News Social Issues continued For April 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Jim Banks Introduces Legislation To Defund NPR - 4.19.24
TikTok 'total ban' in the U.S. is now the 'predetermined outcome' after House forces sale of popular app - 4.20.24
Currency Catastrophe Imminent: Middle East Conflict Rattles Global Leaders and Markets - 4,225 views 4.19.24
UN Report Calls for Legalizing Sex Between Adults and Children - Apr 17, 2023
'Rather Despicable': John Eastman Speaks Out After Bank Of America, USAA Shut Down His Accounts - 4.16.24
While Trump's Fake Legal Problems Get All The Attention, Dems Are Having Horrible Year - 4.18.24
GOP Bill To Reimpose Trump-Era Houthi Terrorist Designation Passes House With Bipartisan Support - 4.18.24
Colo. Senate majority leader introduces AI regulation bill - Apr 12, 2024
Person Sets Self on Fire Outside Trump's Hush Money Trial, Is Rushed Away on a Stretcher - 4.19.24
Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Trump Trial Courthouse - 4.19.24
No Bias Here - NPR Has Zero Republicans, 87 Democrats On Editorial Staff - 4.19.24
China Setting The Stage For Digital Pearl Harbor On America - 4.19.24
U.S. Cities Fall Into A "Doom Loop" As The CRE Crisis Absolutely Explodes - April 18, 2024
Prospective jurors dismissed over anxiety of serving on Trump trial: Live updates - 04/19/24
House advances Ukraine, Israel aid as Dems help Speaker Johnson, GOP - 04/19/24
New House Speaker PRAISES CNN… Unbelievable - April 19, 2024
Ilhan Omar's Daughter Suspended from College over Pro-Hamas Protest - 4.19.24
Can New York, Facing Billions of Dollars in Budget Gaps, Afford Reparations? - 4.19.24
Putin Ignores Netanyahu and King Charles III
Chuck Schumer brags to Senators about Mike Johnson giving Dems everything they wanted on Ukraine, foreign aid: report
Exclusive - Mike Johnson's Top Policy Adviser Is Former Lobbyist: Clients Have Corporate Interest in Ukraine War - 4.17.24
Report: 50,000 Russian Soldiers 'Confirmed Dead' in Ukraine, While Kyiv Claims Nearly Half a Million Casualties - 4.17.24
Danger ahead! Changing the natural world with genetic engineering and artificial intelligence - April 17, 2024
The Ship Factor - SITREP 66K views 4.16.24
SCOTUS Justice Gorsuch Grills Biden DOJ over Extreme Jan 6 Sentences for 'Mostly Peaceful Protests' - April 18, 2024
Former US ambassador to Israel dismisses 2-state solution: 'God gave this land to the Jewish people' - April 17, 2024
911 Emergency Lines Taken Off Grid By Outages In 4 States - 4.18.24
Meta says Llama 3 beats most other models, including Gemini - 4.18.24
Google fires employees who protested Israel contract - 04/18/24
Senate Commerce chair backs amended bill that could ban TikTok - 04/18/24
Biden Admin Vows to Shut Down America's Largest Christian University - April 18, 2024
Small US Businesses to be Forced to Serve as NSA Spies - 455 views April 16, 2024
China Subsidizes the Poisoning of America Children with Fentanyl - Apr 17, 2024
Top GOP Congressman Leads REVOLT Against House Speaker - April 18, 2024
NYPD arrest protesters at Columbia University who set up pro-Palestinian encampment on campus
O'Keefe Uncovers Who is Really Running the White House
Stunner in 4th place among America's leading causes of deathn - April 17, 2024
Joe Biden Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz a Record $699 Million in Taxpayer Funding - Apr 17, 2024
This keeps getting crazier! The head of NPR hates the Constitution of the USA.- 14.3K views 4.17.24
16-Year-Old Suspended from High School for Using Legal Term 'Illegal Alien' in Class - April 17, 2024
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Mike Lindell's Appeal - April 17, 2024
You'll never guess who's behind the 'Free Palestine' bridge-blocking protests ... - April 17, 2024
Life-size Stations of the Cross to be built right outside Disney World in Orlando 'to convert and inspire Christianity'
Lawsuit accuses feds of routinely destroying public records - April 17, 2024
Major world power identified as 'pusher' in fentanyl assault on Americans - April 17, 2024
Senate Ends Mayorkas Impeachment Trial, Dismisses 2 Articles - 4.17.24
The latest in Trump hush money trial - 6,855 views 4.17.24
J'accuse: French first lady Brigitte Macron sues conspiracy theorists who claim she was born a man - April 13, 2024
West should shoot down Russian missiles & drones just like they did for Israel against Iran, says President Zelensky
This Is The Weapon That Is Being Used To Destroy America's Middle Class - April 16, 2024
Report: $100,000 Income Now Needed In All 50 States To Live 'American Dream' - 4.17.24
That 'new car' smell will come with a kill switch - April 16, 2024
9-0 Supreme Court ruling says state needs to pay for taking private land - April 16, 2024
Kennedy: Biden more 'comfortable' debating men's ability to 'breastfeed' than fighting enemies - April 17, 2024
"Show Is Over": Angry Biden Supporter John Mellencamp Throws Tantrum On Stage - Apr 16, 2024
NPR Whistleblower Suspended After Calling Out Network's Liberal Bias Resigns His Post - 4.17.24
NEWS: 40,000+ Substack subscribers and upcoming live events! - Apr 16, 2024
Republicans Move to Defund 'Propagandist' NPR after Suspension of Whistleblower - April 17, 2024
Televangelist, prosperity gospel preacher Jerry Savelle dies at 76 - April 16, 2024
At least 50 potential Trump jurors dismissed en masse after saying they couldn't be fair - 4.15.24
Media Newscasts Failed To Disclose Trump Prosecutors Were Dems At Least 90% Of Time, Study Shows - 4.15.24
Planned Parenthood Killed 392,715 Babies in Abortions Last Year, a Record Number - Apr 16, 2024
Pro-Life Group Endorses Donald Trump: "Hit it Out of the Park With Three Pro-Life Justices" - Apr 16, 2024
Movie 'Irene's Vow,' About Maid Hiding Jews in Nazi Officer's Basement During Holocaust, Opens in US - April 16, 2024
Israeli Actress Plays Mary in New Biblical Film About Jesus's Mother Also Starring Anthony Hopkins - April 16, 2024
Governor Shuts the Door on Selling Marijuana - 4.4.24
Zuckerberg wins bid to avoid personal liability in addiction lawsuits - 04/16/24
New Intel: Internet Takedown, Massive Purge, Weaponizing "Democratic Institutions" - 4.15.24
Edward Snowden: 'NSA Is Just Days Away from Taking Over the Internet' - April 16, 2024
Sen Tom Cotton Urges Americans to Remove 'Pro-Hamas Mobs' from Roads: 'Take Matters into Your Own Hands' - 4.16.24
States File Suit To Block Biden's Student Debt Forgiveness Plan - April 9, 2024
Vatican Prosecutors Charge Italian Journalist with 'Defamation' for Criticizing Pope Francis - April 15, 2024
Iran Demands U.S Stand Down in Wake of Missile Attack on Israel - April 15, 2024
How Google's getting an AI backdoor into iPhone - April 11, 2024
Robert F. Kennedy Supports Abortions Up to Birth, Here's Proof - Apr 15, 2024
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Vetoes Four Pro-Abortion Bills - Apr 15, 2024
Harvard's Disgraced Former President Claudine Gay to Teach 'Reading and Research' Ethics Class, Collecting $900,000 Salary - 4.15.24
'I can't go to my son's graduation': Trump slams judge at hush-money trial - April 15, 2024
Greece is predicted to become the first nation to suffer "population collapse"
'Hammered from all sides': Minority truckers say green regulations destroying their American dream - April 15, 2024
Popular gay Pride dancer arrested for possession, distribution of child pornography, victims as young as 2 - 4.12.24
UK to Rush Experimental 'Dragonfire' Laser Weapon Into Service to Deploy in Ukraine - 4.13.24
Maxine Waters Accidentally Reveals Popular Scam Used by Black Democrats - 4.13.24
Senate Passes Resolution to Overturn Biden's Green Agenda Highway Emissions Rule - April 13, 2024
86 Republicans Vote To Allow Warrantless Spying Of Americans With FISA - 4.12.24
Economic Armageddon, Forced CBDC, BRICS, and more w/ Andy Schectman - Apr 13, 2024
"This is 2024!" - Joe Biden Outraged Sexually Explicit Books and Pornographic Literature Banned From Elementary Schools (VIDEO)
New York City Council Opens Meeting by Praising Allah as the Supreme Lord of the World (VIDEO) - Apr. 12, 2024
Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Initiates Unprecedented Move to Stall FISA Bill - Apr. 12, 2024
NEVER FORGET: Chris Wray's FBI Illegally Used FISA to Spy on Americans 278,000 Times without Warrant - Apr. 12, 2024
'How The Constitution Dies': Hardliner Republicans Fume After Speaker Johnson Kills FISA Warrants Amendment - Apr 12th, 2024,
Russian Troops 'Disappearing En Masse' in Kherson: Resistance Group - Apr 12, 2024
The Rise of the Technocrats - 9,1K views 4.12.24
Report About Euthanasia
BREAKING: Mass Shooting in Philadelphia at Ramadan Event…Hundreds Were In Attendance…Several Arrests Have Been Made [VIDEO]
Columbine survivor warns Crumbley parents' sentencing sets 'dangerous precedent': 'He knew what he was doing' - April 10, 2024
Switzerland will host a Ukraine peace conference in June and hopes Russia can join one day - April 10, 2024
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"I Cannot Afford To Live": Americans Get Emotional As The U.S. Economy Goes Off The Rails - April 10, 2024
Health alert issued by CDC: Person tests positive for bird flu, only 2nd human case in US - Apr. 09, 2024
Zelenskyy warns Russia has penetrated US politics, invites Trump to Ukraine - 4.10.24
Idaho Teen Arrested for Pledging Allegiance to ISIS - Planning to Attack Churches on the Terror Org's Behalf - Apr. 9, 2024
Ukraine creating 'unstoppable' AI-powered super-drones that can ruthlessly hunt down Putin's invaders without mercy - 4.9.24
Suspect arrested for setting fire to Bernie Sanders' Vermont office - April 08, 2024
Vatican condemns sex-change surgeries, surrogacy in new human dignity declaration - April 09, 2024
Leftist Who Firebombed Pro-Life Group's Office Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison - Apr 12, 2024
Woman Completely Changes Her Mind on Abortion After Watching Video of Abortion Procedure - Apr 11, 2024
15 States Now Abortion-Free After Arizona Court Protects Babies From Abortions - Apr 11, 2024
House Approves FISA Extension To 2026 - 4.12.24
Maryland data privacy legislation provides new model for other states - 4.11.24
Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 12, 2024 - CLOWN WORLD on parade as US Navy publishes idiotic rifle photo and Denver defunds police to PAY MIGRANTS
IMF Prepares Financial Revolution - Say Goodbye To The Dollar - Apr 11, 2024
Russia Bombards Ukraine With Hypersonic Missiles & Drones, Damaging Power Plants, NatGas Facilities - Apr 11, 2024
California Loses $24 Billion in Homeless Crisis Funds, Republicans Demand Answers - April 12, 2024
BREAKING: President Biden just cancelled $7.4 billion in student debt for more than 277,000 Americans. Let's go.
North Face Sponsors Overnight Transgender Camp for Children to Cross-Dress, 'Explore' Adult Themes - April 9, 2024
Instagram automatically blurring nudity in direct messages to teens - Rebecca Klar - 04/11/24 10:28 AM ET
Kristy Noem "She practically looks like a member of the Trump family," said one Republican strategist. (VP?)
Donald Trump Pulls BLACK Woman from Atlanta crowd... what he does in Chick-fil-A is amazing - 32,006 views 4.11.24
Unknown Sea Creature Brings Down Cargo Ship (AI ??) - 12M views 4.11.24
'Toxic': Marjorie Taylor Greene not backing down from trying to oust Speaker Johnson - 47,632 views 4.11.24
Trump Produces Signed Statement from Stormy Daniels: 'I Am Denying This Affair Because It Never Happened' - 4.11.24
VSRF LIVE Tonight: Our Food Supply Under Attack! An interview with Sasha Latypova - Apr 11, 2024
Leaked Dossier Shows German Government Conspired To Silence Reiner Fuëllmich - Apr 11, 2024
OJ Simpson dies at 76, family says - 04/11/24
Alex Jones Confirms Intent to Sue FBI, CIA After Agency Operative Admits Targeting Jones to Destroy Career - April 9th 2024
New Blaze Media doc exposes shady stock-trading from 'filthy rich' Democrats and Republicans in Congress - 4.10.24
Catholic Nuns Head to Court to Fight New York Mandate Forcing Them to Fund Abortions - Apr 10, 2024
Bird Flu Detected In Some N.Y.C. Park Birds - 4.10.24
BREAKING: the U.S senate is thinking about revoking Trump's Secret Service protection if Trump is convicted and Jailed
No Oaths of Office in the Federal Government - April 9, 2024
Red State AGs Sue Biden Admin Over New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan - 4.9.24
Biden 'Considering' Dropping Charges against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange - April 10, 2024
Just before solar eclipse: Secret government experiment to block sun - April 10, 2024
Let's Go Down The Rabbit Hole ??? at CERN. 2024 Eclipse Just Got Scarier! - 27, 848 views 4.10.24
U.S NAVY ATTACKED BY IRAN! Houthis Situation Near Yemeni Is Very Tense! - 91,080 views 4.10.24
Congresswoman Suggests Black Americans Should Not Have To Pay Taxes as Part of Reparations Push - 4.10.24
TERRIFYING: The true force behind the 'censorship industrial complex' - April 10, 2024
Faith Groups Blast Biden's Plan to Control Their Employment Decisions - 10, 2024
Judge Prevents Autistic Woman From Being Euthanized - Apr 9, 2024
Maine Amendment to Make Abortions Up to Birth a Constitutional Right Fails to Get Enough Votes - Apr 9, 2024
Arizona Supreme Court Upholds 1864 Abortion Law Banning Nearly All Abortions - 4.9.24
The FDA Has Finalized a Rule Allowing Certain Clinical Trials To Operate WITHOUT Obtaining Informed Consent - Apr 09, 2024
'Arbiter of Truth' & 'Disinformation Guru' Tells Public 'Don't do Your Own Research' - April 9th 2024,
Biden's green economy plans stumble as no one considered how much electricity would be needed - 4.7.24
New York Appeals Court Rejects Trump's Request to Delay 'Hush Money' Trial - April 9, 2024 -
Growing AI Surveillance Network In California Sign Of Things To Come - 4.8.24
Asian Countries Shift Alliances From US To China As Beijing Ramps Up Economic, Military Efforts - 4.8.24
North Face faces heat over sponsorship of overnight LGBT camp where kids perform in drag, explore sexuality - 4.9.24
Secretive Experiment To Shoot Aerosols Into The Sky Over San Francisco To Increase Cloud Cover - Apr 08, 2024
ll Pugliano Parents of Michigan School Shooter Sentenced to 10 to 15 Years in Prison - 4.9.24
X challenges Brazil's 'forced' order to block certain accounts - 4.6.24
Trump says going to jail for gag order violation would be a 'great honor,' compares himself to Mandela - Apr 6 2024
Zelensky's Chief of Staff Vows 'No Compromise' with Russia, Claims Country Wants to Keep Fighting - 4.6.24
Producer Blows Whistle: Diddy's Secret Tapes of VIPs 'Worse Than Jeffrey Epstein' - April 7, 2024
NYC Police To Pay $17.5M To Settle Lawsuit By Women Who Claim They Were Forced To Remove Hijabs - 4.7.24
Greta Thunberg Detained At Demonstration In The Netherlands - 4.7.24
Russian Orthodox Church leader declares Ukraine invasion a 'holy war' - April 06, 2024
WATCH: Engine part falls off Boeing plane, flight takes emergency action - April 7, 2024
Is there hidden CRICKET flour in your groceries? - 04/05/2024
Elon Musk Defies Brazil's 'Darth Vader' and Will Pay 'Massive Fines' Instead of Bend the Knee to Censorship - 4.7.24
Jamie Dimon Just Gave A Serious Warning - 77,807 views 4.8.24
Parents of Michigan Teenager Who Killed Four in School Shooting To Be Sentenced in Unprecedented Case, Face Years in Prison
Social media user lambasted for twisting Bible 'forgiveness' - April 8, 2024
Court refuses Trump bond, N.Y. attorney general set to seize properties- April 8, 2024
Trump Suing NY Judge Just One Week Before Hush Money Trial, Report Says
Massive Container Ship Loses Control Near New York's Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge - April 8, 2024
Facebook disables account for sounding alarm on threat to U.S. - April 8, 2024
News giant pushes journalists to avoid reporting 'other side' - April 8, 2024
Vermont Man Arrested After Setting Fire to Door of Senator Sanders' Office at Burlington - 4.7.24
Pregnancy center slams FBI for failing to arrest pro-abortion firebombers - April 8, 2024
No roads for you! Major U.S. city to slap drivers with massive toll to cut traffic - April 8, 2024
Air this out: Soros Fund sets sights on a new target - April 8, 2024
Violence against nurses hits all-time high: 2 new reports - April 5th, 2024
'Climate: The Movie' (2024) - Full Film - 1,244 view March 31, 2024
IRS Watchdog Reveals: Agency to Recruit 5,582 Tax Enforcers in 2024, Few Armed Personnel Included - April 6, 2024
Difference between Nazism and Democrats
Rancher Raises Alarm as Feds Begin Bulldozing Texas Farms - April 7, 2024
Have You Heard About The 2 Gigantic Crosses That Stand At The Intersections Of The Eclipses? - April 4, 2024
CDC issues bird flu health alert to clinicians, state health departments, public after Texas farmer infected - April 5, 2024
Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard Blows Whistle: Rapper Made 'Tapes' of 'Politicians, Princes & Preachers' - April 5, 2024
Obama Acting as 'Malevolent Shadow President' Behind Biden Presidency, Report Warns - April 6, 2024
Trump: New Pandemic Will Be Launched to Rig 2024 Election - April 6, 2024
Hush Money Trial: 500+ New Yorkers Considered as Jurors; Trump to Know Names of Chosen, Public Won't - 4.5.24
The Ben Armstrong Show | What Really Happened
Colorado's Fight to Stop a Risky and Inhumane Biolab - Apr 05, 2024
Why The Bioweapons Research Industry Is A Danger to Society - Feb 07, 2024
Joe Biden Wants to Put Elderly Pro-Life People in Prison, Donald Trump Would Defend Them - Apr 5, 2024
Biden on Track to Confirm More Judges Than Trump, He Must be Defeated to Save the Judiciary - Apr 5, 2024
CBDC LIES? | U.S. Congressman EXPOSES Fed's Real Plans On CBDC Launch - 31,737 views 4.5.24
White House Announces Plan To Protect Bureaucrats From Being Fired By New Trump Admin - 4.4.24
99 Cents Only Stores To Close All Locations Across U.S. - 4.5.24
Grocery Prices Nearing 40 Percent Higher than in 2019, Analysis Finds - April 5, 2024
Healthcare is disappearing all around the world - Apr 05, 2024
'Real Housewives' Star Leah McSweeney Fleeing New York City Over Crime Spike: 'People Smoking Crack for Breakfast' - 4.4.24
Statue of Liberty Gets Struck By Lightning During Wild New York Storm - Apr. 4, 2024 5
White House Asserts They Don't Support Taiwanese Independence - 4.4.24
On NATO'S 75th Birthday, Secretary Blinken Meets Ukrainian FM Kuleba Bringing No Money, No Ammo, No Missiles or Planes - Just a Promise: 'Ukraine Will Be a Part of Nato' - Apr. 4, 2024
Russia's Lavrov Praises China's Peace Plan for Ukraine as Reasonable - 4.4.24
HIGH ALERT ISSUED! - SITREP 4.4.24 - 125,753 views 4.4.24
Prophecy Update: 2030: The Master Plan for Humanity - 4.5.24
The largest fresh egg producer in the US has found bird flu in chickens at a Texas plant - 4.2.24
Boeing Again! Secretary of State Antony Blinken's 737 Plane Suffers Mechanical Failure, Forcing Him to Travel by Vehicle From Paris to NATO Meeting in Brussels - Apr. 3, 2024
Criminal White House Press Corps Has Been Looting Air Force One - Mar 31, 2024
Russia's Army Expansion Signals Putin Is 'Serious' About Ending Ukraine War - 4.2.24
The Royal Family Is LYING About King Charles and Princess Kate | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris - 401K views March 19,24
4/4/24: There Will Be A Very Rare Alignment Of 4 Planets On The 4th Day Of The 4th Month Of 2024 - April 3, 2024
NASA To Launch 3 Rockets On April 8 During Total Solar Eclipse - 4.4.24
Jimmy Kimmel Says U.S. Is 'A Filthy And Disgusting Country' After Trip To Japan - 4.4.24
Medical Students Intimidated Into Worship Of Mother Earth & Praise For Hamas - 4.4.24
Four Pro-Life Activists Face Prison After Convictions For Blocking Access To Abortion Clinic - April 3, 2024
Feds Warn Governors of Cyberattacks Targeting Water Systems - April 3, 2024
Biden Cancels Replenishment of Strategic Oil Reserves - April 3, 2024
Ukraine's President Lowers Draft Age As Death Toll Mounts - April 3, 2024
Black Lives Matter activist on trial for fraud; accused of using George Floyd's death to buy real estate, guns, and luxuries - 4.4.24
Florida man sentenced to 14 months for sending death threat to Chief Justice John Roberts - April 03, 2024
New lawsuit: Feds concealed evidence that could help Trump - April 4, 2024
Nebraska Democrat Becomes Republican After Democrats Censure Him for Voting Pro-Life - Apr 3, 2024
Four Pro-Life Americans Convicted of Peacefully Protesting Abortion, Face Federal Prison - Apr 3, 2024
Would they really starve us to death? - 4.4.24
Leftist Explodes in TDS-Fueled Rage after Police Join Trump on Rally Stage - April 4, 2024
War on US Soil with DoD Opposing Attorney Todd Callender -4.4.24
'The Swamp is getting deeper': Biden EPA awards billions to groups loaded with Dem insiders - April 4, 2024
Cancer-causing 'forever chemicals' detected in Band-Aids, enters blood through open wounds - April 4, 2024
Parisian Political Wolves Coming for President Macron Over the State of France's Deteriorating Finances - 4.4.24
Judge in Stormy Daniels Case Denies Trump's Last Ditch Bid To Delay His Trial, All But Ensuring It Will Begin This Month - 4.3.24
Bill Gates: Math = 'White Supremacy' - April 4, 2024
TRUNEWS with Rick Wiles
FCC To Vote on Restoring Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules That Critics Say Gives the Administrative State Control of the Internet
What Happened The Last Time Two Eclipses Formed A Giant "X" Over The New Madrid Fault Zone? - April 1, 2024
Billionaire investor says AI will help bring four-day workweek - 04/03/24
Amazon ditching 'Just Walk Out' technology at grocery stores - 04/03/24
California Highway 1 Collapses Leaving 2,000 Tourists Stranded - Apr. 1, 2024
Trump Posts $175 Million Bond: 'Looks Forward to Vindicating His Rights on Appeal' - Apr 1st, 2024,
Giants were Real: Human DNA in Giant Mud Fossils w/ Roger Spurr - 04-01-2024
Texas Resident Contracts Bird Flu from Infected Dairy Cows
8 Extremely Unusual Events That Will Happen During The Month Of April - 4.2.24
Canada Following China's Path? Bank Accounts Linked To Obedience Scores - April 2, 2024
In attack on Easter, Biden and the Democrats declare their loyalty to SATANISM and the total destruction of Christianity - 12,267 views
Biden-Funded National Database Lists Pro-Life Students as Terrorists - Apr 2, 2024
Forbes has released its list of the world's billionaires. There are more than ever before - and they're wealthier - April 2, 2024
Major Events Surrounding the April 8th Solar Eclipse - 4.2.24
Largest U.S. egg producer detects bird flu at Texas plant - 4.3.24
For Club Q survivor, hosting Denver drag show offers community and catharsis - 4.3.24
Judge Cannon to Consider Argument That Jack Smith Has No Legal Authority in Trump Case - April 2, 2024
Denver legislation intends to Bankrupt Farmers En Masse for "Inclusive City" and "Re-wilding" - 5,851 views 4.2.24
Statewide Emergency Declared in Indiana Ahead of Solar Eclipse - 4.2.2024
Wisconsin's Democrat Gov Vetos Bill to Protect Female Sports from Male Domination - April 2, 2024
Doctors Raise Alarm over Growing Pressure to Euthanize Elderly & Disabled: 'Some People Are Better Off Dead' - April 2, 2024
Head of George Soros' Propaganda 'News' Network Visited Biden White House 20 Times, Logs Show - April 2, 2024 -
P. DIDDY: Jeffrey Epstein of the Rap Industry - 1,158 views March 29, 2024
Pope Francis Suddenly Drops Out of Major Event over 'Health' Problems - April 1, 2024
9/11 Was Orchestrated by the Highest Levels of the US Government - 3.21.24
Biden just created a Council of Chief AI Officers, and they're building the woke supercomputer - April 01, 2024
Google agrees to destroy private browsing data to settle class-action lawsuit - 04/01/24
South Carolina Looking for Answers After Finding $1.8 Billion in Mystery Cash - 4.1.24

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