 2022
(Reese Report) The Two Party System and the American Failed State. - June 11, 2022
Is X-FILES relevant now... Did X-FILES predict the future? - 121,146 Views - June 6, 2022
It's alive? Google's A.I. said to become 'sentient' - June 12, 2022
Pelosi: Drag Queens Are 'What America Is All About' - 12th June 2022
AOC nervously laughs off endorsing Biden in 2024 while 50 'frustrated' Democrats say he should be cut loose and not seek re-election - June 12, 2022
A former Obama adviser says Joe Biden's age is a red flag - June 12, 2022
Doctor Exposes What Hospitals Are Doing
Michigan government unleashes armed raids on small pig farmers
Why You Should Move Your Money by June 15, 2022
The World Health Organization is a One World Government
Trump's Trap! [They] Took The Bait! Pelosi, Schumer & The FBI Staged Jan. 6 & Trump Caught Them All! - 25,056 Views
Former US President Donald Trump accused of 'attempted coup' - BBC News - 162,025 views - Jun 10, 2022
Drag Queen Story Hour executive director says gun control is needed to protect children: 'Drag queens aren't going into schools to shoot kids' 6.10.22
DeSantis to Send CPS to Parents Exposing Children to Drag Queens - 11th June 2022
Disney's 'Woke' Employees Sweating Bullets after Top Executive Fired - 11th June 2022
Planned Parenthood Closes Boise, Idaho Abortion Business That Killed Babies for 15 Years - Jun 10, 2022
Biden sued for 'disinformation' agenda after DHS secretary caught in lie - June 10, 2022
'The Justice System IS Rigged Against Republicans' - 168,800 views - May 28, 2022
2000 Mules Leading To Arrests! Atomic Truth Bombs! What's Next is Mind Blowing! - 91,445 Views - May 27, 2022
Tracking Humans: Medical Pills with MicroChips and a New Proposal to Monitor Your Carbon Footprint
70 Children Rescued during Child Trafficking Bust - May 30, 2022
University of Washington students: Get rid of George Washington statue - May 30, 2022
Principal walks into pre-school classroom, finds sick woke tool used to 'teach colors' - May 30, 2022
Multi-National Billion Dollar Counter-Intelligence Operation 10 TIMES More Explosive Than 2000 Mules - 83,696 Views
Elon Musk Wonders Why DOJ Hasn't Leaked Epstein Client List - And Media Doesn't Care - Jun 06, 2022
5 hospital, health system CFO resignations - June 6th, 2022
Elon Musk Warns Jeff Bezos the ‘Trend Is Super Bad’ after Top Washington Post Reporter Gets Caught Lying - 6.6.22
Family of Epstein-Linked Clinton Adviser Blocks Release of Files Detailing Grisly Death - June 7, 2022
Stephen Moore: Beware: 100% green energy could destroy the planet - June 7, 2022
Being Christian when civilization collapses - 6 Jun 2022
THINK LINK Elon Musk boasts his Neuralink brain chips ‘will 100% cure’ common illness - 10 May 2022
Sens. Gillibrand, Lummis introduce major cryptocurrency bill - 06/07/22
Whistleblowers Claim FBI Purging Conservatives - June 8, 2022
Missouri woman says she caught STD in car. Auto insurance to pay out $5.2 million - 6.7.22
John Chambers | American Media Periscope | Why America Will Die If We Comply
Abortion Activists Firebomb Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Third Bombing in Weeks - Jun 7, 2022
Colorado Catholic Bishops Tell Democrats Who Voted for Abortions Up to Birth to Not Receive Communion - Jun 8, 2022
Mexico’s President Just Issued a Threat To American’s And George Soros Makes His 2022 Move…
Moscow To Annex More Territory In Ukraine - June 8, 2022
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: Young, Healthy People Dropping Dead At Alarming Rate
Transportation SHOCKWAVES reverberate as consumer demand plummets amid unyielding INFLATION - 19690 views
Elon Musk Just CANCELLED Twitter Purchase! - 2,447 views - Jun 10, 2022
Complete coincidence? At least 7 large farm fires scorch U.S. in last 10 days - June 8, 2022
Confirmed: USDA pressured states to discard thousands of cans of baby formula - June 9, 2022
Scientists have crafted living skin for robots, further blurring the line between human and machine - Jun 9, 2022
Report: Ron DeSantis Considering Bill Making It a Felony to Bring Children to Drag Shows - 6.8.22
Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard to Capitol four days before Jan. 6 riots
Deep State-WHO Power Grab Not Dead Yet
'Disinformation' Group Launches Effort to Defund Fox News - 10th June 2022
Michigan School Orders Teachers to Hide Student’s Transgender Status from Parents - 10th June 2022
Village of 700 Residents Awaits Decision on Whether It Will Host 1500 Migrants - June 10th 2022
Video: Michigan Police Say They Won’t Respond To All 911 Calls Because Fuel Prices Are Too High - June 10th 2022
Gas Station Owner Stops Selling Fuel: ‘I Don’t Want to Be Part of This' - 6.10.22
What the WEF just did at Davos is insane, and we should all get ready - 647,346 views - Jun 1, 2022
Why Did Pope Benedict XVI Really Leave The Vatican? - 847,687 views - Apr 29, 2022
Trump Throws Ivanka Under the Bus: She Was ‘Checked Out’ and ‘Not Involved’ in Studying Election Results - 6.10.22
Trump Slams Ivanka and Denies Saying Pence ‘Deserves’ to Hang in Truth Social Meltdown - 6.10.22
Drag Queen 'Child Grooming' Books Rewrite Classic Children's Songs with 'Woke' Lyrics - 10th June 2022
Since everyone asks “what’s the Russian air force doing?” - June 9, 2022
EXPOSED: The left's 10 steps to DESIGN a national emergency - 101,686 views - Jun 2, 2022
Recession Fears: Shocking Consumer Credit Numbers As People Max Out Cards - June 08, 2022
Economist Whistleblower Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Breaks Down How to Fight the Next Lockdown - 10,211 views
Donald Trump’s Truth Social Bans Dr Sherri Tenpenny… Here’s the Reason Why
Tucker Carlson: Peter Navarro arrest shows left is using judicial system for political revenge - Jun. 07, 2022
The Biden Blitzkrieg': Destroying U.S. as fast as Nazis on meth - June 3, 2022
Big Food: Globalists Are Taking Over the Food System — It’s Part of Their Plan to Control You
EXCLUSIVE: State Department Prepares To Announce Worldwide Racial Equity Chief, Leaked Email Shows - 6.8.2022
Montana officials report ‘alarming number’ of recent fatal overdoses likely linked to fentanyl - Jun 8, 2022
Whistleblower: DHS Disinformation Governance Board Purpose to Censor Opposing Viewpoints - 6.9.22
Calls for Chuck Schumer's Impeachment over Kavanaugh Assassination Attempt - 9th June 2022
The Global Vatican # 13
WEF: Living In Metaverse Will Be ‘More Meaningful to Us Than Our Physical Lives’ - June 3, 2022
Meta Slapped With 8 Lawsuits Over Algorithms That Hook Youth And Ruin Their Lives
An Illegitimate Court Gets Ready To Convene - 6.9.22
This despicable congressional kangaroo court is all about falsely framing brave Patriots who protested a transparently stolen POTUS election!
"Shrinkflation” Has Become Obvious - June 9th, 2022
Queen Bee Hive Mind Control One World Order - Mystery Babylon Exposed
Chief Propagandist Admits Propaganda Is Used On U.S. People. They’re Using The TAIL Then The SWORD - Jun 8, 2022
Dershowitz: Indictment of Trump aide is illegal, done to ‘make political points’ - 6.8.2022
CHRISTIAN RESET: 20,000 March Against the New Order
Soaring Fertilizer Prices Unleash Global Hunger, Chaos - 9th June 2022
The Great Red Dragon - Banned On YouTube! - June 5th, 2022.
The January 6th Committee Has Begun Arresting Trump Loyalists In Order To Attempt To Prevent Donald Trump From Running For President In 2024 - June 7, 2022
Zelensky called the Pope to bring peace to Ukraine
Report: $78 million paid to sex abuse victims in Philadelphia Archdiocese - Jun 6, 2022
The New World Order is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government
Chemtrails Designed for ET Life
Invasion: One of the Largest Migrant Caravans of All Time Nears as US Suffer Under Biden Economy - 6.8.2022
Black Sea Geopolitics and Russia’s Control of Strategic Waterways: The Kerch Strait and the Sea of Azov - June 5, 2022
Video: Digital Tyranny and the QR Code. The WHO Pandemic Treaty is the Back Door to “Global Governance”
Democrat Who Pushed for Pedophilia to Be Legalized Now Wants Drag Queens in Schools - 8th June 2022
The Russians Are Talking About Nuking The U.S. Over And Over Again. Why Won’t We Take Them Seriously?
‘Great resignation’ reaches White House with staff turnover - 6.8.22
How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6 - June 8, 2022
Govt Info Concerning the MERGING, Children, & Upcoming Legislation
President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Accelerate Domestic Manufacturing of Clean Energy
Angela Merkel opens up on Ukraine, Putin and her legacy
Healthy Young People Are ‘Suddenly’ Dying ‘Unexpectedly’ from ‘Mysterious Syndrome’ - 6.8.2022
DeSantis Warns Florida of George Soros' Plot to 'Disinform' Voters - 8th June 2022
EU Ministers Warn Grain Shortage Could Lead to Next African Migrant Surge - 7th June 2022
Democrats Demand More Spending to Tackle 40-Year-High Inflation - 7th June 2022
Texas Republican Vows to Protect Children from Being Exposed to Drag Queens - 7th June 2022
World Bank Issues Warning of Looming Stagflation, Not Seen in 50 Years - 8th June 2022
Steve Bannon SUBPOENAS Pelosi and members of Jan. 6 committee - June 7, 2022
Walton-Penner enter sales agreement with Broncos for record $4.65 billion
Huge Caravan of 15,000 Migrants Heads for Biden's Open-Borders America
Gay Pride Parade Sparks Outrage with Topless Virgin Mary - 7th June 2022
Bill Clinton Adviser Found Hanging from Tree with Gunshot Blast to Chest - 7th June 2022
Real-life teen witch 'transferred from kingdom of darkness into light' -June 6, 2022
Betty White's iconic Los Angeles home listed as 'teardown,' sells for over $10 million - June 4, 2022
'2000 Mules' film 'hitting home' with likely American voters - June 5, 2022
ABC Poll: Biden “Badly Under Water On All Of The Top Issues” - June 6th 2022
Tulsi Gabbard Shreds Biden Admin: ‘They Weaponize Government Against the People’ - June 6th 2022
“We Believe in Jesus”: Tampa Bay Players Say No to ‘Pride Night’ - June 6th 2022
MSNBC Host Andrea Mitchell Celebrates Abortionists Who Kill Babies as “Heroes” - Jun 6, 2022
WATCH: Radical Abortion Activists Invade Church Service to Promote Killing Babies - Jun 6, 2022
Joe Biden Invites Abortion Activists to the White House to Celebrate Killing Babies in Abortions - Jun 6, 2022
BEGGING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Biden provokes Putin to strike USA and NATO cities with new long-range weapons
DeSantis Shreds Biden over 'Woke' Gender Agenda: 'Totally Off His Rocker!' - 6th June 2022
50 People Dead after ‘Satanic Attack’ on Catholic Church - 6th June 2022
At least TWO DOZEN people are killed and 90 more are injured in spasm of gun violence across the US over the weekend
BREAKING: Elon Musk threatens to ABANDON $44billion Twitter deal as he slams the social media giant
6.8 Million Ukrainian Refugees Flee Country from Russian Invasion - 6th June 2022
Elon Musk sets Twitter ablaze by asking a curious question about Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell
Gallup: Weekly Churchgoers Are 'The Final Holdouts' Who Oppose 'Gay Marriage' - June 3, 2022
Government Workforce Grew by 57,000 in May - June 3, 2022
‘World war for bread’ underway – Italy - 3 Jun, 2022
Ex-CIA director called to testify on plot to kill Assange — ABC - 3 Jun, 2022
Islamic State publishes video showing murders of 20 Nigerian Christians - May 23, 20221
Taco Bell presents nationwide ‘Drag Brunch’ tour featuring men dressed as women make page woke - May 30, 2022
Rick Warren's Successor at Saddleback Named: 'It Is Time For Us to Pass the Torch' - June 3, 2022
Bills and Resolutions use this for notes blog
Gunmen kill ‘many’ worshippers in Nigeria Catholic church attack - 6.5.2022
CHILLING! RUSSIA WARNS THE WEST.. UKRAINE NARRATIVE CHANGES! upload to Mike Adams - 30,347 views - 6.4.22
Our Rulers Have Lost Their Minds - Jun 04, 2022
Wall Street is facing a summer of hell, and it could be just getting started - May 22, 2022
Hartnett: The Market's Summer From Hell Begins, And Just One Thing Can Stop It
Yellen Throws Biden Under The Bus On Runaway Inflation: She "Wanted" $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Cut By A Third - 6.4.22
Democrat Operative Admits to Running Voter Fraud Scheme in 2020 Arizona Primary - 4th June 2022
Former Bush Officials: Illegal Aliens ‘Vital to the Future’ of American Economy - 5th June 2022
Very, very, very, very, very bad': CNN makes painful admission about Biden - June 5, 2022
35 Arkansas churches considering departure from UMC over homosexuality debate - June 1, 2022
Illegal immigrant population soars to 11.6 million - June 01, 2022
Saudi Arabia's $500 Billion Plan For World's Largest Buildings Ever - June 01, 2022
Russia warns it will soon have 50 brand new ‘Satan-2’ nuclear missiles - May 23, 2022
US Providing New $700 Million in Military Aid for Ukraine - Jun 1, 2022
Mark Levin’s Way or God’s Way - David Cloud - Way of Life - June 2, 2022
Emerson College Promotes Professor Who Publicly Fantasized About Massacring White People - May 31, 2022
Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Bathrooms To Get Federal Lunch Money - May 25, 2022
World War III Has Started, Says Russian TV as Ukraine Called a 'Rehearsal' - 6/1/22
Implant known as ‘beauty chip’ can cause massive hair loss and deepen voice - 6.5.2022
Liberal fact checker forced to give Biden maximum 'Pinocchios' for lies about economy - June 2, 2022
Democrat lawmaker: 'Spare me the bull**** about constitutional rights' - June 3, 2022
“Kill Switch And Detentions” — Bush-Era FOIA Docs Reveal Government Plans For Apocalyptic Events - May 30, 2022
Episode 1,890 – War Room Special: The Coming War Over Taiwan - May 28, 2022
STEERING THE GREAT RESET - 928 views - Apr 19, 2022
Biden demanding remote kill switch for your new car - 05.11.2022
A List Of 16 Major Fires That Have Occurred At Key Food Industry Facilities In US Since Start Of 2022 - April 22, 2022
7 Out of 10 Public Schools Indicate an Increase in Mental Health Issues Among Children and Youth - 6.4.2022
Former church admin faces prison after stealing huge sums of money from church - June 1, 2022
The Biden Blitzkrieg': Destroying U.S. as fast as Nazis on meth - June 3, 2022
AMERICA’S MASS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS Friday Church News Notes - June 3, 2022
Missouri Pastor Fatally Shoots Man He Says Was Having Affair with His Wife - June 2, 2022
Changing our DNA: 'The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here' - May 31, 2022
Biden administration cancels $5.8 billion in student debt for people who attended for-profit college - June 2, 2022
In shadows of school shooting, Ohio Senate passes legislation to make it easier to arm teachers
The pollution from Russia’s war will poison Ukraine for decades - Jun 2, 2022
Zelenskyy: Russia Kidnapped 200,000 Ukrainian Children
Zelensky: Russia, separatists control ‘about 20 percent of our territory’ - 2 June 2022
NATO chief warns West must prepare for ‘long haul’ in conflict with Russia - 2 June 2022
What Happened to This Small Village Told to Accept 1500 'Refugees'? - 285,792 views - Jun 2, 2022
Parents Protest After High School Blocks Unvaccinated Students From Attending Graduation - June 2nd 2022
BREAKING: Spain Admits To Spraying Deadly Pesticides As Part Of Secret UN Chemtrail Program - June 2nd 2022
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Exposes Great Reset Tyranny In Canada - 6.3.2022
Angry Parent Accuses Joe Biden of Forcing Transgender Policies on School - 3rd June 2022
Massive Egg Farm Fire Kills 200,000 Chickens - 2nd June 2022
Joe Biden Opens U.S. Borders to 44,000 Ukrainians - 2nd June 2022
Uvalde Mayor admits an unidentified 'negotiator' tried to contact the teen gunman during attack while kids frantically phoned 911 during massacre: Mayor says school will likely be razed to the ground like Sandy Hook
Once We Have Peace, the Catholics Will Be More Loyal Than Anyone - June 1, 2022
'Catastrophic scene': At least 5 dead in shooting at Tulsa medical building - June 1, 2022
JPMorgan CEO Warns Biden Has Triggered an 'Economic Hurricane' - 2nd June 2022
1.35 Million New Illegal Immigrants Settled in U.S. since Biden Took Office - 1st June 2022
Nancy Pelosi's Drunk-Driving Husband Killed Own Brother in Car Crash - 1st June 2022
Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann is ACQUITTED of lying to FBI in John Durham's Russia probe: Trump tears into 'corrupt' legal system and 'partisan' compromised judges
WHO: LGBT parades should go on despite monkeypox - May 30, 2022
John MacArthur: SHOULD CHRISTIANS TAKE THE JAB? - 9,479 views- May 27, 2022
Woke Police Allowing Criminals to 'Self-Identify' Up to 67 Genders - 30th May 2022
Three More Bishops Join Ban on Pelosi Receiving Holy Communion - 30th May 2022
Pope Francis picks San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy as a cardinal over Archbishop of San Francisco who barred Nancy Pelosi from receiving communion for backing abortion - 5.29.2022
Kamala Harris Demands 'Assault Weapons Ban' - 29th May 2022
Klaus Schwab issues THREAT to Brazilian president for refusing to sign WHO pandemic treaty - May 27, 2022
Situation Update, 5/27/22 - Uvalde massacre was a PLANNED STAND DOWN operation - 74370 views
AOC Threatens to Sell Her Tesla after Being Shredded by Elon Musk on Twitter - 27th May 2022
Klaus Schwab and Head of Pfizer Launch Attack on ‘Conspiracy People’ at Davos - 27th May 2022
George Soros Groups Demand Church Lifts Pelosi's Holy Communion Ban

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