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Trump Asks Federal Judge to Force YouTube to Reinstate Him to Platform - August 24, 2021
Dan Crenshaw says we need to tell the Taliban that 'if you get in our way ... we will kill you'
Clarissa Ward at Kabul's airport: It's hard being an American here witnessing this - 575,620 views - Aug 20, 2021
id FDA really approve the Pfizer COVID vaccine? Wait. What? - August 25, 2021
Desertion - 11,835 views - 8.25.2021
White House Suggests Biden Planning to Abandon Americans Trapped in Afghanistan - 26th August 2021
Candace Owens Calls on America to Rise Up and Reject the Left's Marxist Agenda -25th August 2021
Biden Has Left the Taliban 75,000 U.S. Vehicles, 600,000 Weapons, 208 Planes - 25th August 2021
Tucker Carlson: The Left Is 'Satanic' - 'in Direct Objection to God' - 25th August 2021
AOC Demands Biden Resettles a 'Minimum' of 200,000 Afghans in U.S - 25th August 2021
Felon Found Passed Out In Vehicle With Hundreds of Gavin Newsom Recall Ballots, IDs & Drugs - August 24th 2021
DHS Insider Blows Whistle on Int’l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole 8.24.2021.
Desperate Afghan Screams at Biden: 'You Were against Trump, Now We're against You' - 25th August 2021
Supreme Court Orders Joe Biden to Reinstate Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' Border Policy - 25th August 2021
For Your Eyes Only!
THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT... WORLDWIDE - 14,299 views - Aug 24, 2021
FDA vaccine authorization accelerated to unleash medical MARTIAL LAW as cover for collapse of the Biden regime
Kids Dead After Jab in Australia, Eye-Popping Interview With Aussie Veteran - August 20, 2021 - 347,177 Views
Lara Logan Drops Major Red Pills on Afghanistan… August 19, 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls for Kamala Harris to Be Impeached for Not Going to Kabul - 24th August 2021
Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike - Aug 23, 2021
Cuomo is STRIPPED of his Emmy for pandemic press conferences amid sexual harassment allegations
News update - Triple Flipper - FBI, Facebook and MSM all FLIP their script on the same day! - 66,620 views
Fox: Jill Biden 'Failed the Country,' Allowed 'Mentally Frail' Joe to Run for Office - 24th August 2021
Why Is The National Guard Hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists? - August 23, 2021
Ben Carson ENDS Nancy Pelosi's ENTIRE EXISTENCE In Explosive Speech 462,164 views - Aug 11, 2021
FDA Approval ILLEGAL! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations! August 23rd, 2021
Our STN: BL 125742/0 BLA APPROVAL BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH - August 23, 2021
The FDA Letter To Pfizer And "Approval" August 23rd, 2021
Major Companies Mandating Vaccine for Employees
BOMBSHELL! Dr. Malone, Inventor of mRNA Tech, says (( ADE )) is likely, and it's a catastrophe.
Dr. Robert Malone, the creator of the mRNA technology speaks out - July 26, 2021
More than $90 million in cryptocurrency stolen after a top Japanese exchange is hacked Auf 19, 2021
Taliban Sets Woman on Fire Because of Her Poor Cooking Skills - 23rd August 2021
Michigan Lawmakers Seek to Prevent Employers From Requiring Vaccines - 8.19.2021
Pope Francis encourages Catholics get COVID-19 vaccine, but some seek religious exemption - Aug 19, 2021
University In Connecticut To Fine $2000 And Block Internet Access To Unvaccinated Students - August 19, 2021
Court Upholds Texas Ban on Dismemberment Abortions, Says It’s ‘Self-Evidently Gruesome’ - August 19, 2021
Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Judge Signs Off on $850M Sex Abuse Deal
Coalition for a Democratic Workplace Blasts Proposal to Make Union Dues Tax Deductible - August 11, 2021
Hill Democrats Launch Another Effort to Federalize Elections - August 18, 2021
Arizona Audit Report Will be Delivered to Senate on Friday, Results Will Be Earth-Shattering - August 19, 2021
Mike Lindell lashes out as cyber expert demands $5M reward for debunking election data - Aug 19, 2021
Fort Bliss in Texas becomes ground zero for resettling Afghan refugees during chaotic exit - Aug 23, 2021
President of Nigeria: Africa Is the Capital of Global Jihad - 19 Aug 2021
Mom making headlines with demand to euthanize her 4-year-old - August 22, 2021
Rest of the world 'increasingly thinks' Australia has 'lost the plot': Panahi - 94,094 views - Aug 23, 2021
VIDEO: Tucker Carlson confirms FBI STAGED JANUARY 6th - August 23rd 2021
Nuremberg Code Punishable By Death - August 22nd 2021,
Biden on Afghanistan Disaster: History Will Judge Me as 'Logical, Rational, & Right' - 23rd August 2021
Ex-CIA Director Endorses Deporting Trump Supporters to Afghanistan - 23rd August
Patriots Come Together In San Diego & This Woman Let's The Tyrants Know What Is Ahead Of Them! - Aug 21, 2021
WATCH: California Rigging the Governor Election Against Larry Elder and Those Who Voted for Recall - August 20, 2021
Antony Blinken offers bizarre answer when asked if Biden does 'not know what's going on' in Afghanistan - Aug 22, 2021
Biden to Force US Airlines to Fly Tens of Thousands of Afghan Refugees to America - 22nd August 2021
UK Government: 'Biden May Have Condemned the World to Chinese Domination in Future' - 22nd August 2021
Gavin Newsom Announces California Will Welcome Thousands of Afghan Refugees - 17th August 2021
X22Report: We Are in Unprecedented Times! Buckle up it’s Going to Get Chaotic! Timing Is Everything! - Aug 21, 2021
Planned Parenthood furious as federal court rules in favor of ban on common abortion procedure - August 20, 2021
UK Parliament Holds Biden in Contempt for Afghanistan Withdrawal - August 19, 2021
Texas Supreme Court Sides with Abbott, Blocks Biden’s Tyrannical Mandates - 18th August 2021
FBI: Trump NOT Behind Capitol Riot - 'No evidence' - 21st August 2021
Frank Speech Live Stream - Mike Lindell Interviews Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters On The Raid Of Her Office
AMA and Rockefeller Takeover of the Healthcare Industry
August 20th, 2021 - Booster shot extermination plans accelerated to preempt global awakening - 51490 views
Texas Supreme Court just ruled that mask mandates are ILLEGAL statewide - August 18, 2021
Back to Eden Gardening Summit Presents
Certified Federal Medical Investigator Gives Terrifying Info About COVID Testing Swabs August 20, 2021
Democrats are stunned at 'horrifying' poll showing growing support for recall of Gov. Newsom, especially Latinos
Euthanasia Activists Want Implants Inserted Into People to Kill Them if They Get Dementia - Aug 20, 2021
These microchips are said to be the brain-computer interface of the future - 8.19.2021
8 Must-Have Implants for the Cyborg Patient - Next-gen medical devices include artificial hearts etc.
Colorado school district bans critical race theory after black father delivers rousing speech
Trump on Biden: Incompetent, stupid, whatever word you want to use - 157,712 views - Aug 18, 2021
CBS News Gets Shredded for Blaming Biden's Afghanistan Disaster on 'Climate Change' - 21st August 2021
Tucker Carlson Calls On Citizens to Rise Up and Reject the 'Great Reset' 19th August 2021
Too Big To Succeed
Hillary Clinton, Not Joe Biden, Is Speaking to Foreign Leaders about Afghanistan - 19th August 2021
Biden Demands Americans Pay $2000 Each for Evacuation Flights Out of Kabul - 20th August 2021
Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore likens the Taliban to Southern Baptists: 'They’re religious nuts, those here, too'
Sharing a story can change the world. AFLDS made a stand at SCOTUS to bring the truth to the American people.
Shot, stabbed Afghan woman whose eyes were knifed out by Taliban says they 'torture us,' feed remains to dogs
Trump: Leaving Americans to Die in Afghanistan Is ‘Dereliction of Duty’ - 20th August 2021
Americans are creating their own vaccine mandates by cutting ties with the unvaccinated - Aug. 18, 2021
Coincidence? Three presidents dead after blocking distribution of Covid vaccines - July 17, 2021
Video shows lightning striking the Washington Monument. Now it’s closed to tourists - 8.16.2021
T-Mobile is investigating a hack of 54 million people’s data — here’s what to do if you think your data was exposed
Georgia Fulton County Elections Chief Ralph Jones Resigns - 8.15.2021
Biden Faces Intense Backlash Over Plans To Address Nation In ‘Next Few Days’: ‘25th Amendment Time’ - Aug 16, 2021
The fall of Kabul: a 20-year mission collapses in a single day
Former Obama WH Doctor: Biden No Longer ‘Cognitively Prepared to Be Our President' - 20th August 2021
Studies Confirm COVID Injections Destroy T-Cells, Immune System - August 19th 2021
America Demands Trump Step Up and Protect American Children from Deadly Covid VAXX - August 20th 2021
Breaking: FBI Clears Roger Stone, Alex Jones Of Capitol Storming Involvement - August 20th 2021
San Deigo Citizen Against Covid Tyranny: “I brought you a copy of the Nuremberg Code!”
Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Mike Adams: Covid crimes against humanity and the coming war crimes tribunals
Urgent prayer needed as reports are circulating of Taliban killing anyone found with Bibles on their phones
California Vote Fraud Happening - 8.20.21
In a south Denver suburb developers move to replace Sears and Macy’s stores with housing
What’s your heart saying? World Economic Forum Working Toward Tracking Individuals Through their Heart!
Court orders Arizona Senate to release 2020 election audit records - August 19, 2021
Planned Parenthood Furious as Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Common Abortion Procedure - August 19, 2021
Afghanistan has $1 trillion worth of essential mineral deposits - August 19, 2021
Deputy helps deliver baby in 7-Eleven parking lot - August 19, 2021
Glenn Beck's audience raises staggering $22 million in 2 days to rescue Christians trapped in Afghanistan
ACLU Accidentally Admits Black Lives Matter Is a Violent Organization - 20th August 2021
LCS Independence - the ship from the future - 4,236,372 views - Dec 2, 2020
'It is truly a MIRACLE': Glenn Beck's audience raises astonishing $10 MILLION for Afghanistan in ONE day
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Reveals: ‘Taliban Can Stay On Platform, As Long As They Don’t Get Too Violent’
Biden Sought to End Protections for Americans Trapped Abroad before Taliban Takeover - 20th August 2021
Google ‘Rewrote Algorithms to Go after Trump,’ Whistleblower Says double - 19th August 2021
Top Google Engineer Abandons Company, Reveals Big Tech Rewrote Algos To Target Trump - Aug 18, 2021
Did The NY Fed Confiscate $1.3 Billion In Afghan Gold: Striking Revelations From Afghanistan's Central Bank Chief
With US credibility gashed by Kabul fiasco, Israel may be bruised by association - 17 August 2021
Trump Must Step Up to Save the Children from Deadly COVID Injection Boosters Twice a Year - Aug 19, 2021
Great Reset: World Economic Forum Claims Everyone Will Be ID’d & Tracked With Their Heartbeat - August 18th 2021
A Classless Generation Is Drowning In A Cesspool Of Profanity - August 19, 2021
Ominous New Definitions For What Constitutes 'Domestic Terrorism' - August 17, 2021 double?
Almost 15M Mail-in-Ballots Unaccounted for in 2020 Election: Report - 19th August 2021
Nothing can stop what is coming! - August 17th, 2021.
Biden Admin Sends Note to Thousands of Americans Stuck in Afghanistan: We Cannot Guarantee Your Safety
Trust? Its the Secret Trust? The law - ROMAN CANON LAW
Situation Update: Biden Panic! Audit Results! The Military Is Positioning! - We The People News - August 18
X22Report: Everything Stated By Trump Will Be Made Public! Follow The Leader! - Must Video - August 18, 2021
Watch: Australian Health Minister Announces 24,000 Students Will Be Injected In Stadium Without Parental Supervision
Diplomat: “Not Even Tanks” Can Stop Large Wave of Afghan Refugees Heading to Europe - August 18th 2021
US Treasury Freezes Billions In Afghan Reserves, Depriving Taliban Of Cash - Aug 18, 2021
Hobby Lobby ordered to pay $220K to transgender employee the company barred from using women's bathroom
T-Mobile breach: Data of more than 40 million exposed
Ex-Obama Doctor Floats 25th Amendment: Biden ‘Mentally Incapable,’ ‘Something Must Be Done!’ - Aug 16, 2021
Federal government announces first-ever water shortage in Lake Mead, Colorado River - August 17, 2021
Nuclear scientists hail US fusion breakthrough - August 17, 2021
'Dark shadow': FBI allegedly manipulated evidence in 'plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer' - August 17, 2021
Biden Refuses to Help 40,000 Americans Trapped in Afghanistan - 18th August 2021
Twitter Refuses to Ban Taliban: Terrorists Do NOT 'Glorify Violence' - 18 August 2021
Marjorie Taylor Greene Drafts Articles of Impeachment against Biden over Afghanistan - 17th August 2021
Soros Turns on China, Calls Xi Jinping the 'Most Dangerous Enemy' of the Free World - 17th August 2021
'We'll take 25,000 refugees': Boris Johnson announces thousands fleeing Afghanistan will have right to live in UK
Ominous New Definitions For What Constitutes 'Domestic Terrorism'
X22Report: AZ Audit Ready to Drop! Iron Eagle! Red October! Systematic Destruction of the Old Guard! - Aug 16, 2021
Democrats Charged with Election Fraud, Accomplices in Handcuffs - 17th August 2021
What Can We Do in the Face of Anarchy? - David Cloud - Aug 5, 2021
Dr David Clements – Bad Actors EXPOSED, Coup Attempt REAL, All Lies REVEALED! - 8.16.2021
Gov. Newsom warns that Republican Larry Elder is only 2 points away from winning California recall election
Breaking News: Who Will Be Removed? - Sen. Ted Cruz - August 16, 2021
PREPARE YOURSELF to walk through the valley of the shadow of death - Au 16, 2021
Feds unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence, blame "anti-lockdown extremists"
Biden admin approves largest-ever permanent increase to food stamp program to 'stabilize our democracy'
Unconfirmed: Military Arrests Andrew Cuomo - 8.16.2021
Report: Los Angeles to require vaccinations to buy groceries - August 13, 2021
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders - January 13, 2014
Nurse shortage at Houston hospitals has reached a breaking point as patients wait hours for care - August 14, 2021
Psychological Economic Unrestricted Warfare - 8.16.2021
Trump Asks 'Who Will Joe Biden Surrender to Next?' - 16th August 2021
Taliban Spokesman Tweets Freely on Twitter While Trump’s Ban Remains - 16th August 2021
Tens of Thousands of Canadians Rise Up to Reject the 'Great Reset' – Media Blackout - 16th August 2021
27 Vaccinated People On Carnival Cruise Test Positive For COVID-19 - 202,941 views - Aug 16, 2021
TED CRUZ just SAVED the REPUBLIC at 3:30 AM!!! - 15,381 views - Aug 16, 2021
Damning Video Explaining How, Why and Who Stole the Election double?? - August 11, 2021
Live Feed: Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium! - RSBN Live Event - August 10, 2021 11:11
X22Report: Watch NYC! Watch CA! The World Is Watching! Day Zero! - Must Video - August 10, 2021 19:44
Oregon governor signs bill removing reading, writing, & math requirements for high school kids, to help kids of color’
Youtube will now flag and strike any videos and channels that promote “Prayer” for COVID under new policy
Mike Lindell says he was attacked in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, police report has been filed - 8.12.2021
CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will separate families by force, claims to meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards
San Francisco Mandates Vaccines To Engage In Social Life - August 13th 2021
ITS HAPPENING - 38,822 views - Aug 15, 2021
Another Shipping Nightmare Is About To Play Havoc With Global Supply Chains - August 16, 2021
Top Obama-Era Ambassador Questions Biden’s ‘Ability to Lead Our Nation’ - 16th August 2021
The Fall of Kabul… American Troops Stabbed in the Back by Elites - 8.16.2021
As Homeland Security Issues Terror Threat Over People Who Refuse COVID Vaccine, US Army Advertising For ‘Internment/Resettlement Specialists’ - August 14, 2021
Fulton County Played A Dirty Political Trick To Change Thousands Of Trump Votes To Biden, Election Chief Resigns
NIH Director Collins: Epidemic of Misinformation ‘Tearing us Apart’ — ‘Heartbreaking’ Masks Being Politicized
Google Rewrote News Algorithm to Target Trump - August 14, 2021
Afghan girls go to school on the first day under Taliban rule but fears grow of a dark future for women
Desperate Afghans Cling to Plane During Takeoff to Escape Taliban - WATCH - 16th August 2021
Trump demands Biden 'resign in disgrace' over chaotic Taliban takeover in Afghanistan as he arrives in New York City
Americans Rapidly Losing Faith in Biden as Approval Drops below Threshold - 15th August 2021
Pelosi Demands Gender Equality in Afghanistan as Nation Collapses - 15th August 2021
Help Save Our Country - Share Everywhere!
God Will Stop Evil, Bitcoin, Gold & Silver Explode - 08/14/2021
Military Prepares to Detain US Citizens, Documents Expose ‘Internment Procedure’ - August 14, 2021
A Bill Has Been Introduced In Congress That Would Ban Tens Of Millions Of Americans From Flying - Aug 14, 2021
X22Report: EAS, Countermeasures in Place, a State of Temporary Military Control Will Be Actioned! - August 12, 2021
Attorney Thomas Renz Drops BOMBS! Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs - 110,350 Views -
Trucks Rationed Fuel And Guess What The Feds Blame It On?
More Forensic Audits & Arrests Coming! - August 14, 2021
Federal judge hands Biden 'major loss,' orders Biden to revive Trump-era immigration policy - August 14, 2021
Suspended Snopes co-founder plagiarized 54 articles for liberal fact-checking website - August 14, 2021
Judge dismisses Michael Avenatti's $250 million defamation lawsuit against Fox News - August 13, 2021
Emergency Broadcast! Opposition To COVID Measures Defined As Terrorism By Biden DHS - 8.14.2021
Pt 1 - Understanding the Culture with William Federer - 101,705 views - Aug 11, 2021
Pt 2
Pt 3
Larry Elder promises to fight mask and vaccine mandates if elected California governor
Two Sheriff Deputies Fired after Working Private Security for Anti-Police Democrat - 14th August 2021
Christian Broadway star gets booted from show for not being vaccinated
Candace Owens blasts American Booksellers Association’s ‘unspeakable, explicit racism’ after it reportedly characterized her book as racist - August 13, 2021
Amy Coney Barrett Strikes Surprising Killer Blow Against Vaccine Mandate Defiance - 8.13.2021
Leaked Audio: Biden's DHS Chief Admits 'We're Going to Lose' in Border Crisis - 14th August 2021
Bill Gates Offers $1.5 Billion if House Passes Biden's Infrastructure Bill - 13th August 2021
Biden Official Deletes Post Admitting Failure in Afghanistan: ‘We’re Powerless’ - 13th August 2021
EXCLUSIVE: At least 63 people on Martha's Vineyard have tested positive for Covid-19 (Obama's birthday)
Taliban ‘Going Door-to-Door’ Abducting Children to Turn Into ‘Sex Slaves’ - 13th August 2021
CDC's advisory committee votes unanimously to recommend a third dose of COVID-19 - 8.13.2021
At Best Negligent Homicide, At Worst Murder - August 10th, 2021
TREASON! US military waging biological warfare against its own troops - 8.12.2021
Swiss Police Reject the 'Great Reset': 'We Work for the People, NOT the Elite' - 12th August 2021
Scientific Journal Paper Suggests Making it a 'Federal Hate Crime' to Criticize Fauci
A Geography of Who Hates Who - Fundraiser - 3,347,199 views - Mar 11, 2021
Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Hit with Cyber Attack - 11th August 2021
US government WINS right to challenge evidence claiming Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should not be extradited to America because 'he would be a suicide risk' - 8.11.2021
Biden's NSA under Investigation for Spying on Tucker Carlson (Check Bidens' ear, looks like he is wearing a mask)
Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium - Day 2
TURN OFF YOUR PHONE AUGUST 11TH? | HERE'S WHY - 103,169 views - Aug 10, 2021
Looks Like Dictum Coming - August 10th, 2021
Organization Promoting Freedom - Plans Mass Walkouts to Protest Mandatory Vaccines
Liberty Counsel Walkout Wednesday - August 8th, 2021
Walmart Underground New World Order Tunnel Network - August 3, 2021
CDC Publishes ‘Green Zone’ Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Mass Imprisonment could be double
Georgia Ballots Manually Altered by Election Workers to Count for Biden, Probe Finds - 10th August 2021 @ 3.00pm
Andrew Cuomo Resigns - What the MEDIA Isn't Telling You!! 5,330 views - Aug 10, 2021
Why Do They Want The DNA Of Americans?': Marco Rubio Asks Experts About China's Actions - 483,498 views
CNN Forced to Issue Correction after Pushing False Fundraising Story
Abbott Crushes Democrats: Supreme Court Denies Request to Restore Pay after Walkout - 10th August 2021
CDC Publishes 'Green Zone' Concentration Camp Protocol, Preparing Masses Imprisonment
The Cosmic Hoax 2021
#DontKillCrypto Trends As Ted Cruz Warns Of 'Dangerous' Provisions In Infrastructure Bill
160 San Francisco Sheriffs' Deputies Threaten To Resign Due To Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine
This Good-For-25-Year Survival Food Kit is FINALLY Back in Stock!
Vaccine Mandate To Purge Conservatives From Federal Government? July 31, 2021
LGBTQ advocates sue Tennessee over new anti-transgender bathroom law - August 03, 2021
Medical examiner requested cremation of Babbitt's body two days after Capitol breach - August 3, 2021
Four officers who responded to Capitol riot have died by suicide - Aug 2, 2021
Cuba Threatens to Attack America: ‘We Are Armed’- 3 Aug 2021
Soylent Green (1973) – Full Film
The CDC, the New World Order, FEMA Coffins & “Smart Guillotines”
Arrivals from 18 more countries, including US, Greece, to require quarantine - 3 August 2021
A giant, shape-shifting statue that talks could be coming to Phoenix
Bezos, Gates back fake meat and dairy made from fungus as next big alt-protein
Kim Jong Un Makes Public Appearance With Strange "Green Spot" & Bandage On His Head
China’s Next More Dangerous Bioweapon and How the U.S. is Helping Them Build It
Welcome To The Biggest Eviction Horror Show In U.S. History - August 04, 2021
Infrastructure Bill Mandates Drunk-Driver Detectors For New Cars - Aug 03, 2021
Meow Wolf Denver announces name, opening date for its $60 million installation - July 29, 2021
Denver spends far more money on each homeless person than the cost of renting an apartment
Transanity - Biological Male Rapists Being Put Into Female Prisons - August 6, 2021
What Happens When The Debt Comes Due? America Faces Day Of Reckoning - August 06, 2021
Alex Jones Was Right! Goes Viral On Twitter For Exposing Fetal Organ Harvesting - 8.7.2021
Michigan Election Official Vows to Block Investigation into Dominion Voting Machines
"I Tried To Warn You" - Elon Musk LAST WARNING (2021) 1,224,396 views - Jul 20, 2021
Single mom, 42, shot dead execution-style on Brooklyn street by female assassin after both attended a funeral
Ashli Babbitt Was ‘Ambushed’ by Capitol Police Officer, Family’s Lawyer Says
World Economic Forum: The ‘Age of Human Robots Is Over’
George Soros' Top Aide Accused of Human Trafficking, Raping Women in 'Sex Dungeon' - 2nd August 2021
Several Disney Employees Arrested in Major Pedophile Ring Bust: 'Nasty, Nasty People'
Who Runs America? The Truth About The Secret Government & Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter - August 1, 2016
Interview with WEF boss Klaus Schwab 2016: "Within 10 years we will have chips in our brains, with artificial intelligence and chip fusion with the digital world": Goodbye, soul - June 25, 2021
Illuminati - Mind Control of the People, For the People | Controlled Media | MK Ultra

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