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They kept not the covenant of God, and refused to walk in his law; And forgat his works, and his wonders that he had shewed them. Marvellous things did he in the sight of their fathers, in the land of Egypt, in the field of Zoan. He divided the sea, and caused them to pass through; and he made the waters to stand as an heap. In the daytime also he led them with a cloud, and all the night with a light of fire. He clave the rocks in the wilderness, and gave them drink as out of the great depths. He brought streams also out of the rock, and caused waters to run down like rivers.
And they sinned yet more against him by provoking the most High in the wilderness. And they tempted God in their heart by asking meat for their lust. Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness? Behold, he smote the rock, that the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed; can he give bread also? can he provide flesh for his people?
Therefore the LORD heard this, and was wroth: so a fire was kindled against Jacob, and anger also came up against Israel; Because they believed not in God, and trusted not in his salvation: Though he had commanded the clouds from above, and opened the doors of heaven, And had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven. Man did eat angels' food: he sent them meat to the full.
He caused an east wind to blow in the heaven: and by his power he brought in the south wind. He rained flesh also upon them as dust, and feathered fowls like as the sand of the sea: And he let it fall in the midst of their camp, round about their habitations. So they did eat, and were well filled: for he gave them their own desire; They were not estranged from their lust. But while their meat was yet in their mouths, The wrath of God came upon them, and slew the fattest of them, and smote down the chosen men of Israel.
For all this they sinned still, and believed not for his wondrous works. Therefore their days did he consume in vanity, and their years in trouble. When he slew them, then they sought him: and they returned and enquired early after God. And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer.
Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues. For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant. But he, being full of compassion, forgave their iniquity, and destroyed them not: yea, many a time turned he his anger away, and did not stir up all his wrath. For he remembered that they were but flesh; a wind that passeth away, and cometh not again. (Psalms 78:10-39 kjv)

We believe every word in the KJV Bible and believe it is the Word of God and that Jesus is the Christ, God Himself, who spilled His blood on the cross for our sins and rose again to prepare a place for those who repent and accept 'His' righteousness as their righteousness. They are those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, Jews first and then Gentiles. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me." We invite you to take this opportunity to say 'yes' to Jesus and commit your life to Him only by clicking on this link: Salvation
Luke 12:20,21 "But God said unto him, "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided? So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God."
We pray the Lord will bless you with a thirst for truth and a desire to serve Him exclusively, in Christ Jesus, Cephas Ministry / Cephas Library.

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MORE GREETINGS to all and the newcomers to this list. We'd like to introduce ourselves. George and Rita Williams founded this ministry. George went to be with the Lord in 2003. We were Mormons (Temple Mormons) for 20 years. We prayed to God in 1992 to allow us to do a ministry speaking out against Scientology. Six months later God led us to the truth: out of the cult of Mormonism. We did not know at the time we were in a cult. No-one had witnessed to us in 20 years.
The Holy Spirit brought us to information about all the cults and the present development of the New World Order. We began bringing our research to you. Because all the research was already done, we decided to build a library within Cephas Ministry. Our newsletters are not designed to provoke anger which is strictly prohibited in Scripture. It is to shed light on activities by those who would deceive those who are recorded in the Book of Life by devious methods and systematic plans.

We are Bible students and have left all worldly organizations. We attend church if the message is from the authorized KJV Bible. The focus of these newsletters is to prove why we had to leave the world system. We are called 'Watchmen on the Wall' which God always had during the Old / New Testament Times.
To understand what is happening, one has to know the Bible to compare notes.
The first section is about the church. The news about churches is unedited unless indicated by Ednotes. The church as we knew it, is undergoing disintegration. This began on a fast track in the early nineteen sixties when the Catholic Church produced liberal Vatican II to replace Vatican I.
The trend since then has been ecumenical which is truly what the word 'Catholicism' means: a universal religion all inclusive and multicultural. The Bible calls for a final church and today's church doesn't resemble what Jesus taught. The Word of God has undergone many changes to fit the progressive modes. Many new Bible tranlations have brought confusion. The Bible calls for a falling away from churches and becoming atheistic before Jesus comes back for His Bride. The true believers are called 'Ekklesia.' Our newsletters prove this fact and prove that the Bible is true from beginning to end.
The second section is about globalism where we bring your attention to the social, political and global trend, the so called democratizing what is left of the world. This is a deception since the underlying new world global government is developed by implementing sustainable development (Agenda 21). The Bible prophesies that there will be ten kings (ten horns), each king (horn) will receive a region of the world as a reward for work well done for the Antichrist. This is the reason for the present development of NAU (The North American Union) as well as the war in the Middle East. It again proves that we are moving to closure of the times of the Gentiles prophesied in the Bible. The end result will not be Democracy but a form of Fascist Communism (Public/Private Corporations enslaving mankind).
The third section compliments End Time teachings because Israel is the time piece of the Biblical Prophecy. 1948 was the beginning of the figtree representing Israel, coming back to life. Israel was allowed to return to its land. Israel is the rock upon which the world stumbles and crumbles. We watch and visit Israel for signs which point to the Tribulation to confirm that we are moving into that space of time.

Watchmen on the wall do not solicit memberships. We have an email group that gets information when we upload new information and newsletters whenever it is possible time wise. We love the Lord with all our hearts and minds and we love all people God has created but especially those who love our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our Mission and Statement of Faith are at

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We trust that our readers will not be discouraged. It is God’s will that we know the times (1 Ch. 12:32; Mat. 16:3) and that we be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves.
The Cephas Newsletter reminds us that the hour is very late, and we need to be ready for the Lord’s coming. Are you sure that you are born again? Are you living for Christ?
"And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light. Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying. But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof" (Rom. 13:11-14).

PS We are seeking the truth and use much material from many sources only when we believe their material could be of service to you. That should not imply that we endorse ministries, news organizations or various authors. We are not all-knowing and cannot predict what people will write in the future. CMI



GOOD FIGHT MINISTRIES - Lessons from the Alabama Massacre
In the wake of Alabama’s worst mass shooting in the state’s history, many Americans have been left dumbfounded as the nation mourns and wonders how a young man could murder 11 people in cold blood. Many are still shocked that mass school shooting and murder sprees have become common place in the United States, and I ask: “Why?” Continued:
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Brad Myers co-author of Queen of All The marian apparitions' plan to unite all religions under the Roman Catholic Church
I would like to inform you of a new end times audio drama that exposes the coming ET and Marian deception by Jim Tetlow and myself with the help of many people. It is called 'The Coming Global Transformation.'

May 21, 2015 | Smadar Perry - The Saudi peace initiative first saw light some 13 years ago, and apparently there are still many key figures in the Arab world who would like to see it revived. "Now that Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu has formed his new government, I call on him to say yes to the Saudi peace initiative. It's alive and well and didn't disappear with the regime change in Saudi Arabia," says Dr. Anwar Eshki, the director of the Jeddah-based Middle East Institute for Strategic Studies.
"King Salman and his senior advisers support it. It's time for Israel to accept it too. There is no alternative peace plan."
A former military general who has also filled various key roles in the Riyadh administration in the past, Eshki, 72, is believed to have very close ties with the Saudi royal family; and he had no qualms about giving an interview to an Israeli newspaper, noting: "The issue is an important one, and we need to convey the message to Netanyahu, the cabinet ministers and the Israeli public that there is a peace plan awaiting their approval."
Eshki gave an exclusive interview to Ynet's sister publication, Yedioth Ahronoth, in Qatar, where he was attending the Doha Forum's economic conference over the weekend. "If Israel accepts the peace plan and makes a commitment to implement it, 22 Arab states and another 20 Muslim counties will commit to normalizing relations with you," Eshki says. "You need to internalize the fact that we want coexistence between the Arab states and Israel."
And Eshki also had a message for the skeptics who lack faith in his vision: "Saudi Arabia always fulfills the commitments it takes on," he says. "And you will see, when the time comes for normalization, we and another 22 Arab states will establish diplomatic relations with Israel, including commercial cooperation and cultural ties."
According to the Saudi initiative, the brainchild in 2002 of then-crown prince Abdullah, the Israeli-Arab conflict will come to an end in return for an Israeli undertaking to withdraw to the pre-Six-Day War 1967 borders.
Despite being adopted unanimously at the Arab League Summit in Beirut in 2002, the plan, now known as the Arab Peace Initiative, has yet to elicit an official Israeli response. The reason: It includes the division of Jerusalem and the right of return for Palestinian refugees, both of which spark opposition among government officials in Jerusalem.
But now, with a new government in Israel and the crowning of King Salman in January, there are those who believe that it's time to revive the initiative. "People say that Netanyahu has put together a government of extremists," Eshki says. "That doesn't bother me. On the contrary, perhaps it's best for achieving peace – because if Netanyahu and his ministers accept the plan, there'll be no one to stand in their way."
If Netanyahu does decide to adopt the initiative, Eshki adds, he must do so officially – in an address at the UN or in Jerusalem, for example. Eshki is well aware of the Israeli reservations. "The peace plan provides for the evacuation of the settlements and their resettling by Palestinians; but there could be land exchanges, in keeping with security requirements and mutual understandings," he says. "And the Palestinians who choose not to return will get financial compensation."
Eshki believes that if Israel were to give a thumbs-up to the initiative in principle, talks over "the problematic issues" would then go ahead under the patronage of Saudi Arabia, the US, Egypt and Jordan. "The sides, including Israel, will determine where the negotiations will be conducted," he says, adding that the initiative constitutes the "most suitable" political solution because it is based on UN resolutions. Read more at

By Ahuva Balofsky - March 9, 2015 - “And the altar of burnt-offering he set at the door of the tabernacle of the tent of meeting, and offered upon it the burnt-offering and the meal-offering; as the LORD commanded Moses.” (Exodus 40:29)
The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has announced that it has finished building an altar suitable for the Temple service. The altar, which took several years to build, can be operational at little more than a moment’s notice, reported Matzav Haruach magazine.
The Temple Institute is committed to preparing all the necessary clothing and tools for the rebuilt Holy Temple in Jerusalem. In addition, the institute operates an educational center for visitors and a preparatory training program for members of the priestly family who wish to be ready to serve as soon as the Temple is rebuilt. The altar is a central component to the Biblical sacrificial service. In fact, there were separate altars for the incense and for other sacrifices. The larger altar sat in the outer courtyard of the Tabernacle, and later the Temple. It was approximately five meters (16 feet) tall and 16 meters (52.5 feet) wide, with four “horns”, or raised corners, and a ramp.

NEWS BRIEF: "Jerusalem Court Rules: Jews Can Pray on Temple Mount", Israel Today, 3/15/2015
"The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court reaffirmed earlier this month that it is legal for Jews (and, therefore, Christians) to pray atop the Temple Mount [...] But, God will deliver Israel. Remember, God is the greatest, most powerful Zionist in the world. Listen to Scripture:
""But Judah shall remain and be inhabited forever, and Jerusalem from generation to generation ... for the Lord dwells in Zion." [Joel 3:20-21)
God says it again: "Sing praises to the Lord, which dwelleth in Zion..." (Psalm 9:11)
God says it again: "Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion." (Psalm 2:6)
God reiterates His love for Zion: "For God will save Zion" (Psalm 63:35)
"But chose the tribe of Judah, the mount Zion which he loved." (Psalm 78:68)
"The Lord loveth the gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob." (Psalm 87:2)
"Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come." (Psalm 102:13)
"When the Lord shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory." (Psalm 102:16)
"Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion." (Psalm 129:5)
"And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call." (Joel 2:30-32)

The international community has been skeptical with regard to Netanyahu’s commitment to a two-state solution, particularly after he made statements against it on the eve of the March 17th election. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly pledged his support for a twostate solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on Wednesday, in his first clear policy statement on the issue since his new government was formed earlier this month. “I don’t support a one-state solution – I don’t believe that’s a solution at all,” Netanyahu said in Jerusalem before meeting with EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who is in the Middle East on a two-day trip.
“I support the vision of two states for two peoples – a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state – and I look forward to discussing with you how we can advance that vision forth in a practical, secure, and responsible way,” Netanyahu said.

Days after Netanyahu's victory, US President Obama calls him. The United States has been forced to reassess its policy regarding the Middle East peace process, US President Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Thursday, after Netanyahu suggested earlier in the week he had abandoned the cause. According to a White House official, speaking to The Jerusalem Post, Obama told Netanyahu that the US "will need to reassess our options following the prime minister’s new positions and comments regarding the two-state solution." Continued:

Bible Tracts Inc.
Yes! The Lord Jesus said so, "But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged, about his neck, and that lie were drowned in the depth of the sea," (Matthew 18:6).
Jim Moritz was suddenly taken to Glory at the age of four, June 28, 1969. He grew up under the constant hearing of the Gospel in word and in music. His parents, Pastor and Mrs. Fred Moritz, dedicated him to the Lord before be was born. He knew John 3:16 before he was two years of age.
Saturday, March 15, during evangelistic meetings the evangelist, Allen Northrup, and pastor were still at the church after the service when Mrs. Moritz phoned and said: "Your son says he wants to become a Christian."
The pastor and evangelist tried to talk to the boy that night, but he was very timid and just went to his room.
After the series of meetings, Jim began to speak of having been saved. His father said, "Jim, when were you saved?"
His dad thought that because Jim had raised his hand during the meetings, he might have the false impression that be was saved. But the boy replied: "Dad, when Allen Northrup was here in our church, I went into my room one night, and I sat down by my bed and asked Jesus Christ to save me and be my Saviour,"
After that, whenever his dad or anyone else would question him about his salvation he would say, "Dad, I told you when I was saved. You remember, don't you?" Jim always had the right answers when anyone questioned him about salvation.
On June 9, 1969, Jim came to the door with a little friend and said, "She wants to be saved."
Jim's father led the little girl to Christ. She was saved as a result of Jim's witness.
After Jim's sudden home-going, his testimony lived on, and his parents know of at least eight who have been saved since then because of Jim's salvation and his witness.
How important it is that little children are taught the Gospel. How wonderful that even little children can witness. The plan of salvation is so simple that even a child need not err therein!
Yes, anyone, young or old, who "believes in" Christ has eternal life!
Our Lord said, "He that believeth on me hath everlasting life," (John 6:47).
See Matthew 18. In verse 2, we learn that our Lord loves little children, for He "called a little child unto him."
Also, little children can learn to love Him, for when the Lord called this little one to Him, the child came. The little boy was not afraid of the Lord; he did not run from Him-he came to Him!
Now read verse 6 again, and let these words sink into your mind: "these little ones which believe in me."
Yes, thank God, little children can be saved. I was saved at my mothers knee when I was four years old.
Some say, "No one can be saved at the early age of four."
Well, my mother didn't know that, so she just went ahead and led me to Christ! And I didn't know it either, so I just went ahead and received Christ and got saved!
I can't tell you the exact time. I know it was warm enough for us to be out on the front porch, so it had to be sometime between May and October.
I don't remember whether it was morning, noon, or night; I know where it happened-1848 41st Street, Rock Island, Illinois! -
Parents, be sure to lead your little children to Christ. If you explain salvation to them, over and over again, they will understand.
If your little child were suddenly called from this world, what a comfort it would be to say, "I had the joy of leading him or her to Christ."
Remember, our Lord said, "Suffer (allow) little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven," (Matthew 19:14).
Yes, you can lead your children to Christ. They will understand if you carefully explain the plan of salvation to them.
Don't say, "If you are a good boy, you'll go to Heaven."
No, he won't!
NOBODY goes to Heaven by "being good" or by being "religious."
By the way, mother or dad, are YOU saved? You know you are a sinner, for God declares, "All have sinned." (See Romans 3:23.) And you know you are a lost sinner, "For the wages of sin is death," (Romans 6:23).


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John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.
Matthew 25:6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

[Ednote: One of the church leaders had this emblem instead of the crucifix the pope usually carries
Russian Orthodox Priest
First crucifix Pope Francis carried
Francis Brings Back Bent Cross Crozier
5.22.2013 - Pope Francis rocked some religious and atheist minds today when he declared that everyone was redeemed through Jesus, including atheists. During his homily at Wednesday Mass in Rome, Francis emphasized the importance of "doing good" as a principle that unites all humanity, and a "culture of encounter" to support peace. Using scripture from the Gospel of Mark, Francis explained how upset Jesus' disciples were that someone outside their group was doing good, according to a report from Vatican Radio. “They complain,” the Pope said in his homily, because they say, “If he is not one of us, he cannot do good. If he is not of our party, he cannot do good.” And Jesus corrects them: “Do not hinder him, he says, let him do good.” The disciples, Pope Francis explains, “were a little intolerant,” closed off by the idea of ??possessing the truth, convinced that “those who do not have the truth, cannot do good.” “This was wrong . . . Jesus broadens the horizon.” Pope Francis said, “The root of this possibility of doing good – that we all have – is in creation”
Pope Francis went further in his sermon to say: "The Lord created us in His image and likeness, and we are the image of the Lord, and He does good and all of us have this commandment at heart: do good and do not do evil. All of us. ‘But, Father, this is not Catholic! He cannot do good.’ Yes, he can... "The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even the atheists. Everyone!".. We must meet one another doing good. ‘But I don’t believe, Father, I am an atheist!’ But do good: we will meet one another there.” Responding to the leader of the Roman Catholic church's homily, Father James Martin, S.J. wrote in an email to The Huffington Post:
"Pope Francis is saying, more clearly than ever before, that Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for everyone. That's always been a Christian belief. You can find St. Paul saying in the First Letter to Timothy that Jesus gave himself as a "ransom for all." But rarely do you hear it said by Catholics so forcefully, and with such evident joy. And in this era of religious controversies, it's a timely reminder that God cannot be confined to our narrow categories." Of course, not all Christians believe that those who don't believe will be redeemed, and the Pope's words may spark memories of the deep divisions from the Protestant reformation over the belief in redemption through grace versus redemption through works.
The pope's comment has also struck a chord on Reddit, where it is the second most-shared piece.



Negar Mojtahedi 3.23.2015 - Taha, a young-handsome man from Tunisia got stuck in an elevator in Jordan with a beautiful stranger. She asked him where he was from. When he told her, she replied, "Omg, I love Tunisia! I am from Israel." So what did the two so-called "enemies" do stuck in a small-enclosed space? They embraced each other in a warm hug and took a selfie of course. A new friendship emerged.
This is not fiction; this is a story about real life. Taha and Ofri are real-life examples of what life is actually like in the Middle East.
Watching mainstream Western media, you'd think the Middle East is nothing but a war-ravaged, anti-Western, anti-women region filled with Islamic fundamentalists trying to arm themselves with nukes in a new age of the arms race. The truth, however, is stranger than fiction.
A new social media page is trying to show the world what everyday, normal life is like in a coveted region of the world that receives so much negative attention. The social media page, SANDBOX, developed in Israel by Ronny Edry tells the stories of real Middle Easterners, written and edited by none other than the users themselves who are living in the Middle East.

In new movie, Hagee claims he did original NASA research -
3.18.2015 - Blood moon seen through church steeple - WASHINGTON – The “blood moons” phenomenon, which has touched off debate about the end of the world, just got even more contentious with charges an American mega-pastor is hijacking the discovery of the anomaly in a movie debuting in theaters nationwide Monday. The blood moons tetrad is a mysterious astronomical occurrence discovered by a Seattle-area pastor who postulated beginning in 2008 that it might portend spiritually significant developments for Israel and the rest of the world because of its appearance on the biblical “feast” days of Passover and Tabernacles.
But, in a new movie called “Four Blood Moons,” San Antonio mega-pastor John Hagee, author of a New York Times bestselling book about the “blood moons phenomenon,” claims he is the discoverer. In the film, based on Hagee’s book of the same name, the pastor best known for his vigorous defense of the nation of Israel makes the statement early in the new film, previewed by WND staff.
“The thing that compelled me to write the ‘Four Blood Moons’ was when I discovered the scientific fact NASA was pointing out that it happened in 1492 and it happened in 1948 and it happened in 1967 and it was going to happen in 2015,” Hagee says.
The discovery, however, was made by pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries of Bonney Lake, Washington, seven years ago – a finding he has discussed in his church, on Christian television, at public conferences ever since and which he describes in detail in his own bestselling book, “Blood Moons,” and a bestselling movie of the same name. In fact, Biltz has been known since 2008 as “the blood moons pastor” and even “Blood Moons Biltz.” Hagee’s book was published in the fall of 2013.
Furthermore, Hagee has his dates wrong: NASA shows the blood moon tetrads occurred in 1493/1494 and 1949/1950.

3.18.2015 - Reuters - By Kyle Plantz
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Pope Francis might be preaching to the choir on climate change when he releases his environmental- and sustainability-focused encyclical later this year. A study released by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication has found that more Catholics in the United States are worried about global warming than other Christian groups and they are more supportive of policy action to reduce the effects of climate change. The findings come as Pope Francis has taken a strong stance backing action on climate change, saying it is largely a man-made problem and that it risks the lives of the world’s most vulnerable.
He criticised negotiators at U.N. climate talks in Peru last December, saying they had displayed “a lack of courage” in failing to push for stronger action. “Pope Francis has become the most admired man in America and when he speaks, he speaks with a loud megaphone, one that reaches all people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike,” said Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Project.
“Climate change is not just a political issue, it’s a moral and religious issue and he will ask people, ‘What does my religious faith have to tell me and guide me about climate change?’ And it turns out that he’s speaking to a very willing audience within the Catholic community.” The survey, which polled 1,275 adults, found that 70 percent of Catholics said global warming is happening, compared to 57 percent of other Christians, including people who identified themselves as Baptist, Protestant, Pentecostal, Eastern Orthodox, Mormon, or members of other Christian faiths.

By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst Updated March 8, 2015 - (CNN)—In the past eight months, ISIS has seeded itself in some dozen countries around the globe. Indicative of this was the announcement on Saturday that the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram had pledged its "allegiance to the Caliph of the Muslims," ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. The global spread of ISIS raises key questions about whether these new affiliates signal an intensification of the threat of terror. It also has important implications for the debate in Congress over Obama's request for a new authorization to fight ISIS. Continued:

2/17/2015 - This is something rarely seen broadcast on Fox News. Reverend Franklin Graham unloaded on Obama's Islamic background during a discussion with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren. Rev. Graham said Islam is all Obama knows. Partial transcript: “The president is ignoring the fact that these are Islamic extremists. These are terrorists. And ISIS is a terrorist organization. And they are bent on destroying the West. They’ve already said they want the flag of Islam to fly over the White House. The president, his entire life his whole influence has been Islam. His mother has been married to a Muslim. His father is a Muslim. Then she married a man from Indonesia. He was raised in Indonesia. Went to Islamic schools. I assume she was a Muslim. So, his whole life experiences have been surrounded by Islam. He only knows Islam. And, he’s given a pass to Islam. He’s refusing to accept and understand the evil that is in front of him.” - Rev. Franklin Graham. An hour later Bill O'Reilly responded to a viewer email asking how long it will take to call Obama a closet Muslim. "I'm not really sure what a closet Muslim is. If you're accusing the president of a belief in Islam. I would be very interested in seeing the evidence for that." [...]

[Ednote: Why 666?] March 3, 2015 - The Rev. Franklin Graham has warned in an interview that President Barack Obama is "very sympathetic to Islam" and that America's foreign policy is influenced by Muslims. He added that this influence could lead to Christians and Jewish people being persecuted in the United States. "There are Muslims that have access to him in the White House. Our foreign policy has a lot of influence now, from Muslims. We see the prime minister of Israel being snubbed by the president and by the White House and by the Democrats and it's because of the influence of Islam. They hate Israel and they hate Christians, and so the storm is coming, I believe," Graham told Gordon Robertson, host of CBN's "The 700 Club" interactive program.
"The truth is — their barbaric murderers openly said they killed them because they were 'people of the cross.' Why is the president seemingly continuing to protect Islam and refusing to open his eyes to the truth?" Graham asked when an initial statement by the White House in February failed to identify the 21 Copts beheaded by ISIS as Christians. Related: Franklin Graham: America Is Crumbling Morally; We Have Turned Our Back on God
Franklin Graham, David Benham Warn Charlotte's Transgender Bathroom Rights Proposal Would Open Door to Sex Predators, Limit Religious Freedom "So, growing up his frame of reference and his influence as a young man was Islam. It wasn't Christianity, it was Islam," the evangelist said.
Graham has criticized Obama's foreign policy on a number of occasions, including the president's refusal to call terror group ISIS "Islamic."

Gideon Bibles and Atheist Literature Being Handed Out to Kentucky Students. Following a blog post on Answers in Genesis, where Ham criticized NASA's ongoing search for alien life, several news headlines came out suggesting that he said aliens are "going to hell." One such headline on Huffington Post last week read: "Creationist Ken Ham Says Aliens Will go to Hell so Let's Stop Looking for Them."
In the original blog post, Ham wrote: "I'm shocked at the countless hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent over the years in the desperate and fruitless search for extraterrestrial life."
The post was aimed at recent comments by NASA scientists who suggested that alien life could be discovered within the next 20 years, and expressed their excitement over the next generation of space telescopes that will search for habitable Earth-like planets.
He added: "Of course, secularists are desperate to find life in outer space, as they believe that would provide evidence that life can evolve in different locations and given the supposed right conditions! The search for extraterrestrial life is really driven by man's rebellion against God in a desperate attempt to supposedly prove evolution!" In his interview on "The Comfort Zone" Ham again clarified that he does not believe in aliens, and questioned why secular news media are not checking their sources and writing false headlines.

Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, the new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, discusses possibility of alien life forms in video Sept. 19, 2014 - The new president of the Vatican Observatory Foundation has said that it is only a matter of time before alien life forms are discovered, which will pave the way to questions about God's relationship to intelligent beings outside our planet.
Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno speculated that the general public will not be too surprised when life on other planets is eventually discovered, and will react in much the same way it did when news broke in the '90s that there are other planets orbiting far off stars.
Consolmagno, a planetary scientist who has studied meteorites and asteroids as an astronomer with the Vatican Observatory since 1993, told Catholic News Service that discovery of alien life will not prove or disprove the existence of God, but will pave the way to questions on salvation and how it relates to intelligent species.
"Eventually you learn that the kinds of questions you ask as a scientist and the kinds of answers you get as a scientist are only the kinds of questions that lead to more questions. They're all very contingent. Now I understand how this works, but that opens up a new mystery that I hadn't seen before and now I can explore that mystery," Consolmagno said. "The bigger questions, the religious questions, they're handled by science. The religious questions give you the framework that gives you the motivation to ask the science questions, gives you the confidence the science is going to work and explains to you why I get this excitement at holding a rock from outer space."

Ken Ham Slams NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Says God Did Not Create Life Outside Earth. He also argued that there is no conflict between science and religion, and that both fields can complement each other. Creation Museum CEO Ken Ham has clarified a number of recent media headlines that claimed he said "aliens are going to hell" by stating that he never said such a thing, and that he does not believe God created extraterrestrial life. "I gave a theological reason why not. Understanding the Gospel that God's son became a man, became a descendent of Adam, became the God-man and remains the God-man our Savior, and that only humans can be saved — so obviously Jesus did not become a God-klingon, he became a God-man," Ham said in an interview with fellow creationist Ray Comfort on "The Comfort Zone," posted Wednesday.
Ken Ham Criticizes Unitarian Church's 'Evolution Camp' for Children; 'Shocked' at Assemblies of God Presence
Ken Ham Slams NASA Search for Extraterrestrial Life, Says God Did Not Create Life Outside Earth
Ken Ham Says Creationism Will Outlive Bill Nye After Nye Claims Creationists Are 'Going Out of Business'
By Stoyan Zaimov - October 24, 2014

Film in defence of Pius XII, accused of failing to bring attention to Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jews, universally panned
An Italian film that attempts to defend the wartime pope, Pius XII, against accusations that he turned a blind eye to the Holocaust has been criticised by the Vatican as well as Catholic and Jewish media. Shades of Truth is the account of a fictional present-day American journalist and critic of Pius who changes his mind after carrying out research in Israel, Rome and elsewhere in Europe.
Some Jews have accused Pope Pius, who was head of the Roman Catholic church from 1939 to 1958, of failing to use his position to bring attention to Hitler’s attempted extermination of the Jews. The Vatican says Pius worked actively behind the scenes to save thousands of Jews and did not speak out more forcefully for fear his words could have led to more deaths of both Jews and Christians at the hands of the Nazis. After a screening on Monday near the Vatican, the film, which calls Pius “the most misunderstood person of the 20th century”, was universally panned.

March 6, 2015 - Paola Totaro - London: Pope Francis has given the green light for a historic reform of the Holy See's finances, vesting Cardinal George Pell with sweeping new financial oversight powers but stopping short of delivering him control over Vatican real estate.
The papal decree, issued quietly overnight, has been read as a win for Cardinal Pell among English speaking Catholic analysts both in the UK and America but interpreted by Italian media and Vatican insiders as containing a deliberate brake on Cardinal Pell's ambition.
"Non e' più lo czar ma nemmeno un canguro azzoppato" reported L'Espresso's 'Seventh Heaven' columnist. ("He's no longer the financial czar but neither is he a lame kangaroo").
"In the statutes, there is no mention of the transfer of the real estate patrimony . . . nor is there any mention of the 'Vatican Asset Management' that was foreshadowed by Pell in a press conference in July last year," the magazine reported.
Pope Francis' decision emerged in the form of a new, three-tiered legal framework which cements the financial oversight bodies foreshadowed last year and the reforms driven by Cardinal Pell.

[Ednote: The fact that Pope Francis does not represent Christianity must be besides the point? Pope Francis does not believe in the Bible maybe that is why this fellow thinks the "POPE FRANCIS IS AWESOME"]
November 24, 2013 By theboeskool - When I was a kid, there were Christians, and then there were Catholics–The two were mutually exclusive. I knew OF Catholics (You got your Pope John Paul II, you got your Mother Teresa…. Actually, that’s probably about it), but in the little Dutch-Reformed-Calvinist-Protestant nook of the country that I grew up in, I don’t think I ever met an actual Catholic. I may have met one or two and just not known about it–In those parts, it wasn’t the sort of thing you advertised. But as far as I was concerned, Catholics were about as foreign to my version of Christianity as the Buddhists, the Muslims, and the Jews.
It’s weird thinking about that now–How, for most of the world, “Catholic” was synonymous with “Christian,” but for me (and many others), they were just that screwy religion who prayed to Mary for some odd reason, and had all those saints, and the priests forgave your sins in a confessional after they told you to go rub a pearl necklace…. It all seemed about as far-fetched as Scientology. For so many other people around the world, the face of Christianity was the Catholic Church, but for me and many others, “Catholic” and “Christian” were very different, and the face of the Catholic Church was the Pope. And all I really knew about the Pope was that he was the dude with the pointy hat who looked vaguely like Johnny Carson…. My how things have changed. If you can’t admit that Pope Francis is awesome, there is either something wrong with you or you just haven’t been paying attention. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, here is a short list of 10 things (in no particular order) of some of the amazing things Pope Frank (his friends call him Frank) has done so far that make me consider converting to Catholicism:
1. GETTING RID OF THE POPE-MOBILE It’s really hard to love people from behind a thick sheet of bulletproof glass. After Pope JP2 got shot, they tried to keep the Pope safe by constructing the PopeMobile, but Francis has ditched it.

American conservatives are fighting him every step of the way Francis Agonises.
March 1, 2015 - by Elisabeth Stoker Bruenig - In 2013, I traveled to Cambridge, England, to study for a master’s degree in Christian theology. I had been active in church as a teenager, but it was not until college that I began to feel a spiritual calling twisting in my heart. [...] The world’s most renowned Christian theological guide is, of course, the Pope. He is, in a sense, a steward of the Church’s religious past, a clerical leader who must mediate the institution’s traditions as a public figure and symbol, and in his writings and pronouncements, which bear a great deal more authority among the Catholic faithful than do papal visits or interviews. The Church views herself in terms of apostolic succession and papal primacy—terms that describe a continuous transmission of authority that can be traced to the original apostles of Christ. The Pope has a special relationship to the past, being the recipient of so much carefully preserved thought and practice. Each Pope, therefore, must make use of the richness of Church tradition, while also ministering effectively to a world of ever-evolving challenges and realities.
Pope Francis ascended to the papacy two years ago, becoming Catholicism’s first leader from South America. A curious narrative soon emerged with regards to his approach to the past and the traditions of the Church among cultural, political, and religious conservatives in the United States. He has made no substantial changes to Catholic doctrine, and yet has nonetheless earned opprobrium worthy of extreme tampering. It seems rather that Francis inspires uncomfortable feelings, and affronts particular dispositions rather than particular doctrines. A key moment for testing this hypothesis is on the horizon: This summer Francis is expected to publish an encyclical—an authoritative papal document indicating an issue’s pressing priority—on the environment. It will reportedly address matters of environmental stewardship and climate change. (No specifics of the document have been issued yet.) As its release draws near, American conservatives have begun protesting supposedly vast reforms that have not happened. Steve Moore, chief economist at The Heritage Foundation, has declared Francis an adherent of a “modern pagan green religion”; Maureen Mullarkey, a writer for the religious journal First Things, charged the Pope with “bending theology to premature, intemperate policy endorsements.” No one but Pope Francis and his closest advisers know what is contained within the encyclical. Conservatives troubled by the very suggestion of a theological approach to climate change have been forced to expose more id than argument, dragging in such temporal terms as modern and premature. Pope Francis will travel to Washington, D.C. in September to address Congress, a visit already hotly anticipated. To understand the responses of conservative Catholic politicians like Representatives Paul Ryan and Peter King to papal pronouncements on inequality and climate change requires untangling the Church’s other trinity: of the Pope, the past, and the right wing.

(Your letters) To the Editor: March 2, 2015 Opinion Dave Pasinski Fayetteville, NY
March 13 marks the second anniversary of the election of Argentinian Jesuit, Jorge Marie Bergoglio - Pope Francis - as leader of the Roman Catholic Church. In these two years he has challenged many images of the papacy. What reforms he will champion, the manner they are done, and how they will be received is yet quite murky. But what is clear is that he is choosing to put a warmer, more human face on leadership and priority on the poor rather than dogma. Thus, he is charting a welcome course as a sign of hope.
Given that the credibility of the church has reeled from from clerical sexual scandals and an apparent deafness to post-modern issues, appointment of a commission with women and abuse-survivors, "kitchen cabinet" overseeing the restructuring of the creaky Curia, significant reforms in Vatican bank, and naming of third-world cardinals are his most noteworthy systemic initiatives. While slow, these are promising signs. The current preparations in sounding out parishes for the October synod on "the family" have displayed a breadth of input and hopes for a real exchange as was envisioned but never realized.
This is a stark contrast from the previous styles which upset not only to traditionalists, but also some more reform minded, who believe that even the positive press wrongly conveys that all change must come from above or that "the pope equals the Church." However his first encyclical, "The Gospel of Joy," is different from other recent papal documents with the "Christians should not be sourpusses" that characterizes a difference of style and substance. He challenges all to "discern the signs of the times" with his emphasis on joy rooted in faith in Christ, but which must be displayed publicly if the "gospel of liberation" is to be relevant in this suffering world.

[Facing Mecca] - Pontiff Meets Orthodox Christian Church’s Spiritual Leader on Three-Day Trip to Turkey
By Deborah Ball and Ayla Albayrak Nov. 29, 2014
ISTANBUL— Pope Francis further demonstrated his commitment to improving relations between Christians and Muslims on Saturday, as he prayed in Istanbul’s historic Blue Mosque and visited the Hagia Sophia—two powerful symbols of the Muslim and Christian faiths. (Further reading: Church must find ways of welcoming divorced Catholics and gays, says Pope Francis).
On the second of a three-day trip to Turkey, the pontiff removed his shoes before entering the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque for the blue tiles embellishing its walls. After a tour of the cavernous 17th-century mosque, he stood alongside Istanbul Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran, facing in the direction of Mecca, and bowed his head in long prayer.
The move was an important public demonstration of Pope Francis’ commitment to Christian-Muslim dialogue. Some have raised questions as to whether such dialogue is fruitful given the persecution of Christians by Islamic extremists.
On Friday, the pope demanded that all religions enjoy the same rights, a veiled reference to the problems that Christians still suffer in Turkey, where about 99% of the population is Muslim. Christian communities complain that they struggle to gain permits to rebuild or refurbish buildings and say the government has been slow to follow through on promises to return properties confiscated decades ago.

Pontiff Faces Calls to Use His Good Image to Counter Religious Intolerance in Muslim World
By Deborah Ball Nov. 28, 2014 - Two weeks after his election, Pope Francis washed the feet of 12 people at a juvenile detention center in Rome for the annual Holy Thursday ritual. Among those chosen for the rite was a Muslim girl.
The image of the kneeling 76-year-old pope washing and kissing her feet sent an unequivocal message: After the tensions that characterized the reign of Pope Benedict XVI - peaking with a 2006

By Ann Schneible - Vatican City, Feb 27, 2015 (CNA/EWTN News).- While Pope Francis has altered the custom of his predecessors by leaving the Vatican for his yearly Lenten retreat, one priest tells CNA the pontiff is merely being true to his Jesuit roots.
“This is what Jesuits do,” said Fr. Joseph Carola, S.J., theology professor at Rome's Gregorian University in a Feb. 26 interview.
“That’s very Jesuit of the Holy Father to choose to go somewhere else, somewhere where he doesn’t live normally, to make the exercises. It’s very much in keeping with our own tradition.” The practice of going to a private location for retreat, away “from all friends and acquaintances, and from all worldly cares,” is “a very important thing for Jesuits,” he said.
“The retreatant usually goes away to a secluded place and spends these days in silence and in prayer, praying often five hours a day, with the meditations of the exercises themselves.” Pope Francis and members of the Curia have just concluded a five-day spiritual exercises retreat at the Casa Divin Maestro in Ariccia, a city located some 16 miles outside of Rome.
This year's retreat, which ran from Feb. 22-27, was led by Carmalite priest, Father Bruno Secondin, on the theme: “Servants and prophets of the living God,” according to the Jan. 30 announcement in L'Osservatore Romano. Fr. Secondin was recently appointed consultor to the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and for Societies of Apostolic Life.

By Elise Harris - Vatican City, Feb 15, 2015 / 04:27 am (CNA/EWTN News).- After elevating 20 new cardinals, Pope Francis reminded them that true honor is found in service, and urged them to follow Jesus in breaking rigid ways of thinking and touching society’s marginalized. “Jesus is not afraid of scandal! He does not think of the closed-minded who are scandalized even by a work of healing, scandalized before any kind of openness, by any action outside of their mental and spiritual boxes,” the Pope said Feb. 15.
Rather than seeking to conform to the norms of others or adhere to a ritualistic purity, Jesus seeks to “reinstate the outcast, to save those outside the camp.” The logic of Jesus and therefore of the Church is “not only to welcome and reinstate with evangelical courage all those who knock at our door, but to go out and to seek, fearlessly and without prejudice, those who are distant,” he said.

By Ann Schneible Vatican City, Feb 14, 2015 (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis welcomed the Catholic Church’s newest cardinals on Saturday, encouraging them to center themselves in Jesus Christ as they lead the faithful in patience, justice, and docility to the Holy Spirit. “The man of God is someone captivated by truth, one who encounters it fully in the word and flesh of Jesus Christ, the inexhaustible source of our joy,” the Pope said in Saint Peter’s Basilica at a ceremony creating the 20 newest members of the College of Cardinals. The Pope stressed the importance of charity, noting that “those who abide in charity are not self-centered” and concerned with their own interests. Rather, charity draws us away from self-centeredness “in order to set ourselves in the real center, which is Christ alone,” whereby we can “be persons who are respectful and attentive to the good of others.” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, who personally knows many of those being received into the college, attended the consistory. Many family members of the new cardinals were in attendance.

One year on, everyone agrees Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air for the Catholic church, but there is less clarity over who he really is. Is he liberal or conservative – or is he something altogether more unpredictable? After a full year in office it ought to be fairly clear what kind of pope the new man in the Vatican is turning out to be. Yet if you survey the raft of commentaries on the first 12 months of Pope Francis, which have appeared all around the world in recent days, you discover a surprising lack of agreement. A battle is underway for the soul of the pope. All the verdicts share a standard litany of anecdotes. He is the pontiff who lives in a hostel, carries his own bags, is driven round in an old Ford Focus, and makes unexpected phone calls to strangers that open: "Ciao, sono Papa Francesco." He is a priest who practises what he preaches: he embraces the disfigured; invites the homeless for breakfast; suspends bishops with opulent or self-regarding lifestyles; and follows a regimen of ostentatious frugality.
But is there anything more to this shift in papal style than a cosmetic rebranding of a global corporation that has undergone massive reputational damage in recent decades? There is a carefully cultivated ambiguity about the man who is the 266th successor to St Peter. And it is producing a war of words between conservatives and liberals, inside and outside the Catholic church, with each trying to claim the pontiff for their side in a religious culture war. The stakes are high. This is a pope who has attracted almost seven million visitors to papal events in the 12 months since he took office – triple the number who turned out to see Benedict XVI the year before.

By Chris Marion on May 1, 2015. [Saved under Headlines, Robots, Science, SyFy] As geeks and comic enthusiasts alike crowded theater entrances Thursday night, salivating for apocalypse and Avengers: Age of Ultron, the question on every butter-coated lip was could it really happen. Stories of caped crusaders from distant galaxies and green muscle-bound “hulks” are obviously fictional and the fodder of comic books and feature films. However, the idea of artificial intelligence and the potential obsolescence of human intelligence because of it, is one thought that keeps some of the brightest minds awake at night. These not-so-evil masterminds worry about the potential for an apocalypse.
The Moment of Singularity Looming
The pervasive plot of the super intelligent robot-gone-rogue against its creator is not a new twist. The potential of science to create artificial intelligence that can out-think the human mind is not fantasy. Most experts believe that humanity will in time be able to create artificial intelligence that will be able to independently function beyond the boundaries of its creator. Scientists call this pivotal point singularity. They disagree as to the direction this discovery will take the world “as we know it.” Some theorize it would lead to a peaceful utopian existence where robots do all the work and humans reap all the benefits. Others, like the brilliant Stephen Hawking, worry that the artificially intelligent machines would eliminate their imperfect and therefore obsolete masters to improve the utopia.
Stephen Hawking Says AI Could End Humanity
In an interview with BBC, Hawking expressed concern that complete artificial intelligence (AI) would “take off on its own.” Humans, limited in their biological and evolutionary efficiency, would ultimately be overwhelmed and “superseded.” In a column written in response to the Johnny Depp movie, Transcendence, that chronicled AI, Hawking expressed concerns that researchers are not doing enough to protect people from the risks. He suggested that if the planet were threatened with an invasion from aliens with superior intellect, humans would not be as lackadaisical about planning and protection from apocalypse. He predicts that AI is definitely coming and could have a potentially negative impact on human life. Whether an apocalypse on the scale of Ultron’s devious plan to annihilate humanity could really happen remains in question. Space X Founder Warns of Threat. Continued:

The Vision of Generation Joshua is to assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow. To accomplish these goals, Generation Joshua provides training opportunities for teenagers. Our goal is to use these opportunities to challenge teens to stand up for what is right, to grow in their own beliefs, and to learn about how they can make a difference in their communities and nation.
At Generation Joshua, we believe that real leaders must stand for their beliefs. Many of today’s “leaders” do not actually want to lead; they just want to be the top person in charge. That is not leadership, it is celebrity. True leaders want to lead people to make a difference and to stand up for what is right. And that first requires the leader to have a core set of beliefs upon which to act.
Our goal at Generation Joshua is to cultivate leaders and to equip them to use their beliefs to influence the political process. All of our programs either challenge youth to strengthen their beliefs, or give youth the opportunity to put their beliefs into action. We know that not every person is called to enter the political arena, but every person should be a leader who is willing to stand up for what is right, wherever they are called to serve. To that end, Generation Joshua exists.
We, as Christians, are called to be good stewards of our family, our community, and our nation. Generation Joshua provides opportunities for youth to be good stewards in their communities (through our club program) and in our nation (through our Student Action Teams). Generation Joshua wants America to be a beacon of biblical hope to the world around us. We seek to inspire every one of our members with faith in God and a hope of what America can become as we equip Christian citizens and leaders to impact our nation for Christ and for His glory. Stay strong and courageous, Joel D.Grewe - Director of Generation Joshua

Francis had ‘interest, encouragement’ for idea, papal spokesman says. VATICAN CITY – Former president Shimon Peres emerged from a Vatican City audience with Pope Francis Thursday after proposing a kind of United Nations for religions. Peres, 91, who was the world’s oldest head of state until his term ended six weeks ago, met with Francis amid heightened tensions in the Middle East.
He used the talks to highlight human rights abuses from Hamas and to discuss the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe.
But the main topic of conversation was Peres’s idea to create a UN-like organization he called “the United Religions.”
Peres said the Argentina-born pontiff was the only world figure respected enough to bring an end to the wars raging in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.
“In the past, most of the wars in the world were motivated by the idea of nationhood,” Peres said. “But today, wars are incited using religion as an excuse.” Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi confirmed to reporters that Peres had pitched his idea for “the United Religions” but said Francis did not commit to it. “The pope listened, showing his interest, attention, and encouragement,” Lombardi said, adding that the pope pointed to the Pontifical Councils for Interreligious Dialogue and for Justice and Peace as existing agencies “suitable” for supporting interfaith peace initiatives.


March 16, 2015 - By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine - We have seen Barack Obama openly embrace Islam and mock Christianity (videos below for those that need a reminder). We have seen Barack Obama throw administrative support behind groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, holding secret meetings with Islamic leaders and refusing to reveal to the public who they were or what was discussed. All this and more, yet we still hear denials of the Obama agenda.
In the latest in-your-face example of this agenda, the US State Department's "English-language outreach program," account at Twitter, named "@ThinkAgain_DOS, is taking heat along with some massive critism for a tweet that that included a picture promoting Sharia law over "man made law."
Shown below:[...] Before showing the outrage, criticism, and outright epic takedown by other Twitter users over this, it is very noteworthy as revealed by The Daily Mail, that this is the exact banner, stating "Sharia Law or Man Made Law - Which Is Better For Mankind" has also been used by "an extremist campaign called Stay Muslim, Don’t Vote, which calls for strict sharia law to be imposed on Britain."
The photo appropriated by the US State Department was first placed on Twitter last week by a woman calling herself Umm Usmaan, who is a leading figure in the anti-democracy campaign. She described it as an ‘Islamic roadshow’ and included the slogan ‘stay Muslim, don’t vote’ when she put the photo on Twitter.Yesterday she posted a picture of another sign with the message: ‘The right of legislation belongs to none but Allah!
’Last night, terror expert Douglas Murray, associate director of the Henry Jackson Society think-tank, said: ‘It’s an incredibly weak “fail”,’ he said. ‘They should be putting a bit more thought into their sourcing. With all of our resources, it’s not even as accomplished as the crudest IS propaganda.’

Mar 14, 2014 - This week we look back over our first year with Pope Francis: Highlights, memorable moments, quotes, and reactions. Plus an update on what's been happening this week at the Vatican while Pope Francis has been on retreat.

Truthloader - May 20, 2013 - Last week, Pope Francis condemned the world's "Cult of Money" saying that the economic crisis had left millions of people in rich and poor countries worse off. It's a strange person to hear it from, since the Catholic Church are well known for their massive wealth.

Truthloader Published on May 21, 2013 - The Internet is buzzing with speculation that the Pope has carried out his first exorcism after a video emerged of him in St Peter's Square. The Vatican's spokesperson has said: "The Holy Father did not intend to perform any exorcism. As he often does with sick and suffering people who are presented to him, he simply intended to pray for the suffering person." Have a look and see what you think.

March 6, 2015 by State of the Nation [...] “2015 AND 2016 COLLAPSE TIMELINE”
2015: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee. The subtitle of the same article goes on to say that the coming “Debt Default And Dollar Meltdown, Derivative Explosion And Deflation Implosion Are Timed According To A Controlling Calendar”. The most authoritative historical records and germane data further support the absolute certainty that these monumental events are literally engineered on a regular basis … by the very same group of people co-conspirators.
Yes, it will very much be a GLOBAL catharsis.
Historically within the Jewish tradition, each Shemitah has always served as a way for the community to start over. It actually provided an opportunity for everyone to be freed from crushing debts and small IOUs alike. In an effort to permit everyone in the society to be released from their indebtedness, a mutual agreement was reached to do so. Such a consensus was not only freeing on the financial level, it was psychologically liberating. Hence, “it was a good in the sight of the Lord”. There are very good reasons why this emancipation from debt slavery took place every seven years. Both the individual and the community-at-large gained tremendously from the chance to start fresh. Since the 7th year saw a time when fields lie fallow and commerce slowed down to what was absolutely necessary, a rejuvenation of both land and business, family and community could occur. This renewal of body and spirit, land and business then served as the foundation for the next 7-year period of human endeavor punctuated with yet another year of rest.
Signs and Omens when the Shemitah was not observed
When this societal ritual was not observed, signs and omens would inevitably occur which reminded the people of the necessity of this revitalizing practice. In those chaotic years when this scriptural admonition was not obeyed, it was understood that the Lord’s judgment would fall upon the land. Trumpet blasts often accompanied those fateful events which unpredictably served to remind the people of their obligation to faithfully observe the Shemitah. In other words when those individuals and institutions throughout the community neglected to follow through on the scriptural injunctions associated with the Shemitah, times would not be easy for anybody. In some cases, forces might even conspire to bring about a sudden and swift collapse which would then forcefully release the oppressed from their “crushing debts”. Such an unforeseen series of events are similar to the various stock market crashes which have come and gone without any warning, and have occurred with striking regularity for as long as those exchanges have existed. Why is this well established trend so critical at this point of human history?

13-Mar-2015 By: oliverhaddo - This is monumental news from the Vatican. One can only puzzle over its implications.
Story at Reuters: Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years
By Philip Pullella - VATICAN CITY Fri Oct 12, 2007 4:10am EDT
1 of 12. The seal of the Vatican secret archives is shown on a replica document in which Pope Clement V absolved the Knights Templar of charges of heresy, in Rome October 9, 2007. A reproduction of the Latin-language minutes of trials against the Knights Templar in 1308, lost until its rediscovery in 2001, is being published by the Vatican Secret Archives at the end October. The documents, a book and parchments, costs 5,900 euros and its 799 numbered copies are destined for top libraries and medieval scholars. Picture taken October 9, 2007. Credit: Reuters/Alessandro Bianchi
(Reuters) - The Knights Templar, the medieval Christian military order accused of heresy and sexual misconduct, will soon be partly rehabilitated when the Vatican publishes trial documents it had closely guarded for 700 years.
A reproduction of the minutes of trials against the Templars, "'Processus Contra Templarios -- Papal Inquiry into the Trial of the Templars'" is a massive work and much more than a book -- with a 5,900 euros ($8,333) price tag.
"This is a milestone because it is the first time that these documents are being released by the Vatican, which gives a stamp of authority to the entire project," said Professor Barbara Frale, a medievalist at the Vatican's Secret Archives.
"Nothing before this offered scholars original documents of the trials of the Templars," she told Reuters in a telephone interview ahead of the official presentation of the work on October 25.
The epic comes in a soft leather case that includes a large-format book including scholarly commentary, reproductions of original parchments in Latin, and -- to tantalize Templar buffs -- replicas of the wax seals used by 14th-century inquisitors.
Reuters was given an advance preview of the work, of which only 799 numbered copies have been made.
One parchment measuring about half a meter wide by some two meters long is so detailed that it includes reproductions of stains and imperfections seen on the originals.
Pope Benedict will be given the first set of the work, published by the Vatican Secret Archives in collaboration with Italy's Scrinium cultural foundation, which acted as curator and will have exclusive world distribution rights. The Templars, whose full name was "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon", were founded in 1119 by knights sworn to protecting Christian pilgrims visiting the Holy Land after the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099. They amassed enormous wealth and helped finance wars of some European monarchs. Legends of their hidden treasures, secret rituals and power have figured over the years in films and bestsellers such as "The Da Vinci Code". The Knights have also been portrayed as guardians of the legendary Holy Grail, the cup used by Christ at the Last Supper before his crucifixion. The Vatican expects most copies of the work to be bought up by specialized libraries at top universities and by leading medieval scholars.
The Templars went into decline after Muslims re-conquered the Holy Land at the end of the 13th century and were accused of heresy by King Philip IV of France, their foremost persecutor. Their alleged offences included denying Christ and secretly worshipping idols.
The most titillating part of the documents is the so-called Chinon Parchment, which contains phrases in which Pope Clement V absolves the Templars of charges of heresy, which had been the backbone of King Philip's attempts to eliminate them. Templars were burned at the stake for heresy by King Philip's agents after they made confessions that most historians believe were given under duress.
The parchment, also known as the Chinon Chart, was "misplaced" in the Vatican archives until 2001, when Frale stumbled across it.
"The parchment was catalogued incorrectly at some point in history. At first I couldn't believe my eyes. I was incredulous," she said.
"This was the document that a lot of historians were looking for," the 37-year-old scholar said. Philip was heavily indebted to the Templars, who had helped him finance his wars, and getting rid of them was a convenient way of cancelling his debts, some historians say. Frale said Pope Clement was convinced that while the Templars had committed some grave sins, they were not heretics.
Their initiation ceremony is believed to have included spitting on the cross, but Frale said they justified this as a ritual of obedience in preparation for possible capture by Muslims. They were also said to have practiced sodomy. "Simply put, the pope recognized that they were not heretics but guilty of many other minor crimes -- such as abuses, violence and sinful acts within the order," she said. "But that is not the same as heresy." Despite his conviction that the Templars were not guilty of heresy, in 1312 Pope Clement ordered the Templars disbanded for what Frale called "the good of the Church" following his repeated clashes with the French king.
Frale depicted the trials against the Templars between 1307 and 1312 as a battle of political wills between Clement and Philip, and said the document means Clement's position has to be reappraised by historians. "This will allow anyone to see what is actually in documents like these and deflate legends that are in vogue these days," she said.
Rosi Fontana, who has helped the Vatican coordinate the project, said: "The most incredible thing is that 700 years have passed and people are still fascinated by all of this." "The precise reproduction of the parchments will allow scholars to study them, touch them, admire them as if they were dealing with the real thing," Fontana said. "But even better, it means the originals will not deteriorate as fast as they would if they were constantly being viewed," she said.

3 13 2015 - DAHBOO77 -

March 12, 2015 - T he Muslim religion* was founded in the seventh century by Muhammad (c. 570-632). He was raised by an uncle and grew up a shepherd and camel driver. After marrying a wealthy widow named Kadijah, the first of many wives, he spent time in contemplation and prayer, and during one session lasting six months the angel Gabriel allegedly appeared to him and urged him to "proclaim." [* Muslim means "one who surrenders himself to God," and Islam means surrender.]
According to Islam, over a period of 23 years Gabriel dictated revelations to Muhammad, and these became the Qur'an (Koran), Islam's holy book. It consists of 114 suras, or chapters, arranged by length, from the shortest to the longest. Muslims believe that the Koran is the final revelation of God, superseding the Bible. The Koran is filled with contradictions to the Bible. It says, for example, that Noah had a fourth son who died in the flood (Surah 11:42-43), that Abraham offered Ishmael rather than Isaac, and that Mary the mother of Jesus was the sister of Moses and gave birth to Jesus under a palm tree (Surah 19:28 and 19:21-27).
The Koran contains many fanciful things, such as a battle between Solomon's army of Jinn (spirit beings) and men, birds, and ants; a battle between vultures and elephants; Jews transformed into apes for breaking the Sabbath; and God telling Moses to kill a cow and hit a dead man with it so he can revive, identify his killer, and die again. In extra-Koranic writings, Muhammad said that upon awakening one must blow his nose three times to rid himself of the devil, who spends the night in a man's nostrils (Sahih Bukhari IV, 516; Muslim I, 462), that yawning is from Satan (Bukhari IV, 509), that if a Muslim falls asleep praying, Satan urinates in his ears (Bukhari II:245), and people who pray with their eyes lifted toward heaven might have their eyes snatched away (Muslim I, 863).
In Muhammad's day, there was a temple in Mecca containing 360 idols, one of which was Al-ilah or Allah, which had been recognized as the chief god of Muhammad's tribe for centuries. It was the moon god, and Islam's sign of the crescent moon dates back to ancient Babylon and the idolatrous city states that spread across Mesopotamia after the Flood. The moon god was the chief god of Ur of the Chaldees where Abraham grew up (Leonard Woolley, Ur of the Chaldees, p. 175). The moon god was the chief god of ancient Sheba in southern Arabia, where the queen of Sheba hailed from. The moon god was known variously as Almaqah, Ilmaqah, Ilumquh, Wadd, Amm, and Sin. Two moon god temples have been excavated in Marib, the ancient capital of Sheba. The Bar'an Temple dates to the 2nd millennium BC ("Marib Governorate,", which takes us back to a few hundred years after the Tower of Babel.
The crescent can be traced through all of the ancient kingdoms, including Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. The crescent is still the sign of the moon god in Hinduism. In Nepal, the name of the moon god is Chandra, and his sign the crescent appears on Nepal's flag and coins.
E.M. Wherry, who translated a standard edition of the Quran, said that in pre-Islamic times Allah-worship, as well as the worship of Baal, were both involved in the worship of the sun, the moon, and the stars (A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran, 1973, p. 36).

March 11, 2015 - The following is excerpted from The Glorious History of the King James Bible. For more information on this book by David Cloud see the end of this report.
By the early seventeenth century, when the King James Bible was completed, knowledge of biblical languages was at an apex in many important ways. Realizing that this view is contrary to that held by most contemporary scholars, we invite you to consider our reasons for making this statement. Consider the following descriptions of that time, which has been called “a period which was remarkable both in its wealth of eruditional effort and in the significance of its concentration of deepest learning on the Bible centre.”
The following is from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature, 1907–21:
“LARGE PORTIONS OF THE SCRIPTURES WERE KNOWN BY HEART, NOT ONLY BY MINISTERS, BUT, ALSO, BY THE LAITY, AND EVEN BY CHILDREN, who were also well drilled in Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and other histories of persecutions. Whilst French Huguenot children were trained, Spartanlike, to look forward to dying for the faith, English children, from the earliest age, were disciplined in prayer, in reading books of devotion and in the close knowledge of Bible histories and Bible doctrine. ... Hence, we notice psychologically, THERE WERE DEVELOPED ENORMOUS INDUSTRY IN LEARNING, endurance in listening to preachers and teachers, tenacious memory and the power of visualising and concentrating the thoughts on Bible heroes, Bible stories, Bible language and Bible aspirations. Scripture students were indefatigable workers. Bishop Morton was at his studies before four o’clock in the morning, even after he was 80 years of age. Matthew Poole rose at three or four o’clock, ate a raw egg at eight or nine, another at twelve and continued his studies till late in the afternoon. Sir Matthew Hale, for many years, studied sixteen hours a day. For several years John Owen did not allow himself more than four hours’ sleep. FEATS OF MEMORY ARE AS REMARKABLE FOR THEIR FREQUENCY AS FOR THEIR COMPREHENSIVENESS, AND WERE PRACTISED FROM EARLY CHILDHOOD in the repeating of sermons, in the learning of Latin grammar and in almost every academic discipline. Moreover, the number of references to memory testifies to the conscious cultivation of the art. ... In short, the scholarship and learning of this period, by their direct bearing upon the Bible, permeated and transfigured the national life in a rare degree, giving it, in spite of all its excesses and deficiencies, A STRENUOUSNESS, SOBRIETY, AND, ON THE WHOLE, A SINCERITY, PROBABLY NEVER SO LARGELY SUSTAINED, BY BOOK LEARNING, IN ANY AGE, and rarely in any country” (The Cambridge History of English and American Literature, Vol. VII, Cavalier and Puritan, Part XIII, “Scholars and Scholarship, 1600–60”)

3.18.2015 - NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The head of India's Catholic bishops, speaking out after a nun was raped in the east of the country last week, has said the country should be as concerned about the welfare of its people as it is about its cows.
After nun rape, India cardinal says protect humans, not just cows. The comments appeared directed against hardline Hindu nationalists who have stirred up animosity against India's Christian and Muslim minorities, while successfully lobbying for tougher laws against killing cows. Cows are considered sacred by many Indians, but beef is eaten by some poor and lower-caste Hindus as well as by Christians and Muslims. Campaigns to protect cattle are often used to vilify religious minorities.
"The country has a responsibility towards all of us — every human being — and not just cows," Cardinal Baselios Cleemis told journalists. The comments, reported in newspapers on Wednesday, were confirmed by his office.
The western state of Maharashtra banned the selling of beef in February and the northern state of Haryana has since imposed stringent penalties for cow slaughter.

Seeded by Soph0571 - FAVICONRaw Story - Mar 14, 2015 - “American Family Association radio host Bryan Fischer attacked the idea of bilingualism on Friday, calling it a punishment from God, Right Wing Watchreported. ““I believe God’s judgement is beginning to settle in on this land in the form of linguistic isolation,” he said on his show. “If you’re gonna carry out any kind of project together, you’ve got to speak the same language. Otherwise you can’t communicate. You can’t even examine the same set of plans. You can’t even evaluate a mission statement unless you’re talking the same language.” Fischer was upset over a report saying that more than 50 percent of Los Angeles residents between the ages of 18 and 34 speak a language other than English in their homes while speaking English outside of it. “You know what this means, ladies and gentlemen — we are losing the ability to talk to each other,” Fischer complained. “We’re losing the ability to communicate with each other. And this means that we’re on the road to no longer being one nation under God, indivisible. No longer one nation, no longer indivisible, and in many ways no longer under God.”
Instead, he said, the idea that people could speak more than one language was fracturing the U.S. into “subcultures.” “We’re no longer a melting pot. We’re now a word salad,” he said.

Who Can End International Strife By Uniting Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons & Other Faiths Into One God For Global Religion
March 12, 2015 by SkyWatch Editor - Can Pope Francis prevent a holy war?
BY GARRY WILLS - - POPE IN TURKEY: Pope Francis waves to journalists as he stands by Istanbul Mufti Rahmi Yaran during his trip to the Muslim nation last November. Emrah Gurel / AP
Discussions ricochet around Pope Francis’ ability to reconcile the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy, theology and practitioners. But for a man of Francis’ scope and skill, this is too narrow an assignment. His real task, for which he is ideally situated, is to prevent the world’s descent into religious war. There are 1.3 billion followers of Islam scattered around the world, and an ambitious Gallup poll of Muslims in 35 heavily Muslim countries found that the vast majority of them did not approve of the 9/11 attacks.
Significantly, those who condemned the attacks based their opposition to violence mainly on religion, while the 7 percent who considered them “completely justified” relied heavily on political arguments. How can we blame the Muslim religion for this horror?
Pope Francis has long recognized the honorable aspects of Islam. When he expressed sympathy for Muslims who defend the Quran as “a book of peace” and prayed in the Blue Mosque of Istanbul facing Mecca, he was drawing on long ties with Muslim believers. As archbishop of Buenos Aires, he visited the Islamic Center in his city, wrote a greeting in the visitor book using the Muslim prayer-title for God (“I give thanks to God, the Merciful”) and became a friend of the center’s president. He is a man with deep personal connections to other religious leaders, and he is able to discern the varying strands and historical stages of their faiths.
Read more here:

Family Group Concerned - December 4, 2012 | By: Heather Clark - A pro-family group is calling into question recent statements made by Rick Warren, author of The Purpose-Driven Life and pastor of Saddleback Church in California, surrounding his regret over creating a video in 2008 that expressed his support for Biblical marriage. During a recent interview with Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post, Warren sought to clarify matters pertaining to his creation of a video years ago in which he stated that those who follow the Bible should support California’s Proposition 8 ballot initiative. He had been accused of lying months after releasing the video for stating during an interview on Larry King Live that “[d]uring the whole Proposition 8 thing, I … never once issued a statement, never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop. 8 was going.”
“People say that I campaigned for Proposition 8. The meaning of the word ‘campaign’ means two different things,” Warren told Hill. “To me, that means that you go out and you speak at rallies, you do advertisements for it and stuff like that.”
“I never made a single statement on Prop. 8 until the week before, and in my own church, some members said, ‘Where do we stand on this?'” he explained. “[So], I released a video to my members. It was posted all over like it was an advertisement.”
Hill commented that Warren is a well-known pastor, and that he should be aware that any statement he makes will likely be distributed to the public. “It might be disingenuous to say that you have a church of 20,000 people, and you have a book that 32 million people have read and 60 million have accessed,” Hill said. “To say that ‘I was just giving a message’ –“

·March 05, 2015 By Todd Starnes · - A government crackdown on churches has Christians in Lake Worth, Fla., wondering if they live in the United States or the former Soviet Union. Churches in Lake Worth, population 36,000, have been ordered to acquire a business license. As if the church has to get the government’s permission to preach and pray?
But wait. It gets worse, folks. City officials were so concerned about one congregation that they dispatched a code enforcement officer cloaked in a hoodie to spy on a Southern Baptist church that was meeting in a coffee house.
Folks, it’s like the plot of a Cold War spy novel. “Government employees are public servants and prohibited by the Constitution from inhibiting religious freedom,” said Mat Staver, founder of the religious liberty law firm Liberty Counsel. “That is a far cry from sneaking around and into a church and acting like KGB agents.” Staver is calling on city leaders to immediately rescind the business license mandate on churches. He is also representing Common Ground Church, the congregation that was targeted by the city’s investigator.
The church owns and operates a coffee house in downtown Lake Worth. For the past three months, it has used the coffee house for a weekly worship service. Prior to that the congregation rented space in other buildings in the community.

By: Chris Griffith | From: The Australian |May 26, 2015 - 1A quarter of Australians are receptive to having a computer chip implanted under their skin for making payments, according to new research. The survey, commissioned by global payments firm Visa, found 25 per cent of Australians were “slightly interested” in having a commerce-oriented chip implanted in their skin. Research firm UMR conducted the survey for Visa, interviewing 1000 local consumers. A subcutaneous chip would let consumers pay at a retail terminal without a wallet, credit card, smartphone or smartwatch. They would simply wave their bare hand over a terminal.
The finding was revealed as Visa and University of Technology Sydney announced a partnership to explore the future of wearable technology. Visa’s research looked at the wearable technology Australian consumers were interested in using for payments.
Thirty-two per cent would be interested in paying with a smartwatch; 29 per cent with a smart ring, and 26 per cent with smart glasses. It is little wonder Visa regards Australians as adventurous with tech. “Australians are among the world’s earliest adopters of new technology,” said George Lawson, Head of Emerging Products and Innovation for Visa in ANZSP.



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In a neat demonstration of E=mc 2, physicists believe they can create electrons and positrons from colliding photons
Researchers have worked out how to make matter from pure light and are drawing up plans to demonstrate the feat within the next 12 months.
The theory underpinning the idea was first described 80 years ago by two physicists who later worked on the first atomic bomb. At the time they considered the conversion of light into matter impossible in a laboratory.
But in a report published on Sunday, physicists at Imperial College London claim to have cracked the problem using high-powered lasers and other equipment now available to scientists.
"We have shown in principle how you can make matter from light," said Steven Rose at Imperial. "If you do this experiment, you will be taking light and turning it into matter."
The scientists are not on the verge of a machine that can create everyday objects from a sudden blast of laser energy. The kind of matter they aim to make comes in the form of subatomic particles invisible to the naked eye.




4.0M earthquake strikes San Francisco Northern California
May 3, 2015 - Michael Janitch After the announcement of a new volcanic eruption off the West coast of Oregon this past week (May 1, 2015), we are now beginning to see seismic movement occur in adjacent areas to this volcanic upheaval. A magnitude 4.0 earthquake has struck near downtown San Francisco California. This movement in Northern and Southern California , which was forecast to happen, has now begun to occur in the expected areas.

Members of the graduating class of 2015 U.S. Coast Guard Academy throw their hats in the air near the end of their ceremony in New London, Conn., Wednesday, May 20, 2015. (AP Photo - Pablo Martinez Monsivais)By NANCY BENAC - From Associated Press - May 20, 2015 - NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) — President Barack Obama has argued for action on climate change as a matter of health, environmental protection and international obligation. On Wednesday, he added national security. Those who deny global warming are putting at risk the United States and the military sworn to defend it, he told cadets at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Failure to act would be "dereliction of duty," their commander in chief said. He said climate change and rising sea levels jeopardize the readiness of U.S. forces and threaten to aggravate social tensions and political instability around the globe. The president's message to climate change skeptics was unequivocal: "Denying it or refusing to deal with it undermines our national security" "Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country," Obama said on a crisp, sunny morning at Cadet Memorial Field. "We need to act and we need to act now."

The Alex Jones Channel -
In current military terminology, the “human domain” or “human domain analytics” refers to the “global understanding of anything associated with people.” Breaking down into four specific categories, mastery of the human domain results from obtaining total information awareness on a mass scale. Who You Are – Collected information includes names, addresses, biometrics, social media accounts . What You Do – Travel history, communications, financial transactions and movement of physical assets. Who You Know – Relational information including family, friends, associates and organizations. Context – Contextual data such as demographics, politics, cultural norms and religion.
.Jade Helm Propaganda Exposed - Infowars Nightly News - 05/12/2015 .

By All News PipeLine LAST UPDATED MAY 18, 2015 - Since March 13, 2015 when All News PipeLine received and published the leaked Jade Helm 15 documents, a firestorm blew throughout the internet with Alternative Media exposing every possible connection, theory, danger and highlighting other disturbing military training exercises happening on US soil, many Americans have "woken up" to the very real possibility that the US government is actively preparing to lock down the country and declare martial law, whether it will happen during these planned exercises from July to September, or if these exercises are just one of the preparations for a later event. Below we will list the chronology of ANP coverage on Jade Helm by both Stefan Stanford, Susan Duclos and a reader submission, the strange announcement of multiple Walmart closings, some in Jade Helm states and the possible connection to Jade Helm, and the massive military movement being seen across America since Jade Helm was exposed to the public.
What this article is geared to do is show the evolution of information regarding Jade Helm and issues many believe are related to JH 15, since it was first exposed to the public. Originally this article was going to be divided up into categories of Jade Helm and other "drills", Walmart Closings and Military Movement across the US, but with so many possible connections and associations, many of one category fit into another, so we divided the evolution of information into months.

05/24/2015 For its proponents, the TPP is one deal to rule them all -- one deal to take economies representing 40 percent of the world's economic output and, in the darkness, bind them. The fight over fast-track authority, necessary for the TPP's passage, has already become an enthralling political saga. But here comes a plot twist: We've all been focusing on the wrong battlefield.
So far, the public spotlight has focused on the Senate?--?particularly U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts), whose penchant for rallying the progressive troops seems to drive her critics to distraction, and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who literally wrote the book on the myths of free trade more than a decade ago. (It's called Myths of Free Trade.) GOP leaders, the White House, and corporate America had hoped the bill would sail through the Senate, creating an unstoppable wave of momentum. Thanks to Warren, Brown, and their allies, however, the Senate skirmish has turned into a nailbiter. Newspaper front pages have recounted the day-by-day plot twists as fast track has lurched its way through committee and to the Senate floor, where it finally passed Friday night.
For all the unexpected drama of the U.S. Senate, though, the real threat to fast track and the TPP has always been in the very heart of Republican political power: the House.
Although corporate Republicans like House Speaker John Boehner are eager to pass fast track, tea party insurgents are suspicious of handing President Obama (and his successor, whoever she might be) the power to negotiate trade agreements in secret and then railroad them through Congress without any possibility of amendment. According to veteran Capitol Hill observer David Hawkings, Obama is likely to face 60 Republican votes opposing fast-track authority.
So you might think that fast track might follow the path of other recent political crises, in which Boehner combines a split Republican vote with some support from Democrats.
But Democrats just aren't buying it. The reason is simple: Buyer's remorse. Democrats helped Bill Clinton pass NAFTA in 1993, only to find that none of its promises came true. The reality of NAFTA's impact can be seen in shuttered factories across the country. Today, thanks to two decades of patient organizing by elected officials like Sherrod Brown (who served in the House until 2006), U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Connecticut), and outside advocates like Public Citizen's Lori Wallach, the overwhelming share of the Democratic caucus has publicly committed to opposing fast track. The Hill's "whip list," based on public comments, counts a paltry 13 out of 188 House Democrats favoring it, with 23 on the fence. Meanwhile, activists close to the whipping operation have told me that the number of Democratic representatives committed to opposing it is north of 150?--?and that if it came to a House vote today, the measure would fail.
TPP backers have sought to portray Elizabeth Warren as the sole instigator of trouble. But as Vox's Matt Yglesias notes, nearly every Democratic interest group is united in opposition to the deal. The TPP has earned the ire of everyone from labor groups to environmentalists; from AIDS advocates to the Internet hacktivists who won on SOPA and net neutrality; from the AARP to netroots groups like, CREDO, the PCCC, and Democracy for America. If you want to get elected in a blue district, especially in a Democratic primary, these are the groups you need on your side.

4-May-2015 Published on Apr 28, 2015
INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. A DNA test has been order by the court to be completed by Barack Hussein Obama II and submitted by May 29, 2015. Failure to comply with this order constitutes an attempt to defraud the American people.
Am I a "Real" Judge?
4/29/2015 - On Apr 28, 2015, at 7:02 PM, Anna von Reitz <> wrote:
To answer that question and give you the fair full depth of it, you have to learn a lot of history and learn it right now. I am sick and tired of having people say I am not a judge and asking me in what sense I am a judge and coming up with all these silly suppositions and accusations, so I am going to answer you and then I am going to post this letter and let everyone else read it to their heart’s delight.
[...] The Continental United States — the actual geographically defined states with physical borders, etc.,– were given jurisdiction over the land, and their Citizens known as American State Citizens are the ones protected by The Constitution for the united States of America and vested with all powers of the civil government on the land.
The Federal United States was created (and limited) by The Constitution for the united States of America and given jurisdiction over the international jurisdiction of the sea. Circa 1868, the Federal United States started operating as a corporation doing business as the United States of America, Inc., and published its corporate charter as a look-alike, sound-alike “Constitution” we are all familiar with as the Constitution of the United States of America.
[...] The Continental United States is under the plenary (complete) control of the living People– the so-called “birthright” American State Citizens. We each have more civil authority on the land than the entire federal government.
The Federal United States is British-controlled and always has been.
[...] For example, THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT FOR THE STATE OF ALASKA is run by the ALASKA COURT SYSTEM, INC., which is a federal corporation doing business as the “THE SUPERIOR DISTRICT COURT” — a privately owned and operated for-profit corporate franchise which is under contract to act “FOR” the STATE OF ALASKA which is another private, mostly foreign-owned corporate franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC., which is owned and operated by the IMF, which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS, INC. Foreclosure Order - United Nations, IMF, Fed. Reserve

Catherine Austin Fitts By Greg Hunter On May 6, 2015 In Political Analysis 123 CommentsBy Greg Hunter’s
Money manager and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts is worried about exploding global debt. It has almost doubled since 2007, and Fitts says, “Yes, I am worried about it, and I still think the chance for collapse is relatively small, but I am very worried about the level of violence going up to deal with the tensions resulting from this. If you look at the debt, there are several things to point out. One, the debt is very high, but it is bifurcated between who is borrowing a currency they can print and people who are borrowing a currency they can’t print. That’s of great concern to us because with a global slowdown, a lot of people have borrowed in dollars, and now they got to pay it back at the same time they have to earn dollars, where it is tougher to do.”
Fitts thinks that shear force is helping to hold the current broken system together. Fitts thinks all that can change suddenly and goes on to say, “Central banking warfare depends on what the warfare can enforce. Here’s where the “black swan” event comes. When we reach a tipping point of global population . . . who realizes we’re run by . . . as a practical matter, psychopaths, and there is nothing good that can come from leaving them in power. Then you are going to get a shift in consciousness. To me, that’s the wild card. What we need are markets. Markets bring out the genius. Markets can solve essentially most of the problems we are facing. For markets to work, we have to realize there is no point in going through these guys’ mechanisms. They’re nuts, and it never can come out well for us if we go through their vehicles.”
Even though Fitts thinks the chance of total collapse is “relatively small,” she’s not discounting the chance of a major move this fall. Fitts contends, “I think this fall is going to be a major turning point. You see the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) system coming to a head. The U.S. budget is going to be a very difficult debate. You see the push to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the EU deal done. You have a lot of institutional relationships that needed to be restructured in the last couple of years. Those changes are all coming to a head, and so we are going to get a big shift. If you are managing a big bond fund, you got a big problem. . . . There is going to be a turn in the bond market or a plateau, and that’s going to be uncomfortable for those guys, and we are going to see some messy times.” Continued:

By TSM - Maybe it’s not so sweet now… If you’ve thought stevia, the natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweetners with aspartame, et al., is too good to be true, there may be a catch. Check out this textbook written in 1970 by Paul and Anne Ehrlich, the precursor to the textbook Ecoscience they wrote with Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren seven years later. The book advocates all manner of horrors to depopulate what they consider an overpopulated world, including everything from adding sterilants to the water and food to producing a sterilizing virus that requires a vaccine antidote one could apply for… it’s a nightmare.
As such, it was pretty shocking to find a passage where the authors excitedly discuss using stevia rebaudiana — the same sweet leaf hailed everywhere today as a wonderful, healthy sugar alternative — as an anti-fertility agent. What’s more, it had apparently been used traditionally by indigenous Indian populations in Paraguay for a long time, and rats in studies had shown a large drop in fertility after being administered stevia… Vist

by CatFan , Green Country, USA, May 22, 2015, 09:14 - Be sure to listen to last night's Coast to Coast program with first guest, Marshall Masters. He has info posted on his web sites complete with photos that indicate Nemesis with its planetary system, including Nibiru, is headed our way. Data indicates it is now on the far side of the Sun from us. Masters says that the celestial mechanics involved in this wandering group brings it either far or close to Earth as it swings around the Sun. The last time was when Exodus happened and it was a milder, farther away passage. This time it appears to be hell coming at us as described in Revelation. This would be similar to the devastation of Noah's flood.
He thinks the total time of the "tribulation" will be seven to ten years. The first indicator that the worst is starting will be volcanoes and earthquakes all around the ring of fire going off in a short period of time. There won't be many folks that survive. IMO, its more likely to be nobody because all the nuke power plants in the world will melt down. I see the outcome being the Earth turned into a glowing red briquette. Remember the important message from Ecclesiastes, "eat, drink and be merry because tomorrow you could be dead".

NBC News Reports Marshall Masters | April 23, 2015 In a live, predawn telecast on or about January 14, 2014, the morning news anchors of this NBC News affiliate, KCRA in Sacramento, CA aired live video from their own KCRA new helicopter. In it, they reported an observation of a planet they could not explain. What our analyses showed is that the KCRA morning news team observed two planets via their live news helicopter feed: Venus eclipsing Nibiru.

Billionaire fears conflict between U.S. & China by Paul Joseph Watson | May 21, 2015
Billionaire investor George Soros told the World Bank this week that the planet is on the verge of a third world war that could arise out of an economic collapse in China. “If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war,” Soros said during a Bretton Woods conference.
The billionaire warned that China’s difficulty in transitioning from an export economy to a domestic demand-led system could force Beijing to whip up a conflict with an external enemy in a bid to keep the country from collapsing. Soros said the only solution to the prospect was to allow China to join the IMF’s basket of global currencies so that it could compete with the dollar.
Without this measure, Soros warned that, “there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.” Soros’ comments came in the same week that CNN revealed how China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the South China Sea. Beijing is attempting to increase its influence by building a series of man made islands in the region.

May 05, 2015 | Michael Snyder - If the U.S. economy really is improving, then why are big U.S. retailers permanently shutting down thousands of stores? The “retail apocalypse” that I have written about so frequently appears to be accelerating.
As you will see below, major U.S. retailers have announced that they are closing more than 6,000 locations, but economic conditions in this country are still fairly stable. So if this is happening already, what are things going to look like once the next recession strikes? For a long time, I have been pointing to 2015 as a major “turning point” for the U.S. economy, and I still feel that way.
If retailers are closing this many stores already, what are our malls and shopping centers going to look like a few years from now?
The list below comes from information compiled by, but I have only included major retailers that have announced plans to close at least 10 stores. Most of these closures will take place this year, but in some instances the closures are scheduled to be phased in over a number of years. As you can see, the number of stores that are being permanently shut down is absolutely staggering…
180 Abercrombie & Fitch (by 2015)
75 Aeropostale (through January 2015)
150 American Eagle Outfitters (through 2017)
223 Barnes & Noble (through 2023)

U.S. economic growth braked more sharply than expected in the first quarter as harsh weather dampened consumer spending and energy companies struggling with low prices slashed spending, CNBC reported. US economy stalls in Q1 as weather, lower energy prices bite.
29 Apr 2015 - Reuters - U.S. economic growth braked more sharply than expected in the first quarter as harsh weather dampened consumer spending and energy companies struggling with low prices slashed spending, but there are signs activity is picking up.
Gross domestic product expanded at an only 0.2 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said on Wednesday. That was a big step down from the fourth quarter's 2.2 percent pace and marked the weakest reading in a year.
A strong dollar and a now-resolved labor dispute at normally busy West Coast ports also slammed growth, the government said.

April 29, 2015 - · - A Treasury Department watchdog has recovered thousands of emails from Lois Lerner and turned them over to Congress, reviving the investigation into the IRS' targeting of conservative groups.
Lerner was in charge of the IRS division that targeted Tea Party and other groups with conservative-sounding names when they applied for tax-exempt status from roughly 2010 to 2012.
She has since retired, and officials have said that many of her emails are permanently lost because her computer hard drive crashed.
“This underscores that our investigation into IRS abuse is far from over,” a House Ways and Means Committee spokesman said Wednesday. “The committee will thoroughly review these new emails as part of our ongoing efforts to find out exactly what happened and provide accountability."

Clifford D. May 20th May 2015 - The Washington Times I’d venture to guess that most of what you heard about President Obama’s summit last week was wrong. To start, it wasn’t a “summit.” That term, coined by Winston Churchill, implies a meeting of heads of government. But the most important Arab leader invited by Mr. Obama, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, stayed home, as did the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and Oman. King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa of Bahrain decided his time could be spent more productively at the Royal Windsor Horse Show outside London. You also may have heard that the reason the leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) didn’t attend was that they were put off by the prospect of international travel. Trust me: Flying in one’s own customized jet is a lot less wearying than going coach. - See more at:

[Ednote: One can't see into the buses]
April 17, 2015 - Some have speculated that Jade Helm is military training focused on putting down domestic political disturbances. What could go wrong?
AGENDA 21 RADIO - By Christian Adams - PJ MEDIA - This week, representatives from the Department of Defense met with concerned citizens in a contentious meeting inside the Real County Courthouse in Leakey, Texas. What took place at that meeting, and what Defense Department officials said, reveals a great deal about Jade Helm training exercises across the United States.
Some have speculated that Jade Helm is the military’s response to a possible attack by a weapon of mass destruction. Others have noted that the training seems to be focused on putting down domestic political disturbances.
Monday, an overflow crowd for the Real County Commissioners Court meeting, heard Lt. Col. Daniel Pawlak explain why the United States military has begun training inside the United States in unprecedented ways. Sources in attendance in the Real County Courthouse told PJ Media that Pawlak said the military would be in Texas to train for “unconventional warfare suited to large land, low population areas.” There would be no aircraft, he said, but there would be firing of blank ammunition and grenade simulators. He said that the participants would be clearly marked with orange arm bands on their left arms. This contradicts earlier reports that participants in Jade Helm would be indistinguishable from the general population.
According to someone in attendance, Pawlak assured the crowd he was there to obtain the support of the community but also revealed that private land had already been secured nearby Leakey to serve as a staging area for the exercises. One participant told PJ Media: Dozens of citizens expressed concern and opposition. A high degree of respect was displayed and on many occasions [it was] expressed that we were extremely pro-military but mistrusted our current commander in chief. Others in attendance report that the citizens sought to ask questions and that county officials said no questions would be allowed from the floor. Those in attendance were so angry and concerned that they refused to be silenced and shouted questions from the floor to Pawlak and to the Commissioners Court. Despite overwhelming opposition from the community, the Real County Commissioners Court (the governing body for the county) voted 5-0 to approve Jade Helm exercises in the county. The presentation by Defense Department representatives was item number 11 on the official public notice of the meeting of the Commissioners Court. WOAI News from San Antonio had representatives at the meeting Monday. Neither WOAI television nor WOAI-AM appears to have reported on the events.

Part of Rotschchild's Crest

Jade Helm 15 Icon 


AGENDA 21 RADIO - BY PAUL PRESTON - Operation Jade Helm 15 is not the end of the police state mentality that the Obama administration is attempting to force the police state mentality. Enter President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. 2015.

April 20, 2015 - forced-detention - According to the job posting, the Department of Defense is seeking individuals “to play a vital role in assisting with this security related training.”
AGENDA 21 RADIO - BY Mac Slavo - This summer the U.S. government will begin an unprecedented joint military exercise involving several states and tens of thousands of participants ranging from special operations groups to volunteer…
Read more:

By Matt Ehling, Public Record Media - April 10, 2015 - Special ops: Operation Jade Helm will involve Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines starting in July and lasting 8 weeks
AGENDA 21 RADIO - By Matt Ehling - Public Record Media - In August of 2014, military helicopters flew low over residential neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, engaged in a series of night-time training exercises. The exercises involved the Naval Warfare Development Group – a “special forces” component of the U.S. Navy – and were aimed at enhancing urban…
Read more:

AGENDA 21 RADIO - April 5, 2015 - Paul Preston - April 5, 2015 -
This operation is the first assault against the American Citizen by the U.S. Military. It shatters the Constitution and will in the end enslave Americans. Chilling!! For the first time in American History the military with all branches of special operations will be conducting large scale training exercises in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah & Colorado. These states occupy the same territory as the former territory that was Mexico and the United States purchased following the Mexican / American War. This area is know in Mexico as Aztaln. Aztlan is the legendary ancestral home of the Aztec peoples and is being sought after by activist such as Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán or MeChA and La Raza to be returned to Mexico. This meeting ia a “Coordination Authorization” meeting which is required by federal, state & local laws.
Read more:

April 4, 2015 - Special ops: Operation Jade Helm will involve Green Berets and SEALs and special forces from the Air Force and Marines starting in July and lasting 8 weeks
AGENDA 21 RADIO - By DAILYMAIL.COM REPORTER - Seven Southwestern states will soon be infiltrated by 1,200 military special ops personnel as part of a controversial domestic military training in which some of the elite soldiers will operate undetected among civilians. Operation Jade Helm begins in July and will last for eight weeks. Soldiers will operate in and around towns…
Read more:

Reporters Denied Presence, File Formal Complaint, Jade Helm 15
April 3, 2015 - As the military moves to gather invitations by states, counties and cities in the American southwest to conduct operation ‘Jade Helm 15' the first ‘unconventional’ warfare exercise in American history to be conducted in at least 10 states the President meets with Mormon Church leaders in Utah….. a state designated as a ‘hostile’ state…
Read more:

March 31, 2015 - While smuggling requires travel, trafficking does not. Trafficked people are held against their will through acts of coercion, and forced to work for or provide services to the trafficker or others.
AGENDA 21 RADIO - By PAUL PRESTON - Below is the introduction to Human Trafficking by Kamala D. Harris, California Attorney General. Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal Activity.
Read more:


Lorri Anderson - The Jeffrey Sisk Show -

76-year-old oversaw his country's transition from dictatorship to democracy
•He has suffered health problems in recent years, with 5 operations in 2 years
•But twilight of his monarchy has been mired in corruption claims and gaffes
•They included the infamous hunting photo with dead elephant in Botswana in 2012, prompting WWF to sack him as honorary president
•Rumoured to have bedded 1,500 women, allegedly including Princess Diana
•He's second European monarch to abdicate in a year after Beatrix of Holland
By Matthew Blake and Rebecca English - 2 June 2014 - The 76-year-old - who made the surprise announcement in a televised address today - will hand the throne to his son, Prince Felipe, 46, and his glamorous wife Letizia, a former award-winning newsreader and divorcee. He is the third European monarch to abdicate in just over a year after King Albert II of Belgium gave his crown to son Philippe last July, three months after Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands made way for her firstborn, Prince Willem-Alexander. Juan Carlos, who oversaw his country's transition from dictatorship to democracy, has seen the twilight of his monarchy blighted by scandal and health problems, including five operations in the last two years.
His popularity nosedived in the face of a string of corruption scandals and gaffes in recent years, including the infamous photograph of him posing - gun on hip - next to a dead elephant in Botswana while his homeland wallowed in its 2012 financial crisis.
Known - like his namesake, the great lothario Don Juan - as a prolific seducer, he is said to have bedded more than 1,500 women, among whom is rumoured have been Princess Diana. [There is speculation that Prince William's father is King Juan Carlos].
As a young and energetic statesman, he endeared himself to many Spaniards by putting down an attempted military coup in 1981.

Published on Apr 9, 2015 - The (LHC) is "The Mother of all Atom Smashers" or "The God Particle Machine" is the world's largest and most powerful particle collider ever built. Set to begin new testing this April 2015, after the discovery of the Higgs boson (God Particle) confirmed by data from the LHC in 2013. Scientist at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) have made the necessary repairs and say they are ready to restart on a 3 year schedule of new tests at twice the energy levels of the 2013 tests.
.As of 2014, the LHC remains the largest and most complex experimental facility ever built. Its synchrotron is designed to collide two opposing particle beams of either protons at up to 4 teraelectronvolts (4 TeV or 0.64 microjoules), or lead nuclei (574 TeV per nucleus, or 2.76 TeV per nucleon), with energies to be increased to around 6.5 TeV (13 TeV collision energy) —about seven times the previous record— in 2015. Collision data was also anticipated to be produced at an unprecedented rate of tens of petabytes per year, to be analysed by a grid-based computer network infrastructure connecting 140 computing centers in 35 countries (by 2012 the LHC Computing Grid was the world's largest computing grid, comprising over 170 computing facilities in a worldwide network across 36 countries
Its aim is to allow physicists to test the predictions of different theories of particle physics and high-energy physics like the Standard Model, and particularly prove or disprove the existence of the theorized Higgs boson and of the large family of new particles predicted by supersymmetric theories. The discovery of a particle matching the Higgs boson was confirmed by data from the LHC in 2013. The LHC is expected to address some of the unsolved questions of physics, advancing human understanding of physical laws. It contains seven detectors, each designed for certain kinds of research.
The LHC operated at 3.5 TeV per beam in 2010 and 2011 and at 4 TeV in 2012. Proton–proton collisions are the main operation mode. It collided protons with lead nuclei for two months in 2013 and used lead–lead collisions for about one month each in 2010, 2011 and 2013. The LHC went into shutdown for upgrades to increase beam energy to 6.5 TeV per beam, commissioning of the equipment with beam is expected to begin in April 2015.



[...] there were public announcements last week that the IMF was giving the Ukraine money to pay for its gas bills to Russia. However, it is the Chinese, not the crooks in New York and Washington, who provided the money, according to Japanese military intelligence. What this means is that French and the Frankfurt based German financial oligarchs have also split with the New York and Washington based Khazarian Mafiosi. In other words, Europe has joined with the BRICS.
Another, perhaps equally big change, was the announcement by Pope Francis last week that there would be a jubilee year starting on December 8th. The jubilee will be “dedicated to mercy” according to Pope Francis.
jubilee-year-dedicated-to-mercy/ -

Comment: Forcing everyone to spend only by electronic means from an account held at a government-run bank would give the authorities far better tools to deal with recessions and economic booms, writes Jim Leaviss
13 May 2015 - By Jim Leaviss BST - This story is part of our "Money Lab" series, in which respected figures from the world of finance put forward controversial ideas for improving our personal finances or the economy. [...] A proposed new law in Denmark could be the first step towards an economic revolution that sees physical currencies and normal bank accounts abolished and gives governments futuristic new tools to fight the cycle of “boom and bust”.
The Danish proposal sounds innocuous enough on the surface – it would simply allow shops to refuse payments in cash and insist that customers use contactless debit cards or some other means of electronic payment. Officially, the aim is to ease “administrative and financial burdens”, such as the cost of hiring a security service to send cash to the bank, and is part of a programme of reforms aimed at boosting growth – there is evidence that high cash usage in an economy acts as a drag.
But the move could be a key moment in the advent of “cashless societies”. And once all money exists only in bank accounts – monitored, or even directly controlled by the government – the authorities will be able to encourage us to spend more when the economy slows, or spend less when it is overheating. Continued:

May 15, 2015 DutchSinse - Searching a youtube screen name on Google Earth / Maps can reveal your personal information , including your mobile phone number, and street location down to the block! Ironically, talking about CERN earthquakes online has revealed a major security flaw in Google Earth / Google maps the size of the Pacific Ring of fire!
5/15/2015 Google Earth security flaw! Search a youtube screen name – get their address + PHONE + MOBILE NUMBER!! Michael Janitch
This is insane. Look what comes up when you search my backup channel screen name “dutchsinsereloaded” on Google Earth ! My home address down to the block and street here in St. Louis Missouri! For tatoott (my online youtube partner) it is much worse, not only his street and block, but his MOBILE NUMBER comes up ! for other youtube screen names, it appears their current chatter is now being geolocated, as well as their posting locations in some cases! How could a CERN earthquake connection reveal such a flaw? In the process of talking about CERN today online with Tatoott -- a viewer searched my name "dutchsinse" on google earth.
The viewer reported to me that when they searched "dutchsinse" on Google earth (or google maps) that the program listed me to be located AT CERN in Switzerland. Doesn't this mean the things I'm talking about online are now coming up real time as A MAP SEARCH for everyone to see? I did the search myself, and I have come to find something very disturbing.

Move is another blow to the coal mining industry in Appalachia
May 21, 2015 By Timothy Puko and John W. Miller - Coal miner Murray Energy Corp. is set to announce layoffs of around 1,800 workers at nine locations on Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter, dealing another blow to the coal-mining industry in Appalachia. The planned layoffs, which represent about 21% of Murray’s workforce, will come largely at mines in West Virginia and Ohio, a region already reeling from the impact of abundant natural gas and a global coal... To Read the Full Story

Production at the Miss Katherine offshore supply vessel near New Orleans has been halted
May 22, 2015 - By Erin Ailworth And The U.S. Coast Guard said Friday that it is responding to a fire at an oil production platform near New Orleans. Chelsey Dulaney - The Coast Guard received a report of a fire from the Miss Katherine offshore supply vessel at 2:50 a.m. Production has been halted and the platform evacuated. No injuries were reported among the 28 onboard.


BPEarthWatch -

"For The Good Of The Planet"
[Ednote: This flag has been 'suggested' for 'global flag']
05/16/2015 by Tyler Durden - Italy - New York Times - Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,
The UN plans to launch a brand new plan for managing the entire globe at the Sustainable Development Summit that it will be hosting from September 25th to September 27th. Some of the biggest names on the planet, including Pope Francis, will be speaking at this summit. This new sustainable agenda focuses on climate change of course, but it also specifically addresses topics such as economics, agriculture, education and gender equality. For those wishing to expand the scope of “global governance”, sustainable development is the perfect umbrella because just about all human activity affects the environment in some way. The phrase “for the good of the planet” can be used as an excuse to micromanage virtually every aspect of our lives. So for those that are concerned about the growing power of the United Nations, this summit in September is something to keep an eye on. Never before have I seen such an effort to promote a UN summit on the environment, and this new sustainable development agenda is literally a framework for managing the entire globe.
If you are not familiar with this new sustainable development agenda, the following is what the official United Nations website says about it…
The United Nations is now in the process of defining Sustainable Development Goals as part a new sustainable development agenda that must finish the job and leave no one behind. This agenda, to be launched at the Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, is currently being discussed at the UN General Assembly, where Member States and civil society are making contributions to the agenda.
The process of arriving at the post 2015 development agenda is Member State-led with broad participation from Major Groups and other civil society stakeholders. There have been numerous inputs to the agenda, notably a set of Sustainable Development Goals proposed by an open working group of the General Assembly, the report of an intergovernmental committee of experts on sustainable development financing, General Assembly dialogues on technology facilitation and many others.
Posted below are the 17 sustainable development goals that are being proposed so far. Some of them seem quite reasonable. After all, who wouldn’t want to “end poverty”. But as you go down this list, you soon come to realize that just about everything is involved in some way. In other words, this truly is a template for radically expanded “global governance”. Once again, this was taken directly from the official UN website…

May 21, 2015 - By Mark Meckler - The Alabama state motto is “We dare defend our rights,” and that sentiment was on display today in the Alabama State Capitol. Earlier this afternoon, Alabama become the first state in 2015 to pass the Convention of States application to limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government. The Senate passed HJR 112 today, which had been first passed by the House a few weeks ago. Then, because of minor amendments to the resolution, it was sent back to the House where it passed by a vote of 92-7. A huge congratulations is in order for every Convention of States volunteer in Alabama. Their hard work and dedication is what made this victory possible, and we couldn't be prouder of our team in the Yellowhammer State.
Terry Richmond, the Legislative Liaison for the Alabama team, had this to say about the victory: “I’m overwhelmed by the support we received from both volunteers and legislators over the past few months. The dedication, vision, and prayers of every volunteer in the state, along with the hard work and commitment of our sponsors and their staff, is what made this victory possible. The people of Alabama should hold their heads high – they've implemented the Founders tool to fight federal overreach, and we’re one step closer to turning a Convention of States into a reality.”

May 21, 2015 - By Paul Kane and Mike DeBonis - Republicans and a small band of Democrats rescued President Obama’s trade agenda from the brink of failure Thursday, clearing a key hurdle in the Senate but leaving the final outcome in doubt. Supporters must still navigate a set of tricky-but-popular proposals that could torpedo the legislation’s chances, and its fate in the House remains a tossup because Obama faces entrenched opposition from his own party. But Thursday’s victory kept alive Obama’s bid to secure a broad trade deal with Pacific Rim nations by advancing legislation that would give him expanded authority to complete the accord.
WASHINGTON (AP) — In a triumph for President Barack Obama, sweeping legislation to strengthen the administration's hand in global trade talks advanced toward Senate passage Thursday after a showdown vote that remained in doubt until the final moment.
The 62-38 vote, two more than the 60 needed, came from a solid phalanx of Republicans and more than a dozen Democrats. But the decisive thumbs-up came — literally, and long past the allotted time — from Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington after she and a few others seized the moment as leverage to demand a vote next month on legislation to renew the Export-Import Bank.
"It was a nice victory. We're going to continue and finish up the bill this week," Majority leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Obama's most important Senate ally on the trade bill, said after sealing the agreement that Cantwell, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and others had sought. The Senate action to move toward a final vote was "a big step forward," Obama said at the White House, predicting that a trade deal would "open up access to markets that too often are closed." The president was up late Wednesday night placing telephone calls to lawmakers, and he spoke with Cantwell again shortly before the vote.

Apr 27, 2015 - TheJohnBirchSociety - JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for April 27 - May 3, 2015.
In this week's Analysis Behind the News video, JBS CEO Art Thompson discusses how China is building a trade bloc in Asia with Pakistan and many other nations; how Obama is working on a trade partnership agreement (the Trans-Pacific Partnership)
that would lead to economic integration of our nation with eleven Pacific Rim nations (including Mexico and Canada), but that would also allow unrestricted immigration into the United States from these nations; how liberals and communists are rallying
to support the teachers that have been caught cheating on their students’ scores on standardized tests; how Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has come out in favor of a campaign finance reform constitutional amendment; and how could
liberals and conservatives be working together on getting a constitutional convention called and expect to get a result that would satisfy both sides.

Mar 11, 2015 - Senator Elizabeth Warren - spoke on the Senate floor on February 26, 2015 about the Investor-State Dispute Settlement provision in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

Apr 22, 2015 - Larry Cohen, President, Communication Workers of America talks with Bill Press about Obama and Elizabeth Warren sharing their disagreement on the TPP. The Bill Press Show

Sen. Inhofe: 'He's trying to find some allies in the military, but they're not there'
May 21, 2015 By Greg Corombos - Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman James Inhofe is blasting President Obama for telling U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates Wednesday that climate change is one of the most serious threats to security here in the U.S. and around the world. In the midst of negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program and just days after the Islamic State capture of Ramadi, Obama focused his remarks on the temperature of the earth. “Climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security. Make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. So we need to act, and we need to act now,” said Obama, who called avoidance of the issue a “dereliction of duty.”
“Denying it or refusing to deal with it endangers our national security. It undermines the readiness of our forces,” he said.
Sen. Inhofe, who is also a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is the author of “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.”
“It shows that they’re getting more and more desperate,” he said. “He’s trying to resurrect the issue of global warming. This has got to be the most desperate statement that he’s made because it’s one that no one’s going to believe.

May 20, 2015 - by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger - Five pieces of evidence suggesting that California drought may be a HAARP-manufactured event. The astonishing radioprotective effects of MISO explained: Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Chernobyl survivors speak out... eat to live! Fasting shown to regenerate stem cells, reverse immunosuppression after three days
Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda... hires Monsanto lobbyist... takes huge dollars from Monsanto
Area around Fukushima is now a radioactive wasteland that will be uninhabitable for decades
(NaturalNews) California will be the origin of America's first wave of medical police state refugees fleeing medical tyranny if Gov. Jerry Brown signs SB 277 into law.
SB 277 is California's pharma-funded vaccine assault on all parents and children. It would eliminate all personal belief exemptions and force nearly all children in California to be forcibly injected with vaccines that are knowingly manufactured with neurotoxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG.
If he signs the law, Gov. Brown will be declaring medical genocide against children whose genetic makeup causes them to have extremely heightened risks to vaccine injury. No child will be safe in California, and the state will cement its position as the first real-life medical police state in America, where risks of a medical civil war skyrocket. Natural News has heard from dozens of readers who tell us they are making preparations to flee the state if SB 277 is signed into law. Mandatory vaccines at gunpoint are "the last straw," according to one mom who wrote Natural News about her concerns. "All these state senators voting for the bill received campaign donations from the drug companies. They sold us out to the corporate interests. There's nothing else we can do but leave..."
Learn more:

The Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV -
May 15, 2015 - Alex Newman New American - With an apparent nod from the Obama administration, Bulgarian Communist Party operative and current UNESCO boss Irina Bokova is reportedly the “frontrunner” to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations. The controversial radical, whose communist roots run deep, is being touted to lead the UN by the Western globalist establishment and totalitarian Third World regimes - and not just because of her close ties with Moscow and reported acceptability to Obama. However, despite her past and her views being largely suppressed in the establishment press, Bokova’s candidacy should be troubling to all supporters of freedom, Judeo-Christian values, national sovereignty, and free markets.
The latest establishment media organ to tout Bokova’s bid for the top UN post was the Financial Times, a newspaper that is always well represented at the shadowy Bilderberg meetings bringing together top globalists from around the world. “It is perhaps no coincidence that of all the candidates touted so far the one most often considered to be the frontrunner is Irina Bokova,” reported Chair David Clark with the mysterious “Russia Foundation,” which, despite being virtually unknown and having a bizarre website that for some reason featured pornographic images on May 14, is being widely promoted by establishment and government-run media outfits. It was not immediately clear who Clark was referring to that was touting Bokova, but it is true that the establishment appears fully supportive of her bid.

by hidden line after 'By'Todd Shields 11:00 AM MST February 26, 2015 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. regulators invoked broad powers to ensure that Web traffic for all users is treated equally, adopting net-neutrality rules that supporters say will preserve a wide-open Internet and that opponents vow to fight in court.
The measure approved Thursday by the Federal Communications Commission prohibits companies such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. from blocking or slowing online traffic and from offering faster service in return for payment. It also brings wireless Internet service fully under the rules for the first time. The 3-2 vote on party lines by FCC commissioners enshrines a regulation backed by the Obama administration and opposed by cable and telephone companies, which say the rules risk stifling a fast-growing Internet and will lead to rate regulation. “The Internet is too important to allow broadband providers to make the rules,” said FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, a Democrat appointed by Obama, in comments as the commission prepared to vote in its crowded meeting room in Washington.
With the vote, the FCC is seeking to settle more than a decade of debate about whether the Internet should be a highway offered to all users on equal terms, or whether broadband providers can levy fees and restrict access. The previous set of net-neutrality rules passed by the FCC in 2010 was voided by a federal appeals court, sending Wheeler’s agency back to the drawing board. Continued:







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