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"Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou wouldest come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence,
As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth the waters to boil, to make thy name known to thine adversaries, that the nations may tremble at thy presence!
When thou didst terrible things which we looked not for, thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at thy presence.
For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.
Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh righteousness, those that remember thee in thy ways: behold, thou art wroth; for we have sinned: in those is continuance, and we shall be saved.
But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.
And there is none that calleth upon thy name, that stirreth up himself to take hold of thee: for thou hast hid thy face from us, and hast consumed us, because of our iniquities.
But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
Be not wroth very sore, O LORD, neither remember iniquity for ever: behold, see, we beseech thee, we are all thy people. Thy holy cities are a wilderness, Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation.
Our holy and our beautiful house, where our fathers praised thee, is burned up with fire: and all our pleasant things are laid waste.
Wilt thou refrain thyself for these things, O LORD? wilt thou hold thy peace, and afflict us very sore?" Isaiah 64:1-12

We believe every word in the KJV Bible and believe it is the Word of God and that Jesus is the Christ, God Himself, who spilled His blood on the cross for our sins and rose again to prepare a place for those who repent and accept 'His' righteousness as their righteousness. They are those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, Jews first and then Gentiles. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." We invite you to take this opportunity to say 'yes' to Jesus and commit your life to Him only by clicking on this link: Salvation
Luke 12:20,21 "But God said unto him, "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God."
We pray the Lord will bless you with a thirst for truth and a desire to serve Him exclusively, in Christ Jesus, Cephas Ministry / Cephas Library.

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MORE GREETINGS to all and the newcomers to this list. We'd like to introduce ourselves. George and Rita Williams founded this ministry. We were Mormons (Temple Mormons) for 20 years. We prayed to God in 1992 to allow us to do a ministry speaking out against Scientology. Six months later God led us to the truth: out of the cult of Mormonism. We did not know at the time we were in a cult. No-one had witnessed to us in 20 years.
The Holy Spirit brought us to information about all the cults and the present development of the New World Order. We began bringing our research to you. Because all the research was already done, we decided to build a library within Cephas Ministry. Our newsletters are not designed to provoke anger which is strictly prohibited in Scripture. It is to shed light on activities by those who would deceive those who are recorded in the Book of Life by devious methods and systematic plans.

We are Bible students and have left all worldly organizations. We attend church if the message is from the authorized KJV Bible. The focus of these newsletters is to prove why we had to leave the world system. We are called 'Watchmen on the Wall' which God always had during the Old / New Testament Times.
To understand what is happening, one has to know the Bible to compare notes.
The first section is about the church. The news about churches is unedited unless indicated by Ednotes. The church as we knew it, is undergoing disintegration. This began on a fast track in the early nineteen sixties when the Catholic Church produced liberal Vatican II to replace Vatican I.
The trend since then has been ecumenical which is truly what the word 'Catholicism' means: a universal religion all inclusive and multicultural. The Bible calls for a final church and today's church doesn't resemble what Jesus taught. The Word of God has undergone many changes to fit the progressive modes. Many new Bible tranlations have brought confusion. The Bible calls for a falling away from churches and becoming atheistic before Jesus comes back for His Bride. The true believers are called 'Ekklesia.' Our newsletters prove this fact and prove that the Bible is true from beginning to end.
The second section is about globalism where we bring your attention to the social, political and global trend, the so called democratizing what is left of the world. This is a deception since the underlying new world global government is developed by implementing sustainable development (Agenda 21). The Bible prophesies that there will be ten kings (ten horns), each king (horn) will receive a region of the world as a reward for work well done for the Antichrist. This is the reason for the present development of NAU (The North American Union) as well as the war in the Middle East. It again proves that we are moving to closure of the times of the Gentiles prophesied in the Bible. The end result will not be Democracy but a form of Fascist Communism (Public/Private Corporations enslaving mankind).
The third section compliments End Time teachings because Israel is the time piece of the Biblical Prophecy. 1948 was the beginning of the figtree representing Israel, coming back to life. Israel was allowed to return to its land. Israel is the rock upon which the world stumbles and crumbles. We watch and visit Israel for signs which point to the Tribulation to confirm that we are moving into that space of time.

Watchmen on the wall do not solicit memberships. We have an email group that gets information when we upload new information and newsletters whenever it is possible time wise. We love the Lord with all our hearts and minds and we love all people God has created but especially those who love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Mission and Statement of Faith are at

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We trust that our readers will not be discouraged. Believers are under attack that starts with the administration in WDC. We are told to keep on and endure to the end.
It is God’s will that we know the times (1 Ch. 12:32; Mat. 16:3) and that we be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
The Cephas Newsletter reminds us that the hour is very late, and we need to be ready for the Lord’s coming. Are you sure that you are born again? Are you living for Christ?
"And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof" (Rom. 13:11-14).

PS We are seeking the truth and use much material from many sources only when we believe their material could be of service to you. That should not imply that we endorse ministries, news organizations or various authors. We are not all-knowing and cannot predict what people will write in the future. CMI



GOOD FIGHT MINISTRIES - Lessons from the Alabama Massacre
In the wake of Alabama’s worst mass shooting in the state’s history, many Americans have been left dumbfounded as the nation mourns and wonders how a young man could murder 11 people in cold blood. Many are still shocked that mass school shooting and murder sprees have become common place in the United States, and I ask: “Why?” Continued:
Also simply visit and choose the theater, or you can click on the "Exposés" link in the navigation bar on our Home Page. You can also use this direct link: We feature individual movie clips from "They Sold Their Souls for Rock n Roll" with more clips being added all the time! So be sure and check back in to the theater from time to time to see what new movie clips we have added. We plan on adding clips from all of our DVDs, such as "Hollywood's War on God", "Hollywood Unmasked", and more! The Good Fight Theater is a GREAT way to minister to friends, family and/or loved ones by allowing them to view specific movie clips on a particular artist or entertainer, without having to go through an entire DVD. Our convenient Search bar at the top of the theater makes it easy to find what you're looking for! So what are you waiting for? Go check out the new Good Fight Theater! And be sure to share it with everyone you know who would benefit from this great ministry tool.

And alien life forms - Jesus' prediction of "Fearful Sights."
When describing the conditions that usher in the End Times, Jesus gave several categories of startling events.
Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful sights and great signs from heaven." (Luke 21:10-11)
Fearful events and great signs from the heavens could include disastrous weather, modern threats, like asteroids, space junk, solar flares, and even UFO scares.
Thousands of possible UFO sightings have been registered during this generation. Numerous movies have explored the possibility of alien life forms visiting or invading the Earth. Somewhere between the extremes of wild speculation and blind denial, the evidence suggests that there is something unexplained happening. This could be the major fulfillment of Jesus' prediction of "fearful sights." Fear of the unknown could be used by the "Man of Sin" in the End Times to convince people to believe lies (2 Thessalonians 2). The greatest deception of that future time will undoubtedly be a false explanation about the millions of born-again Christians who will disappear at the Rapture, when Jesus returns for believers of the Church Age. UFO phenomena may be a demonic set-up for the lie that some New Age believers already teach, that when the coming "Age of Aquarius" is ushered in, alien spacecraft will remove the "troublemakers" from the Earth. Continued:

By Don Koenig - Does the Bible teach that the Church will be supernaturally removed (rapture)? Will the Church escape the tribulation? Is the rapture pretribulation pre-wrath, or post tribulation?
The best way to find out the truth is to correctly interpret God's word. In some cases this is easier said than done. Finding and correlating deep truths in some scriptures can be like mining for gold. It is hard work but it sure is worthwhile when you sift out a few nuggets. I expect God wanted it that way so that some things would be hidden from the adversary. The parables are prime examples of how Jesus gave truth to the children of the promise but the sons of darkness could not understand what He was talking about. Some of God's truths take scholarship and enlightenment by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes there may be more than one level of truth in a passage with insights that are revealed in time by the Holy Spirit as He deems appropriate. This is apparently the case with the truth about the rapture of the faithful Church.
Some teachers are blind about the rapture and Bible prophecy.
There are many theologians in some of the denominations who do not see that we are in the prophetic years because they allegorize or spiritualize all scripture dealing with the end times and the restoration of Israel. Unless there is clear indication for allegory, even common sense dictates that scripture writings should be taken in a literal sense. By allegorizing prophetic scripture these theologians can make it say just about anything they want. By applying the promises of God for Israel to the Church, they can do away with any literal fulfillment on earth. Scholars such as these really need to review why it is that they use human rationalization to distort the plain teaching of God's word.
I believe they do this either in ignorance due to their seminary training or because they do not wish to believe what God said about a literal fulfillment that includes a final world-wide judgment and thousand-year reign of Christ on earth from Jerusalem. They do not understand that the body of Jesus rose very early on the third day and that the body of Christ (the Church) will also rise very early on her third day - a day with the Lord is as a thousand years (2 Pe 3:8).
Liberty taking with the literal interpretation of prophetic scriptures in the past was not as critical a problem to the Church as it is today. In the past the Church in general had less knowledge of the scriptures and the Church was not near the prophetic years. Today, there is widespread access of scripture in the Church, so we do not have that excuse. In addition, there is more danger in applying scriptures meant for Israel to the Church. The theology that the Jews killed Christ and that God has cursed the descendants of Israel and given her promises to the Christian Church in recent times opened the door for the Jewish holocaust under Hitler. Those in replacement theology today may be opening a new door for the predicted worldwide holocaust against the Jews under the Beast Antichrist.
The Church is the body of Christ and is the firstborn into the promise of a new covenant. The Gentiles were grafted into that promise and that covenant because most of Israel rejected their Messiah and the natural branches were broken off so that wild branches could be grafted in (Gentiles). However, that promise and covenant was actually given to the house of Jacob and Judah without any conditions (Jer 31:31). When the nation of Israel acknowledges its offense, all in Israel who call on the name of the Lord will be grafted back in and receive their new covenant promise. Continued:

Laodicea is the wealthy Protestant churches of today that are self-centered country clubs. It could also be those that "say" they are rich in spirit but are full of dead works. She is spit out of Jesus' mouth and becomes identified with the harlot of Revelation. She is rich in material goods but she is poor spiritually. God is outside looking in (no indwelling spirit). This assembly will be chastened in the tribulation but those individuals that seek Jesus will find Him. This group probably includes most "possibility thinking" and "Word of Faith" churches. It certainly includes some "seeker friendly" churches that have watered down Christian doctrine and worship to make it appealing to the world It would also include the emerging and emergent church movement that redefines essentials truths of Christianity. It may also include some charismatics who think they are rich spiritually but have gone off into new age theology and doctrine of demons. It could even possibly include some cults that are in great heresy but who do not deny that Jesus is Lord.
Many will be saved in the tribulation
The scripture says all who endure to the end will be saved (all who hold on to the testimony of Jesus during the tribulation).
That word "all" should nullify any doctrine that says there will be no second chance of salvation for those who heard the gospel but were not part of the spiritual body of Christ before the rapture or tribulation. The passage clearly excludes no one and we see that true repentance leads to salvation throughout scripture.
Rev 12:11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb, and because of the word of their testimony; and they loved not their life even unto death. Soource:

(The name Aaron according to Jerome means "mountain of strength"), the oldest son of Amram and Jochebed, of the tribe of Levi; brother of Moses and Miriam (Nu 26:59; Ex 6:20) 1574 B.C. Jochebed, mother of Moses and Aaron, bore them three centuries after the death of Levi (Ex 2:1); "daughter of Levi, whom her mother bore to Levi," means "a daughter of a Levite whom her mother bore to a Levite." The point of Nu 26:59 is, Moses and Aaron were Levites both on the father's side and mother's side, Hebrew of Hebrew. He was three years older than Moses (Ex 7:7): born, doubtless, before Pharaoh's edict for the destruction of the Hebrew male infants (Ex 1:22). Miriam was the oldest of the three, as appears from her being old enough, when Moses was only three months old and Aaron three years, to offer to go and call a Hebrew nurse for Pharaoh's daughter, to tend his infant brother.
The first mention of Aaron is in Ex 4:14; where, in answer to Moses' objection that he did not have the eloquence needed for such a mission as that to Pharaoh, Jehovah answers: "Is not Aaron, the Levite, thy brother? I know that he can speak well: and thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth; and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach you what ye shall do; and he shall be thy spokesman unto the people; and he shall be instead of a mouth, and thou shalt be to him instead of God." His being described as "the Levite" implies that he already took a lead in his tribe; and, as the firstborn son, he would be priest of the household. Source: Fausset's Bible Dictionary


Brad Myers co-author of Queen of All The marian apparitions' plan to unite all religions under the Roman Catholic Church
I would like to inform you of a new end times audio drama that exposes the coming ET and Marian deception by Jim Tetlow and myself with the help of many people. It is called 'The Coming Global Transformation.'

by Soeren Kern - September 8, 2011 at 5:00 am - The spread of Islamic Sharia law in Germany is far more advanced than previously thought, and German authorities are "powerless" to do anything about it, according to a new book about the Muslim shadow justice system in Germany.
The 236-page book titled "Judges Without Law: Islamic Parallel Justice Endangers Our Constitutional State," which was authored by Joachim Wagner, a German legal expert and former investigative journalist for ARD German public television, says Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in all of Germany's big cities.
This "parallel justice system" is undermining the rule of law in Germany, Wagner says, because Muslim arbiters-cum-imams are settling criminal cases out of court without the involvement of German prosecutors or lawyers before law enforcement can bring the cases to a German court.
Settlements reached by the Muslim mediators often mean perpetrators are able to avoid long prison sentences, while victims receive large sums in compensation or have their debts cancelled, in line with Sharia law, according to Wagner. In return, they are required to make sure their testimony in court does not lead to a conviction.
German police do investigate cases involving serious crimes. But parallel to that, special Muslim arbitrators, also known as "peace judges," are commissioned by the families concerned to mediate and reach an out-of-court settlement. Continued:

Agence France-Presse Apr 9, 2012 – 8:32 PM ET | Last Updated: Apr 10, 2012 11:00 AM ET - By Jean-Louis Santini - WASHINGTON — U.S. conservative Christians and science advocates are clashing again, this time in Tennessee over a bill that would allow debate in public schools over theories such as evolution. Lawmakers from the southeastern U.S. state home to a strong base of Tea Party activists have approved the bill, which now awaits the signature of Governor Bill Haslam, a Republican. The measure, which could pass by a Tuesday deadline, would allow public schoolteachers to challenge accepted science on topics such as climate change and evolution in their classrooms without facing sanctions. If it passes, Tennessee would join nine other states with similar laws promoting creationism, more or less explicitly. Continued:

Thursday, 01 March 2012 06:56 AM EST Jennifer LeClaire - I recently heard a prophetic word that described an angelic visitation. Of course, I am all for angelic visitations. Both the Old and New Testament offer plenty of examples of angels appearing to people to deliver heavenly messages. But this angel apparently had a creative name. Its name was supposedly “Safe Passage.”
It grieves me that we have to go around this mountain yet again in the body of Christ. Wasn’t the controversy over Emma—the female angel who purportedly started the modern-day prophetic movement - enough to put an end to this sort of nonsense? Apparently not.
Let me be clear: There is no angel named Emma and there is no angel named Safe Passage - and it’s assignment is not to escort you safely into new opportunities or to clear fearsome corners and honor your unsung courage.
However, if you Google the keywords “angel safe passage,” you might see where a misguided prophetic pen could draw such erroneous inspiration. There’s a Safe Passage playing card that’s a prominent “white angel” in a Dungeons & Dragons-style game. In this context, “Safe Passage” is a sorcerer. On the more benign side, “Safe Passage” was the title of a script for a 1997 episode of Touched by an Angel. Either way, there is no God-sent angel named Safe Passage.
It just so happened that when I stumbled upon the so-called revelation of this angel named Safe Passage I was already studying the topic of angels. In fact, I was in the midst of reading Dr. Lester Sumrall’s Angels to Help You for a second time. Sumrall offered abundant Scripture about the reality of angels, the categories of angels - including their names and ranks - what angels do, what angels know, angels and prophecy, what kind of people receive angelic service, and much more.
Angels are real. Angels are mentioned 108 times in the Old Testament and 165 times in the New Testament. Angels are messengers. Angels are innumerable. The Bible mentions three angels by name: Michael, Gabriel and Lucifer. But beyond that, you have to go to religions like Zoroastrianism to find the names of angels.
Zoroastrianism, also called Mazdaism, is a religion based on a self-styled prophet named Zoroaster (also known as Avestan or Zarathustra). Zoroastrianism was once among the largest religions in the world, a political power in pre-Islamic Iran. Mazdaism believers prayed to angels like Ameretat, Asha Vahishta and Vohu Mano for protection. Continued:

Email: I found this letter on a German BLOG and translated it ... 9th January 2011 - His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.
Palazzo Apostolico 00 120 Citta 'del Vaticano E-mail:
Open letter!
Your Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI - aka Joseph Ratzinger
Your predecessor, Pope John Paul II will be discussed in May saved. I'll give you the advice to refrain. My reasoning is to be as simple as possible: [Excerpt]
"...On 8 April 2006 I saw on TV in my cell, the transfer of the funeral of the late Pope. When the corpse was carried into the crypt, the (official) government spokesman said in a television first Program literally: "Actually, yes, the Pope was not a Pole, but a Jew. Both his parents were Hungarian Jews (Attila and Emilia Kaczorowski = cat). But that was a good thing. Thus the ratio of the Catholic Church in Israel was so warm.
I thought it knocks me off my chair. The thing I had always suspected, was confirmed as openly and officially. As early as 1986 I had learned that the then most senior Jewish rabbi in the world, Menachem Schneerson, together with his. Doctors checked my knowledge, had if they were scientifically accurate and that showed that this was the case. Then Rabbi M. Schneerson had in all the world proclaim, they should be treated and followed their patients, but before the Gentiles to keep secret.
Since then, I was persecuted by the press and all media (including several assassination attempts) gerufmordet, and hunted - with the help of accomplices: doctors, professors, universities, government agencies, lawyers, courts, etc. - belong to their representatives all seem a "certain religious community."
No wonder that the Pope was a Jew, that he has not lifted a finger. When the prince in 2006, arrested for involvement in dirty casino-dealing and fraud, and exploitation of prostitutes and 1 week was put in jail, he was there (in a wiretapped conversation to his fellow prisoners) to blame for Dirk's death, confessed and expressed that he had led the French justice by the nose. This means that the rabbinical court (Colomb, David and Jordan), was a fraud, a farce.
Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, son of the last Italian king, according to the Italian authorities was held in the trial concerning the death of a German student 28 years ago, the French judiciary for a ride. This was the recently imprisoned nobleman, who was tapped in his cell, another prisoner betrayed, the coroner told Potenza in southern Italy, Rocco Pavese with.
"Although I had wrong, but I must say, I have them all smeared", the now re-released! Prince said, according to the trial judge.
No wonder then that the Jewish. Prince of Savoy has never been convicted.
In Israel Shahak (. Jüd. history, Jewish religion), the following is stated: (Lühe, ISBN: IS-92 6328-25-8), chap murder and genocide, page 140: "If the victim is a non-Jew, the situation is completely different. A Jew who murders a Gentile is guilty only of having committed a sin against the "laws of heaven", but this is not punishable by a court. Cahe death of a Gentile is not even indirectly, a sin. "
But a church that can be run by criminals in world history, has already disqualified himself. These non-Jews on Holocaust - and what role the Vatican played in it - will be coming soon as rumored, as has been the whole Kinderschänderei at your institution.
Please, do not play now the astonished or clueless. She was the confidant of your Jewish. Friend Karol Wojtyla.
They knew and know everything! The only question is: Do you want to continue it this way or you have the courage to end this Holoschächt - the greatest crime in world history! In this sense, Dr. R. Hamer
P.S. Also for the miracle - that the nun Marie Simon-Pierre 2 months after the death of John Paul II was cured of her Parkinson's - (from whom she is said to have been again suffered a relapse, according to press reports), there are after the Germanic medicine a simple explanation: The so-called Parkinson's disease (tremor, tremor, usually of the hands) is a continuous epileptic crisis in a solution phase of a motor conflict (mother, father, grandma ... etc.) can not hold (have skillfully). If such a conflict is sometimes resolved definitively, and the Parkinson's gone. I have seen many such temporary or definitive "healed" seen. But with "miracle" has nothing to do, but with the laws of nature, as the Germanic Medicine - describes - based solely on 5 biological laws. [German]
"If it is not right, do not do it. If it is not true, do not say it." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor
The whole letter:

(Confirmed) By unclaimed - Posted April 15, 2012 - CNN PRODUCER NOTE: 2012 US Presidential election votes will be counted in Spain! Electronic voting machines, used in US elections, have repeatedly been shown by experts to be prone to fraud. "When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election. For SOE, the Tampa based corporation purchased by SCYTL in January, supplies the election software which records, counts, and reports the votes of Americans in 26 states 900 total jurisdictions across the nation."
1 The fact that the same company will have first count on all votes made in 14 US states and hundreds of jurisdictions in 12 others, and the stage is set for election fraud on a scale unimaginable just a decade ago. SCYTL self-proclaimed the security of its systems, but when the machines were used in the District of Columbia, the University of Michigan fight song "The Victors" was suddenly heard after the casting of each ballot. The system had been hacked by U of M computer teachers and students, in order to demonstrate their susceptibilities.
2 Over the past decade, reports from MIT, Caltech, and Carnegie-Melon have repeatedly documented that voting machines, used in the US, are susceptible to fraud. 3-5 Civil right organizations, have likewise objected to the electronic voting machines used in the US.

June 29, 2011 — Adventist lecturer Walter Veith demonstrates how recent translators beginning in the early 1800's with Westcott & Hort, two non-Christian Anglican ministers fully steeped in the Alexandrian philosophy that "there is no perfect Bible" and with a vicious distaste for the King James Version and its Antiochian Greek Textus Receptus diverted to the Judaeo-Roman Catholic text. Thus began the mistranslations that are the modern Bible versions, all of which are seriously skewed by recent theologians who's Universalism denies the Supreme Deity of Jesus Christ. Like most English Bibles, the Old Testament in our King James Bible is the counterfeit Masoretic text begun more than 500 years after the Crucifixion by unregenerate Jews claiming to be successors of the Scribes, and first published in 1427, we still possess the 285BC Greek Septuagint read by Jesus and Paul. Full story:

Dispute erupts when bishop criticizes assault on religious liberties
Published: 4.27.2012 By Dave Tombers - While a group that opposes expressions of Christianity in public forums wants the IRS to use its formidable power to crack down on what pastors say, one legal foundation says, “Bring it on,” promising a “legal war” if churches are attacked on such issues. United for the Separation of Church and State Executive Director Barry Lynn recently wrote a letter to the IRS demanding help in quashing the speech of a leader in the Roman Catholic Diocese in Peoria, Ill.
The April 19 letter calls a recent homily given by Bishop Daniel Jenky a violation of IRS regulations relating to the tax-exempt status of the church, because Jenky cited atrocities of past governments, specifically naming Hitler and Stalin, and then cited the failings of the Obama administration. The homily was also reprinted in the Catholic Post, and urged Catholics to stand by their religious convictions, even outside the walls of the church.

MALCOLM RITTER - From Associated Press - May 18, 2012 5:25 PM EDT
NEW YORK (AP) — A prominent retired psychiatrist is apologizing to the gay community for a decade-old study that concluded some gay people can go straight through what's called reparative therapy. Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, who worked at Columbia University, now says he no longer believes his work showed that. For the study, Spitzer had interviewed 200 people who'd claimed some degree of change. In a letter to a journal that published his work, Spitzer says the "fatal flaw" is that there is no way to judge the credibility of their accounts.

OCCULT MASONS As you know, the elite attaches great importance to providing us with an external enemy: Huns, Nazis, Communists, Muslim Terrorists etc. It diverts attention from the real enemy, which is not external at all, but controls our political, cultural and economic life. More and more, people are realizing that the world is literally in the grip of a satanic cult, Freemasonry.
Their smug victory signs are everywhere: on the US Great Seal; the logo of the United Nations; even the logo of the city where I live, Winnipeg. All politicians who stand any chance, are Masons. including Bush, Obama, Clinton and McCain. They don't even make a pretence of serious opposition. Bush has cut the value of the US dollar in one-half but do you hear any serious criticism of him? On the international front, Bush and Ahmadinejad, Sarkozy, Merkel and probably Putin are all members of this select club. These enemies of society and their lackeys have an elaborate system of hand signals so they can recognize each other.
Our leaders work for the international banking cartel They are aided by a small army of dupes who may or may not be Masons but they have a keen sense of what is required to get the high paying jobs. World government, “the New World Order” is the goal of Freemasonry. It will be achieved by a “dialectical process” of phoney conflicts and incessant propaganda, brainwashing (sensitivity training) and coercion. According to Juri Lina's book “Architects of Deception,” Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles. It is based on the cabala and is "the executive political organ of the Jewish financial elite." (81-83)
Jewish Masons run it. Apparently, Jews belong to all lodges but non-Jews can't belong to certain Jewish ones. These comprise the executive branch. We are witnessing the culmination of a millennium-long crusade by certain Pharisaic Jews to overthrow Christian civilization and establish a tyranny of the central banking cartel of cartels.

EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY is based on that of its founders, the Knights Templar-Freemason fraternities. The Illuminati bloodline families wished to exercise control over our social institutions such as jurisprudence, banking, government, military and education. The best way to control the institutions of society is by founding them and then making sure that your agents always assume control over them. This is done successfully through the degree system of initiation, which insures that the interbreeding bloodline families known as the Illuminati wend their way up the ladder to the highest degrees. They are then placed at the head of the legal, banking, government, military and educational organizations they are intended to lead. Essential to their continued monopoly on power and governance is the exercise of control over the educational field. The university degree system is based on the first three degrees of Freemasonry: Entered Apprentice corresponding with the Bachelor's Degree, Fellow of the Craft corresponding with Master's Degree, and Ph.D. corresponding with Master Mason.
When entering the academic world at the Entered Apprentice Degree of Bachelor's, one is free to explore the world of knowledge in an unconstrained, unrestricted fashion. It doesn't matter what you read, write, say or do because, even if you graduate with that degree, you will amount to little more than a piece of shit in a mitre hat. But if you have aspirations to engage in social climbing of any kind, you will require the ropes and tackle of those more aspiring climbers consistent with other Fellows of the Craft, the "craft" being consistent with the establishment or Freemasonry itself. To be an initiate and graduate of this degree, you must learn to conform to the rules of the Craft, which means you must display your willingness to subordinate your views and ideals to those of the fascist establishment.
You must follow the rules of the game called "playing the system," which means you will surrender any originality you have to become a member of the cloistered order of mediocrities and yes-men, intellectual prostitutes who will spend the rest of their lives living in denial in exchange for their daily bread. You will agree to be an expert in a very small field of knowledge and will become one of the small ashlars or cubes in the pyramid of the fascist social order. Should you wish to ascend one more rung up the ladder to that of Master Mason, you will go for the Ph.D. This will allow you to be a fully-fledged member of the order of mediocrity sell-outs in service of Satan, who will bargain away their souls to the devil in exchange for a pound of flesh –any way you care to slice it. Continued:

The authorities are allowing THIS ?
Supposedly as some sort of PROTECTION?
The Masonic CHIP Program is the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere. CHIP is provided free of charge to the public, with all of the identifying items generated during the events given to the child's family.
The CHIP program includes the following:
VIDEOTAPE: A brief videotaped interview that can be
quickly distributed to the media in order to reach a huge audience.
FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprinting is a well-known means of identification. Resourceful parents keep fingerprints available should the need arise.
TOOTHPRINTS: A toothprint bite impression is quick and easy. Teeth, like fingerprints are unique. A dental imprint gives both accurate and important information for identification purposes.
Sponsored by a SECRET society at The Freemasons of Massachusetts
Our organisations by the day unravelling a most sinister and frightening scenario hidden by a complicite mass media

Masonic privatisation Ever wondered why there has been an obsession to deregulate many parts of industry once owned and controlled by the government?
When the majority of those in parliament are part of a satanic cult you can see why they want to offload the vast profits that can be made from previously owned government monopolies onto their lodge buddies. Most of the privatised industries end up in the hands of masonic run companies who ensure their political friends are WELL REWARDED.
When masons control the multi-national and privatised industries they have a licence to print money handed to them on a plate. Not by those who represent the electorates best interests but to prop up the masonic coffers . All moneys earned by the sharp and devious practices of masonic ruses end up on death in their vast vaults disguised as charities. Money laundering and diversion maybe the biggest crime of all in the masonic empire being built on the backs of hard working NON mason men. Men who have become enslaved by a satanic cult now ruling the world through the control of politics,law and police who now act as an arm of the masonic thugs who's corruption is protected by all the major key players having affiliations to their lodge buddies interests.
We have the UK and USA totally dominated by the presence of masons in the hierarchy of all the key positions of power. Until the enslaved men of this world start SHOUTING for the removal of this EVIL force we will see the continued weakening of ALL men who have not sold out to the devil. If not being harassed, persecuted and destroyed by the infrastructure they have set in motion to undermine anyone challenging or competing for any part of the large swathes of industry they now have primarily for the purpose of enriching the top layer of mega rich masons and illuminati who prosper enormously from the rest of the populations enslavement .
That we will continue to expose and challenge.

Rome (ENInews) -Ecumenical News International - News Highlights - 4 April 2012 - The Vatican this week reached out to Buddhists on the occasion of the feast of Vesak-Hanamatsuri, or Buddha's birthday, with praise for the faith's outreach to the young. In a letter, the Holy See said that Buddhists and Catholics shared the goal of educating the young within the respective faiths. The letter is in line with increased visibility for the Vatican's relationship with other faiths in recent weeks. [ENI-12-0196]

(ENInews) -Ecumenical News International - News Highlights - 4 April 2012 -The spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians has written to Greece's Orthodox state church, deploring anti-ecumenical statements by its leaders. "Critical voices about ecumenism, long heard in the bosom of the church of Greece, have hitherto been limited in scope - but what has occurred recently has reached unacceptable levels," said Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople. In a late March letter, the patriarch said he was especially concerned by a recent statement by Metropolitan Seraphim (Mentzelopoulos) of Piraeus, invoking an "anathema" against the pope, Protestants, Jews, Muslims and ecumenists.

Section IV, Part 7, (B) The Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon - By Doug Krieger
The Largest Rhombus – “behind” the 8 x 8 Square – the “Crisscrossed Square”
What appears to some who have viewed the Peruvian Sun-Star are naught but mysterious ancients once engaged in indiscernible carvings of astronomical hieroglyphics in the sands of time. Perhaps this Geoglyph had some cultural meaning relating to the sun – for the peoples of the Andes were enamored by the sun and could have etched into the world’s most arid and windless plain these enigmatic geometric figures to communicate with the heavens in some way – or better yet, they were inscribed by aliens, as Erich von Däniken suggests – and, therefore, the Peruvian Sun-Star and Cross are nothing more than remnants of a pre-historic landing pad for extraterrestrial spacecraft – the Cross is somehow “X” marks the spot! Now comes the time in history where one of Earth’s greatest treasures readies the disclosure of what could be the belated Eighth Wonder of the World!
This particular Geoglyph has confounded the most astute archaeologists and anthropologists since its discoveries were accorded merit in the 1930s. Now, we affirm, for the first time, their (i.e., the Sun-Star and its satellite Sun-Cross) mysteries may be decoded for the glory of God – “in the face of Jesus Christ!” – no less…let us continue with this second disbursement of metrological calculations leading us to the conclusion that what we behold here is nothing less than the most significant archaeological discovery validating the dimensions of Paradise – the New Jerusalem and of Messiah – His first and Second Coming. Continued:

(ENInews) -Ecumenical News International - News Highlights - 4 April 2012 On the opening day of an ecumenical conference in Assisi, the Umbrian hill town known as the home of Saint Francis, speakers discussed the need to increase interaction between faiths and cultures in order to nurture worldwide harmony. Assisi 2012: Where We Dwell in Common/Pathways for Dialogue in the 21st Century, running from 17-20 April, has drawn some 230 theologians and clergy from 54 nations. "The overall aim is to discern new ways, means and methods of advancing the ecumenical cause in the wake of the 'ecumenical winter' and with renewed energy for a new century," according to the event website. [ENI-12-0225]

By LAURIE GOODSTEIN - Published: April 18, 2012
The Vatican has appointed an American bishop to rein in the largest and most influential group of Catholic nuns in the United States, saying that an investigation found that the group had “serious doctrinal problems.”
The Vatican’s assessment, issued on Wednesday, said that members of the group, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, had challenged church teaching on homosexuality and the male-only priesthood, and promoted “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.”
The sisters were also reprimanded for making public statements that “disagree with or challenge the bishops, who are the church’s authentic teachers of faith and morals.” During the debate over the health care overhaul in 2010, American bishops came out in opposition to the health plan, but dozens of sisters, many of whom belong to the Leadership Conference, signed a statement supporting it — support that provided crucial cover for the Obama administration in the battle over health care.
The conference is an umbrella organization of women’s religious communities, and claims 1,500 members who represent 80 percent of the Catholic sisters in the United States. It was formed in 1956 at the Vatican’s request, and answers to the Vatican, said Sister Annmarie Sanders, the group’s communications director.
Word of the Vatican’s action took the group completely by surprise, Sister Sanders said. She said that the group’s leaders were in Rome on Wednesday for what they thought was a routine annual visit to the Vatican when they were informed of the outcome of the investigation, which began in 2008.
“I’m stunned,” said Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of Network, a Catholic social justice lobby founded by sisters. Her group was also cited in the Vatican document, along with the Leadership Conference, for focusing its work too much on poverty and economic injustice, while keeping “silent” on abortion and same-sex marriage. Continued:

CHARLES W. COLSON, WATERGATE FELON WHO BECAME EVANGELICAL LEADER, DIES AT 80 Charles W. Colson, a former aide to President Richard M. Nixon, arrived at U.S. District Court in Washington in 1974 to be sentenced for obstructing justice.
By TIM WEINER Published: April 21, 2012
Charles W. Colson, who as a political saboteur for President Richard M. Nixon masterminded some of the dirty tricks that led to the president’s downfall, then emerged from prison to become an important evangelical leader, saying he had been “born again,” died on Saturday in Falls Church, Va. He was 80.
Mr. Colson, speaking at a federal prison in Lexington, Ky., in 1977, a year after he founded Prison Fellowship Ministries. The cause was complications of a brain hemorrhage, according to Prison Fellowship Ministries, which Mr. Colson founded in Lansdowne, Va. He lived in Leesburg, Va., and Naples, Fla. Mr. Colson had brain surgery to remove a clot after becoming ill on March 30 while speaking at a conference, according to Jim Liske, the group’s chief executive. Mr. Colson went to prison after pleading guilty to obstructing justice in one of the criminal plots that undid the Nixon administration. After having what he called his religious awakening behind bars, he spent much of the rest of his life ministering to prisoners, preaching the Gospels and forging a coalition of Republican politicians, evangelical church leaders and Roman Catholic conservatives that has had a pronounced influence on American politics. Continued:

(ENInews)-Ecumenical News International - News Highlights - 27 April 2012-The Geneva-based Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA) on 25 April urged the World Bank, under newly-appointed president Jim Yong Kim, to include faith-based organizations in its decisions and listen to "those most affected by poverty, hunger, disease and injustice." In a letter of congratulations to Kim, who takes office on 1 July, EAA Executive Director Peter Prove noted that the alliance supported an initiative while Kim was director of the World Health Organization's HIV/AIDS department that pledged to treat three million people with anti-retroviral drugs by 2005. [314 words, ENI-12-0242]

Tares Among the WheatWe continue to be thankful for your prayers and support for our soon-to-be-released documentary and sequel to A Lamp in the Dark. Praise the Lord, we have some exciting updates to report, and can tell you that the work is nearing its completion. “Tares Among the Wheat” is likely going to challenge what most believers in the Christian community think about Bible history, and the origin of the current wave of new translations that have flooded churches around the world. As we showed in “Lamp,” the true culprit in corrupting the Bible is Rome and her Jesuit priests who are determined to darken the words of Holy Scripture, so that they will not be properly understood. We remind our brethren that this was something the King James committee warned of in their introduction to the 1611 translation. The progression of paraphrased bibles has opened the door to all sorts of apostate translations, including a gay bible, a gender neutral bible, a bible that omits the word “Son” (so as not to offend Muslims), and even one that has removed the word “antichrist” (we suppose, in order to help him overtake the world).
In the 19th century, a revolution in biblical scholarship was prompted by the publication of a never-before-seen manuscript called Codex Sinaiticus. The work was allegedly “discovered” by a German scholar named Constantine von Tischendorf, who declared this to be the oldest Bible ever found. Tischendorf said he found the work in a trash bin at a Greek Orthodox monastery. While many in the academic world did not fully believe him, they were willing to accept his claims. But shortly after his discovery was published, a renowned Greek paleographer named Constantine Simonides came forward and declared that the manuscript was no ancient text at all, but had been created in 1840. The controversy that followed is, perhaps, the most incredible untold chapter in Bible history. It involves Jesuits, the Pope, a high-minded German, a committee of Anglo Romanists, and a mysterious Greek patriot. It is a story that (while quite true and well documented) a vast majority of modern academics know nothing about. Yet the subject matter dramatically impacts the world of biblical scholarship, even to this present hour.
Please continue to pray for this work, as we believe it is greatly needed in our time. And when will it be finished? We are hoping to have it completed in the next six weeks, but will continue to labor as the Lord leads us. Continued:

This is proof positive that he is a signed partner in promoting the Covenant between Islam and our Jehovah God as one God now named "Chrislam". I'm simply printing for you the entire covenant and also coping his and other name from this [...] post at


Program featuring international guests and commentary.

“Yes, (the Egyptian god) Osiris does live in the darkness and shadows of the Masonic lodges and temples...He was the God of Solomon and is the reason God tore the Kingdom of Israel from Solomon’s throne. Solomon died serving the God of Egypt.”
Reginald Haupt, Jr. The Gods of the Lodge (p. 9)
In studying the sacred books of the Jews, the Talmud and the Kabbalah, and also those of Freemasonry for more than a quarter of a century, there is one conclusion I have come to—that the God of the Jews and the God of the Masons is the same God. And his name is Satan. Of course, both the potentates of the Masonic Lodge and the chief rabbis of Judaism will say this is not so. Their own holy books instruct these demonic rulers to lie and conceal. But what I say here is so, and in my newest, heavily documented work, Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star, I prove it.
The Gods of the Lodge
Another newly printed book we are now offering through the ministry also proves that Satan is “God” of both the Masonic Lodge and the Synagogue. This book, The Gods of the Lodge, by Reginald C. Haupt, Jr., deals a harsh and real blow to the ambitious, but wicked, aims of Freemasonry. I was privileged to write a foreword for this outstanding book and in it, I make mention of Haupt’s astute observation that Freemasonry is not only a religion, but is, in fact, the basis for all pagan religion, including Talmudic Judaism. Masonry is nothing less than the ancient Egyptian religion, decorated with arcane symbols and signs and painted with deceptive and worthless Judaic terminology.
What is most interesting is that each of these two sides of the same old and tired Egyptian religion—Masonry and Judaism—end up assuring the hopeful, but deceived, candidate that by proceeding through a bunch of silly rituals and by rejecting the firm foundation of Jesus Christ and His doctrines, the candidate can attain his own godhood. Yes, the dumbed down Mason or Jew really comes to believe that he can become a deity, even a “Christ.” Continued:

by Nesta Webster
Boswell Publishing Co., Ltd., London, 1924
OMNI Publications P.O. Box 566, Palmdale, CA 93550
Canadian Intelligence Service 55 - 8th Ave. S.E. High River, AB T1V 1E8
"There is in Italy a power which we seldom mention in this House . . . I mean the secret societies. . . . It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a great. part of Europe--the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries--is covered with a network of those secret societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads. And what are their objects ? They do not attempt to conceal them. They do not want constitutional government : they do not want ameliorated institutions . . . they want to change the tenure of land, to drive out the present owners of the soil and to put an end to ecclesiastical establishments. Some of them may go further. . ." (DISRAELI in the House of Commons, July 14, 1856.) Continued:



Published: 07 April, 2012, 01:20 Reuters/Eric Gaillard - California judge has blocked an attempt to prosecute alleged downloaders of copyrighted material in a move which is being championed as a win for American users of the Internet. Hard Drive Productions, Inc., a US-based porn production house, had asked the District Court for the Northern District of California to force Internet service providers (ISPs) to provide them with the details of computer users they believed to have illegally downloaded one of their films, particularly the movie “Amateur Allure – Natalia.” The company monitored illegal downloads of the dirty picture for a two-month span, then took the IP addresses linked to the transfer and told the court that they needed the names linked to the numerical Internet-IDs. Hard Drive Productions had asked for the names of 90 Internet subscribers they believe to have browsed the Web for illegal copies of the clip, but a judge responded that the information the plaintiffs were working with was not enough to prove guilt. Continued:

Patrick Henningsen - - April 26, 2012 - It’s a story which is being framed by the national media as “a racial profiling” issue, but in reality it is simply an issue of state’s rights versus the federal government’s desire to rule over them.
The US Supreme Court is currently hearing a Federal lawsuit against Arizona over the state’s controversial S.B. 1070, the results of which have not pleased the White House’s ruling party.
Before the case was heard, liberal critics were lambasting Arizona for passing a state law which they described as ‘racist’ and unfair towards the state’s Mexican immigrant population. Critics cite Arizona’s tough immigration crackdown law as being excessive, a law which requires local police to check over immigration status of suspected illegals, and enforce tougher controls employing illegals. Media coverage leading up to the hearing wrote off any success on Arizona’s part, with many calling their law “an embarrassment to the state and its residents.”

By Betty Freauf April 30, 2012 - Anyone who has ever opened their Bible for some study time has read Matthew 24:6 about rumors of war. After World War I books were printed declaring it was the end of the world but following that we had a worldwide depression, World War II and the atom bomb, the Korean war, the very unpopular Vietnam war, miscellaneous skirmishes and now it’s a war on terrorism. Continued:

Published on Apr 16, 2012 by fldallyb VW even makes the cars here that get 78 mpg but must ship it over seas. I have added this link that shows a test drive world record with the pass at which was 75 mpg US Continued:
I understand that it is government regulations that crosses over all party lines. Just watched Obama talk about better milage cars.

By Claire Bates - PUBLISHED: 06:51 EST, 30 April 2012 - Cochlear implants have restored basic hearing to hundreds of thousands of people. However, the conventional device requires a microphone, speech processor and radio transmitter coil to be worn externally.
Many wearers feel self-conscious having their condition so publicly on display. It also prevents patients from activity like swimming. A new kind of tiny microphone is shown here attached at the umbo where the eardrum meets the hearing bones. Continued:

By Stephen C. Webster - February 18, 2011 15:07 EDTSource: Raw Story (
HBGary Federal among bidders - These days, with Facebook and Twitter and social media galore, it can be increasingly hard to tell who your “friends” are. But after this, Internet users would be well advised to ask another question entirely: Are my “friends” even real people?
In the continuing saga of data security firm HBGary, a new caveat has come to light: not only did they plot to help destroy secrets outlet WikiLeaks and discredit progressive bloggers, they also crafted detailed proposals for software that manages online “personas,” allowing a single human to assume the identities of as many fake people as they’d like.
The revelation was among those contained in the company’s emails, which were dumped onto bittorrent networks after hackers with cyber protest group “Anonymous” broke into their systems.
In another document unearthed by “Anonymous,” one of HBGary’s employees also mentioned gaming geolocation services to make it appear as though selected fake persons were at actual events. “There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas,” it said. Source: Raw Story (

March 10, 2012 by Brian D. Hill - One wonders why two to three months after Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA) into law a highly treasonous and Unconstitutional law, the Public Law for it under the Government Printing Office is nowhere to be found.
It has been discovered after conducting research on the now-public-law NDAA that after trying to read the certified (by the Superintendent) PDF or Text that it wasn’t found even after clicking on Government links on and to get to the Public Law numbered 112-81. For some reason this law cannot be accessible anywhere which makes any sane investigator wonder what the Government Printing Office is trying to hide that they are not releasing the already public law of the Unconstitutional NDAA law of 2012.
Here’s what happened:
I went here:
Then I clicked on Public Law 112-81 to read the law in it’s entirety but then I was led to a ‘Content Unavailable’ page from the Government Printing Office. So why can’t I access a public law that was passed by U.S. President Barack Obama around last year during News Years Eve, titled the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, and more then two months has passed giving the Government Printing Office plenty of time to digitally process and certify the law document in PDF???
I also like to add that the Public Law was linked on the Government Printing Office’s on website so why is the document not available? Is the Government trying to hide something? Did somebody decided to secretly modify the NDAA to have more provisions without congressional approval? Why can’t I access the public law on
Are they afraid since they passed a Unconstitutional law that they don’t want any written and certified evidence since this law can be taken to the Supreme Court to decide on whether it is Constitutional or not? Or are we now forced to obey a law that we cannot even read from the U.S. Government’s own websites?

2012-03-15 04:35:07 UTC
new map will only show 100 the old map will be gone.


March 31, 2012 New York Times: A devastating cholera epidemic struck Haiti 10 months after the earthquake of 2010. The New York Times traces the origins of the outbreak. In the next sixteen month more than 7000 people have died and 500,000 fell ill. The Cholera came from Nepal. Continued:

By ADAM LIPTAK - Published: April 2, 2012 - WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.
Mel Evans/Associated Press - Albert W. Florence was strip-searched twice after being wrongly detained over a fine.
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, joined by the court’s conservative wing, wrote that courts are in no position to second-guess the judgments of correctional officials who must consider not only the possibility of smuggled weapons and drugs, but also public health and information about gang affiliations.
“Every detainee who will be admitted to the general population may be required to undergo a close visual inspection while undressed,” Justice Kennedy wrote, adding that about 13 million people are admitted each year to the nation’s jails. Continued:

Published: April 7, 2012 - New York Times - The federal government must do a lot more to protect college students and their families from falling into crippling debt. At the very top of that list is improving oversight of private student lenders. Too often, these lenders rush families into taking on risky, high-priced loans — even when students are eligible for safer, more affordable federal loans. Colleges must also be pressed to do a lot more to fully inform and protect their students. They often fail to explain the costs of loans and the dangers of choosing the wrong ones. Some colleges actively harm their students by packaging high-cost loans with their student-aid offers, to make the school appear more affordable than it really is.
A bill introduced by two Democratic senators, Richard Durbin of Illinois and Tom Harkin of Iowa, would require colleges and lenders to do a better job of making students aware of their borrowing options and the marked difference between federal and private student loans. College students often do not understand their eligibility for federal loans, or mistakenly believe that private loans work the same way that government loans do. But most federal student loans are capped at 6.8 percent, while private loans often have variable rates that can start at 15 percent or higher. Federal loans also protect students from default — and a permanent mark on their credit record — allowing them to defer payment if they lose a job or have other troubles. Private loans include few such protections. Without the right guidance from colleges, and full disclosure from private lenders, many students turn to private loans before even applying to the federal program. Continued:


New York Times April 18, 2012: Slideshow: Dick Clark, the perpetually youthful-looking television host whose long-running daytime song-and-dance fest, “American Bandstand,” did as much as anyone or anything to advance the influence of teenagers and rock ’n’ roll on American culture, died on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 82.
At left, Mr. Clark surrounded by fans during a broadcast of “American Bandstand” in 1957.

A vigil for four police officers from Buchanan County, Va., who were shot in March 2011. Two were killed, and two were wounded.
By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN - Published: April 9, 2012 - WASHINGTON — As violent crime has decreased across the country, a disturbing trend has emerged: rising numbers of police officers are being killed. According to statistics compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 72 officers were killed by perpetrators in 2011, a 25 percent increase from the previous year and a 75 percent increase from 2008.
The 2011 deaths were the first time that more officers were killed by suspects than car accidents, according to data compiled by the International Association of Chiefs of Police. The number was the highest in nearly two decades, excluding those who died in the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. While a majority of officers were killed in smaller cities, 13 were killed in cities of 250,000 or more. New York City lost two officers last year. On Sunday, four were wounded by a gunman in Brooklyn, bringing to eight the number of officers shot in the city since December. Continued:

By HIROKO TABUCHI - Published: April 9, 2012 - KUROSHIO, Japan — The simulations shocked this sleepy community on the tip of Japan’s Shikoku island: a huge undersea quake could bring a tsunami as high as 112 feet here, a government-appointed expert panel said. The waves could arrive in minutes and engulf most of the town, swallowing up even the foothills that the residents had counted on for high ground.
Kyodo News, via Associated Press Waves of a tsunami hit in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan, last year.
“We’d never make it if such big waves came,” said Hachiro Okumoto, 70, a fisherman who has worked off the Kuroshio coast for half a century. “It would be a wall of water. It would block out the sun.”
Just a year after a tsunami destroyed much of Japan’s northern Pacific coast, an updated hazard map detailing the damage that could be unleashed by another quake of a similar magnitude has been met with alarm across the country.
The new simulations take into account the lessons learned from the 9.0-magnitude temblor that hit off the Japanese archipelago in March last year. The fault lines in this seismically volatile region could cause far-bigger earthquakes than previously thought possible, spawning tsunamis affecting far wider — and far more populous — areas than the one last year. According to the new study, released by the panel of seismic experts a week and a half ago, a 9.1-magnitude quake in the Nankai Trough off Japan would trigger intense shaking and tsunamis along a wide stretch of Japan from Tokyo southward, an area many times longer than the Tohoku coastline that was ravaged last year. Continued:

April 6, 2012 The operator of Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says tons of highly radioactive water appear to have leaked into the ocean from a purification unit. The Tokyo Electric Power Company is struggling to keep the melted reactors cool and contain radiation; the leak raises concerns about its ability to keep the plant stable. Similar leaks have occurred several times since last year, and officials say they do not pose an immediate health threat. Workers spotted the leak on Thursday coming from a section of hose on a device used to decontaminate cooling water leaking from reactors. The company said it appeared to have stopped the leak. Source:

By TIMOTHY WILLIAMS - Published: April 13, 2012 - In one of the largest financial settlements made to American Indian tribes, the federal government said this week that it had ended dozens of lawsuits by agreeing to pay tribes more than $1 billion for the mismanagement of funds and natural resources that the government holds in trust.
The Justice Department announced on Wednesday that it had agreed to pay 41 tribes — many in the Western United States — a total of about $1.023 billion because the Interior and Treasury Departments had failed to adequately oversee concessions on Indian lands from companies that exploit a wide variety of resources, including minerals, timber, oil and gas, dating back more than 100 years in some cases.
The Interior Department, which manages about 56 million acres for Indian tribes and oversees more than 100,000 leases on those lands, has long been accused by tribes of doing a poor job of keeping track of the tribal funds it maintains and of not being diligent in collecting fees from companies that hold leases on reservations and elsewhere in Indian country. In addition to administering the land leases, the Interior Department manages about 2,500 trust accounts for more than 250 tribes.
“These settlements fairly and honorably resolve historical grievances over the accounting and management of tribal trust funds, trust lands and other nonmonetary trust resources that, for far too long, have been a source of conflict between Indian tribes and the United States,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement.
The Interior Department says it has developed better accounting systems to avoid future problems. Continued:


A Ban on Some Seafood Has Fishermen Fuming. A decision by Whole Foods to stop selling any seafood it does not consider sustainable strikes New England fishermen as just one more barrier to their livelihood.
Area fishermen, including Denis Martins, disagree with Whole Foods's decision.
By ABBY GOODNOUGH - Published: April 21, 2012 - GLOUCESTER, Mass. — Standing on the deck of his rusted steel trawler, Naz Sanfilippo fumed about the latest bad news for New England fishermen: a decision by Whole Foods to stop selling any seafood it does not consider sustainable. Starting Sunday, gray sole and skate, common catches in the region, will no longer appear in the grocery chain’s artfully arranged fish cases. Atlantic cod, a New England staple, will be sold only if it is not caught by trawlers, which drag nets across the ocean floor, a much-used method here.
“It’s totally maddening,” Mr. Sanfilippo said. “They’re just doing it to make all the green people happy.”
Whole Foods says that, in fact, it is doing its part to address the very real problem of overfishing and help badly depleted fish stocks recover. It is using ratings set by the Blue Ocean Institute, a conservation group, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California. They are based on factors including how abundant a species is, how quickly it reproduces and whether the catch method damages its habitat. Continued:

Two researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have identified cells in pigeons’ brains that serve as a kind of biological compass.
By JAMES GORMAN - Published: April 26, 2012 82 - Birds are famously good navigators. Some migrate thousands of miles, flying day and night, even when the stars are obscured. And for decades, scientists have known that one navigational skill they employ is an ability to detect variations in the earth’s magnetic field.
Pigeons are able to record detailed information on the earth's magnetic field, according to a new study.
How this magnetic sense works, however, has been frustratingly difficult to figure out.
Now, two researchers at Baylor College of Medicine, Le-Qing Wu and David Dickman, have solved a central part of that puzzle, identifying cells in a pigeon’s brain that record detailed information on the earth’s magnetic field, a kind of biological compass. “It’s a stunning piece of work,” David Keays of the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna wrote in an e-mail. “Wu and Dickman have found cells in the pigeon brain that are tuned to specific directions of the magnetic field.”
Their report appeared online in Science Express on Thursday. Kenneth Lohmann at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who also studies magnetic sensing, said in an e-mail that the study was “very exciting and important.”

By DAVID STREITFELD - Published: April 28, 2012 - SAN FRANCISCO — Google’s harvesting of e-mails, passwords and other sensitive personal information from unsuspecting households in the United States and around the world was neither a mistake nor the work of a rogue engineer, as the company long maintained, but a program that supervisors knew about, according to new details from the full text of a regulatory report.
The report, prepared by the Federal Communications Commission after a 17-month investigation of Google’s Street View project, was released, heavily redacted, two weeks ago. Although it found that Google had not violated any laws, the agency said Google had obstructed the inquiry and fined the company $25,000.
On Saturday, Google released a version of the report with only employees’ names redacted.
The full version draws a portrait of a company where an engineer can easily embark on a project to gather personal e-mails and Web searches of potentially hundreds of millions of people as part of his or her unscheduled work time, and where privacy concerns are shrugged off. The so-called payload data was secretly collected between 2007 and 2010 as part of Street View, a project to photograph streetscapes over much of the civilized world. When the program was being designed, the report says, it included the following “to do” item: “Discuss privacy considerations with Product Counsel.”
“That never occurred,” the report says. Google says the data collection was legal. But when regulators asked to see what had been collected, Google refused, the report says, saying it might break privacy and wiretapping laws if it shared the material. A Google spokeswoman said Saturday that the company had much stricter privacy controls than it used to, in part because of the Street View controversy. She expressed the hope that with the release of the full report, “we can now put this matter behind us.” Ever since information about the secret data collection first began to emerge two years ago, Google has portrayed it as the mistakes of an unauthorized engineer operating on his own and stressed that the data was never used in any Google product. Continued:

King World News - March 16, 2012 - “What is happening is the law of diminishing returns has firmly taken over with regards to money printing. But it’s not just diminishing returns, it’s collapsing returns. We have to print trillions and trillions, not just in the US but worldwide, in order to receive a nominal increase in real GDP.
If you look at the debt that has been created worldwide, in just the last ten years, it’s gone up from $80 trillion to $200 trillion. So we have seen an increase of $120 trillion or 140% over the last ten years. You can imagine the effects this will have on the world.
First of all, we know the debt levels are too high today and gold is starting to reflect that. But because less than 1% of world financial assets are in gold, we have yet to really see the gold market react to all of this massive money printing. Once the gold market starts reacting to all of this, that’s when gold is going to go exponential.
It doesn’t matter whether investors are buying gold at $1,600 or $1,800, it’s irrelevant in the long-run. What’s important is they are invested in physical gold in order to preserve their wealth.
I believe that QE will and must start very soon. This will either happen in April or the gold market will anticipate its start at that time. The Treasury bond market, which is going down fast, is already smelling inflation and QE. So I believe we are nearing the time period where gold will have an explosive move to the upside.”
When asked about silver specifically, von Greyerz stated, “Silver will break out somewhere between $34 and $35. Once that happens silver should move higher in very rapid fashion. Central planners may have delayed the move in gold and silver through intervention, but in the end this delay will look like a blip on a chart. I think, post-intervention, we are building up for quite a big move in both metals.”

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? In essence, this order authorizes the government to take over everything in the name of "National Defense" preparedness, and to regulate it. And I do mean *everything*. They can, under this order, restrict civilian travel by any mode, including (probably) foot travel. They can ration food. They can restrict water usage, even from private wells. They can ration any and all drugs, including OTC and vitamins. They can collectivize farms. They can take over all energy production, including home solar units.The Peacetime and National Emergency bit is important because it puts this EO into effect whenever they want it. The US is under several "National Emergency" EO declarations already, and even if every one of them was resolved tomorrow, Soetoro could still nationalize everything under this order in peacetime. which of course, he gets to declare. Is that a run-on sentence? Maybe I'm asleep and having a nightmare. (read section VII- food, drugs, fuel, work, mental illness........ )


By Terence P. Jeffrey - March 17, 2012
President Barack Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
( - All student health care plans covering female college students in the United States must include coverage for free voluntary sterilization surgery, the Department of Health and Human Services announced late Friday afternoon. Women of college age who do not attend school will also get free sterilization coverage whether they are insured through an employer, their parents, or some form of government-subsidized plan.
All student health plans, HHS said Friday as it finalized a new regulation under the Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare) must cover the full set of cost-free women’s “preventive services” that HHS ordered last month must be covered by all U.S. health care plans. These free “preventive services” include surgical sterilization procedures and all Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptives, including those that cause abortions. Continued:


Published: April 20, 2012 President Obama’s re-election campaign is straining to raise the huge sums it is counting on to run against Mitt Romney, with sharp dropoffs in donations from nearly every major industry forcing it to rely more than ever on small contributions and a relative handful of major donors.
Stephen Crowley/The New York Times - President Obama and his motorcade arrived in West Palm Beach, Fla., last week for a day of fund-raising and to deliver remarks on the economy.
Obama T-shirts for sale at a fund-raiser last week in Hollywood, Fla. Small campaign contributions are playing a big role.
From Wall Street to Hollywood, from doctors and lawyers, the traditional big sources of campaign cash are not delivering for the Obama campaign as they did four years ago. The falloff has left his fund-raising totals running behind where they were at the same point in 2008 — though well ahead of Mr. Romney’s — and has induced growing concern among aides and supporters as they confront the prospect that Republicans and their “super PAC” allies will hold a substantial advantage this fall.
With big checks no longer flowing as quickly into his campaign, Mr. Obama is leaning harder on his grass-roots supporters, whose small contributions make up well over half of the money he raised through the end of March, according to reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission. And Mr. Obama is asking far more of those large donors still giving, exploiting his joint fund-raising arrangement with the Democratic National Committee to collect five-figure checks from individuals who have already given the maximum $5,000 contribution to his re-election campaign. Continued:

Takes stinging power away from Obama's EPA -
Published: 03/21/2012 at 1:05 PM - author-image by Bob Unruh ".. He said the implications of the decision are clear.
“EPA is not above the law,” he said. “That’s the bottom line with today’s ruling. This is a great day for Mike and Chantell Sackett, because it confirms that EPA can’t deny them access to justice. EPA can’t repeal the Sacketts’ fundamental right to their day in court. And for that reason, it is a great day for all Americans, for all property owners, and for the rule of law.” He continued, “The justices have made it clear that EPA bureaucrats are answerable to the law and the courts just like the rest of us. EPA can’t try to micromanage people and their property – it can’t order property owners to dance like marionettes – while denying them any meaningful right to appeal to the courts. It can’t threaten property owners with financial ruin and not have to justify its threats to a judge. And it can’t issue lazy, drive-by ‘wetlands’ edicts about private property. It will have to put in some honest work and use credible science, because the regulators must be able to justify their wetlands orders in a court of law,” he said..."
Whole Story:

March 15, 2012 — A new exposé in Wired Magazine reveals details about how the National Security Agency is quietly building the largest spy center in the country in Bluffdale, Utah, as part of a secret NSA surveillance program codenamed "Stellar Wind." We speak with investigative reporter James Bamford, who says the NSA has established listening posts throughout the nation to collect and sift through billions of email messages and phone calls, whether they originate within the country or overseas. The Utah spy center will contain near-bottomless databases to store all forms of communication collected by the agency. This includes the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases and other digital "pocket litter." Full story: Video interview.


March 28, 2012 18:09 THEUNHIVEDMIND - Ex-President George H.W. Bush to Endorse Romney, Campaign Says By Lisa Lerer – Mar 28, 2012 5:22 PM GMT+0100

ScienceDaily (Feb. 22, 2011) — Chemotherapeutic agents, used in cancer treatment, destroy not only cancer cells but also healthy cells, thus affecting germ cells as well. Consequently, after surviving cancer many female patients are confronted with the diagnosis: infertility. For a long time a relationship between infertility and chemotherapeutic agents has been assumed, but until now, the exact mechanism was not known.
Scientists from the research group of Prof. Volker Dötsch (Institute of Biophysical Chemistry, Goethe University Frankfurt) in cooperation with international partners have now started to unveil the mechanism of cancer treatment related infertility. Their results are published in the journal Cell. Mainly women suffer from infertility because the quality control in the oocytes is different from male germ cells. Male germ cells are produced throughout the whole life span but the number of female germ cells is restricted and already fixed before birth. If the oocytes are damaged during cancer treatment, they are destroyed by the female quality control mechanism.
Essential for this process is the protein p63 which shows striking similarity to another important protein of the same family: p53. p53 is also named "guardian of the genome" because of its regulatory function in cell division and cell death of damaged cells and, therefore, plays a key role in the suppression of genetic anomalies which could lead to cancer. In more than half of all human tumors p53 is altered and no longer functional. Continued:

Somebody out there has decided that the Department of Homeland Security needs a whole lot of ammunition. Recently it was announced that ATK was awarded a contract to provide up to 450 MILLION hollow point bullets to the Department of Homeland Security over the next five years. Is it just me, or does that sound incredibly excessive? What in the world is the DHS going to do with 450 million rounds? What possible event would ever require that much ammunition? If the United States was ever invaded, it would be the job of the U.S. military to defend the country, so that can't be it. So what are all of those bullets for? Who does the Department of Homeland Security plan to be shooting at? According to the U.S. Census, there are only about 311 million people living in the entire country. So why does the Department of Homeland Security need 450 million rounds of ammunition? Either this is an incredible waste or there is something that the Department of Homeland Security is not telling us.
I could understand if the U.S. military was ordering ammunition in this quantity. When you fight wars you can go through ammunition very rapidly.
But the Department of Homeland Security is only supposed to be shooting at people very rarely.
It simply does not make sense that they would need so much ammunition.
The following is an excerpt from the official press release about this deal between ATK and the Department of Homeland Security.... Continued:

Natasha Singer, New York Times Published 04:00 a.m., Sunday, December 4, 2011
Randy Miller, left, of Cleveland, Tenn., examines a Remington shotgun with Bob Cabral, a salesman at Cabela's sporting good store in Scarborough, Maine, Oct. 27, 2011. In the last few years, many of the top names in rifles and shotguns have been acquired by the Freedom Group, a private company considered to be the most powerful force in the American commercial gun industry today. (Gretchen Ertl/The New York Times) Scarborough, Maine --
Lined up in a gun rack beneath mounted deer heads is a Bushmaster Carbon 15, a matte-black semiautomatic rifle that looks as if it belongs to a SWAT team. On another rack rests a Teflon-coated Prairie Panther from DPMS Firearms, a supplier to the U.S. Border Patrol and security agencies in Iraq. On a third is a Remington 750 Woodsmaster, a popular hunting rifle. The variety of rifles and shotguns on sale here at Cabela's, the national sporting goods chain, is a testament to America's enduring gun culture. But, to a surprising degree, it is also a testament to something else: Wall Street deal-making. In recent years, many top-selling brands - including the 195-year-old Remington Arms, as well as Bushmaster Firearms and DPMS, leading makers of military-style semiautomatics - have quietly passed into the hands of a single private company. It is called the Freedom Group - and it is the most powerful and mysterious force in the U.S. commercial gun industry today.
Never heard of it?
You're not alone. Even within gun circles, the Freedom Group is something of an enigma. Its rise has been so swift that it has become the subject of wild speculation and grassy-knoll conspiracy theories. In the realm of consumer rifles and shotguns - long guns, in the trade - it is unrivaled in its size and reach. By its own count, the Freedom Group sold 1.2 million long guns and 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the 12 months ended March 2010, the most recent year for which figures are publicly available. Continued:







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