The 3rd and 4th Angels Messages Rev.14:6-13; 14-20; Rev.18:1-5.


Did The Catholic Church Give Us the Bible? Part 1

How can you people bow down to that statue? The Bible says it's idolatry! My son, you don't understand…You're not qualified to interpret the Bible. Besides…Mother Church can change the Bible because she gave it to us! DID SHE REALLY?

Did the Roman Catholic church really give us the Bible? Or did Yahweh give us the Bible in some other way?

"Saint" Augustine or Erasmus Let's find out! …

History shows there are TWO Bibles with two histories-not just one. And these Bibles do not agree with each other. How do we know which one is from Yahweh or God?

I need Mother Church and her scholars to tell me which Bible is correct and what it means. IMPRIMATUR- Augustine of Hippo (354-430 a.d.)

No, Yahweh showed us which to believe by preserving His words through His faithful followers. BIBLE - NO church is above the Bible! Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536 a.d.)

It comes down to this: Either you trust Yahweh and what He said, or you trust man's opinion about what Yahweh meant. This is a choice you MUST make.


Like it or not … we are surrounded by false teachers (Yahweh calls them "ravening wolves " Mat 7:15 who are slowly destroying our faith.

Did Yahweh really saaaaay that?

Unless you know about history as it actually happened, you also will fall under the spell of these deceivers.

A Short History of the Bible Yahweh's Own Words Exodus 20:1-17.


Yahweh wrote the Ten Commandments-twice-with His own finger Exodus 31:18; 32: 15-16; 34:1-5. What about all the other books of the Bible? Wow! Thank You Eylohim!

All Scripture is given by inspiration of Yahweh … 2Tim 3:16, 17.

Either way, Yahweh wrote the Bible. The first time a person writes something, it's called an "original autograph. "ANYTHING ELSE IS A "COPY."

When Yahweh revealed His laws to Moses, He wrote the first ten on two tables of stone-on both sides Ex 32:15.

1. Front
2. Back

Moses brought them down from Mount Sinai in Arabia, Gal 4:25. to show all the Israelites what Yahweh had written.

"Our condemnation in the Judgment will not result from the fact that we have been in error, but from the fact that we have neglected heaven sent opportunities for learning what is truth D.A. p. 490. The Holy Word… In these last moments of earth's history the truth shall be repaired.

What Happened To The Bible After 100 AD?

The Old Testament was accepted as one book. And though the New Testament letters and Gospels were only recently written, churches traded and copied them. And these scrolls were all gathered together in one important city: Antioch of Syria.

Antioch was 310 miles north of Jerusalem. From there came the first Gospel missionary movement.

The Northern Stream was Yah's preserved words in Hebrew and Greek. But there was another city, 317 miles southwest of Jerusalem: Alexandria, Egypt. And in that city the "intellectuals" perverted the words of Yahweh.


From loosely 300 BC to AD, Greek was the "trade language" people used to communicate all over the Roman Empire.

WHEN THE ALEXANDRIAN "SCHOLARS" GOT HOLD OF THE BIBLE, EVERYTHING CHANGED. Now they make sense. Of course! Hey, can we change this verse? Good. Pass the scissors. Have we agreed on anything yet? NO!! We'll use them anyway. What do those apostles know?

They argued like this for years in Alexandria. But the main source of the false Bible (as we know it today) was one particular "scholar" named Origin.

The Southern Stream: Origin Was the Origen!


Why because he was a "scholar," of course! During his life he wrote over 2,000 books Origen friend Pamphilius said he wrote 6,000 books-though he might have exaggerated. But it's clear from history that Origen wrote at least 2,000. All infected with his Greek philosophy. They are also filled with his way of interpreting the Bible - "Allegorical Exegesis."

Origin was not a Bible -believer.

*Origin didn't believe in the Old Testament miracles.
* " many of Yahshua's word or stories
* " the Holy Spirit was eternal
* " that Yahshua Meshayah is Almighty Yahweh
(See) Grady, Final Authority, pp.91-95

ORIGEN MADE UP A STRANGE GREEK BIBLE. He pasted together his own Greek Old Testament, mixed with some old folk tales called the Apocrypha, they became counterfeit "holy books." And added on his own perverted New Testament.

To dress up his Bible, he inserted New Testament verses into Old Testament passages.
Origen .. Look at what Paul said in Romans 3! Can we drop it into Psalm 14? Why not? They'll just think Paul quoted my Greek Old Testament! For Example: They tacked Romans 3:13-18 onto Psalm 14:3, adding 6 verses, 49 extra words!

"How quickly! Will be swept away every subterfuge, every lying excuse! Human apostasy will appear in its heinous character… All will understand that they have erred from the truth by receiving the misinterpretations and bewitching lies of Satan instead of "every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of Yahweh." (ST March 7, 1895).

It had to look like the Apostles and Jesus (Yahshua) quoted his Old Testament. That made his book look "ancient," and give it "authority." But he added other books, too.

Satan used unbelieving Origen to make the first counterfeit Bible, adding and removing what he wanted.

Why is your text in Greek? Because the Hebrew tongue is beneath us, you fool! Well, er, …Actually, Origen didn't KNOW Hebrew well (See) Rev.J. Tixeront, A Handbook of Patrology, translated by S.A Raemers (English Edition, 1920), p. 90


Origen gave the world his Bible, not Yahweh's:










Modified Old Testament
+ Folk tales called Apocrypha
+ Perverted New Testament

= Origen's Alexandrian "Bible"

Origen's Bible will play a BIG part in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. GREEK ONLY
. His counterfeit Bible was copied by others "scholars." (See) Tixeront, A Handbook of Patrology, p. 90
. In the 300s they were asked to make 50 Bibles
. The "scholars" at Alexandria wrote these 3 Bible perversions:

. Sinaiticus (about 350 AD)
. Vaticanus (before 400 AD)
. Alexandrinus (about 450 AD)

. Those "scholarly" Bibles disagree over 3,000 times, in the 4 Gospels alone! They are what you call "false witnesses."

The Northern Stream-Old Latin


Antioch - The Northern Stream was Yahweh's word's preserved in Antioch of Syria.
Alexandria - The Southern Stream was Yahweh's word's perverted in Alexandria, Egypt.

Was Yahweh surprised by the devil's counterfeit? Of course not! The Eylohim knows everything.

And He planned, before He made the universe, to spread His Bible over the world.

But behind the curtain was a new world language:


In the valley of the Alps were a people that Yahweh used to translate His preserved words into Latin. THESE PEOPLE WERE CALLED THE "VAUDOIS."

They lived in the Piedmont valleys (Piedmont means "foot of the mountain." It was surrounded by mountains on three sides.) of the Alps, at the northwest corner of Italy, east of France. (This area where the Vudois lived is also called the Itala.) In about 120 AD some got saved, and went to Antioch to receive Yahweh's words.
*Pronounced: vahd-WAH


120 AD: Son, bring us Yahweh's words in our language. I'm counting on you. Okay, Papa. I will return when I have the Bible in Latin1

157 AD: Dad I'm finished translating the Bible!



We call it "Old LATIN"- but it wasn't old then! For a few hundred years, it was the world language. And now Yahweh's words were available to the whole Roman empire. Amazingly, it spread all the way to England before 200 AD. (See) In Awe of thy Word by Gail Riplinger (2003), pp.676-677. The basis for the Saxon (English) Bible was Yah's preserved Old Latin, not the later Catholic perversion by Jerome.

The Old Latin Bible spread so wide, Christians called it the Vulgate (common) Bible. And Vaudois missionaries spread Yahweh's words even down to Rome, two by two. They risked death - but the Gospel was more important than their lives.

The Roman emperors persecuted the early church. This slaughter continued until Constantine was emperor. Then the Caesars changed Costumes.

Constantine was a pagan, just like most Romans were. He worshipped the sun god, SOL INVICTUS, which means the "unconquered sun" (See) Introduction to the History of Christianity, edited by Tim Dowley (1990), pp.139-140

When his dad, Constantine Chlorus, died in 306 AD, his son Constantine didn't automatically or officially become an emperor. So in 312 AD, Constantine was battling his rival Maxentius (son of Maximian, a previous emperor) for the thorn. Finally, at Milvian Bridge Constantine asked his sun god for a sign.

Suddenly, he saw an ankh in the sky and the words, EN HOC SIGNO VINCES ("in this sign conquer"). And Satan's forces made sure that he won. The devil's plan for Rome, "MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT," was taking shape.

The Emperor of Rome had a number of important titles. My Lord, (Baal) as our new Caesar, we preset you with the title, Pontifex Maximus.

The Pontifex Maximus had great power over the pagans of the Roman Empire:
. He set the Roman calendar
. He set the holidays
. He set the sacrifices to the gods

Note: This is how HaSatan is controlling the World today.

That way Constantine could hold tight control over the pagan religions.

But he also made himself the head of the "church"! Your highness, we have brought what you command. Good Now all shall know me as the Bishop of Bishops! So as "Bishop of Bishops" HE PROCLAIMED: Christianity is legal! 313 AD: Edict of Milan. Now it was politically correct to be "converted"… Now we're saved too, right? (Hic!) Haw haw! Why not? I'll drink to that! FALSE CONVERSIONS WERE EVERYWHERE.

Pontifex Maximus (Constantine) called on Eusebius of Caesarea (263-339) was Constantine's lap dog. Eusebius was commanded to get fifty (50) Bibles from the school of Alexandria. Constantine wanted only one "church."
Constantine wanted only one "church." But the empire was filled with pagans. So he decided to "Christianize" them, whether they wanted it or not!

The answer is simple: we'll give all the old gods "Christian" names!

Now he wanted to UNITE these so-called "CHRISTIANS." So in 325 AD, Constantine as Bishop of Bishops presided over the Council of Nicea - attended by over 250 Bishops. (Eusebius said 250, but Athanasius said 318 Bishops were at the Council.)
It was to decide whose doctrine of the Godhead would be followed.


Roman Catholicism was formed in just one century.

Siricius (384-399 AD) was the first Roman Bishop to call himself "Pontifex Maximus" and a new term, "Pope" (papa). Now pagan Rome became the "holy" city. The pope had the religious powers of Caesar and claimed to rule the "church."

"We need our own Bible!"

Satan had the perfect man: a monk named JEROME (340-420) was another like Origen.
By 405AD, Jerome finished His Latin Perversion. Christians called it the Vulgate-the "common" Bible. The pope expected their new "Vulgate" would catch on right away with faithful "Catholics." But too many people knew Yahweh's genuine words to be fooled by this counterfeit.


But they were interrupted in 410 AD by an invasion of Visigoths. For the first time in 800 hundred years Rome was invaded. Over the next decades, Rome was repeatedly attacked and plundered. Finally the Roman government collapsed. And the only thing left to pick p to pieces was that pagan, perverted, Pontifex-led, priest-filled Roman Catholic "Church" THE Catholic Church of Rome got the reins of government and began destroying Yahweh's words in Old Latin, but nothing takes Yahweh by surprise! Faithful believers hid their Bibles.

So, the Hebrews hid there Manuscripts. From the Romans but this was only the beginning. Christianity was about to take shape.

First, Augustine (413-426 a.d.
. The "true"Greek Bible is Origen's Septuagint.
. Jerome wrote the "true" Latin

Second, pope Celestine I (422-432 AD) turned a "goddess" into Mary!
. He was a friend of Augustine's.
. He called the Council of Ephesus (431 AD.
. His Council now called Mary-the "mother of God" (Greek, theotokos).

The idol-makers were thrilled! They lost none of their business. They had one made statues of Diana, the Ephesian goddess (Acts 19:28-35). Now they made statues of Mary, supposedly "God's mother."

Now the Roman Catholic system had its own:
a. Counterfeit leader - the pope
b. Counterfeit Mary to worship
c. Counterfeit Jesus wafer god
d. Counterfeit Vulgate Bible
These Mary - worshipers were Catholics-not Christians!

However, in Isaiah 57:14 And shall say, Cast ye up, cast ye up, prepare the way, take up the stumblingblock out of the way of my people.

Is not this the very work that the Eylohim has given to do in connection with those who see and feel the importance of the work that must be done in the earth that the truth may triumph gloriously? Every man who undertakes to hedge up the way of the servants of Yahweh, binding them about by human restrictions, so that they cannot follow the leadings of the Spirit of Yahweh, is hindering the advance of the work of YAHWEH.

The Eylohim sends the message, "take up the stumblingblock out of his way of my people." Earnest effort is to be put forth to counterwork the influences that have kept back the message for this time A solemn work is to be done in a short space of time (Ltr 42, 1909).

Counterfeit Christianity

And third, A BIG LIE: "To learn about 'true" early Christianity Read the Church Fathers"

Warning: The "Early Church Fathers" were not the real Early Church Fathers!

a. "Saint" Augustine
b. "Saint" Jerome
c. "Saint" Origen
d. "Saint" Eusebius
e. "Saint" Irenaeus


SURPRISE … We're really "fathers" of Roman Catholicism!

If you want to be a Roman Catholic, read their books.

These were the real Early Church Fathers!

a. Matthew
b. Mark
c. Luke
d. John
e. James
f. Jude
g. Peter
h. Paul
If you want to be a true Christian, read their books.


Satan was clever. Only his priests were "qualified" to interpret Jerome's fake "Latin Vulgate Bible." None of these Catholics had Yahweh's words. So they became superstitious and religious-in no way Christian. They were deceived by a phony Vulgate. So now the Catholic priests ruled over the people like little gods. The popes made everyone worship the fake Mary - OR ELSE!

The Bible says Roman Catholicism is "…the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: With whom the Kings of the earth have committed fornication…" (Revelation 17:1, 2) From Constantine to Celestine, true Christians were heading for the hills. Till now the Vaudois had been tucked safely inside the lower Alps.



JEROME'S VULGATE BIBLE Accept our Bible or DIE! Now the bloodbath began. The world was plunged into the Dark Ages.

Millions were slaughtered, century after century…

Ignorance was rampant in Roman Catholic nations.

Even the priests were often illiterate, unable to read the counterfeit Bible, much less Yahweh's preserved words in Old Latin. But among the Vaudois, who still sent missionaries two by two across the world, Yahweh's holy words gave them purpose.

These missionaries (Vaudois) were always ready 1 Peter 3:15-17. to share Yahweh's holy words. Their Bibles were carefully hidden inside their rough cloaks. (See) Wilkinson in which Bible? Edited by David Otis Fuller (1975), p.212.



1. They carry these messages of warning to the ends of the earth (Revelation 14:6-10).

2. They keep all the commandments of Yahweh, and they have the true "faith of Yahshua.Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of Eylohim, and the faith of Yahshua.

3. As Yahweh's servants they are sealed.







The Infiltration of the Bible? Part II
The Light begins to shine through the Dark Ages

It took 900 hundred years for the Catholics to destroy most Old Latin Bibles and kill their owners. Then Yahweh moved one man to translate Yahweh's words from Old Latin into English: John Wycliffe (1320 - 84). Then as soon as Wycliffe died, soon to be Catholic John Purvey started perverting that Bible Each year, Wycliffe's Bible was changed to look like an English version of a Roman Catholic Vulgate!

a. Back then it was illegal to translate the Bible?
b. The only "legal" language of education was LATIN?
c. You could die, simply for not being a Roman Catholic?
d. Wycliffe was willing to break the Roman Catholic rules simply because he believed the Bible?

However, Wycliffe Reverenced Yahweh not the Pope!

Martin Luther (1483-1546) 95 THESES. By 1522: Martin Luther made his translation of the New Testament in only 11 weeks.

William Tyndale (1494-1536)

Here is Yahweh's Pattern for Preserving His Word: Yahweh wants accurate translations of exact copied, and so on down through history…These translations of Yahweh's words in their own native languages are called vernacular Bibles.

Now Yahweh's words spread from Germany into other countries. And where ever the true Bible went, knowledge of the Gospel and Biblical doctrine went, too.
The people rebelled against the Roman Catholic leadership. The Catholic leaders were furious! There powerful religion was crumbling.

By the year 1528-29 Was an Interesting year at Montaigu. It was one student's graduation year. His name was John Calvin (1509-1564). But a dangerous student was there as well. His name was Don Inigo de Onaz.
We know him today as: IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA (1491-1556).

Ignatius had learned how to brainwash volunteers into serving him. He did this with his tiny little book entitled, Spiritual Exercises. In it a "director" rules the recruit's life, including heavenly visions-even his breathing! Ignatius met with just 6 fellows students and two of them became his top guys: Salmeron and Lainez (watch them!). Loyola named his band of loyal Catholics:

THE SOCIETY OF JESUS, OR "THE JESUITS." Song of Songs 2:15 "Little Foxes"

The Vatican feared Ignatius. He kept building up his forces. They had only two options: Kill him and all Jesuits, or make a deal with him. Loyola had survived four Inquisitions. He wanted to serve the pope.



In 1540: Loyola revealed his plan to the pope.
1. This is mystic Babylon, who persecuted the saints (Revelation 17:5-6).
Babylon is called both a "great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth" and also a woman, "mother of harlots" (Revelation 14:8; 17:5, 18). Mystic Babylon is the papacy, "drunken with the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." In the creed of Pope Pius IV we read: "I acknowledge the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church for the mother and mistress of all churches" (article 10).
2. Rome's false doctrines largely came from ancient Babylon. The Church of Rome is called Babylon because its religion is a revival of the religion of ancient Babylon. A careful examination of the ritual of ancient Babylon will reveal that the papacy is largely an adaptation of this ancient pagan system. It is not difficult to trace the connection between the two in the political and religious history of Rome.
3. Babylon is the same power as the little horn of Daniel 7:25. Like the little horn, she persecutes the saints and rules over the kings of the earth.
Step one: Raise up kids to be Jesuit translators! Children were raised Rheims (and later taken to Douay), France, to be trained in the "art" of translating a counterfeit Bible. They later returned to ENGLAND AS DEEP AGENTS under Jesuit masters.
Note: This same plan is done today in 2012 A.D. Raise up kids to be Jesuit translators! Teachers, Pastors, and Political Leaders in the world. For the control is in Vernacular Bibles…

Neither their CATHOLIC Rheims New Testament (1582) nor their Douay Old Testament (1610 sold well in England. The true Christians could tell it was fake. Step One ended in defeat. The Devil lost that battle!

Step two: Set up a Council to fight the Reformation. This is what must happen at the Council of Trent.

Agenda for the Council of Trent:
a. Not saved by faith only
b. Saved by baptism and works
d. Defend Purgatory and Indulgences
e. Condemn Protestant Bibles………..The Catholic Church never had a BIBLE
f. No Priesthood of All Believers
g. Rome is the mother of all churches
h. Defend the "Wafer God"…………..This is there Power
i. Everyone must obey the pope……HaSatan/Satan


The Counter Reformation-The Council of Trent


The pope (antichrist) had to choose carefully who would speak for him at the Council. And who do you think he chose? Those two Jesuits "fathers," Salmeron and Lainez!

THE COUNCIL OF TRENT (1545-47, 51-52, 62-63)

Now we can STOP those godless Protestants and Baptists and DESTROY their heretical Bible once and for all!

The Pope was speaking to the Clergy Amen. And throughout the ages the World has responded to say amen. Why?

In defining the history of our word's and meanings it would be well to have a better comprehension of what we believe.

A'mon, an Egyptian divinity, whose name occurs in that of No Amon (Nah.iii.8), in
A.V. "populous No," or Thebes, also called [No.] The Greeks called The god Amon (Wilkinson). This divinity Ammon. The ancient Egyptian name is Amen.


Amen was one of the eight gods of the first order, and chief of the triad of Thebes. He was worshipped at that city as Amen-Ra, or "Amen the sun."
A Dictionary of the Bible. Smith's Bible Dictionary, by, William Smith, LL.D.

As they say…For Yahuweh (God) the Glory! Who do they worship? Yahuweh or God?

In the prophecy, it is written of the Holy Name to be restored in these last days.

During the course of your life you have probably heard men express the same desire that my dear friend expressed at his dinner - "…that my family NAME continues." You see, names mean things; it represents your character, and perhaps your family's standing in the community, etc. You may have heard a parent say something like this to their child: "You are a Gonzales and the Gonzales's don't act like that."

In these last days of earth's history, we as a people will have to learn and re-learn what we as a people have learned. In the Western Educational System.

However, there are a lot of man-made traditions in Judaism AND there are a lot of man-made traditions in Christianity as well. False doctrines that were perpetrated before any of us were even born have caused the Name above all names to be replaced and put into non-use, thereby making millions (unknowingly) break the Third Commandment Exodus.20:3. It is tragedy.

If there's no distinction between His Name and that of the pagans, you could have a worship service where Christians, Muslims, HaSatan Worshippers, Hindus, and Buddhist were all singing songs with these words: "The Lord reigns. He is a mighty God, the Lord God reigns"; "Great is the Lord"; "Our God is an Awesome God"; "I am a friend of God." This would not be a problem for any of these groups because they all have gods and lords.
You may be thinking - the case (upper or lower) of letters makes all the difference. Well, that's what I thought too, but I found out that in the Hebrew language there are no upper and lower case letters. So there goes that defense.


(Let's get back to the worship service)


All these groups would appear to be in unity, but in truth they are not worshiping the same deity. You could say to a Muslim, "I love God" and the Muslim could say "I love God too, and his name is Allah."

And unbelievably some Christians believe that Allah is the same as the Elohim (God) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, because they haven't been taught His true Name.

This is another example of how the enemy is attempting to destroy us. Hosea 4:6 declares, "My people have perished for lack of knowledge…"

For Example:

In correct Names
2. GOD

Correct Names

a. Elohim - Isa 42:8; Jere 6:21; Matt 6:9; Pro 30:4
b. Yahuweh
c. EL
d. Yahuweh

YAH - Is the short form for Yahuweh is written more than 6,823 times in the holy Scriptures.

JAH - Has only been in existence since the year of 1559 A.D. making it less than 500 hundred years old.

The name "LORD", ironically, Lord means Baal in Hebrew (See Strong's Concordance #01168)

The Prophecy… they forgot my Name through Baal - Lord Worship. Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 23:27;
Hosea 2:7.
Malachi 1:11;
Malachi 1:14.

It is true that He looks on the mind (heart), but in these last days, He is restoring His Name as He prophesied in the Scriptures. How wounderful it is to exalt and esteem and meditate on His true Name.

We are told His Name is Holy and when we repeat the prayer in Matt 6:9 (KJV) we say, "…Hallowed be thy name." The Hebrew word for Hallowed is Kadosh which means Set-Apart (Holy). If we call Him generic titles like God, Lord, Christ, Jehovah or HaShem, etc. we are not setting His Name apart; we are not Hallowing His Name.


In Proverbs 30:4 we see that He wants us to know His Name as well as His power:
"Who has gone up to the heavens and come down?
Who has gathered the wnd in His fists?
Who has bound the waters in a garment?
Who established all the ends of the earth?
What is His Name, And what is His Son's Name, If you know it?"
Proverbs 30:4.


Most Christians can't answer that question because they don't know the Name of their Elohim. His Name is YAWH. The letters are pronounced Yud Hay Waw Hay and is name is usally pronounced Yahweh (Yah-way). Isaiah 42:8 says, "I am Yahweh that is My Name, and My esteem I do not give to another, nor My praise to idols." His Name means I AM WHO I AM -Yahweh that Always Was, that always is, and That Ever Is to Come. His Name represents HIS POWER and HIS AUTHORIY!

This is what HaSatan has endeavored to accomplish till the end of time. The Catholic Church or Vatican Church never, ever had a bible. And in order to take control of the World. one would be learning through their Vernacular Bibles. In order to have mind control over the other.

Therefore, the Council of Trent shall sound the death knell to Protestantism!

Step 2 worked. Catholics would soon be walking lock-step with the pope. Something was coming that would WIPE OUT all thought of rebellion among the "faithful." Something was about to experience a revival, that scared the wits out of young and old.




With each council the level of terror increased:

1. 1184-Synod of Verona : Burn heretics at the stake
2. 1215-4th Lateran Council: Burn heretics and take their property. The "Inquisition" is formed
3. 1220- Inquisition is handed to the newly-formed "Dominican" order.
4. 1229- Synod of Toulouse makes the Inquisition a systematic process. Guilty until proven innocent!
5. 1252-Pope "Innocent" IV: Torture is doctrinally acceptable to make an accused heretic "confess."
6. 1484-Pope Innocent VIII publishes "Summus Desiderantes" to support his Inquisitors.
7. 1486- Innocent VIII publishes "Malleus Maleficorum" (Witch-Hammer), the systematic guide to detect, torture and execute a suspected "witch ." But the deck was stacked against you:


1. Almost never see your accuser
2. Never know why or of what you are accused
3. No lawyer. You have to prove your innocence
4. You're presumed guilty-period
5. They promise anything, but kill you anyway!

The HaSatan [Satan] did this through fallen man




1229-The Inquisition kills 32,000 Albigenses (friends of the Vaudois) at Toulouse. Their property is stolen.

1487-Innocent VIII promises to forgive the sins of anyone who kills Vaudois "heretics." He hands over their property, to.

Free property?
Complete Forgiveness?
Let's kill them!
I've got a lot of sins…

For centuries, Vaudois and other Bible-believers are hunted down and systematically exterminated by Catholic leaders who are scared of the true Gospel. After the Council of Trent, Inquisitions spread worldwide. The deaths numbered in the millions.

To them, torturing and killing "heretics" was no worse than removing a cancer from the body. BUT THERE WAS SOMETHING MORE DANGEROUS TO THEM THAN HERETICS…


Check out this history:

1. 1229-Synod of Toulouse forbids reading or owning a Vaudois Bible. (Canon XIV)
2. 1234-Council of Tarragona: No Bible permitted in one's native language. All of them must be burned.
3. 1408-3rd Synod of Oxford: Heresy to have an "unauthorized" (preserved) English Bible.
4. 1559-Council of Trent: Preserved Bibles are on the "Index of Forbidden Books." (Rule III)

THE Inquisition was the devil's excuse to murder millions of Christians and destroy their Bibles. But in the year 2000 A.D. Pope John II publicaly APOLOGIZED (I think):

The Catholic Church asked for pardon for the divisions, which have occurred among Christians, for the violence some have used in the service of the truth…Pope John Paul II

Translation: Ehhh, it was a little mistake…Just a few thousand people and some books..Bibles…Big deal. They were only heretics.


The Jesuits


Unknown to the Protestants, Baptists and Seventh-day Adventist, a secret weapon had been launched against them. The Jesuits worked undercover to destroy Protestant Bibles, Hebrew Bibles and Christian schools. Their spies schemed to subvert the most dedicated man of Yahweh and turn him into an asset for the Jesuit order.

Jesuits are trained to be patient. They make their plans 50 to 100 years in advance. However, while attending school at Weimar Institute Collage. I had learned much from an Ex-Knights of Columbus member. This is one of the secret orders of the Vatican Church. These covert agents are determined not to fail their masters, even if they lose their lives in his service. And they never give up.

One nation stood in their way: First, we will make Catholic rulers. Then we'll destroy her by Catholic armies.

Finally we will make sure she switches to our Jesuit Catholic Vulgate! We will never wipe out Protestants and their Bibles until we destroy England!

It wasn't going to be easy…IT WAS TIME FOR A NEW ENGLISH RULER

On January 28, 1547 A.D. King Henry VIII died. The natural choice for ruler would have been Catholic Mary, his eldest child. But Henry's will dictated the order. And 3 days later, 9-old Protestant Edward XI was crowned King. In next 6 years Edwards authorized 14 editions of English preserved Bibles and 35 editions of the New Testament. What a guy!
In addition, in 2011 A.D. The Defined King James Bible was published. This was the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible. Therefore, Edwards reign was short-lived, however. He caught measles, which weakened him greatly. And in 1553 A.D. Edward died of tuberculosis at 15.

The Jesuits! Couldn't have been happier! For next in line was a "faithful" Catholic who ruled with an iron fist. She burned bible-believers at the stake, including Bible translators and many Reformers. She was so hateful she was dubbed BLOODY MARY!

Mary wanted to keep the monarchy Catholic. To do that, she needed a child. Therefore, she married Philip II, King of Span, just to get pregnant and raise a Catholic heir. But it was no use. She had cancer, not a baby.

In 1558 she died, childless. But look who's next!


Now the 25-year-old Protestant Elizabeth governed England. The pope and the Jesuits were furious! They tried everything they could to end her reign-and her life. A number of times, Jesuits plotted to kill her. However, Yahweh (God) wouldn't let them touch her.

Ten they persuaded Catholic Mary, "Queen of Scots," that she should be England's queen. But Mary had other problems. Her marriage to the evil Henry Stuart was disaster. But one blessing came, a son, James.

In 1567, Henry Stuart was murdered, Mary was exiled, her 1-year-old son James VI became Scotland's king. Mary escaped and fled to England. She was arrested and later executed for plotting against the queen's life.

No mater how hard he tried, Satan or HaSatan couldn't dethrone Queen Elizabeth!
So the pope got into the picture. Pope Pius V claimed she was a rebellious Catholic and excommunicated her in 1570. He said no Catholic had to obey her anymore. However, many attempts on her life were made to end Her reign.

The Jesuits had not been successful. But the Popes whine fell on deaf ears. Sure, English Catholics weren't Protestants-but they weren't traitors, either! Than the Jesuits whispered in King Philip II's ear, "DESTORY ENGLAND WITH YOUR ARMADA"

King Philip II was proud of his Spanish Armada.

His ships were feared, and his navy was expert in the art of naval warfare. Philip II PLOTTED TO PUT Jesuit William Allen, head of the college of Douay, in charge of England while it was perverted back into Catholicism. Then Edmund Campion (another Jesuit) slithered into England with Jesuit missionaries to begin a secret invasion. Yet Yahweh (God) intervened: Edmund and two other priests were caught and executed. But a 4th, Robert Person, fled to Spain and soon helped plan the Spanish attack of England.

Tell the Catholics in England to turn on Elizabeth as soon as Spain invades We'll do the rest. Yes, Father Pope.

No expense was spared: The Pope promised 1 million crowns to aid Philip. So with 130 War Ships, 10,000 sailors and 20,000 troops, the war began.

England could only muster 80 ships, but they were spurred on by their Queen. They were ready to fight. But try as they might, they could hardly make a single dent!

Outnumbered and out of ammunition, it seemed nothing would stop these invaders. But
something did: The Spanish Armada was defeated by…THE WIND!

Yahweh sent the wind to defeat the Armada!

Interesting had the Spanish Armada won the war. We might have been speaking Spanish today. Ships were blown into the North Sea. Many sank in storms or were dashed against the rocks of the British Isles. Troops had failed even to set foot in England! Then Philip got another shock: he never received a penny from the Pope! Spain was devastated. And the Spanish Armada was never the same again. It sank down while the British navy rose into a world power.

So the Jesuits failed in every attempt against England:
a. They failed to keep a Catholic on the throne!
b. They failed to overthrow even one Protestant ruler!
c. They failed to make the English Catholics revolt!
d. They failed to get Spain to conquer England!



Elizabeth's reign lasted 45 years, passing away in 1603 A.D. Believe it or not, the next in line to the throne of England was none other than Mary of Scotland's son! James VI of Scotland now became James I of England. Yahweh (God) knew it was time to perfect His English Bible. All things were now ready: people and king.


Yahweh (God) was set to produce the king of English Bibles!

Knowing the truth and reading an incorrect bible might have some consequences!

The only man who will not be held accountable for his wrongdoing is the man who does not know that he is sinning (Romans 2:12). Said Yahshua, "If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, we see; therefore your sin remaineth" (John 9:41). If we close our eyes that we may not see, our ears that we may not hear, then we shall be responsible for what we (may) have known (Matthew 13:15). "All unrighteousness is sin." This is the way John sums it all up. The line of demarcation between sin and righteousness should be sharply drawn in our minds. Is there a more important question man can ask than What must I do to be saved from sin? A skeptical mathematics student found a note on his table, reading: "What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" He could not figure out any profit, so he gave his heart to Yahweh. After a man has found out what to do to be saved, then he ought to act on this vital information and seek salvation for himself and his dear ones. In todays fast passed life, the test is on the Message of truth. Present truth.
Fear and perplexity. It's your NAME___________________?



However, Winston Churchill expressed the concern felt by millions when he stated: "We seem to be moving, drifting steadily against our will, against the will of every race, and every people, and every class, toward some hideous catastrophe. Everybody wishes to stop it, but they do not know how."
When others are looking to the future with despair, the Christian whose faith rests on the "sure word of prophecy" (2 Peter 1: 19) will be filled with hope as he recognizes the promised signs of Christ's soon return.




The Spirit of war is upon us. Therefore, in which Bible…
The War has long been delayed in the Bibles. All hands on the correct manuscripts are needed now. Investigate your Holy Bible's, and learn how to live in the truth.
The HaSatan [Satan] did this through fallen man


On July 25th, 1603 James began ruling England and Scotland. Protestant James had to steer a course between the Puritans on one side and the Roman Catholics on the other, with the "Church of England" in dead center. It was a tough job!








Daniel 7:20 "And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows."
The little horn was to be the leading power. Emperors, princes, and rulers were crowned by the pope. They kissed his feet and held his saddle stirrup. Said Henry E. Manning (Roman Catholic cardinal): "The Vicar of the incarnate Son of God, anointed high priest, and supreme temporal ruler [the pope], sat in his tribunal, impartially to judge between nation and nation, between people and prince, between sovereign and subject" (The Temporal Power of the Vicar of Jesus Christ [1862], p. 46).

1. "I don't believe in that old Jewish Sabbath."
The Bible never calls the Sabbath Jewish. It is the "Sabbath of the Lord thy God" (Exodus 20: 10). It was "made for man," not for any special race (Mark 2:27-28). When you stop to think of it, it is actually blasphemous to say that the seventh-day Sabbath-the memorial of the Creation of our world (Genesis 2:1-3)-is "just for the Jews,"
And here is a word for those who don't believe in "those old laws."
Puritans had approached James with a petition, signed by 1000 pastors. They wanted a time to address their grievances to the king. [Email]

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